Escaped Inmate Caught Hiding In Portable Toilet

ROCKDALE, Ill. (CBS) – A state prison inmate was captured Friday evening, hiding deep within a portable toilet, several hours after he escaped from a van while being transported to Stateville Correctional Center.

Cesar Sanchez, 37, was taken into custody about 8:15 p.m., Illinois State Police confirmed.

Sanchez had escaped from an Illinois Department of Corrections transport vehicle in the area of 159th and Farrell Road in Lockport Township, the state prison agency said in a news release. The handcuffed escapee may have sustained an injury to one of his legs as he jumped from the moving vehicle at about 2:15 p.m.

sanchez newer Escaped Inmate Caught Hiding In Portable Toilet

Cesar Sanchez (IDOC/Will County Sheriff's Dept.)

A source tells WBBM Newsradio that Sanchez climbed onto the roof of a delivery truck and rode from Lockport to Rockdale, where Will County Sheriff’s police say he may have hopped a fence to a Waste Management facility.

Authorities eventually found Sanchez hiding in a portable toilet, on a property filled with 300 of them, by using a combination of police dogs on the ground and infrared technology on a helicopter flying overhead. Sanchez had been hiding under the portable toilet’s lid, Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas told reporters.

“He was in the doo-doo,” Kaupas said.

Sanchez is from Chicago and has a long rap sheet, including convictions for possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary, theft and aggravated battery.

A Corrections Department spokeswoman says he violated his parole in December of 2010 and was in court Friday morning in Bridgeview to face new charges.

The 100-member task force looking for Sanchez included local and federal authorities, Kaupas said.

inmate runs copy Escaped Inmate Caught Hiding In Portable Toilet

This image provided by a WBBM Newsradio listener purportedly shows inmate Cesar Sanchez on the run at around 3:15 p.m. Friday in Rockdale. (CBS)

  • Jim Hamilton

    So why didn’t they just stop the van and shoot him for escape the guards need to be fired for letting him get away

    • Jim Hamilton

      Lin the last time I checked escape can be shot in the act and it’s not illegal I could be wrong but I don’t think so. I do believe they have armed guards in towers at the prisons with orders to shoot to kill inmates trying to escape and escape would be considered for just walking in the wrong direction.

      Anyways atleast he knew he was a piece shiit and blonged in a toilet

    • Lin

      Unless the guards had a tazer gun, it would be illegal for them to shoot him for running.

  • tom Sharp

    I saw him!; he was at the Cook County Budget meeting cleverly disguised as Dorothy Brown!

  • Lyndia

    No, it was not Dorothy Brown. It was YOU, dressed in drag

  • Dan Rakow



    Listen if he broke into the USA he can break out seal the border of all these law breaking criminals and start deporting them all if they are not true AMERICAN citizen and just because you are born here doesn’t mean your a citizen read the 14th Amendment it wasn’t written for law breaking ILLEGAL immigrants

    • idiots

      You know what the say about assumptions… but I think its very clear that you are far worse than an a**. Racism has no place in our society. We are all immigrants, unless you are native american.

      Where did it say he was an illegal btw? Or are you just admitting you think all “brown people” are?

      • Jose Rodriguez Matinez Gonzalez Doritos

        @idiot, Something you should know, an immigrant is like someone you invite over for dinner. An illegal alien is like someone who breaks into your house in the middle of the night. Surely you can see the difference. One is welcomed with open arms, the other is nothing more than a damn criminal!!!

    • I hate stupid people

      Then border agent 69 I guess you can take your happy ass back to Europe if you going to play it that way. Due to you where born here but your ancestry more then likely comes from Europe.

  • Lin

    Nowhere in this news article does it say Cesar Sanchez is an illegal immigrant. That is your assumption & while there is that possibility you might be right, it is pure prejudice to make such assumptions. Hate the criminal, not the ancestral pool he comes from. My ancestors came to the US from Poland and Holland around 100 years ago. I have an in-law who is of Mexican ancestry & his ancestors have been US citizens for over 200 years. So which of us is more of a US citizen? Is it my in-law since his ancestors have been in the US longer than mine have? Or am I more of a citizen because I don’t have a Mexican name? Don’t prejudge. Go ahead & hate those who cause harm to others, & if you’re going to hate, be fair & hate all races in that regard.

    • Jose Rodriguez Matinez Gonzalez Doritos

      @Lin, People naturally associate criminals and illegal Mexicans because over the last 20 years there have been so many Mexican vermin that have come into this country without going through the proper legal channels. They come here and suck off of our economy and take jobs that Americans desperately need. Their rotton little brats clog our school systems. Our health care system is horribly overburdened by these criminals. They send millions of dollars back to their cesspool of a country and basically serve no good purpose to America. Remember, Lin, it’s not an accident that Mexico is such a sh!t hole, it’s full of Mexicans!!!

      • idiots

        Let it out, let it all out. Hopefully this idiotic rant gave brought an minute or two of self-esteem to your completely pathetic life. I know its pathetic because you have write this type of stuff on the internet, no way you talk this way in real life coward.

        I am Caucasian btw, so don’t try to go pull the race card on me.

      • Jose Rodriguez Matinez Gonzalez Doritos

        @idiot, This was not an idiotic rant. Every issue I touched on is absolutely correct. If you enjoy sharing our pie with these illegal vermin, that’s your problem. You are in the extreme minority if you are a white citizen as you state. The majority of us want the mass deportations to start ASAP. By the way, I talk like this all the time and so do the people I associate with. We are all sick of these criminals getting away with their crimes!!!

    • Jim

      @finally!…someone who has an intelligent thing to say!..:D…thanks Lin for sharing your comments among so many ignorant people.

  • Megan Bolyn

    who would have thought that he would have ran to rockdale, il. we are such a small town. but im glad he did, i was on the news.


    Tom Sharp is an a****le who needs to get a life

  • Lynette

    Why are the suits tan? What happened to orange Or hey what about black and white stripes?

  • Jim Hamilton

    Q: Where do you look to find a piece of shiit?

    A: In a toilet ofcourse

  • Former officer

    The jumpsuites are tan because he went on a court writ. Normally they are yellow but the state is broke , so they wear whatever they got. Population inmates wear blue shirts and pants. Orange is the color of the tact team, statewide.

  • zarathrusta

    What they should have done is seal the toilet with him under the seat and come back in about two weeks and discard the whole mess.

  • ivmpqkgq
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