80-Year-Old Priest Severely Beaten In Rectory

UPDATED 12/07/11 5:46 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — It was a scene of sheer terror early Tuesday morning, two men accosted an 80-year-old Roman Catholic priest as he lay sleeping in his South Side rectory and brutally beat him.

As CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports, police say shortly before 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, the suspects broke into the rectory at St. Margaret of Scotland Church, at 9849 S. Throop St. in the Longwood Manor neighborhood, and found the Rev. Dan Mallette sleeping.

Blakley spoke briefly with father Mallette, who was badly bruised but in good spirits.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports on Tuesday night, Mallette said he looked like he had been hit by a train and was still in a lot of pain, and was not ready just yet to face a TV news camera.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

The Rev. Michael Pfleger also spoke with the beloved priest.

“He said he woke up and two people were standing over the bed and the first thing he knows he got hit,” said Pfleger. “He doesn’t know whether it was a stick, a bat or a cane. He got hit very hard and then they wanted money.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is a parishioner at the church, and was with Father Mallette since early Tuesday morning. He said Mallette was the victim of “a vicious, vicious assault.”

“He was completely taken by surprise,” Dart said. “He was sound asleep in his bed, and was awoken by two people standing there demanding money and threatening to kill him.”

The men were wearing black, and were described as being dressed like ninjas.

Dart says Mallette was beaten severely, and suffered broken ribs and facial injuries. The robbers got away with $600.

By mid-morning Tuesday, Mallette was back home in his rectory after being treated and released from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

In spite of the injuries, longtime friend and parishioner William Harris says Mallette is keeping his spirits up.

Still, Harris said, “He is in a lot of pain – a couple of broken ribs, stitches, black eyes – he was beaten pretty badly.”

Sheriff Dart considers Father Mallette more than a priest, and more than a friend. Mallette married Dart and his wife, baptized his kids and conducted his father’s funeral.

“He was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met in my life. It’s just so outrageous,” Dart said. “You don’t know where to start with this – the evil and the cowardice, I mean, in the middle of the night, attacking an 80-year-old man who’s sound of sleep in his bad – a man who frankly would give his shirt off his back, and does it all the time.”

On Tuesday evening, the children who attend St. Margaret of Scotland School were pulling for Father Mallette. They gathered in the sanctuary to pray for the injured priest.

“We felt that it was absolutely necessary for us to come together and pray – not just for Father Mallette, but also the individuals who committed this crime against him,” said Rckey Harris, the principal of the school.

Meanwhile, Pfleger said his congregation at St. Sabina Church a couple of miles away is offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who identifies the perpetrators.

“It’s just unconscionable that this would happen,” Pfleger said. “They beat him up really bad.”

Principal Harris said the offer of the reward was a wonderful gesture from St. Sabina.

“I was surprised and shocked when it came out of his mouth,” the principal said. “I didn’t expect it, but we appreciate it.”

As the rectory locks and alarm systems were changed Tuesday afternoon, investigators said the attackers might turn out to be people the priest had been counseling.

Mallette has been a fixture at the church since 1977. He turned 80 just this past weekend.

Parishioners say he regularly visits prisons, serves communion at hospitals, says Mass every day at 8:30 a.m., and maintains the schedule of a 40-year-old man.

Mallette also has a long history of working for civil rights in Chicago, and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Alabama.

William Harris agreed that the attack was horrific, but he says Father Mallette is all about forgiveness.
“It’s an outrage. The first feeling is a feeling of anger, but then the second feeling comes quickly about – how would Dan feel?” Harris said. “Dan would forgive these people, even though they did something that is totally unexplainable.”

Parishioner Andrea Price found it impossible to understand who would do this.

“It’s so inhumane,” she said, appealing to the suspects to “turn yourself in, do the right thing.”

Police are investigating, but no one was in custody as of early Wednesday.

