Prosecutors: Man Who Duct Taped Daughter Was Playing

UPDATED 12/21/11 2:44 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Prosecutors said Wednesday that an Englewood neighborhood man was playing with his 1-year-old daughter when he bound her in duct tape and took a picture of it on Facebook.

Andre Curry, 21, is charged with aggravated domestic battery. His bond was set at $100,000 Wednesday.

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At the bond hearing, an assistant Cook County State’s Attorney said on Dec. 15, the little girl was playing with a roll of blue painter’s tape when Curry taped her feet and hands, and put tape over her mouth.

Curry used a cell phone to take the picture and removed the duct tape after posting.

The photo, published by the Web site “The Smoking Gun,” shows a young girl with blue tape over her mouth and her wrists and ankles bound together with duct tape.

The accompanying caption suggested that the girl had been taped up as a disciplinary measure. The deliberately misspelled sentence read, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).”

After Wednesday’s bond hearing, Curry’s public defender said the incident has been blown out of proportion and that Curry was just joking around when he took the picture and posted it on Facebook.

There was no mention at the bond hearing of Curry hitting the girl. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services has since placed the girl in the custody of her mother.

CBS Chicago is not showing the photo, out of respect for the victim.

The picture was later removed from Curry’s profile, which used the name “Andre Dmcg Curry.” Later, the entire profile came down.

But screen shots of the Facebook page have circulated around the Internet. One of the man’s own Facebook friends apparently wrote, “U goin to jail” as a comment.

Several other Facebook friends also posted comments about the nature of the photo. In one, a woman calls the man a “nasty dirty child abuser.” In another, a woman claims she called DCFS and pointed them in the direction of his profile.

But the Smoking Gun reported that one of the man’s Facebook friends said she believed he was “just playing around” and was not intending to abuse the little girl. The woman told the online publication that the picture was over the top, but that Curry was only being “playful,” and different people have different ways to play with their children.

It’s unclear whether the Facebook user removed the photo on his own or whether a user reported it as abuse. A post on Facebook about website security says content that is “hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence” is not allowed on the site.

Curry surrendered to police on Dec. 20, the prosecutor said. He has no criminal background, and had been living with his sister.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services says it is monitoring the situation, and could return the girl to her father within three weeks, as he is raising her.

  • Monique


    What do you expect from someone who can’t even spell. This is the most stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. What was he really thinking? Was he on drugs at the time?

  • Chana

    Clearly, this man overstepped the boundary between humorous and hateful. This is not a joke and he did bind his daughter with duct tape. He should be held responsible for his actions, even though he said he was playing. Think about Mr. Sandusky in PA, he said he was only “playing” with the boys.

  • NWA

    And, as far as the White female family annihilator not being a danger to the general public, tell that to the families of her victims. @$$hole!


    • NWA

      Hate whitey, blah, blah, blah, yo’ momma.


    • Anglo-Saxon

      It looks like this has to be explained to you AGAIN! Maybe try paying attention this time. The people on this blog are not racist. We are disgusted with the violent crimes that come out of the Afro-American communities. There is a difference between rasism and disgust. We are also disgusted with negroids like you who defend these vicious simians, in addition to your lousy Yo Momma jokes. The Family annihilator was no danger to the general public, as are the negro criminals that we see here every day. Can you comprehend the difference? Walking down the street in the city, you don’t have to worry about the likes of the crazy white lady. But watch over your shoulder for black Africans, they will beat you or kill you for a stupid cell phone or a couple bucks. Sandusky also, even as the dispicable vermin that he is, was not a danger to the general public. He victimized only those he could get close to. The Afro-American in the city is the issue here and cannot be compared to anyone else. Now that this has been explained to you AGAIN, maybe you will finally get it, but I doubt it because you are so blinded by hate for whitey!!!! S.O.S.

  • Yard Ape

    W T F happened to my comments???? YET, I see others still exist. Keep firing away with the truth Anglo.

    btw- what was NWApe flapping his blue gums about???

  • TiredofGoofies

    This is prime example of why KIDS NEED 2 STOP HAVN KIDS but since SO CALLED GROWN PEOPLE won’t do it then neither will their KIDS. SO CALLED GROWN PEOPLE try 2 make havn babies like a “hobby” or its fun…let me tell ya’ll something…I am d@mn near 30 yrs. old and I have an 8 month old baby now and she DRIVES ME NUTS but she is my baby and I LUV HER and she didn’t ask 2 be in this FVCKED UP WORLD so I gotta do what I gotta do. A KID THAT IS 13-21 DOES NOT HAVE A RESPONSIBLE GENE in their DUMBA$$ED BODY! These kids don’t even wash their own A$$ without being told to so how in the HELL do they know when a baby needs 2 B changed/bathed/fed?!?!?!

    • TiredofGoofies

      Also Facebook has made people MORE STOOOPIT than they ALREADY ARE!

  • Lyndia

    We are bad, very, very bad. I can’t hide the shame no more.

    • Doby

      Wants me to ties you ups gurl?

    • dan

      Thank you Lyndia for having the courage to say that which we all already know.

  • Afro

    Lyndia likes being tied her daddy used to do it to her

  • Tom

    The problem isn’t whether the duct tape was play or not. It’s what he said….”this is what happens when my baby HITS ME BACK.” HELLO, DCFS!!!

  • alexa

    Duct tape this guy to a wall in jail which is where he belongs. Please don’t let him have unsupervised visits with his child. If this is idea of play, this guy iis clearly not playing with a full deck…

  • Ricko

    What a bunch of dumb people, some say the guy can’t spell. But you can’t recognize a fine piece of sarcasm. This is a a freaking joke people, imagine that in instead of paint tape, he uses velcro shirt and stick her to a a wall to do the “joke” picture. We are arresting fine people for this while letting go the mortage masterminds that left thousands in the street and hungry!

  • MeryJemaGremi

    What time of year is the foremost time to go on an African safari?

  • Kimberly

    The irony of this situation is what is most saddening. Black men are commonly stereotyped for not being there for their children but here he is taking care of his child and then makes a mistake and is then taken away from his child.

    I know that there children are in worst situations than this and the parents get less punishment.

    As a parent I know that we make mistakes and that we look back and say I should have done that. That is what parenting is about about. And lets me honest Kids make you want to tape thier mouths shut LOL! so I can see how this can be a joke gone bad.

    To others I say dont be quick to judge! Look at how you are raising future adults, or even how you are conducting your own life. We are all in need of improvement.

    As for the Black community! Let this be clear to Anglo Saxon and the the remaining Anglo Saxon’s who choose to attack Black brothas and sistas for the issues we have in our communities.It is because of Willie Lynch that we have these issues with family and violence ,and the constant oppression that is ever present in our communities and schools.Don’t you for get the ramped problems in your communities; the drugged up kids on oxy codon, meth, and cocaine; child molestation, and yes child abuse (remember that Anglo Saxon couple who locked there kids up in the closet so much he was able to draw portraits on the walls with his crayons). When we stop hearing about these white men sexually abusing children.

    Lets us get past the nonsense! this is not about race .This is about not making great decisions!

  • Y

    Wow this is a poorly written story. Duct tape and painters tape are totally different things. Painters tape (the blue kind) is by design Not Very Sticky.
    I feel sorry for the guy, for what that’s worth. It seems like it was an obvious joke, so I hope there was more to it and DCFS is not taking kids out of their homes for such trivial reasons. But, they probably are, especially if the mother has some grudge against him.

  • JeteAdderlibe

    How do I reserve my African safari and how advance should I do reservations?

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