Tebow Bashing Misguided

By Dan McNeil-

One doesn’t need to look far to discover something in sports worthy of one’s ire. In some cases, even contempt is justifiable.

Tim Tebow doesn’t make my list. His detractors, on the other hand, are contending for the medals stand in the Annoyance Olympics.

I’m stunned and disturbed by how Tebowmania has devolved into a “choose a side” proposition regarding the Broncos’ second-year quarterback. A 24-year-old man, trying to win unconventionally at the most difficult position in sports while wearing his spiritual convictions on his shirt sleeve (and his eye-black patches), has battle lines being drawn.

Talk about wasted energy.

I get it that most people would just as soon not have religion shoved down their throats, but does it really merit the high volume of heated debate since Tebow took the job from Kyle Orton after the Broncos opened the year 1-4? Has Tebow knocked on your front door and handed you a pamphlet?

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  • RockfordIan

    Excellent article Mac!! I think you really hit the nail on the head! I don’t understand how someone thanking God or Jesus after a game can bring out so much hatred in people. I read some of the comments from the Tribune website on this and it’s ridiculous. Someone needs to explain to me how Tebow is preaching at anybody when he’s in the middle of a football game for 3 hours on Sunday. I’ve watched a couple of Bronco games and I have yet to see Tebow stop the game and grab a mic so that he can stand up in front of everybody and preach the gospel, tell everyone they’re sinners, or invite people to church. Come to think of it.. he hasn’t done that in the post game press conferences either! To me it’s not any different than thanking your mom, dad, or a beer sponsor. What about all of the people out there that don’t drink or are recovering alcoholics?? If Tebow’s actions are so offensive, then don’t all of the non-drinkers have a right to be offended by all of the beer commercials that are played at every commercial break??

    Perhaps, the most ridiculous part about this is that you have all of these people waving their pitchforks and torches wanting to excommunicate Tebow from the NFL, but these same yahoos all making excuses for Suh’s dispicable display of sportsmanship on Thanksgiving Day! Talk about offensive!?! Every parent and coach of a Pee-wee, JV, or high school football player should be furious about having to explain how a professional football player could be so unprofessional. Anyway, that’s my two cents. I very rarely comment to a columnist on something like this but you basically said exactly what I’ve been thinking for the past couple of weeks. Excellent article Sir!! thank you for saying what really needed to be said!

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