By Brian Hanley

CHICAGO (CBS) — Terry Boers started a spirited Score debate with listeners Tuesday when he said Charles Tillman is the best Bears cornerback ever.

That statement probably said more about the team’s mostly nondescript recent history at the position than anything. In the last 10 drafts, 39 cornerbacks have been selected in the first-round, none by the Bears.

About the same time Boers and Bernstein were battling listeners over Tillman, a Tweet from Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic said Mike Martz is interested in the now vacant head coach position at Arizona State.

Time to start the debate of whether “Mad” Mike Martz, frustrating as he can be, is the Bears best ever offensive coordinator?

Or simply agree that, like the Tillman argument, the OC pickings are slim when it comes to the Bears short of Ed Hughes and his then great group of linemen?

The more pertinent question is: Should Martz return next season?

He has already turned down what might have been a low-ball offer on an extension and that was before Jay Cutler’s colorful and very vocal rebuke of Martz was caught by a sideline microphone this season.

I have no doubt Mike Tice could turn into a serviceable if not better offensive coordinator should Martz depart. And given the lack of willing candidates in the OC search which landed Lovie’s buddy Martz, guess is the Bears would promote Tice from offensive line coach.

Tice, like Martz a former head coach, has never held the title of offensive coordinator. Then again Lovie Smith had never been a head coach. Jerry Angelo had never been a general manager. Ted Phillips had never been a team president. So Tice’s promotion would be standard operating procedure at Halas Hall.


K.C. Johnson, our show’s Bulls insider, has an interesting interview with Carlos Boozer in the Trib Wednesday and currently

When it comes to his take on critics, Boozer quickly drops his faux diplomatic answer as easily as he did so many postseason rebounds.

“It motivates me,” Boozer said the boo birds. “First of all, I have high expectations for myself. I’m going to play a lot better than I played last season. The injury with the hand (in training camp) set me back. Then I thought I played well for a month or two. And then I had more injuries. A lot of things happened.

“Regardless, I will push myself to play better and help my team win. The winning part of it was good last year. We had a great season. But I can play better. And I take criticism head on. I want people to appreciate my game. And I want to be worthy of that appreciation.

“I don’t look at criticism as a down thing or negative thing. I look at it as a challenge. That’s what athletes do: We challenge ourselves.”

Here comes his true feelings:

“I look forward to quieting the haters and helping my team win. That’s the most important thing.”


No shock Ndamukong Suh is appealing his two-game suspension for stomping a Green Bay Packers lineman.

League spokesman Greg Aiello says Suh’s hearing will be with Art Shell, an appointed appeal officer who is paid by the NFL and NFLPA.

Suh was suspended for two games without pay on Tuesday for stomping on Green Bay offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving in a loss to the Packers.

The NFL plans to expedite the hearing to have a decision before Detroit plays at New Orleans on Sunday night.

Guessing Shell will tilt toward his old head coach DNA and reduce the suspension to one game.


Houston bullpen coach Jamie Quirk told he has accepted the job as bench coach under new manager Dale Sveum.

“It’s just a great opportunity,” Quirk said. “When Dale Sveum was interviewing, he asked me if I’d be interested if he gets any of the jobs, and he got the Cubs. I talked with Theo and passed that test. I was excited.”

“It’s the Cubbies. Who wouldn’t want that job? They have a very famous tradition in baseball, and it will be nice to be part of turning it around,” Quirk added.

Memo to Theo: Please deduct interview points from future coaching candidates using “Cubbies.”

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