Jogger In Critical Condition After Dog Attack Along Lakefront

Updated 1/1/12 – 9:30 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man was critically injured Monday morning when he was attacked by what police described as two pit bulls while jogging along the lakefront in Rainbow Beach Park.

Police said the man was attacked around 6 a.m. in the 7700 block of South Shore Drive. Joseph Finley, 62, was jogging on the Lakefront Path when two dogs attacked him. Police said the dogs were pit bulls, but the city’s Animal Care and Control Department said it was still trying to determine the precise breed of the dogs.

Police said the dogs came out of nowhere, grabbed Finley by the foot and dragged him to the ground, biting him on the arms, legs and face.

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When a nearby resident heard the victim’s screams, he ran outside to try to intervene.

“I heard somebody saying ‘Help me, help me.’ So I looked out the window, I couldn’t see him, but I seen two dogs, so I came out and came around. It was two pit bulls mauling this man, he was on the ground,” said South Shore resident Stanley Lee, who witnessed the attack. “So I went back into the house, I got a bat and I came back out. I started whacking the dogs with the bat, but they wouldn’t let up.”

At one point, Lee said the dogs turned on him, so he swung at the dogs with his bat. The dogs then continued mauling Finley until police showed up. Officers fatally shot the animals.

Finley was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County in critical condition and underwent surgery.

“We would like to thank everyone. We are grateful and appreciate the good Samaritans and police officers who came out to rescue him,” a family member of the victim said in a statement issued through the hospital.

Police were questioning the owner of the dogs Monday night.

Seventh Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson calls the attack “an egregious act that really requires severe consequences.”

A city ordinance calls for a possible fine of up to $10,000 and a potential jail term of up to six months for owners of unrestrained dogs that cause serious bodily harm.

South Shore resident Conyasha Brown, who lives next to the park, said she has seen people use dogs for fighting in the park.

“One day there was a whole lot of dogs with their owners, and I said, ‘What are you doing with all these dogs?’ And they said they were going to fight in that big field right there. So I just came home because I don’t like dogs,” she said.

Cherie Travis, commissioner of the city’s Animal Care and Control department, said the two dogs were adult males, were not neutered and weighed about 70 pounds each.

  • Teresa G.

    Pits…a good breed that unfortunately attracts the worst owners ever. Raised properly these dogs are rarely people-aggressive, but any dog (s) or any breed can revert to a pack mentality and go on the attack. The owner is an irresponsible jerk who shoudn’t come within ten feet of any dog.

    • Gary Kaplan

      Pit bulls are rotten aggressive dogs with a temperamental disposition. Turn you back on one, when it has a bad hair day and they will kill your child. They should be banned. In the US 60% of deaths by dog attack are pitt bulls.
      The dogs were breed for fighting and bull baiting. They grab a bull by the nose and son’t let go. Used to be a “sport.”
      The owners of these deadly dogs should be neutered so as to not reproduce.
      If you read these articles on pitt bull attacks they are always by very sweet, loving loyap bets that never gave a hint of trouble.

      • Teresa G

        You basically don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t have first hand experience and you’re quoting stats that don’t exist. And I hope you don’t have a dog.

    • Glenn Odagawa

      THANK YOU! I’ve been around for 54 years and I’ve never known a pit bull, raised in a loving environment to be anything but the sweetest pet ever. Any dog raised in a violent environment will be vicious. The dog should not be banned…the owners who promote dog fights should…AND BE JAILED!

    • Spoon

      Most poodles are a far more aggressive and attack prone breed than a pit.

      • lipstickandchatter

        Seriously? A Poodle BITE is NOTHING when compared to a Pit Bull BIT, NOTHING. Also, I’ve yet to hear about repeated Poodle attacks. Heck a Designer PURSE DOG can be aggressive but one rarely if ever hears about these types of dogs attacking, killing, disfiguring, or critically injuring. With THAT comment I pray and hope you DO NOT have any aggressive breed dogs in your possession! Wow.

