Brewers’ Ryan Braun Tests Positive For PEDs, Reports Allege

(CBS) – Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun has tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug, CBS Sports confirmed on Saturday.

The reigning National League MVP faces a potential 50-game suspension.

ESPN, which reported the story first citing two sources familiar with the case who talked with “Outside the Lines,” said Braun was tested during the playoffs and notified of the results in October. The report adds that Braun is disputing the result through arbitration, which is why Major League Baseball has not announced the findings yet.

Sources told CBS Sports that a decision isn’t likely to come soon.

“It’s B.S.,” Braun told USA Today’s Bob Nightengale.

A Braun spokesman issued this statement: “There are highly unusual circumstances surrounding this case which will support Ryan’s complete innocence and demonstrate there was absolutely no intentional violation of the program. While Ryan has impeccable character and no previous history, unfortunately, because of the process we have to maintain confidentiality and are not able to discuss it any further, but we are confident he will ultimately be exonerated.”

Baseball officials could not be reached for immediate comment.

No player has successfully appealed a positive test in MLB.

In April, Braun signed an extension with the Brewers through the 2020 season.

Braun beat the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp for MVP last month after batting .332 with 33 home runs, 111 RBI, and 33 stolen bases.

  • Brent Weber

    I am more and more indifferent to these charges. Athletes are tuned machines trying to maximize their bodies and careers.And we as journalists are quick to be self righteous about their performance enhancement. Once upon a time there were those who said weight-lifting would skew the game and that it wasn’t “fair” to compare those athletes to previous generations. I am most concerned with highly illegal drug use, tobacco use on the field and sadly, the fact that so many still think alcoholism doesn’t exist.

    • Jukeman

      When did tobacco become an illegal drug? Imagine, having a little chew while playing baseball, oh the shock.

      • Hazmat77

        Besides being a known cause of cancer, chewing tobacco forces the players to spit all over the field and dugout … it is disgusting.

      • Richard

        Chewing tobacco has less than 2% the health risks of smoking…. you cant get lung cancer (the main reason people die from smoking) and the odds of mouth cancer are significantly less than smoking as well (no smoke in the mouth.) The country of Denmark just legalized oral tobacco to help IMPROVE the health of the citizens because it is so much safer than smoking.

        It is a legal activity, and it is far, far safer then performance enhancing drugs. LET THEM DO IT!!!!

      • bread and circuses

        > A dork like Ryan should be able to take any drug he wants to. What I object to is that the politicians force all taxpayers to pay their inflated salaries. Juicers like Ryan, the Orioles’ Cal (Tin Horse), Clemens (part Deux) and little Bonds could never compete in the free market, and are not athlete role models.

      • George Johnson

        So, by Richard’s “logic”, I should be able to shoot him in the leg, rather than the chest, because he’s less likely to die from it, and therefore it is “safe”.

        That is SUCH a stupid argument! You STILL get mouth, lip, gum, throat cancer from using it! The risk may be slightly less, but it’s STILL there.

        You sound just like a dimocrat, obfuscating the issues, trying to make it sound “safe”. I’d bet $100 right now, you chew or use “mouth cancer causing tobacco”.

        It’s not illegal. But it promotes it’s harmful use to SMALL CHILDREN. If kids didn’t watch the game, and idolize the players, then I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it. If the players want to be around all that nasty spit, that’s THEIR issue.

        But sadly, that’s not the case now is it? Kids like to emulate their sports “hero’s” (a poor choice if you ask me, in today’s world). But that’s why tobacco companies can’t use “Joe the Camel” because it’s aimed at kids. (And don’t bother saying it’s not because tobacco exec’s have admitted to it, Get them young, get them for life”)

        Face, you have no valid argument.

    • Lori

      Don’t you think it’s a sad day when you, or anyone else, can become so immune to something like this? Being self-righteous has nothing to do with it. To compare weight-lifting to “illegal’ use of anything, is ridiculous … and absolutely sends the wrong message to young people. Weight lifting is legal, it’s available to everyone should they choose to take advantage of it. The message to young athletes in school has to be to take good care of your bodies, to eat well, to work out to build naturally if they choose to, to stay away from harmful substances that might hamper their speed, flexibiity and endurance. If not, the only alternative then is to legalize these PED’s … and then what? Does it then become OK for high school and college foot ball teams to dole the stuff out in the locker room? Sorry … but unless and until you are willing to inject your own self or your kids, these PEDS should always be illegal, and anyone who is caught taking them should be thrown out of the sport. One strike, and you’re out.

      • Hazmat77

        you miss his point … weight lifting was frowned upon because many thought it gave an unfair advantage …. the question of legality was not an issue ….

      • NowListenUp

        No Hazmatt, you miss the point, Lifting was frowned upon because it made players tight and less flexible thus leading them prone to injury. Players still had the option to lift but at risk,,,,if it made them stronger and more durable then great! Steroids are illegal and provide unfair advantage.

      • Jeff

        +1 Don’t let the cheaters win, or we as a society will take ourselves down yet another notch (there’s not a lot of notches left before this rope becomes completely unraveled).

