Robbing Ultimate Fighting Expert Proves To Be Bad Decision

CHICAGO (CBS) — Robbing a man who turned out to be an ultimate fighter proved to be a bad decision for a convicted felon, who is now in bad shape as he is held on bond.

Police say around 11:30 p.m. Friday, Anthony Miranda, 24, walked up to a car parked at 55th Street and Kenneth Avenue, just a few blocks from Midway International Airport.

Miranda asked the driver for a lighter, and the driver said he didn’t have one. Then Miranda pulled a handgun and demanded that the driver hand over his money, police said.

Even after the driver complied and gave up some money, Miranda ordered him out of his car, police said.

At some point, Miranda’s attention was diverted and the victim was able to grab control of the gun and the two wrestled.

During the fight, Miranda accidentally discharged his own gun, shooting himself in the ankle, police said.

The victim — who told police he is a martial arts expert and ultimate fighter — was able to pin Miranda down until police arrived.

Police arrived to find Miranda with a face full of lacerations and two black eyes. He was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment, police said.

Miranda, a convicted felon, is charged with armed robbery and aggravated discharge of a firearm, a Class X felony.

He was ordered held on $350,000 bond Sunday, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

Records show he has several convictions, including at least one for a residential burglary.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Republican

    See if Illinois had concealed carry law he could have just put a hole in this piece of S**T and we been done with this. Now us as tax payers have to front the court costs and feed this A** Hole THANKS QUINN

    • Bruce Brinkmann

      Excellent point. I’m waiting for the first of his kind to go down in Wisconsin, now that we have concealed carry.

    • Proud ArmyMom

      Totally agree. As Americans, our 2nd Amendment should be our liscense to carry permit, period!

    • Dave

      @Republican,i not one but i agree 100% we need concealed carry A.S.A.P. just to even the playing field. we all have a constitutional right to defend are selves,the criminals know people are not armed.let’s change that.and the crime rate in Chicago will go down…..or the criminals will.

      • Jamal el Jamal

        Chicago gun restrictions keep law -abiding citizens from owning guns for protection. The criminals like this idiot don’t care about the laws, so pass all the Constitutional second amendment restrictions you want and CRIMINALS will not abide by them.

      • Rygg

        LOL @ buzz. Well said! The gun laws only keep guns out of the hands of the law abiding.

      • buzz

        problem is if Chicago didn’t have the restrictive gun laws you would have convicted felons running around robbing people all the time………..uh, wait.

    • mahone

      Republican, I basically agree with you. I would like to have some some internal injuries or at least a broken bone or two. But, hey, it’s not a perfect world.


      Hate to burst your bubble, but… more guns = more gun violence AND santa clause isn’t real.

      • Jon

        Try reading More Guns, Less Crime by John R Lott Jr. He lays it all out with data empirical evidence and the like.

      • hahahaha

        More violence against criminals in the act of doing what they do,rape,murder,robbery,ect.,ect. is a good thing,saves the taxpayers lots of money…………DUMMY

      • Alessio the truth

        this is false. Look at Switzerland. More guns = less crime (gun related)

        gun laws =tyranny

      • Jason

        That is a really dumb idea. I’m a Vermonter. Here we have a unique approach to guns; Carry it concealed or unconcealed and no you don’t need a permit. Want to buy one, plenty of gun shops and as long as you haven’t been convicted of a felony, violent crime, drug use, are mentally unstable or something like that you are all set. We grow up with guns around and most of our neighbors have several. We also have one of the lowest violent crime rates of any of the states…. before you say “well that is because VT is small” remember that the crime rate is calculated per capita. In other words it is adjusted for the size.

        Most people know that if you start something here the odds are good that you will be met with armed force if need be; whether from the person you attack or from some one nearby.

        We grow up learning that guns are dangerous if handled incorrectly and that they should only be used as a weapon when there is no other good option. We don’t have the weird phobia that our gun is going to jump out of the holster and start shooting people or that carrying a gun let alone owning one is going to some how psychological gravitate us towards turning into homicidal maniacs.