      • lipstickandchatter

        I’m willing to bet that RED ANTS have attacked and/or killed far more people than Poodles. Even though Fire Ants are very aggressive and attack on site I would prefer a 100 Fire Ant bites than one Pit bull bite. LMAOFF.

      • sheik

        Yeah, but how many people do poodles put in the hospital or the grave?

  • TIM

    Chicago needs to start a legislation to Ban Pit Bulls.

    • Roberta Waker

      The latest version on the news said they were a terrior mix, NOT pit bulls. Whenever dogs attack people always think of pit bulls. There are many dogs taken to this park to fight and most of them, according to reports, are NOT pit bulls. So, why ban pit bulls – just ban dogs, period, right???

      • RogersParker

        Um, uh, pit bulls ARE terriers, but you knew that, right?

      • Evelyn

        You always, without exception, have something stupid to say.

      • Roberta Waker

        Evelyn, it may sound stupid but then I’m replying to stupid comments. I know pit bulls are part of the terrier breed and I don’t own one, but I know many people that own many breeds of dogs and train them and THEY don’t consider pit bulls, if trained properly, as dangerous. It boils down to their owners and training. Any dog can kill, Dobermans, German Shepherds, various Chow breeds – were all bred for one purpose. It isn’t right to condemn an entire breed of dog any more than saying all blacks or hispanics are crazy, killers or violent. Your comment isn’t even about this story, so what does that say about you?

    • Glenn Odagawa

      Why? Explain your self to responsible, caring pet owners.

  • Justin M

    Oh yes, the “if everything goes perfectly right pit bulls are GREAT” argument.
    Trained wild animals are also perfectly safe if the owner is perfectly knowledgeable, perfectly dedicated, perfectly motivated, perfectly responsible, perfectly vigilant. But since we know there is no such owner, we don’t allow trained wild animals that can easily kill us in our neighborhoods. The difference between those dangerous animals and a pet dog is that the pet dog is still safe when things go wrong.

    Pit bulls are not pets. They weren’t created to be pets and especially in Chicago, they’re not being bred to be pets. These are fighting dogs. It is idiotic to think a fighting dog makes a safe, dependable pet.

    Sure, they can have GREAT temperaments, the also have been bred to LOVE attacking. It makes their little butts wiggle, and their great maws smile.

    Chicago needs to ban pit bulls. I’m surprised Chicago even bothered to report this. They usually don’t.

    • FlipFlops2001

      Get a grip on it. A pit bull is a domesticated animal.

      • Justin M

        Never said it wasn’t.

        Read carefully. I said by that definition tigers would be considered safe. I was discussing a definition of safety so inappropriate, it could include wild animals.

  • Teresa G.

    Justin and Tim — Sorry, but you are both very wrong about the breed. They are absolutely devoted to their people, moreso than any other breed and have consistently placed way higher than any other breed when it comes to temperment testing. They’ve been around for years and have worked as service dogs and as messenger dogs during WWI. In recent years the wrong kind of people have realized that they are game, courageous, and powerful dogs. And they will do whatever they are told to do by their owners and that is their great downfall, because they are powerful, attractive animals that attract macho idiots who believe it’s manly to fight their dogs. Ban the a-hole owners and the problem is solved.

    • Roberta Waker

      VERY well said by someone with intelligence. Nothing is said about the other breeds taken to this park to fight and the latest news version said the dogs were terrier mixes. Mr. Sak’s pit bull mix was trained as a service dog – you remember him – he was on the news because his pit bull mix was taken away from this disabled veteran/former police officer by ignorant people that banned pit bulls in their Iowa town? Not every dog can be trained as a service dog – they are very special dogs, pit bull or not.

    • silly2

      I get SICK of people defending this breed. You forgot to say that many presidents owned pit bulls, just about every defender of this breed throws that little tidbit in as if that should impress someone. It’s ALWAYS the owner, never the dog when pits attack. It’s amazing that there are so few people special enough to raise these dogs to be the wonderful loving dogs they were meant to be. I live in the country & can & will shoot on sight. I firmly believe these dogs should be bred out of existence.

