Bernstein Shreds The Penn State Letter

By Dan Bernstein- Senior Columnist

(CBS) A letter from 425 former Penn State football players was released Wednesday showing support for Joe Paterno. The former Penn State coach is currently battling lung cancer and turned 85 today.

Below is the letter in its entirety, with my comments in italics:

The Penn State Football Family

We Stand in Support of Joe and Penn State

Apparently because you don’t mind child-rape.  And because Paterno is almost dead, thankfully.


As members of the Penn State Community, we are deeply saddened by the allegations against Jerry Sandusky, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Given the allegations against Sandusky, we understand the public’s outrage because we share it.

Not really.  The mere existence of this letter is proof that your perspective regarding the victims is warped beyond recognition.  And not one of you is surprised by the allegations, just saddened — because Sandusky’s predilections weren’t much of a secret. You share no outrage.

At the same time, however, it’s important to remember that all of the facts surrounding this troubling matter are not known. Until all of the facts are known and due process has run its course, we ask that the public reserve judgment about Joe Paterno and the Penn State community.

Enough facts are known to condemn Joe Paterno and damn him to hell.  As soon as he said “I wish I had done more,” he admitted he chose to protect, abet and enable an alleged serial child-predator, and stood by that decision for years.  This is not a courtroom.  We will judge as we choose, based on what we see and hear.  The fact that you would be compelled to write this is further evidence that the Penn State community is sick.

Having known Coach Paterno for many years, we can say with certainty that Joe Paterno is a remarkable man and that Penn State is a remarkable institution. Joe has had a profound effect on the lives of almost every member of the Penn State family. Joe has taught Penn State faith, fairness, philanthropy and the importance of academic excellence – all values that make Penn State a great institution today.

I can say with certainty that Paterno is remarkable, indeed, especially in his ability to give an alleged child-rapist the run of the Penn State facilities, even as he knew he was using a charity to cultivate victims.  He has also had a profound effect on any child abused by his trusted lieutenant after he understood what was happening on his watch.  Does his faith teach anal rape of children in the shower?  Did he display fairness by never once acting in the interest of victims?  This kind of blind veneration feeds the whole problem.  Similar things were assumed and said about Sandusky, remember, such as when Rick Santorum sponsored him for a congressional award.

Penn State’s new president recently said that he wants the university to be known as a great research institution. In fact, the institution that Joe helped build is much larger than a single coach or team. Penn State is 94,300 students on 24 campuses. We are Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Dickinson School of Law and Smeal College of Business. We are the world’s largest dues-paying alumni association. We are home of the world’s largest student run philanthropic organization. We are the University that has raised over $500,000, to date, for victims of child abuse during its darkest hour.

And you are the university that embraced and empowered Jerry Sandusky, even after it became clear that he was a monster.  You are the campus on which tone-deaf students rioted in the wake of the scandal, causing $190,000 in property damage.  Penn State’s new president just wants the university to be known for anything other than the unspeakable horrors it allowed.  This letter doesn’t exactly help him, you realize.

We are much more than just one man or one sport. We are a great research institution today and a university that prepares all of its graduates for success in many different fields.

You are a missing district attorney, a governor with conflicts of interest, lazy campus police, corrupt judges, and lying administrators.  Many different fields.

Many in the Penn State community view the public’s rush to judgment of Joe as a rush to judgment of everything Penn State. We ask for due process for Joe Paterno and the Penn State community. Based on the immense quality of Joe’s character and the absence of all the facts, we stand in support of Joe and Penn State.

There is no rush to anything.  Sandusky joined Penn State in 1966 and started the Second Mile in 1977.  The quality of Paterno’s character is on display in the grand jury reports, the perjury-case testimony, and in his own words:  “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more.”

The Penn State Football Family

Standing proudly for those who facilitate violent sex crimes against children, because your priorities and perceptions are dangerously skewed by your identities as players.  Your entire lives have been defined in too large a part by association with a college football program.  Now, you are cowards – unwilling or unable to confront the cold truth that your beloved father figure was a bad man, because it causes painful dissonance in your rapidly-decaying brains.