    • BrunoT

      Yes, but there are rules that say you can’t use them. Logic would dictate that if nobody can use them, everyone is on a level playing field. So any enhancements to performance would be based only on one’s own work ethic. If everyone was instead allowed to use them, the argument is that there would be injuries and health issues arising from the widespread and ever-increasing use needed to “keep up”. Some drugs increase muscle mass but not corresponding connective tissues. The result is a lot of injuries. A lot of injuries is not in the interest of owners, players, or fans. It’s their league, they make the rules. Breaking those rules is by definition cheating. But then this is America in the present day, so it’s no big deal to many.

    • PatrioticUSGlory

      So does this mean Matt Kemp gets the 2011 MVP award?

      • Mike

        I would certainly hope so. His performance was phony. Everything his team accomplished during the year gets an asterisk too. Players be warned: not just you but everything your teammates do will be tainted and considered something less than the real thing,.

    • Al

      So, ban the sue of tabacco and alcohol but let them take the PED’s and then complain and die at the age of 45.

      Make sense,

    • bread and circuses

      A dork like Ryan should be able to take any drug he wants to. What I object to is that the politicians force all taxpayers to pay their inflated salaries. Juicers like Ryan, the Orioles’ Cal (Tin Horse), Clemens (part Deux) and little Bonds could never compete in the free market, and are not athlete role models.

    • neopolaris

      That is such an ignorant and careless statement to make. As a journalist you are SUPPOSED to be indifferent… You do know that, right? Just report on the story -nothing more! WE don’t care about YOUR opinion. WE just want the facts. WE will decide what to do with them. These drugs are damaging those atheletes bodys. The affects are not prelavent until middle age. These men will not grow old.

      • Sycophanticus Mediocrity

        When was the last time anyone saw an impartial journalist? Most of them these days go to sleep with Obama’s picture under their pillows.

    • Michael Hughes

      Chearer ! Cheater! Cheater!

      What is you guys don’t understand about “sport”?

      What ever happened to fair play and hard work to earn success?

      You and Barun represent what is wrong with this country.

  • doc wise

    indifferent to cheating? ok

  • Lori

    On the one hand, Roger Clemens is hauled before Cognress and a heart beat away from imprsonment, and an Attorney General who plays fast and loose with the truth about Fast & Furious before Congress, and he isn’t forced to resign or threatened with imprisonment.

    One would think the farce of the Roger Clemens fiasco that played across America for so long would have had SOME effect on Braun. Obviously, he’s stuck on stupid.

  • Mike Hunt

    What? Does anyone still care about baseball?

    • Gil

      Sounds like something a basketball fan would say.

  • Beez

    The problem is that the difference between cheating and not cheating these days, is often one extra chemical byproduct which may not even be the most performance-enhancing part of the supplement.

  • brian

    Isn’t performance enhancing drugs illegal use? you are a confused journalist weber.

    if it’s banned, it’s illegal.

    • Hazmat77

      It’s not a question of legality … If MLB bans a substance that does not make the substance illegal … it merely violates the Rules of the players’ contracts.

      Only a State Legislature or Congress can legislate that a substance is illegal.

      • BuddyPC

        Steroids, as well as, HGH, while Ds, do not PE.

        That said, Matt Kemp was the rightful MVP anyways.

  • Midge Masters

    I couldn’t care less what they do. In fact, let them all do cocaine before the game, or how about angel dust or meth. It’s baseball, not brain surgery.

    Some will up their stats and then have heart attacks as they round 3rd base while others won’t do anything and have a longer career and increase their records that way.

    • Lori


  • MadCharles

    The slime in sports and sport news never ends. The typical black thugs from the Xavier news conference showed it all today. They should just shut Xavier down and ban the thugs from the NBA. But they won’t. The schools a commie school, the sports journalist are nothing but cover up and shut up for access and now roids are back in baseball, if they ever left.
    How many coverups for roids were there since Ken Caminiti OD’ed ?

  • DaveJ-Fort Worth

    If the appeal fails, which it likely will since its widely established professional players are responsible for EVERYTHING that goes into their bodies, he should lose the MVP, all monies and bonuses that go along with it. There are no excuses in this day and age for players to do this kind of thing. Its sure arrogance to think they will get away with it. I would like to see MLB void his contract too if they can, but I am not sure that will be allowed.

    Bravo Ryan, welcome to the list of infamous druggies. Your mother should be proud.

  • Thomas in Kentucky

    Do records matter? Is the outcome of the game determined fairly? Are any of the game stats legit? When the answer morphs into ‘I dont know.’, why is anyone still watching the game. These players have no integrity and they are destroying the game. 50 games isn’t enough.

  • macstibs

    50 game suspension?

    How is this less bad than Pete Rose?

    How about banned for life and all honors stripped? Black Sox style…

    • Jimisrite

      your an idiot

      • GozieBoy

        “your” an ignorant buffoon who is irrelevant.

      • jekyllisland

        So you want to teach your children that gambling on your team to win is worse than taking Meth or Steroids .