  • Tk

    Well its just another lovly day in democratic controlled city. WHat else could you expect from a party and a city who exist to inspire poverty and dependency. How’s that hope and change going? Sometimes you get what you voted for.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Like hell take my family to Chicago for family fun. Getting them all killed in a drive up like so many others I read about doesn’t sound like fun to me oh yeah and in Chicago the criminals carry guns but I can’t hahaha NO THANK YOU CHICAGO!
      Chicago is turning into one huge cesspool of criminals, put a fence around it and take away their right to vote.

      Support HB 148 The Right To Carry


      • cabrerski

        At least take their dead’s rights to vote.

      • Vicki Mckay

        You people ignorance astounds me!! this is not about politics or race or major cities. It’s about americans not being safe in their own homes; and how the ederly are PREYED UPON BY THOSE WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANY HUMAN!!! Living in Indy there’s plenty of heinous crimes commited by white on white more than anything other ethnic group. Crime is a social problem, perpetuated by the lack of self control in an out of control society. Quit being so narrow minded and full of self- hatered and hatred of others. look inside yourself before , contemplate what your going to say so you don’t make a fool of yourselves. MERRY CHRISTMAS and PEACE TO ALL

    • PotatoSoup


      Google the Top 10 criminally invested cities across the U.S or check the FBI stats. You will see that all of them are Democratically controlled cities. As much as the D’s attempt to liken the R’s as racists & bigots the D’s attempt to deflect when the discussion is started on the environments that allow this type of behavior.

      Do I think that the perp’s were thinking about their political persuasion when they were beating the tar out of the preist? NO! But is is not a stretch to make the correlation to democratic policies and crime.

    • freecheese

      Well I am more than ready to respond to you niave’ post. Please tell me why every Ghetto City in the country are so crime-ridden ad majority black democrat? ALL DEMOCRAT. Look what a mess Detriot is in.
      Look look at Detriot, LA, Baltimore, Gary, IN, Northern New Jersey, Houston, New Yawk, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, and ALL OTHER DEMOCRAT – RULED GHETTO CITIES !
      Some Department of Justice statistics. Seventy-five percent of violent crimes commited in the United Sattes are by blacks; blacks only represet 13% of the population !
      People of your ilk will call me a RACIST for pointing out the truth,though.

    • In WI

      Actually ManOn Point, WI does have conceal carry now. I live here. I know.

    • Vicki Mckay

      Cardinal George is a sorry custodian of his brother Priest. Good looking out Georgie!!!!

    • Joe

      How about your gun control laws? Not that a priest would have a gun in this situation, but the crime is highest where gun control laws are the strictest. And you can pretty much link that to the Democrats, in general.

      • Clinger True

        But that fits the Dem/Brady and C town Modus operandi for 911-Dial a prayer for those not associated with Pfleger’s Satanic persuasion….

    • chuckles

      You are a lib who thinks hes smarter than the rest of us ! Go Blow smoke up someone elses arse

    • Tickyul Horrific

      Yep, spot on…………the media once again covering up yet more Urban American savagery.

    • Sandwich

      It’s not because it’s a Democrat city, it’s because it’s full of black people. And blacks also tend to elect Democrats. It’s past time to be realistic about race. I’d bet any money the perpetrators in this incident were black, and I doubt anybody would bet a dime against me.

    • SirGareth

      But it is political; These crimes do not occur in cities and states where Republicans and Republican values prevail.

    • hipshotpercusion

      We have an associate Pastor in one of our churches down here in Florida who, like me, carries a gun religiously. He would have blasted those two and would not have felt any remorse. Same as me.

    • mnjack

      Obama land!!!

    • mac

      @ManOnPoint… try getting a CCW in Maryland (Baltimore)…. It is practically IMPOSSIBLE!!! The application does not even include “citizen”. It only has categories for ex-police, armed guards, private detectives, etc…. Maryland is a blue state and that says it all. No politicians with the b@11s to put forth a decent CCW!!!

