Cops Warn Restaurants About Orders Called In From Cell Phones

CHICAGO (CBS) – If your cell phone is your primary phone, you might be out of luck the next time you try to order in.

Some restaurants are now refusing to deliver to cell phone customers following a rash of robberies of their drivers.

Police say lots of food delivery drivers in Chicago are getting robbed by people using cell phones to target them.

So, Chicago police just issued a business alert. It warns business owners in the Chinatown and Hyde Park areas not to take any cell phone orders.

As George Smith headed out with some hot Leona’s grub on Thursday, he can’t help but think about the night earlier this month when he took a cell phone order and got robbed.

“They said, ‘Give me everything you’ve got’ … I said, ‘Here, take it,’” Smith says.

Michael Bjordal, manager of Leona’s in Hyde Park, says he had a driver shot a few years ago and he’ll take the new warning seriously. He stopped short of saying the restaurant will ignore all cell phone orders.

“We don’t know if we’re going to go to quite that extreme yet,” he says. “We’re going to use our common sense. A lot of it is just literally sizing up the area.”

Police listed cell numbers on the alert to help protect local businesses.

A lot of people don’t have landlines anymore, so the businesses could stand to lose a lot of money by refusing orders called in on a cell.

  • Old guy from the Lung commercial

    GIVE ME YOUR CAR!!!!!!

    No excuses! Just give me the keys and we’ll be OK. Don’t make me ask you again!

    GIVE ME YOUR CAR!!!! I’m not going to go away. Just give me your car!

    • Donald Duck

      all they have to do is get a credit card over the phone, then deliver the food. Bunch of maroons

      • Teresa

        “maroons”????? Did you mean morons??? Don’t tell me that it was a typo.

      • Jose

        (I got your maroon joke)

    • Kingfish

      What more can you expect from a city of hoodlums that put a thief in charge of our country.

      • FransSusan

        Teresa, maroons is just a funny way of saying moron

  • cindi

    What’s a negro neighborhood?

    • David Axelrod

      A cesspool ….

    • NowListenUp

      aka a ghetto. Does this help clarify?

    • Alex

      @cindi, I will give you one example and you can figure the rest out on your own. Englewood is a negro neighborhood.

    • bubba

      thats where negros stays

    • Master

      think its the same thing as the ghetto

    • john

      It’s a neighborhood, where you find autos parkied on the front lawn; black people sitting on porches and drinking beer, while other people go to a job.
      Trash laying in the yards and not being cleaned up. Want a more detailed description?

  • malcom

    oh those liberals just love multi culturalism because it works so well.

    • Patrick

      That is how the whites live in South Africa. I have friends there and the first time they came to the states they were amazed that we don’t have tall brick walls around our property. The one asked me how do you keep the blacks out.

      They all live in gated areas with armed security, except for the farmers and from what I have read they are being killed left and right. They told me when they go on vacation they have hire someone to watch their home so no yard ape lays claim to their home by squatting on it. I guess you have 24 hours to remove them before they are allowed to stay by law.

      Not that bad here yet but we are heading in that direction. The ghetto rats are destroying this country.

    • Moe

      All business leave when they realize that they are in a war zone.

    • George Johnson

      And then they whine about it and call it “white flight”….. The blame whitey for leaving, because he got tired of being robbed all the time. Same thing in the Atlanta area.

    • B. Rock

      That’s hope and change for ya! Hope you don’t get robbed for the $20 of change that most delivery drivers carry.

      Can’t wait for election day, when Obamanomics will come to an end.

      • FransSusan

        Vote for Ron Paul if you want an end to the corrupt government as we’ve know it for decades!

      • Spanky

        “Can’t wait for election day, when Obamanomics will come to an end.”

        As long as the Dem party is controlled by communists, Obamunism will rear its ugly head in some fashion.

  • Midge Martin

    “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
    – Plato (427-347 B.C.)

    • Moe

      And what does that have to do with the article?

      • Moe

        But there are no “laws” proposed here. If a business wants to refuse cell phone calls – they still have the freedom.

      • milliegirl


  • Barry Soetoro

    I haven’t had a landline in over 12 years. Guess they don’t want our business.

    • Humpy J. Brown

      You haven’t even paid for you own food in that time, have you? Wasn’t Uncle George Soros footing the bill?

      I’d be real careful around The Wookie if she can’t get her delivery of “bob-ra-cue” and french fries. It could get ugly. Well, I mean, UGLIER.

    • MilwaukeeMark

      Of course, the government could mandate that these restaurants deliver these orders, else its discrimination. Then they would defend the right of a dead delivery person ‘s family to sue the restaurant for putting their loved ones in harm’s eay.