        More guns do not equal more violence. More helpless citizens equal more violence because there will always be predators and if they have no reason for restraint then they will act out. If you think otherwise or believe that the betterment of society will lead to the decline of people like that then you are naive and much more likely to believe in santa claus than those of us who carry guns and believe we have the right to defend ourselves if, God forbid, we are ever in that situation.

      • lawyerguy1

        That is such a dopey viewpoint. “More guns = more violence.” Gee, what pointy headed idiot did you get that from? Empirical studies have shown, without fail, that concealed carry reduces the violent crime rate EVERY time. Get your facts straight.


        I am willing to change my point of view in the face of empirical evidence. Can you please site a study that contains irrefutable numerical data? Thanks!

      • lawyerguy1

        Will provide. Thanks for your open mindedness. I’ll post links shortly.


        Looks like this site blocks links. Anyway I’ve found plenty of info under the “Research on the efficacy of concealed carry” of Wikipedia’s “Concealed carry in the United States” article.

      • lawyerguy1

        The Wikipedia entry is very interesting. The “feel” of the citations at the end is that, generally, the ability to carry and defend yourself with a firearm when threatened leads to an overall reduced violent crime rate. As many have discussed, criminal are not deterred by restrictive laws, but ARE deterred by the possibility of an armed “victim.”

        Thank you for an interesting discussion. Enjoy your holidays and, at the risk of being politically incorrect, Merry Christmas.

      • UpChuck Liberals

        Just look at the FBI stats, they say otherwise. FYI, Black friday was the BIGGEST day every for buying weapons. Now if the people would be trained in their use……THAT would prevent ‘accidents’.

    • Joe Queens, NY

      Having more idiots with guns is not the answer and yes, I”m calling law abiding citizens idiots too (as many have proven so with or without a gun in their hands). What we should have done is not let this jerk out of jail so easily and let him work in prison to pay for his stay there as well as give a portion of the money that he generates back to the areas in which he committed his crimes. (I am aware that we cannot force inmates to work as the laws are presently, but that is part of what I am proposing that we change!)

      • Chris, Rhode Island

        Hi Joe, just food for thought for your reply: If we allow criminals to work in jail and generate a minutia of capital for the state (or county), then what about the poor schmuck who can’t get a job; not just because of the current “recession” but because we are now employing criminals to produce. When has it ever been benficial to tax-raped (yes I said that) citizens to keep people in jail longer and let them bleed the system. Harsher punishment up front, and that includes retribution on the streets, is the only way criminally minded individuals will ever be deterred. I take comfort in the fact that at the very least, in my own home here in Rhode Island, I can legally protect a threat to my family with a show of force or use thereof. I desperately desire the exercising of such a right in my everday life outside of my castle. Joe, would you not appreciate the unequivicable bestowment of your constitutional rights set forth by those who created this nation of states?

  • Mike

    Why sent him to a hospital for a treatment instead of straight to jail? Why wasting our tax money for this moron?

    • ginamero

      Because our constitution as a country gives these POS the very best health care money can buy…it’s guaranteed. Look it up. An honorable tax paying citizen can go broke with one hospital stay but dirt gets the very best for free.

      • ginamero

        8th amendment

      • Greentexian

        If you think detainees get “the very best healthcare money can by” you must be very stupid or intentionally dishonest, why do conservatives want to take America back to the middle ages?

        Not defending the criminal but the attitude of the conservative movement in America right now is hysterical, vengeful, passive-aggressive morons.

        Doesn’t make sense for a movement claiming America was founded on “Christian” ideals

      • Marylou

        Sad, But So true!

    • Beltran

      Innocent till proven guilty

    • Big Bear

      Especially a convicted felon turd burglar. Just take him out and shoot him, or send the bill for his care to the liberal loons who likely buy their drugs from felons like him.

  • bob

    The UFC guy should have choked the clown out…permanently!!

    Why was the guy out if he was convicted of armed robbery and is only 24?

    • desoeradi49

      bleeding heart liberal judges. they are the real criminals for letting these guys out.