    • George Whitefield

      The DrudgeArmy strikes again!
      1. Homicides are at their lowest levels in Chicago in almost 50 years(down 24%)
      2. Violent crime is down more than 10% in Chicago
      3. Property crime is down almost 5%
      4. The homicide violent and property crime rates per capita is more than 10% higher in Red states.
      5. You can’t just make up assertions to support the age old baseless connection between Democrats and higher crime. Especially when the facts are not on your side.
      6. Homicide, violent crime, property crime are Human issues, not Political issues, and they plague every part of our society.

      • David Weber

        Maybe it’s Karma-this Father may be getting payback for the sins of the catholic church. Not saying he deserves this, but I am surprised more attacks have not taken place.

      • Ryan

        You are a moron and your facts are completely incorrect. You are a waste of the good clean air our forefathers and veterans have fought to protect for us. I hope you fall victim to these kinds of horrible crimes daily for the remainder of your pathetic years. You disgust me.

      • Windy Cty

        Ed David Ryan
        I am assuming that you’re some minimally educated gits from red states with no ability to actually look up facts, or barely even read. It’s as easy as falling off a rock with the internet, but you would rather spout completely uninformed idiocy that makes anyone that actually reads shake their head at your stupidity. FBI crime statistics, local reported crime statistics, even wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_the_United_States), every single source available with two clicks on your computer. shows that crime skyrocketed under Reagan and Bush sr., fell dramatically under Clinton, then rose again under Bush jr. YOU are the one’s that draw a parallel between political parties and crime (without even saying what links the two), not me. If there IS a parallel, and you don’t like crime, apparently you should vote for a democrat, and see crime fall once again. No doubt blacks are responsible for too much crime…and apparently republican presidents according to your philosophy.

      • Ed

        Mobs of “Young People” rioting and robbing around town, home invasions. Things are great! If thats acceptable to you, keep voting the same way. Society does not have to keep getting worse. That is just a myth that democrats use to brainwash their supporters.

    • mirted

      Because they didn’t report anything on the perps, one can only presume they were people of color. The “War on Poverty” is the politics at the root of all of this, or more correctly, continuing it’s failed policies and trillions of wasted dollars spent. Bought democrats a lot of votes though. Chicago has been a democrat run, controlled, bought and paid for town since forever. They get the credit for all the “good” and “bad” that happens. “Spin into something political”?? Even the most minimal exposure to history and social science will help you understand.

    • Tom

      Phoney! Libertarian my ass. This is political it is CHICAGO, this city is one of the most corrupt in the country and is nearly as antiselfdefence as Noo Yawk. I bet this was the first time the perps have ever been in any church.

    • ManOnPoint

      Are you kidding me??? Have you not heard of “McDonald V. Chicago???” Where the city was sued by a citizen so he could own a handgun for personal protection. By the way, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the citizen, CHICAGO LOST!!! Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states to not allow citizens to exercise their God-given, Constitutionally-enumerated rights to self protection with a CWP. YES!!! Democrats are notoriously anti-gun in ALL major cities. Dems also started the KKK, public education, Jim Crow laws, segregation, abortion, welfare/EBT, and anti-Christianity. Conservatives are totally on the other side of the fence here!!!

    • steve cripps

      read it again, nimrod. i believe the take by the perps was approx $600. like most folks posting here, you take a little bit of information and use it as a basis for your own personal/political/social rant. the simple fact is that people do stuff like this because there’s little incentive for them not to. really, what’s the down side for these guys if they’re caught? if they’re not plea bargained down to a misdemeanor, they’ll only get minimal time. courts and jails overcrowded w/ drug cases and the like.
      nobody’s goiing to defend themselves with a firearm, because then THEY become the bad guy.
      the social engineers who are so much smarter than the rest of us have rigged the game and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. best to head out to the country and leave the cities to the folks willing to put up with it. expecting a tiger to change its spots (intentional bad metaphor) ain’t gonna work.

    • Cliff Claven

      You are so right!

    • hcool

      That’s hopeless change!

      • PabloKoh

        The Catholic Church wants them disarmed as well. That is why they sponsor the gun buy backs, to make sure the elderly and poor are disarmed in exchange for enough cash for 10 meals at McDonalds.