The following family members have signed the letter:

Ray Alberigi
Robert Belus
Thomas Mulraney
Fran “Bucky” Paolone
Frank Della Penna
Bill Russ
Ronald Signorinorino
Skip Stellfox

Russ Albert II
George Allen
Ferris Atty
Robert Capretto
Jack Curry
Alan Delmonaco
John Eppensteiner
Gerry Farkas
Ed Gabriel
Tony Gebicki
Warren Hartenstine
Bryan Hondru
Mike Irwin
Martin Karsh
Robert Kline
John Kulka
Jon Lang
Ed Lenda
Bill Lenkaitis
Lincoln Lippincott
Jim Litterelle
Thomas Mairs
Thomas McGrath
Dave McNaughton
Donald Miller
Ed Odorisio
Henry Oppermann
Jack Sain
Steve Schreckengaust
Ted Sebastianelli
Gary Shaffer
Neal Smith
Edward Stewart
Thomas Stuartuart
Bud Torris
John (Jack) Urban
Frank Waresak
Anthony Wayne
Chris Weber
Jack White
Joe Zelinsky

Don Abbey
Walt Addie
Franz Ahrenhold
Kurt Allerman
John Andress
Jack Baronas
Jeff Behm
Chuck Benjamin
Rod Bratton
Steve Brezna
Dave Brockway
Chuck Burkhart
Greg Buttle
Robert Campbell
Michael Cappelletti
Joseph V. Carlozo
Thomas Cherry
Ron Coder
Mike Conforto
F. Len Consalvo
Ronald Crosby
Bill Crummy
Ken Deutsch
Joe Diange
Thomas Donchez
John Dunn
Michael Farkas
Chuck Fusina
Paul Gabel
Doneal “Don” Gersh
Bill Glennon
Anthony Gordon
Dave Graf
Franco Harris
James Heller
Scott Hettinger
Ray Horan
Neil Hutton
Phil LaPorta
John Lewchenko
Larry Ludwig
Brian Masella
Richard McClure
Lance Mehl
Lydell Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Robert Nagle
Ron Pavlechko
Doug Pysher
Tom Rafferty
Joel Ramich
John Reihner
Paul Renaud
George SanFilippo
Carl Schaukowitch
Tom Shoemaker
Mickey Shuler
Tom Shuman
John Skarzynski
John Skorupan
Steve Smear
Michael Smith
John Susko
Marshall Wagner
Dan Wallace
John Williams
Anthony Williott
Charlie Zapiec

Rogers Alexander
Michael Arnold
Doug Badali
Mark Battaglia
Trey Bauer
Jeff Bergstrom
Dan Biondi
Todd Blackledge
Scott Bouslough
Jeff Brunie
Jeff Butya
Drew Bycoskie
Mark Cherewka
Bruce Clark
Chris Clauss
Stan Clayton
Jim Coates
Joel Coles
Shane Conlan
Chris Conlin
Bill Contz
Eufard Cooper
Tom Couch
Troy Cromwell
David Crummy
Peter Curkendall
Daniel Delligatti
John DePasqua
Dwayne Downing
DJ Dozier
Michael Dunlay
Tom Durant
Eric Etze
Sean Farrell
Craig Fiedler
Pat Flaherty
Tim Freeman
Mark Fruehan
Mark Galimberti
Gregg Garrity
Tim Gearhart
Darrell Giles
Don Ginnetti
Gene Gladys
Scott Gob
Michael Guman
John Gurski
Nick Haden
Ron Hileman
Lance Hamilton
Eric Hamilton
Brian Hand
Al Harris
Greg Hay
Stu Helgeson
Randy Huttenberger
David Jakob
Joe Johns
Gregg Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Greg Jones
Keith Karpinski
Ken Kelley
Matt Knizner
David Laubebe
Massimo Manca
Tim Manoa
Carmen Masciantonio
Jon Masorti
Brian McCann
Mike Meade
Rob Mikulski
Daniel Morgan
Robert Mrosko
Scott O’Donnell
Brad Pantall
Jay Paterno
Aoatoa Polamalu
Bobby Polito
Ed Pryts
Rodger Puz
Bill Quinn
Scott Radecic
Kevin Romango
Dwayne Rush
Michael Russo
H. Rand Scott
Brad Scovill
Rob Seitz
John Shaffer
Bernie Shalvey
Brian Siverling
Rob Smith
Pete Speros
Joseph Strycharz
Mike Suter
Tim Sweeney
Blair Thomas
Chris Thorpe
Micky Urquhart
John Walsh
Darryl Washington
Tom Wilk
Jon Williams
Leo Wisniewski
Steve Wisniewski
John Wojtowicz
Jeffrey Woofter