      • Raven

        Nah, it’s not liberal judges that let armed robbers out, it’s the mandatory long sentences for relatively trivial drug crimes. When you have to put every home weed grower in prison for at least 5 years (or whatever), there’s not enough room in the prisons to keep the serious criminals, and since there’s no mandatory minimum term for them, they’re the ones who (mandatorily!) get let out.

      • stoners are losers

        Raven, you are wrong. Only a small percentage of people in prison are there for possession of marijuana for personal use. Go smoke another bowl and leave reality to those who can handle it with a clear head.

        Laters brrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa.

  • R. Aurum Tar

    Now let’s not check his immigration status otherwise Spike of Homeland Security and Eric “Hold’em up” Holder might sue Chicago

  • jj

    What’s up with all these criminals named Miranda?

    • better question

      What’s up with all these criminals named Obama?

    • Nick

      Did they read him his Miranda rights?

      • Dudley

        No. But his intended victim did.

  • Robert Guess

    most likely he did the armed robbery as a juvenile. and that is why he is out.

    man i just laughed and laughed when i saw his mug shot.


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  • Red Ryder

    He should have killed the POS with the POS’s own gun and claimed self defense. One less POS on top, one more POS down under pushing daisies.

    • The Sage Waitress

      Dave…do not confuse defenseless human beings with armed human-form parasites. It makes you look silly.

    • John Moser

      Too bad he didn’t put his eye out.

    • Massimo Deportado

      Dave’s not here…..

    • starvinMarvin

      dave, your underwear has lace going around it. Right? Just wonderin’. Thanks

    • andrew

      Only a f***ing idiot as yourself would claim a man who preys on innocent people using a handgun should be spared mercifully as you claim “he’s defenseless” once his handgun is taken away. Maybe in a literal sense, but in any sort of rational thinking, this sh** bag doesn’t deserve to be spared. Sh** bags that prey on innocent people do not deserve mercy. I

    • Jon

      Dave- you obviously have never been mugged, nor do you even KNOW anyone of this class of animal. Why, I’d even lay odds you voted for the raghead loon currently in office.

    • Old Forty Four

      A young mother or old lady would likely be raped or dead in this situation. Outmatched?!?! idiocy. Dave, you are whats wrong with America.
      Now taxpayers get to spend 10s of thousands proving to a jury that this guy is actually guilty, then we get to spend 100s of thousands feeding this POS for the next umpteen years. I vote you pay for his stupid ass decisions.

    • cel

      The best use for the Taco Bell kid is fertilizer.

  • Ben

    Taco boy, si se pueda!

    • Barry & Michelle

      Thanks for the shout out Ben. Re-elect me in 2012.

  • joe doosh

    I’m surprised that Chicago didn’t charge the victim with Assault with a Deadly Weapon (his fists). After all, the perp has his “Miranda Rights”.

    • mikeramsey

      I had an employee from Chicago who was actually charged with assault with a deadly weapon, when she poked out the eye of a guy who had mugged her. Unfortunately for him, like this guy who picked the wrong guy to rob, he had chosen a nth degree black belt in karate. She actually went to to jail. I told her if she had done that here in Texas, we would have given her a medal.

      • lawyerguy1

        MIkeramsey that is unbelievable!! The inanity of being punished for defending yourself against an attacker leads to jail. Put me on that jury. Even if the actions fit within some insane definition of a crime (as defined by some idiot legislator) acquittal would be the verdict. Jury nullification should be done more often in instances like that.

    • John R Schuh

      My guess is that the vic pulled his punches. He could have killed him.

  • Mannie

    Great mug shot! And he shot himself in the process?

    Everything came out well, and no one was hurt.

    • mac

      Yeah, but someone should have been hurt!

  • Epic beard guy

    We should plant guys like this UFC guy in urban centers or as pizza delivery men. Better yet make it a TV show. There was a huge black dude, a former U.of Texas linebacker, that punched a woman outside a bar in Texas, unfortunately for him a UFC fighter saw the attack. Next scene big dude was getting kicked repeatedly in the head unconscious.

    • Bill O

      Sooooooooo, what are the races of the UFC guy and the woman?