      • Ghandi

        Just goes to show that everyone needs a gun under their pillow, inside their jackets and purses. But in Chicago they don’t want you to defend yourself they need the victims to further their agenda.

      • Greg B

        Chi – Town likes its residents to be rape-ready.

    • luckydog

      I flush much better things than these slime balls.

      • Lyndia

        The only thing better would be if you could and would flush yourself.

  • Russ in OR

    We can safely rule out Caucasian, as they would have said so if he were. Instead, we are left with the Ms. Swan (MAD TV) description: “He look like…He look like a man.”

  • moron

    Spread the wealth, it’s only “fair.”

    • Tom Walter

      No Moron, It’s “Sped Da Welf” Gnome Sayin?

  • The Saint

    Demonic inspired attacks are on the rise people. Put on your spiritual armor and arm yourselves physically too.

  • moron

    Catch them and turn them over to Eric Holder. That will teach you one per centers.

  • Paul

    Learn to fight back. This poor reporting goes on nationwide. Even at Drudge.


    • CrazyEddie

      Drudge does not even claim to be a reporter – he merely provides links to stories that he finds interesting and provocative. It is those who claim to be reporters who refuse to report the facts.

    • Tom Menino

      Derp. Derp, Paul. Have you ever looked at Drudge? It’s a bunch of links to stories on the web. He does no heavy lifting at all. Calling Drudge a reporter is like calling Obama a leader. Just because he says he’s one, doesn’t make it so.

      • Matt Filipczuk

        Uhh, you do know drudge broke the lewinsky scandal? Drudge is a reporter, however he mainly just posts links to other pages. You ever see when its just a white page and text? That is something drudge found out and is posting on his own.

      • ol' cracker

        Dat Vicki sho bez smart, she be tellin yo crackers. Well, I wonder what the ancients would have to say about Vicki?
        Diodorus Siculus (3,8)
        The majority of them, and especially those who dwell along the river, are black in colour and have flat noses and woolly hair. As for their spirit they are entirely savage and display the nature of a wild beast, not so much, however, in their temper as in their ways of living; for they are squalid all over their bodies, they keep their nails very long like the wild beasts, and are as far removed as possible from human kindness to one another; 3 and speaking as they do with a shrill voice and cultivating none of the practices of civilized life as these are found among the rest of mankind, they present a striking contrast when considered in the light of our own customs.

        Yep, just about the same as today.

      • Mk9

        Drudge has been dead for about 4 years now.

      • SirGareth

        RE: “Uhh, you do know drudge broke the lewinsky scandal? ”

        That’s not exactly correct. The entire story was ready for press at “Newspeak” but the party bosses that run these “news” outfits said – “whoa bubba’s our boy – so deep six it”.

        A PO’ed reporter at “Newspeak” slid the story over the transom to Drudge.

        You must all understand this; the purpose of news is to lie to you in such a way as you might believe it.

        The good news is once you come to understand it you will believe absolutely nothing they say.

      • GO_FLYERS

        Vicky whty do you pander such BS? Because you can to liberal democratic sheeple? Obama did not graduate teh top his class. First of all did you see his entire transcripts/ No you didn’t. I”le bet you the $10 million that Obama has spent consealing them. Second, Harvard and Columbia, as well as several other Ivy league schools incorprate racism in their standards. A white male has to carry a 3.6 GPA and must have written 8 published papers. Where are Obama’s papers? To “create diversity” a C is an A for “diverse” peeples and no papers required. So learn to keep your comments in your crowd.

      • Vicki Mckay

        Tom bet u can’t even pass an entrance exam into Harvard but Obama graduted head of his law class we know he has great leadership qualities formed by the greatest institution of higher learning, created by White America. CAN YOU COMPETE? I KNOW NOT!! YOUR LACK OF INTELLIGENCE SPILLED OUT INTO YOUR COMMENT. You probaly think your smart, but it doesent make it so. :)

      • cooldude9366

        Vicki – Please post links to your claim that Obama graduated at the top of his class at Harvard law school. Oh, that’s right. You can’t; because IT ISN’T TRUE.