      • Irene Zuchel

        I cant believe this.i own a pit and love her to death.She would never hurt anyone.I can trust her more then i can trust most people watch the news there would not be any if people were dont taklk about something you do not understand.

    • Gary Kaplan

      Here is some pit bull news you may have missed. 2 weeks worth,

      2 Pit Bulls Attack Pregnant Owner September 19, 2007
      Pit Bull Bites Leg of Sherrif’s Deputy September 18, 2007
      Pit Bull Enters Home Attacks Teen, Kills Shih Tzu September 18, 2007
      2 Injured In Dog Attack Near Buckner September 17, 2007
      Loose Pit Bull Attacks Tahoe Police Dog Sept. 17, 2007
      Pit Bull Attack In Juniper Valley Park Sept. 16, 2007
      Pit Bull Pack Kills Man, Woman In Michigan September 14, 2007
      Pitbull Mauls 2, 3rd Fatality This Month September 14, 2007
      Pit Bull Attack Claims Life of Family’s Beloved Dog Sep 13, 2007
      Pit-Bull Attacks Orange County Mail Carrier Sep 13, 2007
      Pit-Bull Attack on Pigs September 08, 2007
      Six-year-old Attacked by Babysitter’s Pit Bull September 08, 2007
      Maltese Dead After Pit Bull Attack September 7, 2007
      Pit Bull Attacks Six-Year-Old Without Provocation Sept. 7, 2007
      Man Attacked By Pit Bulls While Biking In Cabarrus County Sept. 6, 2007
      Pit bull attacks letter carrier in Westminster September 5, 2007
      Man Attack by Three Pit Bulls Sept. 4, 2007

      Much more at
      Warning the pictures of child that had 250 stiches on his head and of the guy that had half his face bitten off are sickining.

  • Teresa G.

    And yes, I do own a pit, no she’s never bitten anyone nor is she allowed to run loose through the neighborhood. She’s undergone training and has been treated with kindness in our home and she’s a devoted, sociable family pet. She was adopted from Animal Care and Control where dozens of pits are housed and many are put down ’cause their owners discovered that they aren’t born as killing machines; if the dog won’t fight, they get dumped or used as bait dogs. Again, great dogs that frequently end up with the wrong owner.

  • Jogger In Critical Condition After Being Attacked By Pit Bulls | Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

    […] “I started whacking the dogs with the bat, but they wouldn’t let up,” Stanley Lee, a resident of Chicago’s South Shore, told CBS Chicago. […]

  • Justin M

    Of course you own a pit, Teresa, only pit bull owners defend this breed. And they were always looked upon as a menace:

    Their downfall is NOT that they merely do what their owners want them to do unless you can believe that owners train and command these dogs to attack themselves.

    Darla Napora was an educated, responsible pit bull owner who was very involved with BAD RAP and her pit bull, who was well trained and was known to be loved and loving, killed her last year.

    Just last November Tonia Parks in Rockford, IL was killed by her pit bulls. Do you think she trained them to kill her when she got a seizure? (and yes, the newspaper did a foia request to AC and they WERE pit bulls, not ambulls).

    Just last December an Indiana man, Joseph Hines, was killed by his own pit bull. Everyone said he loved the dog and the dog was always friendly and well-cared for. Do you think he commanded his own dog to kill him?

    The problem is that well-trained, friendly pit bulls DO suddenly attack. It is not for no reason, it is because they were bred to fight. It is silly to think a fighting dog isn’t inclined to attack. And in light of how many attacks on people occur, it is ridiculous to try and say they’re not people aggressive. And I don’t want fighting dogs near my pets. I love my pets and I don’t want yours to maul mine.