      • David A

        Then give me a credit cards number mr black sounding cell caller (even though you can’t tell a back by his speech).

    • lukuj

      The thugs who steal have forced these restaurants to make the rule. It is they who should be getting the brunt of anger and frustration. Can you blame the restaurants for not wanting to lose money and put their delivery people in danger? It won’t be until the peer group of these thugs and the people in their neighborhoods put pressure on them to stop that they will even consider stopping, but I’m not hopeful even that will have a big effect. They feel entitled to have what others have without the work and responsiblityy that goes with it.

    • patriotgirl1

      No, they don’t want to DIE!

    • SGB

      Another good reason to have a land line is the ability to call out when the electricity is off. Yes, you can use your cell for a while but how are you going to recharge it?

      • Moe

        During a major storm we went without power and a landline (wires down) for a week. We were cut off from the police (due to the trees across the roads) even though we live in the city .

        My family, the dog, the neighbors, me, and my 12 gauge Wingmaster were all just fine.

      • Pete Lanteri

        Your car!

      • Spanky

        “Another good reason to have a land line is the ability to call out when the electricity is off. Yes, you can use your cell for a while but how are you going to recharge it?”

        Plus, 911 services are behind in terms of being able to find locations. With a regular phone liine, they have the address instantly. With E-911, they can know the location between 75 feet and 200 feet – which in an emergency can mean life or death.

      • lukuj

        You are right. During hurricane Ike, our cell phone wouldn’t work, but our landline DID work. There is a special minimum plan we have that is just over $10 a month. We have limited local calls (about 20) and unlimited 1-800 calls and emergency calls. We have unlimited incoming calls. It works well as a supplement to a cell phone.

      • Krp

        Plus, if the power is out in the entire neighborhood, the cell service only lasts as long as the bachup batteries at the site. And if they haven’t had warning for the power outage, it could take time for the cell phone company to get a generator in place.

        Plus, in a power outage, everyone would be using their cell phones and the sites would be overloaded and you would have trouble getting a call through.

        But most phones have GSP receivers in their handset so they would be more accurate than that. But not if the are GSM phones (European technology) those would require triangulation and there would be your margin of error.
        If you put a SIM card in your phone (AT&T or T-Mobile) it is a GSM phone.


    It was probably racist white republicans who are doing the robberies. None of these white republicans want to work and all they do is commit crimes and fill the prison system.

    • FransSusan, well said!

    • Nazi Pelosi

      Yes you have to be on your toes and ready to, shoot . These monkeys are fast , desperate and dangerous. Remember “Taxi Driver” when Travis Bickel iced the Tyrone who was robbing the store. That was back in the day when political correctness was not polluting movies.

    • Moe

      Sure you will…this time they’ll take your gun after shooting you. If you lack situational awareness, they will take you by surprise. This is not meant to insult you – I would just hope you take a self-defense course THEN conceal carry.
      Here’s a plan: Know that you may be watched (like prey), carry a powerful light with a strobe (Redline) to blind the attacker, then spray em with professional grade mace (gun store). AS YOU RETREAT to a solid spot (car/tree/building corner) pull your handgun out and wait…if they still attack pop 2 rounds at a time. Shoot to kill. Walk away and tell no one (that does no good – cops don’t like heroes). You’ll have several minutes before the cops get there so make it a fast walk. Don’t forget to clean you gun – a clean gun is a happy gun.

      • krp

        Here’s an idea, If there is a suspect order, then send a dummy car with the logo and the real order in an unmarked car. If the dummy car is robbed, then the backup can come up can throw ground pepper in thei assailants eyes, or mark him with dye.

  • greg gutman

    I believe Africa is probably much safer

    • Steve

      You would be wrong.

  • George Clooney

    I can’t believe you people vote in office democrats. This is the results, hand outs whether by government force or gun force. I want what is yours, is the democrat’s motto. You justify it by saying your mantra” both parties do it” and so you just keep voting in office crooks. Don’t grip now!

  • Jim

    Don’t the criminals know it is illegal in Illinois to carry a firearm? Since law abiding citizens can’t legally carry in the ONLY state in the union,that prohibits CCW permits, I guess criminals have nothing to worry about. Do they?

    • Tex A. Montana

      Justine, so to the point.

    • Humpy J. Brown

      Anyway to teach them to “carry” a pick and shovel? Or is THAT racist?

      Oh no, he dih-unt! Oh yas, he dih-d.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    Fredrenna Lyle and Jesse Jackson are two great reasons to leave Chicago.

  • widbill6996

    How’s it going there RAHM ????