  • NWA

    You goin’ out lookin for them?


    • Pomona Pete

      Hmm…for some strange reason I’m just sure the assailants were black, but oddly the reporter left out any description beyond ‘male.’ I’d bet money on it. Besides, if they were white it would be trumpeted by the liberal reporter. Oh-as a 1970 Pomona High graduate who endured annual race riots, I can validate the government’s misadventure

    • Jacob

      You afraid they might be black?

    • NWA

      I don’t care what color or religion these people are.


      • Japes Macfarland

        I don’t either. I do care that they are almost 100% democrat., or i.e. leftist. I honestly would bet my house on it.

    • JoeSlaps

      “You goin’ out lookin for them?”

      Is that you in Obama dialect or are you really aksin’ (sic) “you goin’ to SNITCH?”

      We ain’t “goin’ out lookin’ for them”, but if they are DESCRIBED, then when they are SEEN, they can be reported to the POLICE.

      Or do I need to call it the PO-PO for you…

    • JByrd42

      And the description of the assailants is? I think we all know. That is why the descriptions was left out of the story. It is Philly.

      • phillysmart

        The report does state it is 2 black men dressed like Ninja’s…read man

    • PabloKoh

      Heck no, the church organized a gun buy back. They get what they deserve.

      • Clinger True

        But that fits the Dem/Brady and C town Modus operandi for 911-Dial a prayer for those not associated with Pfleger’s Satanic persuasion….

  • NWA

    You goin’ out lookin for them also?


    • Big Bear

      OK…NWA…I agree. Let’s fence off your hood with razor wire and let you people cannibalize each other.

    • Tommy

      NWA, are you even black… I doubt it. Could a knee-grow be so stupid as to incite violence when they know that they are in the wrong so so so many times here in Chitcago? Especially when there are so few knee-grows on the Internet.

      NWA, the church is located in a very wealthy 95% white area known as Beverly Morgan Park. My family lives there and the knee-grows are the ones that do not belong in that area.

      The knee-grows have also beaten young children and stolen the cell phones in the parks around that area. One of them, a very young teenager was beaten in to a coma at a park last year and the knee-grow alderman told everyone to remain calm, the spooks are not taking over…but it is the knee grows that come over from the 100% black areas in to this area to rob, rape and steal.

      What good ever came from MOST knee-grows?

    • Windy Cty

      Someone on this reply thread said that this is in a majority white neighborhood? They give the address; gmap it. Are you serious. I lived in Chicago recently and for a long time. It is one of the great cities of the world, but south 95th street near the Bishop Foley expressway is not where you go to find a white person…except perhaps this priest.

    • Logan

      Why are you so concerned about NOT having descriptions inthe article? Afraid your agenda will be damaged by further confirmation of their race?

    • Jacob

      It’s racist to be honest about how violent blacks are towards whites and how we could destroy them if we were what they say we are.

      • Sean S.

        That’s exactly right. They pick on the weakest whites they can find. The rape of white women, assault on the elderly, lone individuals. Kids. When our society eventually collapses, then the gloves will come off. If they want war, they can have it.

    • SockRayBlue

      The description would fit a large proportion of the Chicago population. Hard to tell who is who in the jungle man.

    • O.J. Simson

      O.J. is lookin’ fo dem.

    • Ratt

      Yea, I would go looking for them. You beat up my Priest I beat you up seems pretty simple to me. You know, kindof like an eye for an eye.

    • MaxOnePercent

      No, I;m going out lookin’ for you you dumb ape. I hope you can outrun a bullet…

    • NWA

      White man gots no business being in my hood.


      • nwais gay

        NWA =Gay White Liberal Male…or as everyone of us call them Democrats!

  • ObamaRama


  • Fred

    You really need a description? When they don’t give one it is a black male, 20s, medium height and build, etc. When it’s a white guy there’s a description, photo, and apparent ties to the Tea Party.

