Aurora Man Charged With Having Sex With Girl, 13

MOKENA (CBS) — An Aurora man has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a child after Mokena police discovered them in a car parked at Buske Park, police said.

Steven Sly, 21, of 2140 Lilac Lane, was charged Wednesday after the 13-year-old Mokena girl told police they had sexual intercourse, Mokena Police Cmdr. Dan Rankovich said.

The two had known each other for several months, he said.

A Mokena police officer was on routine patrol through the park, 11435 W. Hillside Lane, when he checked on Sly’s parked car, Rankovich said.

Sly reportedly told police he thought the girl was 16 years old

  • Judge Roy Bean

    horse whip him ttill he dies,..

    Law West of the Peco’s……………

  • Larry Schaibley

    Oh, and if she was 16, that would have made it any better? What an idiot.

  • metra station parker

    Just brilliant! 16 makes her legal age in parked cars I guess…chain his butt to the car and drag some sense into him!

    • City Worker

      What..?!!??…why don’t they just drag him to a tall tree and hang the vermin…..

  • dan

    My daughter is about to turn 13 and I monitor where she goes and who she is with and can assure you she would not have the opportunity to be running with a 21 year old let alone having sex in a car with him.

    Where the he!! was her parents?

    Watch your kids on-line activity-check their text messages-follow up and make sure they are where they say they are-communicate! It works for me….

    • Roberta Waker

      You sound like a good, concerned parent, Dan. Keep up the good work in keeping your daughter safe.

  • Scott

    If she was 16, they would only have been 5 years apart in age. I have no problem with that, happens all the time. She claimed to be 16 and was a willing participant. Concentual sex, hmmmmmm. They should just warn him to be more careful in the future and cut him loose.

    • Roberta Waker

      You must not have any teen age children or you prefer young girls too. Yes, they ARE children at 13 AND 16. Consensual or not, it’s still wrong and he should serve jail time and now he will also have to register as a sex offender. Hope the sex was worth it for him. Obviously the parents didn’t know where she was or what she is doing. They had better wake up because they are responsible for her actions.

      • Curious

        If he were 16 or 17, would you still want him to do jail time? It’s the same girl either way.

      • Jim Hamilton

        Perhaps her parents are sicko cesspool dwellers and think that it’s ok especillay if she brings home some fried chicken or something

        Just Sayin

    • katie

      i know this guy he is like my big brother and I LOVE HIM i hate seeing all these mean comments i belive that she told him she was 16 but i think he was also stupid for doing it i love steven and wish he would think before he does stuff next time i see him i will cry in his arms like i did when i got the link this morning i bawled ( cried ) when i saw stevens name i love him to death!!!!

      • Shawn

        Katie, sorry to hear your friend was caught up in this situation. I’m sure he will appreciate if you are a character witness for him as perhaps that will lesson the sentence a little.

        Hope for the best for your friend and that the girl will express the truth about what she told him.

  • Can't Count

    17 is the legal age on consent in IL. He was off by one number.
    What a dumb-aaaaaas.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Excellent Comments Roberta, that is what these board are about!

  • Fair Trial

    This article does not explicitly say they were caught having sex, so it is her word against his. I think it is very irresponsible to post his home address while he is still not yet convicted (and not yet a sex offender in the eyes of the law). He will most certainly be harassed now, no matter the outcome of his trial. People take child abuse very seriously, and rightfully so, but people also are way too quick to ruin someones life over mere accusations. This conviction in the court of public opinion is based on nothing more than the word of a teenager. If he is acquitted, CBS owes him and his family an apology.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Some parents realy don’t care who or at what age there children are dating. I have seen 26 year old moms with 13 year old children and they still think it’s ok for their 13 year old to be having sex.

    I know 2 of these moms and sad thing is they are both Democrat supporters

    • NWA

      Unlike the Republican males who molest young boys and don’t pay child support for their families.


      • Jim Hamilton

        nwa = Honorary Member of the Cesspool Dwellers Association

      • Jim Hamilton

        Cesspool Dweller

  • chyenne7

    It is so funny that not that long ago it was quite alright for them to marry…. times change and we comdem too soon…how many marriages are there where the couple are more than 8 years apart? It was wrong but since it was not rape it should not ruin either of their lives…mistakes aplenty we all make…love and light

    • Jim Hamilton

      Not to long ago it was ok to use whip too

      • its showtime 2012

        @Jeff couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Jeff

        Jim Hamilton, please stop being a troll. This is a non-partisan, non-racial topic.
        You have attempted to inject race into this discussion.
        You have attempted to inject partisan politics into this discussion.
        When someone engaged your partisan comment, you resorted to insulting them (poorly, in my opinion). You replied twice to the same comment, both times without adding anything to the discussion. Even your most “constructive” comment, the one this is in reply to, is at best a logical fallacy. This discussion is about sex; both whip cream and leather whips (not sure which “whip” you meant) are actually “ok to use”, provided that all involved parties consent. ;)

        (Oh, and “cesspool dewller,” really? Is that an attempt to disparage your enemies based on their housing situations? You must be a perverted creep if you are tracking down where people live. Stop embarrassing yourself.)

    • Scott

      Thank you, chyenne7, excellent point!

  • Dude

    Whaaa? Posting his address when he hasn’t been convicted yet? Not cool. We weren’t there. The facts aren’t known yet. You can’t get ahead of the evidence. Post the address after he’s been convicted, sheesh!

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