Walter’s Perspective: What Lawmakers Should Resolve To Do In 2012

CHICAGO (CBS) — Any New Year’s resolutions in the works tonight?

How about one by Gov. Quinn and those bandits in the Illinois General Assembly who are now on vacation?

Be it resolved they return to the Assembly, where they haven’t been for two weeks and are not scheduled to be for four more for their $68,000 a year.

Be it resolved they fix up the mess they left when they left, the multi-million-dollar tax break they gave to their buddy Sears, a business that retail experts are saying is a depressing shopping experience, and that Sears itself is saying is so bad it has to close 100 stores or more and lay off –- it won’t say how many — employees.

Now we’re being told all that, now that the governor and his bandits in the Assembly hiked our taxes and gave Sears a tax break, taking away and giving away our money, then taking off on a six-week vacation.

Be it resolved they return to the Assembly and get our money back.

  • tom sharp

    CoMe on Walter. I know it pains you to admit I’m right, but you’ve talked around it all year:TERM LIMITS OF ONE!!!!!

  • Jim Hamilton

    Crybaby Walter,

    Pat Quinn is what cook county voted for and and Quinn is what you got. Did you make that 2 dollars out to Obama yet? Keep supporting your democrats and keep on crying like a baby when they take your candy.

    it doesn’t matter if you vote or don’t vote in Illinois as long as Chicago can vote blue when the rest of the state votes red we’re F’d
    Support HJR0052

  • Afro

    Walter what Pat Quinn should do is stop forcing good hearted honest citizens to be considered criminals for being prepared to defend them selves. I’m no criminal but I will not fail to defend my self and family to the best of my ability, Thats where me and Pat Quinn don’t see eye to eye. Well I’m sure sense he is governer he gets his way but when it comes to ,my families safety I say fuk the governer how’s that

  • Chivi

    Do we really know who is voted in? Can we trust the ballots? Can’t trust anything that has to do with politics!!

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