    • BT

      Spot on, Fred! “When it’s a white guy there’s a description … and apparent ties to the Tea Party.” As well, you are right. No description necessary. It is, after all, Chicago…

  • NWA

    I’m sure the two perpetrators were not parishioners. And, religion doesn’t come in skin color, creed or race. Therefore, the white parishioners were simply parishioners who decided to leave.


    • NWA

      My momma done been with so many men I don’t know if my daddy be black, white, red, yellow or blue.

      WHO’S MY DADDY??


  • Mark Matis

    Don’t need no description to know the assailants. Lack of photos or a description means they jes’ be more Obamas runnin’ wild. And they be Preferred Species, so don’t spect no “Law Enforcement” to spend no time lookin’ fer dem. After all, they didn’t attack one of the Blue Wall or one of their Masters. He be only a Mere Citizen. And besides, he be CATHOLIC! Surely you can’t expect the Brother in Blue to protect someone as hateful as that, can you?

    • Vicki Mckay


      • numb

        Why is it that everyone of you who post on here acts intellectually superior but can’t seem to spell or punctuate correctly?

      • Mark Matis

        Chimp out, Vicki! How’s ’bout your “culture” do something about your Brothers? If you and yours CONTINUE to act like apes, I will continue to call you same. And if you’re too stupid to realize that you ARE a Preferred Species, you might want to talk to some of yo’ sistas who know very well that THEY are. Even Moochelle can confirm that for you!

  • K

    This is unbelievable and disgraceful,Fr. Mallette has only given back to the community since serving in the Catholic Church. He was shot while marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His influence and advocacy has helped not only families but the south side of Chicago. He often let Derrick Rose participate at the gym for practice. He has welcomed people in need for generations and the community needs to stick behind him. Pray for Fr. Mallette!

    • Windy Cty

      Sheesh…and what did all this benevolence get him? I’m not anti anything..but no amount of outside help has ever yet helped them…and none I think ever will. We need to sort out the facts and statistics, make them all very widely known, and tell them or leave them to sort it out themselves.

    • Lyndia

      You are the only one that makes sense. I know Fr. Mallette. I have known him since he worked at St. Agatha on the westside during the 60’s. He has given to much to Blacks and he certainly enriched Lawndale when he was the priest. He was there during the riots on the westside and I cannot begin to tell you the food, blankets, and other things that he gave away. I also knew a young man that was wanted for murder and the police was looking for him so they could kill him. Father Mallette, went to the man’s house, talked him into turning himself in and WENT WITH HIM TO THE OLD MAXWELL ST. POLICE STATION WITH HIM.That is the Father Mallette that I know. I can say more about Fr. Mallette. He was indeed a decent individual and I hope the dirty, rotten SOB’s that harmed this man, is caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      • Vicki Mckay

        Fr. Dan is an assect to the community. the focus is crime against the ederly is way to common, be it ederly priest, parents or grandparents they should not have to fear for their lives in your own home. Just like their are stiff laws for predators of children, the laws should have very real and severe penalties for crimes against the ederly. the community that surround the parish, Longwood Manor where i grew up is acutually in a state of seige the elderly my parents included should not to be fearful the ederly desearve better. Chicagoian must join together about crime watch out for your neighbors get personal with the people around you; and mostly don’t be afraid to call the police for anything that makes you uncomfortable in your homes, block and neighborhood make the police work for the money. stay on your alderman.

  • Jacob

    Yep. the priest is the wrong religion and the suspects are the right race.

    Things have changed…cops now persecute those who they think are most likely to pay (their bloated pensions) the fines.

    • Vicki Mckay

      WHAT’S THE WRONG RELIGION? Being Christian is what matters. The city of Chicago has been corrupt since i was born in the 50ties.

  • Johnny99

    Story by statemedia omits their race, so I assume they’re black.

    • SirGareth

      But they identified them as “men” in the very first sentence – How sexist!

    • NWA

      Yeah them African-American Roman Catholics. Rowdy bunch, huh.


