Bears Embarrass Themselves In Fifth Straight Loss, Elimination in Green Bay

By Les Grobstein-

(CBS) Sunday night’s Bears fiasco in Green Bay: What a horrible game plan.

Again Lovie Smith wins the toss and defers. Of course, Green Bay goes right down the field and scores.

Doesn’t he ever learn? Guess not! Why in the hell did they go for a field goal down 17  points late? That doesn’t do any good. They needed a touchdown, in fact, two of them. They did not try to hurry up in the fourth quarter. They played not to lose, or to keep it close. It wasn’t close. The Bears couldn’t even draw a single penalty from the Packers. Not one! Everyone knows that Aaron Rodgers is great, but the Bears give up a career high five touchdown passes to the likely MVP.

And what in the hell were many Bears players and a couple of coaches doing smiling and laughing during the ;ast two minutes of a game they trailed by three possessions? Simply unacceptable.

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  • Used to be a Bears fan

    The Bears will never be a competive pro football team until Angelo, Lovie, Martz and company are gone. The only assistant coach that should be retained is the special teams coach. Angelo has proven year after year that he cannot judge talent and doesn’t believe that a quality back-up QB is important. Lovie has proven each year that his “Cover 2” defensive scheme sucks. It should be called “Cover 0”) Then there’s Martz whose offensive play calling is the worst in football. But there’s really no hope for the Bears. Even if there’s a house-cleaning (which is unlikely), they would go the cheap route and hire some other team’s cast-offs who never had a winning season.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      There is such a thing as a cover 0. It’s when you line up without a deep safety.

  • Horrified

    Wow. Do you have any idea what an abortion really is? Think about it. That you would use what is a murder of a human life — a baby — to describe a sports game, is reprehensible. You’re the one who should be embarassed. How disgusting.

    • Gary Gnu

      I was not at all horrified by the abortion analogy. Abortion is a subject that is mostly a matter of opinion. I do not believe abortion is the murder of a human life, but rather a last resort form of birth control. I also believe that ‘abortion’ is a good description of the way the Bears played last night!

  • Horrified2

    The comments you made about this football game should cost you your job.

  • Also Horrified

    I totally agree with Horrified. I was disgusted with the analogy of an abortion!

  • Chuck

    He was trying to be nice but just calling it that. I’m sure if the writer said what he really meant you would have been more horrified. As for the spelling it’s hard to type when your that mad. Any ture bears fan that doesn’t think what he said was true needs to rebury their heads.

    • brandierenae

      As a reporter — it’s his responsibility to represent his employer in a professional manner. if he can’t – then he needs to pass the story to someone who can. I see he (or SOMEONE) edited the story to correct the errors noted earlier.

      If YOU’RE that mad … then you need to calm the hell down before you post an unedited story, just to make deadline (likely from his phone, no less – two of the words were easy typo’s. STILL, the story shouldn’t have been posted before looking over the text to ensure no errors were missed. Even I look over my text messages before I hit send – and I spell out the words instead of turning them to ‘text speak’. I would never take a reporter seriously after such an egregious error.

      I’m not a ‘true’ bears fan … I’m not even into sports – but even I can recognize a joke when I see one. Lovie should have been given his walking papers last year – I was SHOCKED when they voted to keep him. The wheels of change grind slowly – and even bad … is the bad … YOU KNOW. It’s easier to ‘stay the course’ than ride the rough seas of the needed change this team needs to truly be formidable … again. Then again, Chicago is completely comfortable with the winning (lack of) streak that the Cubs have … maybe Chicago is comfortable being in the losing seat, after all?

      • Cameltoe Rancher

        Fire Lovie after he took that team to a home game in the NFC Championship??? You are right Brandie- you are not a sports fan.

        Two things- abortion is a moral chain on our society and is one of the most reprehensible qualities of our freedom. BUT- our ability to write and express ourselves- even in a less-than pretty way- is one of the best aspects of our society.

        But really- Les wasn’t the first to use over-the-top language in describing football. Words like “warrior”, “do-or-die”, “gladiator” and “soldier”, all prove this.

        Don’t be offended people! It’s just Les- like many authors- going over the top because of the horrible Bear play.

        PS- I hope my handle doesn’t scare you!

  • AlwaysABearsFan

    What I find even more amazing, then the rather impressive 35-21 loss to Green Bay, is the fact that Mr. Grobstein has a job “reporting” on any venue.
    Instead of sounding like a sore loser, keep in mind the Bears lost as a TEAM — a team with many of their starters out. It’s very easy to sit back and critique what someone should have done, when you’re not making those decisions or playing the game. Let’s face it, did anyone think the Bears were going to win that game???
    What is even more sad is a great story/article was entirely missed and that is the story about a QB, who only six weeks ago was coaching high school football.

    • Cameltoe Rancher

      I wish that he were still coaching HS football.

    • Palestine Kevin

      You must be brain dead if you think Lovie Smith is a good coach he sucks!

  • Perry Richey

    Jared Allen is going to have a field day next weekend!

  • Kevin McAllister

    Maybe Angelo WAKES THE HELL Up and gets Jay a REAL WR.

  • Centurion

    SERIOUSLY….did anybody expect the BEARS to win? There is a greater possibility that Michelle Bachmann will actually say something intelligent before the BEARS WILL BEAT GREEN BAY!

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