Jeff Anderson
Bill Anderson
Lavar Arrington
Michael Barninger
Tom Bill
Cuncho Brown
Dave Brzenchek
Ki-Jana Carter
Craig Cirbus
Keith Conlin
Brett Conway
Maurice Daniels
Brian Dozier
Matthew Evancho
Adam Fahrer
Doug Farren
Frederick Fields
Gerald Filardi
Derek Fox
Ivory Gethers
Reggie Givens
Rudolph Glocker
Basim Grant
Ryan Grube
Peter Hadgimallis
Mike Heller
Clint Holes
Leonard Humphries
Greg Huntington
Brad Johnson
Bradley Jones
Corey Jones
Scott Kauffman
Anthony King
Brad Koontz
Josh Kroell
Todd Kulka
Rich Kuzy
Chad Linnon
Rob Luedeke
Michael Malinoski
Christian Marrone
Anthony Matesic
OJ McDuffie
Sean Moffitt
Christian Molnar
Brandon Noble
Kevin O’Keeffe
Keith Olsommer
Doug Ostrosky
Brandon Parmer
Derick Pickett
Stephen Pitts
Mark Ritter
Joe Rose
Rick Sayles
Brad Scioli
Brandon Short
Jerry Slagle
Terry Smith
Richard Stankewicz
Vincent Stewart
Ray Tarasi
Mark Tate
Willie Thomas
LeRoy Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Barry Tielsch
Antonio Twymon
Jerrod Vance
Floyd Wedderburn
Justin Wheeler
Justin Williamss

Askari Adams
Anthony Adams
Tyler Ahrenhold
Jesse Alfreno
Lance Antolick
Tim Argiriadi
Chase Bacon
Quinn Barham
Kevin Blanchard
Rick Bolinsky
Jeremy Boone
James Boyd
Brett Brackett
John Bronson
Dorian Burton
Gerald Cadogan
Brad Caldwell
Gino Capone
Brent Carter
Rashard Casey
Mike Cerimele
Daryll Clark
Brennan Coakley
Chris Colasanti
Dan Corrado
Dave Costlow
Andrew Dailey
Eric Dare
Jeremiah Davis
Scott Davis
Steven Delich
Kirk Diehl
Nick Downs
Lou Eliades
Shamar Finney
Eric Flohr
Travis Forney
Joshua Gaines
Phil Gardill
Rich Gardner
Aaron Gatten
Bani Gbadyu
Nathan Glunt
Ryan Gmerek
Tom Golarz
Ron Graham
Benjamin Gummo
Matt Hahn
Austin Hinton
Erik Holt
Kirk Humilovich
Tom Humphrey
Justin Ingram
Cedric Jeffries
Bryant Johnson
Eric Johnson
Damone Jones
Brad Karson
Kevin Kelly
Tom Kelso
Kasey Koontz
Andrew Kubic
Justin Kurpeikis
Ben Lago
Kevion Latham
Dan Lawlor
Tyler Lenda
Mike Lucian
Mike Lukac
Tom Lundquist
Jordan Lyons
Russ Manney
Nick Marmo
Peter Massaro
Josh Matzkin
Patrick Mauti
Shawn Mayer
Shelton McCullough
Marcus Mills
Cordell Mitchell
Anthony Morelli
Mac Morrison
Ross Muir
Jesse Neumyer
Michael Pawlikowski
Anwar Phillips
Nick Pinchek
Andrew Pitz
Ryan Primanti
James Pursley
Curt Reese
Douglas Rheam
Matthew Rice
Brett Robinson
Michael Robinson
Chris Rogers
Mark Rubin
Andrew Ryland
Tyrell Sales
Christopher Santini
Matt Schmitt
Anthony Scirrotto
Bryan Scott
Adam Senk
Andrew Shilling
AQ Shipley
Scott Shirley
Mickey Shuler
Frank Spano
Brandon Steele
Jonathan Stewart
Lonnie Stobert
Geoffrey Stryker
Conlan Swope
Joseph Toriello
Anthony Tortorelli
Gio Vendemia
Collin Wagner
Matthew Waldron
Tim Ward
Kenny Watson
Casey Williams
Stefen Wisniewski
Alan Zemaitis
Graham Zug

Total Signatures: 425

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  • Adam

    I sincerely hope everyone who knowingly allows children to get raped dies.

