(WSCR) The Bears 10-3 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday has one former Bear questioning whether or not he’ll ever watch a football game again.

Bears legend Doug Buffone joined The McNeil and Spiegel Show to break down the game.

“It was a nightmare,” Buffone said. “Are you kidding me? It was a total nightmare that whole game. … Hanie was terrible. The whole offense was terrible. The line was terrible. Martz was terrible. Everything was terrible. And Roy Williams? Oh boy, please, stop yourself. Have you ever listened to him talk when he makes a mistake? ‘My fault, my bad.’ Yeah, he’s politically correct, but a lousy, lousy wide receiver. How the hell do you drop that damn ball? There are so many things going on in that offense that I don’t know where in the hell you start to correct it.”

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