DCFS Under Fire For Handling Of Valdez Abuse Case

CHICAGO (CBS) — Cook County Public Guardian Robert Harris is criticizing the Department of Children and Family Service’s handling of a case involving a Southwest Side boy killed on his fourth birthday.

He says Christopher Valdez shouldn’t have been returned to his mother last month – after she was convicted of abusing him.

Prosecutors allege Crystal Valdez helped her boyfriend, Cesar Ruiz, beat Christopher to death at their Southwest Side home Friday.

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A tearful Crystal Valdez appeared alongside her boyfriend Cesar Ruiz, 34, before Judge Donald Panarese, on Monday who set her bond at $750,000, charged with the murder of Christopher Valdez. Ruiz, who was charged with first-degree murder on Sunday, was ordered held on $2.5 million bond.

Valdez — who was convicted just a month ago of a domestic battery of the boy, but was spared jail — gave a videotaped confession, admitting she’d spanked him twice in the week before he died, prosecutors said.

She also admitted witnessing Ruiz beating Christopher on Thanksgiving and on Friday, the child’s birthday, Hughes said. Ruiz hit and kneed the child in the stomach repeatedly and Valdez saw him apply make-up to cover the bruises, the prosecutor added.

Ruiz gave a videotaped statement of his own, admitting he’d grabbed, spanked and hit Christopher several times, then covered the bruises with make-up, prosecutors said.

  • Border Agent 69

    we can all now bow to Quinn for doing away with the death penalty.Don’t let’s the two out of jail because they will flee to their lawless homeland.We should hang these two from their feet in public and beat them like pinatas.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Very well said and we should let all of the little four year olds go first (Joking) but still.
      Why are they only criticizing DCFS why not bring charges of neglect on the ones that did this they helped to kill this little boy, they put this little boy back into a living hell and turned their back on him.

      GAWD I can’t even imagine what a 4 year old baby boy thinks as he is getting beatin to death and his mommy watches and just lets his life slip away

      DCFS threw this little boy to the monsters, and they should pay too.

    • karrin


  • none

    No one knows what really happened except Cesar, Crystal, GOD, and Baby Christopher. They will be dealt with accordingly. I dont understand why she was given the right to raise the kids after her charge of domestic battery on the boy just weeks before his murder! She needs to be given life in prison! What type of mother beats her kid and then is given him back to her just to do it again?????

  • Cat All

    Why are these children returned to abusive households? Because in this country, the courts view children as property. That mother wanted her child back so she got him. Her property. There was obviously no regard to the situation in the home. DCFS has to stop this practice of maintaining the family unit at all costs. It is the children that are paying the price. I hope Cesar and Crystal rot in a living hell here on earth. May Christopher rest peacefully in the arms of angels.

  • Kelly

    I just created a petition on change. org….please sign
    petition to stop child abuse and have a law to protect the children. DCFS and other protective agencies needs to do their job correctly the first time around, do not leave these children in an abusive home. Take them with you, do an extensive search of the parents/guardians and a full investigation first before allowing the abused child/children to return home. Help us protect other abused children before it’s too late.

  • Lyndia

    Kelly, are you crazy? Abused chidren should NEVER BE RETURNED TO THE “HOME” What home? A home full of bs? When she abused this child last month, him and his siblings (I understand they had more children) should have been removed immediately and not with another family member either. Sometimes, a particular child is targeted for abuse and that child goes through a living hell like this child did. The abuse seldoms stop thus, why allow them to remain in the home or give them back to nutty parents?

    • kelly

      Lyndia, you must read my post wrong…. I said they SHOULD be taken out of their home ASAP. That is why I created the petition to stop DCFS to returning all abused children back to their abusers. They failed this little boy and we all need to stand up for them and help make a difference. Thank you for your support!!

    • Jim Hamilton

      Lyndia you are so right once those children are removed never put them back because as soon as the door is shut they look at the kid and say your gonna pay for this now, see what good it done you wacka wacka wacka. My grand mother before she passed away sheltered somwhere around 103 children over her life time and she always said there was no cure for the parent that batters a child and risk of putting them back into danger is to high.

  • Lyndia

    RIP Christopher. I hope your mother and her ugly a22 boyfriend rot in hell.

  • http://www.crimealertblog.com/2011/12/01/state-agency-under-fire-after-4-year-olds-beating-death/ State Agency Under Fire After 4-Year-Old’s Beating Death « CrimeAlertBlog.Com

    […] DCFS inspector general has launched an investigation into the agency’s handling of the abuse reported in July, which Crystal Valdez confessed to in court and was substantiated by the boy’s injuries, CBS […]

  • Melinda Sanchez

    It’s about time something gets done with the DCFS. So many lives of innocent children that could have been saved but DCFS decides to ignore all bells ringing. What is wrong with you being so inhumane. These are calls that should not be filed away just becuse you claime to be unfounded. These children are crying for help but yet they are ignored and put on a foget list all to show up dead because of your negligence. Just like Childrens memorial Hospital also decide to look the other way and tell the person taking the child there ,”please don’t bring your child back for this reason” are you not Mandated reporters? What kind of people are you? You are just as bad as the abuser. Start to seek the Lord and rest assure the word Love will wake up in your life.

  • tearful

    The horrible part of about all this is where are the other children.? Have they been looked over to see possible abuse. She had 4 children. Its funny how it takes something horrible like this to happen for the Authories to wake up. The legal system and DCFS need a serious clean up. As for the family, they are a bunch of crazies themselves. So the kids are better off taken away from that family period. I just pray for this family everyday and I will continue to do so.

  • Joe Huff

    I think that what they did to that little boy should be done to them both!!!!

  • kelly


    After hearing this sad story I created this petition to help other abused & neglected children before it’s too late. DCFS failed Christophe­r Valdez and he should still be here if they did their job correctly in the first place. The judge did not sentence any jail time and the Mom got away with abusing Christophe­r and weeks later he was dead. Please help us by signing the petition above on Change.org for Christophe­r’s Law-Protec­t Our Children. Be the voice for ALL abused children, before it’s too late. Thank you for your support. May you rest in peace Christophe­r, your Mom did not fight for you, but WE ALL are going to now.

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