    • Fred Becker

      Another example of a member of the press that does not know the facts (None of do yet) and is not willing to let due process take its course. Coach Paterno was not charged by the Grand Jury, he is not the subject of investigation and will probably be a key witness for the prosecution. The Penn State Board of Trustees helped create this media lynching by firing Coach Paterno even though they have never explained why and appear to have had an unjustified rush to justice. If you want to see some honest reporting I suggest:

    • Jane Bond

      I would be careful with that statement, karma does exist..None knowingly allowed any child to get raped..

    • jeff

      everyone dies what a jerk

    • Larry Horse's Arse

      And Bronzo, thank you also…you are always a voice of reason and decency on the blog.

    • Bronzo

      Look I don’t know anybody who would knowingly allow a child to get raped.
      That being said, to say Paterno condoned children being raped in a stretch. Was he wrong in not saying more absolutely…but that’s a long way from condoning child rape. And i have absolutely no allegiance tp Penn State or Paterno. This is just my opinion

      I’m a father of 2 daughter’s for the record.

    • Alice G

      Paterno witnessed nothing. He was told second hand by someone that he saw Sandusky doing something that appeared to be sexual in nature. McQueary did not give detail to Paterno as he was uncomfortable talking to the guy about it. Joe recognized this and realized that he needed to immediately turn it over to his superiors. This included the two of the top four administrators at PSU. This included the head of the University Police (which had jurisdiction and has the same power as any municipal force in PA). He certainly did not cover-up or nothing would have been reported to anybody. He acted. He is now blamed by many for the lack of action of others. If you report a rape that somebody you know witnessed to the police commissioner and they do not act…. does that mean you should die? That is your logic here.

      • Max

        Thank you, Alice, I was completely disgusted by Mr. Bernstein’s over-the-top uninformed hyperbole and by many of the responses until I got to your informed commentary

    • Bronzo

      Thank you for being a voice of reason Alice


      everyone who DOESN’T rape children dies, too!! hello?!? everyone dies.. what kind of penalty is that? jesus died. you’re gonna die.. i’m gonna die. it’s inevitable for every living thing on this planet. there’s nothing anyone can do about it. so why would you think dying would be punishment for sins?
      also, consider: if there’s a hell below.. we’re ALL gonna go.

  • Jeff Newton

    Who do these guys think they are going to convince? Don’t they realize that they are only making Joe Paterno look worse and themselves as well? Well done Dan. Wish you could email this to everyone that condoned (signed) this. They all know, they all knew! They should all be held accountable.

    • Bender Boy

      No you just have to be in complete denial if you think Paterno didn’t know.

    • Jams

      “They all know, they all knew! They should all be held accountable.”
      Wow, you sound like your a character straight from “the crucible”. Put down your torch and pitchfork, stop vilifying everyone that tries to support someone they believe is innocent when there are so many unknown facts, and take a breath. Your “logic” is the exact reasons people whip into mass frenzies and start punishing innocent people without fair consideration.

    • TermLimitsNow Now

      Dan Bernsyein is working with half the facts and half a brain> He”ll go far in “journalism.”.

    • Smith, JC

      As is typical of the media, rarely assemble the facts of any issue. Where are the real journalists? The Sandusky Issue is a criminal issue and as such the courts will sort it out, not some “ambulance chaser” looking for readers!

      • redwards

        We the public are under no compunction to assume “innocence until proven guilty” , stop pretending you don’t know that.

    • 670 The SCORE are HATERS

      The better way to get the right kind of exposure to the Hate, and Deathwish for Paterno that Bernstein is espousing is to get his story to a National Online News Group–take your pick; Drudge, HuffPo,Bloomberg. Give this guy the National Audience he is seeking and watch CBS move so quickly to get him off the air even the Sponsors wont have time to demand it themselves. Forget the lawsuits and tweets. Go National, online news and TV news. The Hate and Deathwish will bring out the Liberals and Conservatives both deeming it inappropriate and demanding action taken.

      Make it Dan Bernsteins “Nappy Headed” moment. Even Imus with his ratings got removed. Bernstein has nowhere near that kind of notoriety, but maybe its time he got it. And for his Radio sidekicks at that Station, learn to live with the fallout that will come with this kind of rhetoric. Many on there are already prefacing their spots with “I’m not Dan Bernstein”. No you’re not, but if they’re not calling him out for these inhumane remarks, they best learn to live with that is what will come with working at that Place until Bernstein is removed.