    • Moe

      He can order pizza – so where’s the problem?

  • Deb Werner

    A friend and I were having a discussion after watching about a story about the riots at a mall that was started on rumors. (Just one of the many that have been happening). In Greece, they rioted on the streets. In this country they are going to the mall and it is going to get worse. Flash mobs, gangs roaming the malls. I hate to say this but the herd is thinning itself out.

    • TonyTonyTony

      I consider your posting as a glimmer of hope. If enough chicks start to get it, than this country (I no longer refer to it as my country) will have a shot at a future as bright as it’s past. Tell your girl friends. Liberalism only emboldens the primitives.
      Fear of consequences keeps them in check.

  • matt

    and eric ‘my people’ holder will investigate them for racial discrimination.
    and i’m not kidding. wish i were.

  • Just say'n

    Concealed carry and law enforcement siding with victims would solve this problem, and prison overcrowding.

  • nolie

    We had this problem in St.Louis a few years ago and the govt. came out against the right of a business to not make food deliveries to a specific dangerous nightborhood. Common sense doesn’t apply in a liberal govt. entity, which St Louis (and virtually all other large US cities) has. I suspect that the democrats who run Chicago will also resist the food companies attempts to keep their workers safe by not delivering to specific neighborhoods. Lie, cheat, steal – the democrat motto..

    • Moe

      When businesses realize that living in an unprotected war zone cost them money and people, they will move their businesses out.

      • William

        They’ll leave, and all that will be left is heavily fortified, overpriced convenience stores. Then there will be complaints that things cost too much in the area. Well, if the stores didn’t have to be bunkers and carry loads of extra insurance, prices wouldn’t be so high.

        And no, common sense doesn’t apply to certain city governments. They won’t dare anger the voters by siding with the much less numerous business owners.

      • Moe

        LOL – yeah, the workers arrive by armed convoy in Army Buffalos then work behind titatium enclosures with 2″ bullet proof glass. The stores have concrete T-walls surrounding it and snipers positioned. That definitely will be expensive, but at least the neighborhood will have a convenient store to go to.

  • Spanky

    Obama voters.

  • James Benoit

    LOL! That’s classic – and TRUE, thank you!

  • the truth

    Obamas Amerika. Hes on a 5 million dollar Hawaiian vacation right now while Chicago burns

    • Smart Dude

      Hey, don’t forget Stock Market genius “Lucky” Pelosi’s $10,000 a night palace on the neighboring beach.

      Me, I am having microwave macaroni and cheese tonight.

      I would order food, but they stopped delivering to my cellphone.

  • James Benoit

    Well, well, well – so Chicago’s “urban yoots” don’t know how to behave themselves, huh?
    Wake up America, exercise you Constitutional right of concealed carry, vote OUT their Democrat Party Plantations massta’s and fill up the prisons.

    Racist? No, I wrong turned into a black neighborhood in Chicago recently.. I still have my car and my life. Thankfully.

  • patriotgirl1

    Ha! you got that right!

  • bob

    Eirc Holder’s people

  • patriotgirl1

    It’s unfortunate for America that some aspects of the black culture do not seem to be advancing…by this I mean exactly what is going on in this country. Who riots for a pair of tennis shoes? Who sings songs about b*****s and hoes? Who car jacks people? Who feels so damn entitled that someone owes them something? I compare the blacks to Jews and other cultures and there is NO comparison. It just seems they are going backward, not forward and that is very sad and not good for this society. I know not all blacks are like this and I work with blacks that are embarrassed by their culture’s behavior. I’m honest and I know what I said is a FACT. I work in a jail, so I have 13 years of seeing this.

    • Moe

      People with dark skin NEED to walk away from the “black culture” and blend in. In other words, “African-Americans” should simply be known as “Americans”. BUT the WHITE liberals won’t let this happen because they need to “block” vote.

    • krp

      When Bill Cosby brought up these same arguments, he was dismissed as old and senile.
      If the NAACP really wants colored people to advance, instead of trying to get their clients off on technicality, they need to provide defense attorneys that the defendants would be more afraid or than the police.

  • patriotgirl1


    • Justin Case

      That and moving to a state that allows CC

      • Mitch


  • Joe ThePimpernel

    Refusing to allow yourself to be set up to be mugged is RACIST.

    Somebody contact Eric Holder immediately!

  • WASPy

    Progressive gov’t progresses somewhere, doesn’t it?

    And, it always seems to progress to this.

    So, Chicago will soon become another Detroit.

    San Francisco follows.

    That’s progress.

    • DadWasAKenyanMuslimPolygamist

      WASPy – That’s Hope & Change, baby….

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