      • Vicki Mckay

        just like the Irish Ha Ha Ha Let’s not leave out the Knights of Columbus

      • Windy Cty

        Once again you blind yourself. As I said before, it is not just white Euros ; Asians, Latins, Indians, Arab, Jewish, none of them want to live around blacks. It is impossible to say it is not about race, when that is true. It is nocredible to say that race is not an issue when black males make up 6% of society and do 75% of violent crime. It is wrong to say that Asian, white, etc mothers, who see 85%+ of their children graduate from high school do not want their children going to school with a culture that disregards education so apparently that they can only graduate 50% of their children from a free high school. Most people find overt racism appalling. They still do not want to live around or send their children to school with a culture enmeshed in violence and dropping out. Quit going on diatribes about the horrible whites and fix your culture. If you graduate 85% of your children and turn away from violence and this continues THEN it’s racism. Now it is just prudence.

      • rusty the right wing nut

        nwa you are probly a monkey mofo too

      • NWA

        @rusty the right wing nut:

        Don’t worry, I’ll still be good to yo momma. She be liken’ us big @ss monkies, Feelin’ me?


      • NWA

        South Side be an evil place and we is an evil race.


      • Richard Henkle

        haha, ya’ll make me laugh. You do know that NWA is a 14yr old white kid, right?

      • Vicki Mckay

        See how ridiculous this all sounds crime is not about race it’s about disrespect for elders and children. Not about race!!! The South side has been as good as any part of Chicago, there is not one section, suburb precint or ward not effected by the excess crime in Chicago. maybe all you voters in Chicago need to look at the bad choice in Mayors you have now. that may be a big part of the problem!

  • AJ

    I see that your Mayor is doing a great job regarding crime. Please keep him in Chicago, we don’t want him in Washington.

    • Vicki Mckay

      We don’t wnt him either

    • Mark Matis

      And keep your fine “Law Enforcement” there as well…

  • SockRayBlue

    “NGS”? Ah, that brings back those good old time feelings from the 60’s when the “spqqks” burned down their own homes. I do remember when I was charged by a “tribe” along Clybourne Avenue one evening. It reminded me of a scene from the movie “Zulu” with Micheal Caine. Obviously a very good reason why Chicago doesn’t want to allow a CHL in Chicago. Could you imagine the change when “Religion” is brought to Chicago?

    • NWA

      Stop yo California dreamn’ cause you ain’t in California.


      • CrazyEddie


        Go on now, talk about my Mama. So far that’s been th most interesting commentary you’ve made, poser.

      • NWA

        Ok, yo momma too.


  • rusty the right wing nut

    by the way i can tell your an inner city idiot you cant even spell shoot

  • Sunshine Connie

    You can always count on Chicago for another depraved crime. Crime must be the number one business in Chicago.

  • Roze
    • Windy Cty

      UUUUMMMMHHH…his picture is at the top of the article. Did you really go all over the internet to search that little nugget out. I think most people here are asking for the race of the assailants.

      • porch


  • bruce

    mmm self censored, pc, discription of violent criminals

  • Roze

    Priesthood: “I always wanted to be a priest. Msgr. John Kozlowski was so holy when he would say: ‘Hoc est enim corpus meum.’ My biggest hero even as a kid, was Father Martin Farrell. He was the first guy who said let’s let Black kids in our schools, and have people from the South take instructions to become Catholic.”

    They ALWAYS get what’s coming to them…he DID NOT deserve this of course but in the end, Whitey “tolerates” to death. Four White “Humanitarians” just got robbed and murdered in Haiti, this happens all the time. Of course, these White men and women never want to help their own people…..

  • Matt Filipczuk

    I love chimpout.com obamarama!!! You are a true american. God bless you!

  • Heavily Armed Irishman

    Wait until you see the whites of their eyes before firing. It’s coming. Get ready.

  • Joe Bob

    I have a proposal for you, tough guy. Come on down here to TX and we’ll talk in person. When we are finished I will say something Christian over your carcass and send it back to the Chicago hood. If you are having any of it, say so and I will get back with you on the whens and wheres. Also, please bring plenty of your friends so I can do the gene pool a favor and remove you all from it.

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