      • catalacjack

        Bernstein your a real idiot, where most reporters only took on Joe or Sandusky you took on the whole PSU community. Hold tight for the libel lawsuits that will follow. I really hope you have facts to support your allegations. I really hope CBS has the sense to drop your A$$ before you drag them along down with you.

    • PSU'S new cult frontman

      JBG, you’re an idiot. I bet there was a vein sticking out of your head when you were looking for the letters to type that. I’m 6’2 190 lbs and probably couldn’t fight your mother, but I would email this to them personally.



    • Ferris Atty

      You Jeff,like your hero Bernstein are a self-righteous punk! I am one of the guys who signed the letter and I don’t appreciate being accused of condoning sexual abuse of children.The name is Ferris Atty and if either of you are man enough to man up and meet me face to face and accuse me of being accountable then you can let me know of a time and place when we can face each other! travel is not a problem! Leave a reply it’s your move!

    • psulions

      yeah all 400 of them knew, and all 96,000 at psu did too i suppose… you ignorant idiot

    • dk

      Well done,to wish death upon Joe Paterno is wrong.He may have known more and should have done more but he is the not the true demon.It’s Sandusky.The media and public need to focus on that instead of bashing every thing Penn State.So again I say well done,what a joke…..

      • 40,000 Penn State Proud

        His job is to stir up controversy, don’t let this no body get to the penn state community that has nothing to do with the Sandusky scandal. We know why we love PSU, regardless of what joepa did or didnt do or what anybody else says or didnt say for that matter. All of his PSU opinions about the university itself are skewed with logical fallacies, over generalizations, and ignorance. I guess he never learned about guilt by association, and why it is a null and void, pathetic argument. I’m not fighting for Paterno or against him, however, this is for the students, alumni, faculty, and staff who bust their butts day in and day out, the right way, all for the sake of higher education and bettering this society. I’m a proud Penn Stater, not a child molester enabler, or a rioter, or anything other than a hard working student. Articles like these make me laugh. Your opinions wont change how any Penn Stater feels, just as my opinion here will most likely go un-noticed by you and many others. But if the least i can do is inspire PSU students to properly and rightfully defend the school they attend and represent, then i have done more than enough. Dan, i wish you the best of luck in life, as i know it can be difficult when you are blinded by ingnorance, overwhelming sense of worth, and an overgrown ego. Lastly, this took me 5 minutes to write. Straight from the heart. I was not blinded by hate, as you suggest in many articles, but instead inspired by my beloved Penn State University community. This school, NOT a figure head, or a high up official, or a board of trustee member, but the 40,000 people who make up this school, have made myself and many others better people. This is why we say, “WE ARE,” but that is something you will never understand. Our future is bright, our motivation and determination to make other people’s mistakes better is unwavering, and we will forever be Penn State (that’s for you, John Tantillo). WE ARE…PENN STATE.

    • Scarvy

      Bernstein is just another ranting idiot. Ignore him and he might go away.

      • chouli

        no, people should call bernstein out for being an idiot. this isn’t journalism. cbs should fire him for being such an idiot…what does it take cbs???

  • John

    382 new names for the bus list?

  • Marky Mark

    Anthony Adams signed it, but Robbie Gould didn’t. Good for Robbie. I’m sure he was approached about it.

  • meesohawnee

    LIke DB said back when Barry Bonds had his knee pad wearing followers.. Even Charles Manson gets marriage proposals in prison. Though if i were DB id be embarrased on the same page as his great blog we have the daily porn shots. come on dont lower to the Suntimes IQ of 2 page…. I think we can get that elsewhere ..

  • Andrew

    Wow Bernstein, you deserve a swift kick in the nuts. I am in no way connected to Penn State, and I can say without hesitation that you simply defecated on a piece of paper and published it. These players aren’t ignoring or condoning anything that Joe Paterno or Penn State did that may have contributed to children getting raped. They’re just making the point that at some point over the past 40 years, both Paterno and Penn State have also been engaged in good and charitable acts that have helped thousands of people better their lives. I think these players want all guilty parties, including Joe Paterno, to be held accountable and be “damned to hell” if that’s what is necessary. They just don’t want people to ignore the fact that, in addition to the huge and unforgivable part that Paterno and Penn State played in this disgusting tragedy, they also played a huge part in changing people’s lives. Don’t be so high and mighty; don’t be so holier than thou.