        And I’m willing to bet you are the type of moron who would take your kid to Vegas

      • Randy

        Hey Jimisrite

        It’s “you’re”, not “your” you idiot.

  • Johnnboy


  • Retire Bud Selig

    Time to remove Bud Selig from the commissioner’s office. He has turned a blind eye to rampant drug use in baseball during his entire tenure. If he had any class at all he would have already retired.

    • Jacob Ezekial

      Tell me about it. Athletes have been using HGH for decades now and haven’t been tested. Braun tested positive for anabolic steroids. What a dope….

    • Keith

      Bus Selig has no class and no honor. He is and always has been a w hore. The only way to get rid of him would be some form of insectticide. He has always turned a blind eye to drug use in the name of the game. And since now we’re talking about his hometown team, this too will be shoved under the rug.

  • J Anderson

    This guy is a waste, doping is and always will be cheating. A 50 Game suspension is a joke, that’s like 3 months. What kind of messaging is this sending? He dopes and and will be back playing in time to chase a pennant. Not fair, and not a good message. Dopers should get minimum 2 year ban. That’s what it is for international sports (olympics, cycling, track and field). Ryan cheated, there are thousands of young kids (not doping) who are loosing spots in pro sports to jokers like this. It’s just not fair. Fire him, and ban him from pro ball for 2 years.

  • Jacob Ezekial

    Indifferent? Are you kidding me?

    Just because the general public may be ignorant of anabolic steroids and the tests employed doesn’t mean everybody is.

    Medical Tests do not lie. If Braun tested positive it’s not like a ‘False’ positive that women get with those pregnancy strips.

    Everybody in the US Culture when accused of anything- Denies Denies Denies Denies and Denies – Then when backed against the well – Admits wrongdoing gets remorseful and goes on 60 Minutes.

    Repeat Cycle.

  • REPORT: 2011 Baseball MVP Braun Tests Positive For Performance-Enhancing Drugs; Faces 50-Game Suspension... | Breaking News

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  • babe Ginzburg

    He only hit 33 home runs you call that enhancement ???????? Enhancement is Bonds with giant head and hitting 73 home runs thats performance enhancing ! Braun should be suspende 50 games for under performing on performance enhancement drugs

    • Lori

      Now THAT was very, very funny! Thanks.

  • Chris Ross

    This is just an amazing story. Manny Ramirez was something but Ryan Braun is right in the prime of his career getting caught. And to come off an MVP season and have this cloud it is unbelievable. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to Ryan Braun and what kind of precedent the MLB sets in this kind of case. What a blow to a the MLB after so much success with their drug program. Who knows who else is out there on the juice.

    • Anton Chigruh III

      at least he wasn’t affiliated with the 2nd mile foundation.

  • Chicago Jack

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL….. yea they’re quitting. Sure they are. I wouldn’t spend a dime on these ghettofied pro sports ‘affletes’ nowadays even after a life of being a loyal Chicago sports fan.

    Since Jordan left BB I haven’t set foot in the UC except for a Hawks game….the rest of these people can kizz my azzz nowadays. Not a dime.

    What are the chances of the league’s best player being caught? Pretty darn good obviously. That means the rest are juiced and juicing too, and who knows what else besides what we read in the headline police blotter’s each day.

    • Paul Revere

      Which begs the obvious question. How is it if EVERYONE is cheating, that only some still stand out and break records? Some are using better PED’s than others? All I have to do is some HGH and I can hit 74 HR next year?

  • Paul Revere

    While we’re at it, lets get Tiger Woods too! He got lasik eye surgery which gives him 20/15 vision, in other words, an unnatural advantage over other golfers with superhuman vision. That is an unnatural performance enhancement and is cheating!!

    • TexasPatriot

      I am wearing corrective lenses which give me 20/15….not the same thing as juicing. This guy needs more than a 50 game ban! If he did it once, he’ll do it again….like Manny Ramirez.


    NFL????? NBA?????

  • MLB : Brewers Braun May Face 50 Game Suspension | Wis U.P. North

    […] on Saturday. The reigning National League MVP faces a potential 50-game suspension.” Source: Brewers’ Ryan Braun Tests Positive For PEDs, Reports Allege « CBS Chicago via […]

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    50 game suspension = joke. Baseball (Selig) is not serious about PED violations – the revenues are too high. As long as $ flow in, the owners are fine with old Bud as commish.

    The dumb thing about this is the anabolic angle. HGH is out there and has been for a long while. Look at over the hill hitters like David Ortiz – he can hit .220 for 3 months and them poof – he hits .320. Juicer. Baseball the business wants $. If Ryan can get away with it they do not care, but this test failure challenged their ‘authority’.

  • Jim

    Who cares?
    Watching a major league baseball game without a Tivo is torture. Even when there is not a commercial its the “ATT call from the bullpen” or some other BS advertisement. How else can you pay players 200K PER GAME. If you want to watch good baseball go down to your local field and watch the kids. I can’t even watch the WS anymore.

  • tommry

    RE NowListenUP

    Weight lifting increases flexibility and prevents injury.

    Your lifetime of being fat and out of shape will kill you.

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