      • persephone


        You all are a trip.

      • Me

        He did get it. The only race he described was that of the black guy so he questioned him on it. He didn’t feel the need to describe any other race. Why is that?

      • WMOORE

        Good point Bill O.

      • Nomad

        Oh please Bill, he was just using “black” as an adjective describing the “dude” in the same way some would use “convicted” to describe a “felon”. I got it, why didn’t you?

      • Truth doth sting

        TMZ has scene.UFC figher was Roger Huerta.

  • Robert Carroll

    This is pretty awesome but I have to wonder… what the hell is this guy doing walking around? After robbing who knows how many people and committing felons? He needs to be put in jail for live b/c he obviously has proven he is not capable of living in society without hurting people.

    • V in PA

      Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Everyone knows that nearly all crime is commited by repeat offenders. If the government actually kept criminals locked up, how would they be able to justify the bloated criminal justice system that steals so much of our money (taxes)? Think of all the cops, lawyers, probation officers and judges who would be out of work if criminals weren’t allowed to walk the streets. It’s about jobs! Not your safety.

  • Midge Masters

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    – Plato

  • ADM

    Years ago, here in New Hampshire, a car-jacker demanded the keys from the owner of a sports car, at a gas station. The owner punched him out cold. He was still unconscious when the cops arrived.

    • John Sullivan

      Where in NH? Do you have a link to the story?

  • HMichaelH

    Now, that’s Justice!!!!!!

    • bumpkin

      What is missing from the mind of a criminal: I recognize that I am directly accountable only to GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy spirit, in all my decisions, doings, and dealings, and will be held completely accountable for every one of these choices either in this life, or after I move into the next realm. I recognize also that I am fully responsible for those I agreed to help provide for here, while in the Pre-life, before I gained my body. I understand completely that every choice I make, every behavior I display, and every attitude I wear is not only on display for every human being to see, but to model, and I am responsible for their behavior, thus, as well as my own. I am a part of the whole, yet I am sinularly responsible for everything that comes from me as well as responsible for how it influences others. Therefore, let me be a light unto the world, and an example to every human being in how to create a Heaven on Earth. -Or, get a fist in the face for being irresponsible after attacking another? Good point…

  • Dan

    Sure the kid was wrong to do what he did. But so was the professional fighter to use such excessive force on him. Did he really need to beat the guy to a pulp? If I was that kid, I’d file a lawsuit!

    • Treina

      So, sticking a gun in his face – that was NOT excessive force? A loaded gun? With a round chambered? I would have killed the sonuvvabetch with his own gun, then torn his arm off and beat him with it until the cops pulled me off him. I guess your own family doesn’t mind if you get your head blown off over $20 bucks because some felon has nothing to lose.

    • Mary E Sellers

      Making a remark like this? Are you crazy -He had a gun, Dude. Should have hit him with full force several times.and sang Stary, Stary Nights to him. Bet he’ll be sore for a few days,

    • Swamp Fox

      Dan, you are a sore on the azz of societyand very stupid. no problem telling that you are a bedwetting liberal. No go get back under your rock.

    • DaveAgain


      Get one thing straight, This is no “kid” as I’ve seen him characterized a few times here. He’s a 24-year-old felon in possession of a firearm, preying on what he believes to be weaker or meeker victims. It’s too bad he didn’t “accidentally” shoot himself in the mid-chest.

      He didn’t deserve to get beaten to a pulp…He deserved to get absolutely juiced until the pulp was bone dry. This should happen to all like him.

      Your comment reminds me of how O’Bummer apologized to Pakistan for the death of 24, when it was they who started the fight.

    • Street Justice

      Are you kidding me? The kid is lucky to be alive. Pull a gun on someone, it’s freakin’ ON.

    • JL

      You’re everything that’s wrong with this country.

      • MJ


    • Lyndia

      File a lawsuit for what? Don’t make me laugh. This young man got what he deserved.

      • cjrian

        Maybe this Miranda character would settle out of court. Sayyyyy, in the alley behind the Courthouse?

    • Nate

      You’re joking, right?