    • SteveM

      Wow Andrew, I guess everything just balances out in the end and the false hero-worship of the beloved Joe “Pa” should continue without even questioning the character of the “man”? The fact is he never confronted Sandusky directly about the allegations nor did he see the investigation through to its conclusion. If you want to continue to worship this coward and the institution that looked the other way, go for it.

      I am curious about a couple of things. Would your reaction be any different if it had been a little girl in the shower with Sandusky? And, do you think Joe “Pa” would have reacted differently if the victim had been his grandson?



    • Denver Deadite

      I didn’t think it was this difficult, but apparently the obvious needs to be pointed out to people like you:

      Ignoring & covering up child rape > anything else Paterno has ever done

      • blaz41

        Denver deadite , you are brain dead. Nobody was condoning anything. Do you know what Joe was actually told..No…. He didreport it to Schulz, in charge of police affairs at the time. What Schulz tell Joe? Don’t play the ominpresent idiot.

      • jkoyon

        Telling the police immediately = “ignoring and covering up?” You people make no sense.

      • Lisa

        Um, Joel, you do understand that “something of a sexual nature” with a prepubescent boy automatically equals rape, right?

      • Gary

        he told administration and the head of campus police, i don’t get how that is ignoring, or covering up. he was also not told by mcqueary it was rape, if you have been following the story at all. if you want to complain, do so about the acts of paterno’s supervisors who did very little. because even paterno thought they didnt do much if he told Sandusky himself to never come on campus with a kid again

      • Joel W

        And ignorance is worse yet. If you read the facts from last week’s hearing….. Joe was told nothing of child rape. He was told that something of a sexual nature occurred that was troubling. Since Sandusky did not work for Joe and because McQueary was not comfortable giving Joe all of the facts, Joe IMMEDIATELY turned the matter over to the administration…. including the head of the police department that had jurisdiction. If he were covering something up why would he do this? Don’t let the facts get in the way of your hate.

      • Denver Deadite

        “Nobody was condoning anything.”

        My brain is working just fine. But the fact that so many of you are defending Paterno the Enabler shows that there is little hope for humanity.

  • Bob in Berwyn

    Explain exactly what PAterno was coveruping up.. If you tell your boss as well as the head of the University Police department how is that a “coverup”. It would seem that a coverup by its very definition would require you NOT to tell anyone.

    • Jay

      Wow Bob you are stupid

  • Dr. W

    The author of the piece saddens me. But what saddens me more is how moronic the general population of the United States is on this topic. I think the people who know the facts (or lack of known facts at this time) have dealt with this issue fairly. But too many people have jumped to conclusions that are either patently false or are pure conjecture. I applaud the people who have actually stood up in the face of the media witch hunt target against the wrong people.

  • BLK

    This is the sickest, most prejudiced piece of writing – I won’t even call it journalism – that I have ever read. And to wish somebody dead is a crime in itself. It’s almost just as sad that you don’t even seek the facts or tell the truth. Sad, sad, sad.

    • GPM

      This isn’t journalism, it’s a column. It appears you don’t understand the distinction. And “wishing someone dead” is most certainly not a crime. It appears you are confused there as well. One can’t be punished for their thoughts, that’s one of the more concrete principles of our legal system.

      • Rick Sanson

        As is innocent til proven guilty!

    • SteveSpy

      Sad like Child Rape, or sad like morons defending child rape?

      • QED

        Sad like the feeling you get when ‘objectivity’ is explained to you(precept make brain hurt).Sad like morons who think people actually support child rape. According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.

  • Dante

    “We will judge as we choose, based on what we see and hear.” We judge you an idiot Mr. Bernstein

  • PenCab

    Another example of how “journalism” has fallen over the years. You sir are a true reflection of the south end of a north bound mule.

  • JBG

    Hope the rogaine starts working for you Danny. Bad kharma wishing death upon people.

    • Jason.CVille

      Maybe the bad Karma is Paterno getting lung cancer.

  • Rick

    he went over to Paterno’s home the next morning and said that what he had seen “was way over the lines, it was extremely sexual in nature.” He said he would not have used words like sodomy or intercourse with Paterno; he did not get into that much detail out of respect for the coach, he said.

