Reports Of Stolen Packages On The Rise

CHICAGO (CBS) – You’re expecting a package in the mail. The delivery person leaves it in your building’s lobby or on your doorstep, and the worst happens: It gets stolen.

It’s happening a lot this holiday season, especially in Logan Square. CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports.

Jennifer Hyman lives in Logan Square, which has gotten some mention lately on the website Everyblock because of package theft.

Condo board president Robert Hyman is all too familiar. He got an email from a neighbor saying a couple of packages reported as “delivered” by UPS have gone missing.

Just one day after those gifts disappeared, they think they almost caught a package thief. Someone rang the buzzer. When Hyman went downstairs, he saw “a guy wearing jeans and a puffy coat,” Jennifer says.

Inside were two packages that could have been stolen.

The U.S. Postal Service is investigating some cases of missing packages and has potential suspects. Officials don’t say how widespread the problem is.

Everyblock posters from all different parts of the city also suggest thieves got ahold of USPS service keys to get into buildings.

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    • Afro

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    • Brishauwna Williams

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  • Brishauwna Williams

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  • Brishauwna Williams

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  • Al

    Shocking comments from people. Let’s take this back to the business point of view. I am a power seller on ebay and I see many packages lost, theft even happens with the actual shippers. Has nothing to do with “blacks”, Mexicans etc. Every shipper I choose has the responsibility to ensure that my deliveries get there safely and securely. When we pay extra for added services, I do not expect the delivery person to leave it on the front steps or flipped over any fence like the infamous video we saw in the media. I even had a case where a shipper stole the item, sealed the box back up and sent it to my customer. I ordered a new HP desktop and I too saw a deliver flip it over my 6 foot fence. BTW, would people feel better if it was a middle class white male stealing your items? I am not black, but a sad society when you read comments like this, and than we wonder as a society why blacks cannot just get “over it”. Keep focused people, it is the people that are not doing their jobs correctly. Also, look at the demographics of Logan square. I guess Christmas does not mean anything to the racist. You will be the 1st for Sunday mass I am sure.

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