FedEx Apologizes After Driver Tosses Computer Monitor Over Fence

(CBS) — It’s a not-so-special delivery, from FedEx just in time for the holiday rush. A viral video shows a careless driver throwing a box containing a computer monitor over a fence.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports the video has FedEx working damage control during the busy holiday shipping period.

Loletta Owens, a FedEx driver in Chicago, was busy on Wednesday hauling heavy deliveries and smiling her way through the most grueling work days of the year.

“I could say I’ve used all of my strength,” she said. “I deliver practically everything except dangerous goods, so I have to take pride in every package. I guess that would be my final answer.”

Unfortunately, a YouTube video of a FedEx driver tossing a boxed computer monitor over a fence instead of ringing a customer’s buzzer has received more than 3 million views, so it’s been getting more play than the efforts of conscientious drivers like Owens.

“If he was an actual FedEx employee, he knows better. There’s no way that he didn’t know proper procedure,” Owens said.

The incident has even helped David Letterman deliver his latest Top Ten list on Wednesday.

FedEx centers hoped to spend these days reminding customers of their prompt holiday service.

“They can still ship on Friday and do an overnight to arrive Saturday (Christmas Eve),” said FedEx worker Evelyn Santa.

Instead, customers have reacting to the third class delivery seen in that video.

Wrigleyville resident Michael Baher said when he saw the video, “I was thankful that wasn’t a TV for me. I’ll tell you that much.”

Fed EX has officially responded with its own YouTube video, apologizing to consumers everywhere.

“I am upset and embarrassed for our customer’s poor experience. This goes directly against all FedEx values. It’s just not who we are,” FedEx senior vice president Matthew Thornton says in the video.

FedEx is a company of 290,000, most of them, like Owens, are very busy these days.

“Everything … even a letter, we’re supposed to take pride in it,” Owens said.

FedEx said it has identified the employee in the video and is working within its disciplinary policy about the incident. The employee is no longer working with customers.

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  • Afro

    They keep raising those raits though, heck I’ve had my packages thrown out while the driver was passing by. He didn’t even stop he just heaved my package out and kept on going. Then i had to hury down to the edge of my yard yelling get away from my box to a group of you know whos from down the street. I didn’t report the driver it was no wonder he didn’t stop.

  • Joe Public

    What about the ones who have not been caught yet ?

    • edward

      at a pay rate of ..,50 cents per box what do you expect i worked for them and avg 65 hrs a week pay check was no more than 350

      • OLD VET


      • Kyle Corrie

        I’d expect you to work faster. You could only deliver 10 packages in an hour?

  • lschaibley

    Typical reaction by a major large company. Instead of firing him on the spot, they reward him by just moving him to another position in the company. And just what makes them think he won’t be just as irresponsible in that job?

    • pro-brain/anti-union

      Unfortunately, the company probably cannot fire him. The union would claim that their rules were ‘ambiguous’ as I am sure it is NOT written down anywhere specifically stating that the delivery drivers are not allowed to through computer monitors over a fence. Any one with a brain(which would eliminate the majority of union workers)would kniw not to do this, but generally unions insist on precise wording, leaving no room for ‘interpretation’, which also elimnates the neccessity for working brain cells.

      • Terrya

        The IDIOTs at FEDEX are not union workers and are not affiliated with any union.

  • Harold

    Every package that is damaged by a shipper must be repaired or replaced by the shipper. A portion of the shipping charges is set aside to cover these costs. When damages increase, costs increase. When cost for shipping increases, customers seek other shippers and the company with the highest damage rates begins losing customer when their rates begin to climb. Lost customer base means less work. Less work means customer layoffs. It is ultimately this idiots coworker that should want him fired as the company they work for can only provide work if the company maintains its customers

    • former shipper

      Very incorrect-they only have to pay up to the amount of the insurance purchased. And even then-only if the actual loss is that amount. So the recipient would be required to get an estimate on repair/replacement costs and then submit that claim.

    • Roberta Waker

      Right you are, he could cost a lot of people their jobs. Plus, isn’t vandalizing property a criminal offense? Maybe this fool needs to be prosecuted for vandalism if the company is serious about doing damage control.

      • logical one

        Vandalism would only come into play if it could be PROVEN that the driver ‘knew’ that the box contained something fragile. People re-use boxes for shipping, so what the box says does not necessarily mean that is what is in the box. Vandalism is a deliberate act, can never be used for an ‘accident’ or ‘unintentional’ act.

    • Ruth

      So true. The most rational and thought out comment on this subject.

  • TT

    They need to toss his a@@ over a fence.