    Read more:

  • JT

    Who’s Dan Berstein?

    • Tim

      Exactly my question.. I never even heard of this hack until he published such a slanted piece of sensationalism in obvious attempt to gain national recognition. Looks like he has reached the zenith of his career with this inane article… and never to be read again by serious minds. I now know not to bother reading anything else with “what’s his name’s” byline attached!

      • Lisa

        Lemme guess. You’re a Penn State alum.

      • H8ter

        maybe you should read the Tebow piece too….i’d love to see your reaction

  • Ashamed

    Bernstein – You are a disgrace. CBS should be ashamed to be your employer. Your family should be ashamed to be related to you. Just a pure excuse for a man.

  • Lobby

    You are as sick and twisted as Sandusky. This is nothing more than an ill informed self promoting egotistical fool who should be sued for liable.

  • Mark Walters

    Most of your are living in LA LA land or have an agenda. Your anger towards Paterno is grossly misdirected. Joe was not involved in some secretive, program wide cover up. That’s nonsense. Most of you don’t have a single clue as to what the actual facts of this Sandusky scandal are. You’re all being lead by mindless idiots in the media.

  • Dan

    Bernstein has been on a crusade against paterno and penn state since the beginning of this horrific series of events becoming public. He rarely mentions Sandusky, Bernstein seems to forget Sandusky is the primary problem here. I agree in pricipal with Dan on his condemming of this letter, but I suspect his need for ratings leads him to language that is over top and perhaps even libelous.

    • Steve

      Yet strangely, no one is suing him….hmmm maybe because he’s right?

      Paterno was the one who said he “wished he had done more.”

      All he had to do was tell the police. Could he be bothered? No.

      • jkoyon

        Except he did. Get the facts.

      • Rick Sanson

        No one ever sues journalists, except maybe National Enquirer.

    • Denver Deadite

      Sandusky is going to jail or a grave, regardless.

      Paterno and PSU were enablers who deserve to fall just as far as Sandusky will.

  • DRew Patterson

    We know that Joe Paterno did nothing wrong from a legal poing-of-view. There is debate as to his role from a moral point-of-view. This debate is the result of the lack of action on the part of the senior officials to whom he and McQueary reproted the matter.
    From a Moral Point of view one thing is extremely clear! MR. Dan Bernstein is NOT A MORAL PERSON. The title of this piece quickly reveals a lack of character. How Terrible!! What a failure of our society Bernstein represents. He should be immediately fired!!!!

    • Marky Mark

      So, Dan’s immoral for writing a column suggesting that he will be thankful once a child-rape protector has died, but JoePa’s morality is up for debate?

      How is this not clear by now? Joe Pa said himself he “wished [he] had done more.”

      • jkoyon

        Reporting an alleged crime and disassociating yourself from the perpetrator makes you a “child-rape protector?” Strange logic from the anti–JoePa bandwagoneers.

      • Todd

        What’s your point? Maybe after knowing and seeing all the charges relative to the case Joe “wished he had done more” – why does everyone assume that he had the knowledge and his statement to do more means he could have at the time. And why do they forget to include “with the benefit of hindsight”. The biggest problem is no one outside of the people who want to see the university and Joe’s integrity restored care to do any further reading other than what the national media and twits like this author have to right.

  • Crest Hill King

    Joe Pa could have done something to prevent future child rape. He admittedly did not. What else do you need to know?

  • Blago

    Nothing like convicting someone on hearsay when a real trial is about to happen. Paterno is not on trial either by the way. Wonderful example of “Yellow” journalism though. Love the Victoria Secrets Fashoin Show and the Grammy Nominations shot at the bottom of the page though. Sex sells does it not?

  • Kyle

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Nice piece Dan. To everyone knocking this, you have serious issues to not recognize the enormity of evil that took place under the almighty JoePa’s watch.

