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CHICAGO (CBS) – Ava Logan is a woman with two professions. She’s a veterinarian, taking care of small animals, and she’s also a gifted singer.

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says she’s also someone you should know.

With every tune, Logan gives lyrical life and breath to her music. She says jazz was a natural choice for her.

“It tells stories,” she says. “It’s very conversational. It really warms my heart when people say, ‘Oh, I remember that I heard that particular song somewhere,’ or, ‘Would you sing this particular song for us because it was our wedding song?’”

Logan is a graduate of Yale, where she concentrated not on singing or music but, among other things, on biology, which was necessary for her to become the veterinarian that she is. Daytime doctor Ava Logan can be found at the Cat Hospital on Wells, where her uniform includes a stethoscope.

Logan says people are surprised to learn of her two lives.

“I guess there aren’t too many singing veterinarians out there. I tell them, well, these are my two loves.”

A part-time veterinarian, Logan’s singing has given her another vantage of the world. She has toured in Russia and Florida and California.

There is a passion in her singing, and there is a passion in her work as a veterinarian.

“It’s the animals. They’re just wonderful creatures, especially the small animals that I work with,” Logan says. “They know so much more than we give them credit for.”

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