Source: Hurd Provided Drugs To Other NFL Players

(CBS) Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd, who was arrested Wednesday on federal drug charges, was a top drug dealer in Chicago and police have a list of NFL players who were supplied drugs by the receiver, a law enforcement source told 670 The Score.

The list is “in the double-digits”, according to the source.

According to the criminal complaint, Hurd told an undercover Homeland Security agent Wednesday night that he and another co-conspirator were already distributing four kilograms of cocaine a week in the Chicago area, but he needed more. He was seeking five to ten kilograms of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana a week to distribute and was willing to pay $25,000 per kilo of cocaine and $450 per pound of marijuana. That adds up to as much as $700,000 of drugs each week.

The McNeil and Spiegel Show first reported the new information Thursday on 670 The Score.

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  • Linebacker Lance

    Just an “Oops.” We all make mistakes. Let’s move on…

    • Christine Hedrick

      I agree with Linebacker Lance

    • Penguin ComPassion

      I suppose because he is a professional athlete, then that should give him a pass. No, let’s NOT move on! We got to get down to business and be especially harsh on people who abuse drugs and are supposed to be living examples for other people such as kids. For once, STOP BURYING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND.

    • Calvin

      What an idiot, they should give this guy 20 years for possession and another
      20 for stupidity

      • Big Wally

        he will @ least get 15 years

  • TheHurtLocker

    Good Riddence! I know its only one dealer, but one is less than what their currently is. This is one step forward to a safer community for the city of Chicago.

    • Eustace

      *arresting drug dealers isn’t going to fix chicago

    • Brian Jeschke

      * there currently is. Please learn to use the correct tense of the word.

      • Max

        It’s not a tense. They’re entirely different words. Please learn what you are talking about.

    • 2more

      its = it’s
      one is less = one less is better

  • SecureOurBorders

    and everyone says Mexico is dangerous….

    • David

      Are you really comparing this to what happens in Mexico? You must really not know anything about what is going on in Mexico or the rest of this world.

      • Nickalus A Beaven

        just saying, cocaine doesn’t make it dangerous, Cartels make it dangerous, have you been seeing the stockpile of dead bodies in mexico as of late? No comparison here.

  • Mr. Thirtyfour

    Jerry Angelo had nothing to do with this. You’re suggesting that he somehow knew about this when the Bears got Hurd. Yeah, Angelo is a consistently mediocre GM, but what you’re saying is ridiculous.

    • Jeremy Carnahan

      I agree, Angelo can’t be held responsible for this. He hired an ex-FBI agent to identify things like this and that person failed, not Angelo, and to blame him for this is ignorant.

    • BDVoges

      Ignorant??? How so??? When you are a boss and your subordinate messes up and your boss finds out, who gets scolded??? YOU!!!

    • Eustace

      pretty sure hurd is the only one who is going to get “scolded” (i.e. 40 years in jail)
      if you’re a boss, and your subordinate gets arrested for selling drugs, you just hire a new employee (i.e. sign a new 3rd-string WR)

    • BDVoges

      He did hire Ex-FBI intelligence for this exact purpose right???? So in a way, YES, he IS responsible!!!!

  • JZ2

    How stupid can you be?
    Linebacker Lance… you should be much smarter too.

    Why sell drugs when you are an overpaid athlete?

    • Eustace

      don’t you patronize linebacker lance

  • Charlie Sheen


  • cornjerker

    No wonder Barber ran out of bounds…Snortin’ Sammy Hurd ingested the sideline

    • JerryAngeloIsTheDevil


      Jerry Angelo’s big FA signings:
      Hurd-Wannabe Scarface
      M.Barber-Football Stupid & Selfish RB who is to cowardly to face the music
      Roy Williams-WR who drops as many balls as he catches and proposes to his girlfriend via the US Postal Service

      Jerry only brings in the classiest of football players….

    • indycor

      That was funny.

  • Larry Boissau

    C’mon Carlton , Oop! I mean (Laurence) Your gonna take credit for reporting this

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  • Micheal Savage

    Whats the difference their both criminals,

    • Michigan Bear Fan

      First of all it’s ‘they’re’ and secondly….you’re kidding right?

    • Brian Jeschke

      Micheal, you’re out of your friggen mind if you think those two crimes are anywhere near each other! That’s like comparing someone who was charged with littering to someone with an aggravated battery. Moron.

  • adam

    LOL at Homeland Security being involved with this

  • Tom

    First Cutler goes down with an injury, followed by Fortier. And now the team drug dealer has a season / career / life ending fall. What a year!

  • Report: Sam Hurd provided drugs to NFL players

    […] he signed a three-year, $3.97 million contract earlier this year, football was his side job. CBS Chicago labeled Hurd a top drug dealer in […]

  • Roberta Waker

    Hope they name and prosecute every NFL player involved in using these drugs. What a shame that our children’s “heroes” are drug dealers/users. Time for Roger Goodell to take a stand and STOP taking felons back into the NFL to play football and KEEP them out.

    • GeorgeOscarBluth

      “What a shame our children’s “heroes” are drug dealers/users.”

      If your kids think pro athletes are heroes, shouldn’t you be more concerned for your parenting?

    • South Sider1

      If you’re NOT smoking weed then there’s something really wrong with you. LEGALIZE AND TAX MARIJUANA NOW!!!

    • R

      All n*ggers smoke pot. There’s a difference. And who the f*ck calls it pot? What are you, 100?

    • Joel Edmonson

      I don’t and don’t know anyone that does. If they do, I have never heard any of them talk about it.


    I have no big picture thoughts.
    So, I’m just going to say
    it sounds like he needs a good lawyer
    Who are the Bears going to put in to replace him?

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  • jr

    Let’s see the list!

  • bob

    450 a pound? What is he selling, bush weed?

    • Eustace

      you probably get a 1,000+ lb. discount

      • Creighton

        Ahh the Costco Cowboy of Cocaine, proof that buying in bulk really does have advantages, 40 years of them.

    • Marley

      Thats what the real value of Cronic Hydro weed is right now, anything more than that you are getting ripped off, if your paying more than that you are dealing with a low man on the totem pole.



    • Mark

      There is a 5 year mandatory min for this charge. They can reduce it if he rolls over on the players, but that will all depend on the judge.

    • Eustace

      dogs = chickens < humans

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  • Eustace

    i bet you make a lot of money, at a great job, with nice friends, and live in a great city.

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