    • danielle

      The truth is that Paterno should be punished for not doing more, however I think that firing him was enough punishment as it was. He has cancer and chances are he won’t make it all that much longer, so is it really worth tearing him down even more? Its annoying that all the media wants to focus on is an 85 year old man who may or may not have known about what the former coach was doing. You can’t hold him accountable for Sandusky’s actions, as they weren’t even friends or on speaking terms for that matter. Curley, Shultz, and Spanier are the ones that people should be focusing on, as no one really seems to know what information they even knew. Yes it may have taken place under JoePa’s “watch,” but people seem to think that he was some sort of a ‘god’ around here. Yes, he was, and will continue to be the figurehead of Penn State Football, but he had no authority whatsoever over Graham Spanier or the Board of Trustees. Had Spanier and Board been smart, they would have banned Sandsusky from University property years ago, but for some reason that never happened. JoePa wan’t in the position to just tell Sandusky he wasn’t allowed to use any of the School’s facilities. If this happened in pro football, it’d be the team’s manager who had that say- not the coach. For whatever reason, upper administration seemed to want to avoid punishing Sandusky which is terrible and disgusting, but Paterno cannot be to blamed for that.

      Yes, he should have done more. But he couldn’t have done everything.

  • Nahtan Hgiheal

    Knowing about wrong doing and doing nothing about it, is condoning it. Just like if you knew that a friend of yours’ was planning on assassinating a political figure, if you didn’t go to the police, you would be tried as an accomplice.

    • George T

      And???? Joe took it to the administration and the head of the Police. That being a fact, by your logic if you take the news of the assassination to the police and they do not do their job then you should be wished a fate such as death. Am I missing something here? Have you read the facts or just what Dan has written.

  • drew P

    Satan seems an apt name for you. Sandusky did something sexual with a child in the locker room that we do not know to be rape. Paterno was never told it was rape. He was told it was something sexual in nature. Joe turns it over to the police department head. Their lack of action was not his fault.

    • Bender Boy

      No drew and jason are just ok with their assistant coach doing something sexual with boys in the shower as long as its not rape….. IDIOTS!

    • Jason Smith

      But drew, your facts don’t make for a good story. It’s easier for this no-name to sensationalize everything.

    • Steve

      @Drew and Jason: Two more people who condone that their hero, Paterno, knew about child rape and couldn’t bother to tell police. Sorry morons, nut Joe Paterno didn’t tell police, read the grand jury report and Paterno’s comments saying he “wished he had done more.”

      You are both sick. Rot in hell.

    • Jason Smith

      @Steve…do you know what a Grand Jury report is? It’s a summary written by the AG of the testimony that occurred. It’s written from the AG’s point of view and only includes information to help them attain their goal which is to charge Sandusky. I guess you don’t know about the the doctor that was at McQuery’s dad’s house the night he went and told them what he witnessed. The doctor testified before the Grand Jury that he asked Mike THREE times if anything sexual happened and he said NO (!!!!!) each time. Of course, that was left out of the Grand Jury report because it didn’t support the AG’s case.

      You’re an idiot and a sheep. You believe what “journalists” tell you and the news media. Congrats for not being able to think for yourself.

    • Denver Deadite

      Isn’t it great that we have people so willing to parse the word rape to defend inaction on the part of everyone involved at PSU?

      The fact that drew’s comment was made at all shows that another Sandusky will be allowed to occur.

    • Drew P

      My point is not to condone something of a sexual nature being acceptable. Joe was not given the facts of what occurred because MCqueary was not comfortable with that. Joe saw this and turned it over to his superiors….. if they had acted appropriately, joe would be praised as a hero for the identical actions.

  • Vincent

    I like all the idiots posting their lemmings-like comments against Dan Bernstein. I assure you, this sentiment is shared with many people across the nation against anyone involved in the Penn State Child Molestation charges.

    The facts are out there, you guys are just too horrified or weak minded to look for it.

    Joe Paterno is FAR FAR from clean from this mess, along with EVERYONE involved in the chain of command at Penn State. They all deserve a spot in a hell somewhere.

    • Jason Smith

      These aren’t facts he posted. They are all opinions. He has no idea to what extent Paterno may or may not have followed up with Penn State’s leadership on this matter. Joe has never been asked that question or had the chance to testify under oath about it. Read the transcript of his Grand Jury testimony. He spoke for only 9 mins. McQuery testified under oath that he minimized what he saw when he informed Paterno something happened. Paterno scheduled a meeting with his boss Tim Curley who testified under oath that they met with Joe 24 hours after McQuery went to Joe.

      • CM

        Actually they aren’t even opinions, they are assumptions at best, and lies. The people reading this need to understand that Dan Bernstein has misled you in an attempt to further his career. That makes him almost, but not quite as bad as Sandusky. Be sober, if you’re going to open your mouth in judgement of another, be sure you get your facts from a reliable source and not Dan Berstein.

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