      • Dan

        Of course I’m Joking, Nate! I thought there should be at least one comment in favor of this idiot, so I pulled your chains a bit!

        Sorry! Won’t do it again! But it sure did get a reaction! Wow! You dudes are vicious! But that’s a good thing! Peace, brothers! I agree with you!

    • Ed Quillen

      You must be lonely and are trolling for comments, even if they raise Hell with you. :-)

    • Jon

      Dan – C’mon. You’re really Dave aren’t you? Admit it.

    • alex scipio

      So go to Chicago, go find this guy, stick a gun in his face, accept the beating you get and sue him. Knock yourself out.

      But of course you won’t do that, will you? Because you don’t like getting beaten-up by the kind of trash we have in the streets because of people with attitudes like yours.

      Can you spell “Irony”?



    • John_B

      You are kidding right Dan??? The only mercy this guy might receive will come from God. We have a right and a duty to protect ourselves. Every crime this guy has gotten away with led up to this moment. He is fortunate to still be able to ask forgiveness. Will he?? Who knows.

    • Sancho

      Hey Dan, I see some places on the perp’s face that aren’t bruised, so it looks to me like Joe Palooka did hold back and he’s still alive, even though he attempted suicide to keep from being beat to death. The unlucky doofus had a gun and started the the whole thing. A person is completely within their rights to use deadly force when in fear of their life. The perp doesn’t have a case and should thank his lucky stars he’s still breathing.

  • jon

    Illegals aliens now blanket the nation committing crimes every day, without the “ultimate fighter” designation, the media doesn’t report crimes by illegals.

  • Massimo Deportado

    *Voice of Bruce Buffer*

    “Referee Herb “Pass The Bong” Dean has called a stop to the fight at ONE SECOND of the VERY first round declaring the winner by Natural Selectionnnn……”

    I just love the UFC…..

  • Lee Schmortz

    This ultimate fighter was clearly over stepping and acting as judge and jury in administering this punishment. He needs to be arrested, and sent to jail for assault and then be required to take sensitivity training. This poor soul was in need of some love as well as his money. He should have given him his car. This is how we do things in the new Obama America

    • Lyndia

      How did Obama get into this? He is Washington DC. Who said he shouldhave given his car to this fool? Not Obama. We need conceal carry in this state. Obama has nothing to do with that, demented one

      • Bill O

        Someone turned off his sarcasm detector.



      • NaziPelosi

        Obama has everything to do with it he is an open border , soft on crime mamby pamby liberal whose own district in Chicago had higher murder rates than they had in Iraq and Afganistan. Obama is a poverty pimp like Sharpton and all the far left they survive of the misery off the poor so their is no reason for the poor to better themselves. Look at the poverty statistics, crime, out of wedlock births, the stats never change and the poverty pimp Democrats rule the roost!

  • Mike

    Pretty funny! Didn’t the guy know how to tap out?

    He’s lucky the fighter didn’t ensure the gun was pointed somewhere else when the trigger was pulled.

  • John A

    15 to 25 would be nice.

  • jbourneidentity

    Me, too…but if he were a cop, he’d be arrested, prosecuted, and on every news channel for excessive use of force. Better for him that he was just a regular guy…

    • Support the Cops

      We have to cop haters here. Cop haters ,,, you are on the wrong site. You should probably go to NYT, LATimes, Huffington Post, DailyKos, MSNBC, etc. Your silly comments don’t fly around here. Cops go to jail for misconduct all the time.

    • J

      What world do you live in where the cops are ever sent to jail?

    • Mark Matis

      J nailed it. The stench is overwhelming, and it smells like pig. Just like those 6 fine “Law Enforcement” officers in Fullerton, CA, who beat that guy to death, even AFTER he was down and non-responsive. ONE of them is charged with 2nd degree murder, ONE is charged with involuntary manslaughter, and the OTHER four cops were NOT EVEN CHARGED. May every one of them, and ALL their Brothers in Blue who enable them, rot where they belong for what they have done to this country.

  • Glenn

    So this guy gets out for robbery and tries to rob someone else, but we have pot heads serving mandatory minimums.

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