    • iris


  • Harold Haltaman

    I was going to ship valued things to Knoxville Tennessee But after watching the delivery video I’m re-thinking my delivery service options. Watching the video Fed x Management doesn’t care if our shipments get the in one peace. It’s only making money so I will ship them by way of UPS

  • tino martin

    very often i find my pkges in the back door no notes in front door i find then til i heve to go get some thing to the garage

  • Roberta Waker

    He should be fired. PERIOD. If FedEx wants to keep customers they need to get rid of people like this. Who knows how many other peoples’ packages he has damaged and how many other drivers have done the same thing but were not caught on camera? Our FedEx guy is good; brings packages to the door and rings the doorbell EVERY TIME. Any deliveryperson throwing or intentionally damaging any package in his/her care should be arrested and prosecuted for vandalism. Good luck in finding another job or collecting unemployment with your face all over the internet. Now all we need is his NAME.

    • edward

      first they need to pay them more than 50 cents per delivery

      • would take the 50 cents

        they cannot pay ‘per delivery’, “piecework” pay went out with sweatshops. Hourly pay is the compensation given-and if you get paid $9 per hour and deliver 1 package then that is $9/package, if you deliver 100 packages it is 9 cents. If you don’t like this renumeration, work elsewhere or stay on wlefare.

      • Roberta Waker

        If you check FedEx driver salaries, the average salary for a FedEx driver is $46,000/year depending on location. In Illinois it’s $48,000/ yr. Where did you get your delivery figure?

  • edward

    cicero and 65 in bedford park where i worked

    • edward

      when i complained about long hrs and small paycheck i was escourted off property and fired avg 60 hrs a week only received no more than 300-350 paychecks

      • jared

        i understand where your coming from i was also employed there long hrs terrible pay ask any questions or complain your fired

      • Dan

        That is not possible. Sorry but your math doesnt add up. the first 40 hours assuming you were min wage would be at 8.25/hr or $330. The next 20/hrs would be federally mandated time and a half or $12.375/hr or 247.50 for a total of $577 per week. After taxes, SS, Medicare, etc. your net check would be $453.87 or 30% higher than you claim.

  • Tim Fiedler

    Are you kidding me? Not working with customers? So this guy could still be handling my packages? Unbelieveable!!!

    • edward

      yes at 50 cents per delivery it will be hard for them to find someone to replace him even in these hard economic times

  • Your A Castaway Worker Ed

    Stop your btchn and go to work for buster brown. Union wages, Union Workers.

    • edward

      im not btchn just upset that they would do me like that considering i came to work every day and gave them my all,and they were never willing to pay me fairly or for all the hours i worked

  • ugh

    He has to be a seasonal employee where he’s just happy to get a paycheck. I’ve dealt with the seasonal employees from UPS and Fed Ex and they were unprofessional and rude. I’ve had no problems with Fed Ex, but I’ve had problems with UPS delivering to the wrong address and their customer service reps not knowing where my package was.

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  • edward

    attn dan while employed there i was paid by contractor still have pay stubs to prove it,when i would complain could not get respose is there any thing i can do

    • would take the 50 cents

      So you were not even an employee of FedEx? and you went to them to complain? Wow, now we all know why you were ‘fired’, if you don’t like your pay, you discuss it with YOUR employer(the ‘contractor’) NOT their ‘customer’. Don’t work for employment services, if you don’t understand this rule #1.

      • edward

        thanks for the good advice,you are a genious

  • edward

    attn dan i have one paycheck stub with 70 hrs and was paid 258.00

    • GiveMeBackMyBullets

      $3.68 an hour? I guess you’re either one of those suckers born every minute or you are full of $*it.

      Anybody foolish enough to accept such a pittance probably deserves just that.

      • edward

        what would you do when i complained i was escourted off property

  • Phil

    I read that a FedEx senior vice president was upset, embarrassed and very sorry for their customer’s poor experience. I believe the part about being embarrassed but I question the part about being very sorry for their customer’s poor experience. I had a bad experience with a FedEx employee that cost me hundreds of dollars and FedEx did not resolve this problem. I hope this FYI is helpful to shippers and recipients.

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  • Terry A

    If Fedex valued their customers they they would monitor how their IDIOTS drive thru neighborhoods trying to kill the residents. For * yrs I have asked Fedex to slow these drivers down, running stop signs and backing up in peoples driveways which the customer service becomes rude. Letters sent to corporate have not been answered. This company apparently does not even care about the parcels they deliver and the VP is lying thru his teeth and talking thru his ass when he says all there employees care.BS

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