    • Roberta Waker

      I witnessed four young boys walking with the family dog when the dog suddenly and without any provocation jumped up and bit one of the boys in the butt drawing blood after knocking him to the ground. A couple of months ago a dog ran out of his garage knocking down an older man who was walking two medium dogs with his wife, both dogs were on leashes. One of the dogs was bit by this retriever as was the older man he knocked down. Neither of these incidents involved a pit bull. Shall I go on???

      • Gary Kaplan

        Hey Roberta,
        You need not go on, Some one might be misled and not realize how uniquely dangerous pit bulls are. You miss the point that sweetie pie pit bulls attack and kill. Especially fond of children and elderly.

        Did you see this small sample of the news?
        7-Year-Old Recovering After Pit Bull Attack Oct 3, 2007
        Pit Bull Attacks 2 Girls Oct 3, 2007
        Two-Year-Old Girl Recounts Pit Bull Attack Oct 3, 2007
        Four-Year-Old Recovers after Pit Bull Attack Oct 3, 2007
        Stunned Sons Call 911 After Pet Pit Bulls Kill Mom Oct 2, 2007
        Pit Bull Bites Boy 7 on Face and Head, Oct 2, 2007
        Brutal Pit Bull Attack Under Investigation Oct 1, 2007
        Pit Bull Attacks 2 Waterbury Boy Oct 1, 2007
        Pit Bulls Attacks Teen – Dogs Still On The Loose September 28, 2007
        Family’s Pit Bull Attacks Small Child September 28, 2007
        Pit Bull Attacks New Brighton Man September 28, 2007
        Three Pit Bull Attacks Come in One Morning Sept. 26, 2007
        Pit Bull Bites Bicycling Teen in Face Sept. 24, 2007
        3 Pitbulls Attack 6-Year-Old Boy Sept. 24, 2007
        Trash Can Is Baby’s Life Saver From Pit Bull Attack September 21, 2007
        Pit bulls attack woman and animal control officers September 21,

        Much more at

    • Matt

      German Shepherds are attack dogs, Doberman pinchers are prone too turn, Rottweilers are guard, Akitas are breed two hunt bears,Golden retrievers and Labs are hunting dogs and will attack any thing that threatens them or their families,Con Carso were breed to fight,the list can go on and on.The main problem with the pitbull breed is that they are being inbreed on a mass scale witch leads to instability by genetics then to top that they are abused and made to fight then breed again and that is what is killing this breed and it will and can kill any other breed that is put through this cycle of hell.IT is not the dogs fault,these dogs are mentally ill from the start and people do not educate them selfs about this breed to know when they should not bring a pet into their home.To fix the problem you have to stop the people that are breeding them to attack because that is not what this breed was or is ment to be they are working dogs,farm dogs,and do make great family pets.So instead of trying to kill them fix them and pass laws to stop the breeding of inbreed dogs that know matter what the breed is will be unstable and pron to attack other animals and

      • Matt

        Charles: That is great u protect your family,I have more guns than i even need but i still have to educate my family about dogs and other animals just shooting the dogs is not going to fix the problem now shoting the owners that miss use dogs might start to fix the problem but does not make it right.

      • Charles Moakler

        Matt: All I need to do is protect my family and myself. This I do. I never leave home without Smith and Wesson insurance. If someone appears with a dog they better have fifteen dogs because I have fourteen rounds.

    • Irene Zuchel

      dont be crazy dogs ,my dog was not breed to fight…its irasponsable people that are the problem…look at all the child abuse and murders ,can i say all people are bad,no i cant so please do your research;;;

  • Suriourry

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  • Charles Moakler

    This was my first question when questions were solicited after the course lecture in my concealed carry course. “What about dogs, because the people in this room will need protection from a dog long before a human?” The instructor said he didn’t know. If Chicago is going to restrict me from carrying a firearm then it should not allow any dogs within the city. I would never live or travel to a local where my handgun could not go.

  • Jogger In Critical Condition After Being Attacked By Pit Bulls « CrimeAlertBlog.Com

    […] “I started whacking the dogs with the bat, but they wouldn’t let up,” Stanley Lee, a resident of Chicago’s South Shore, told CBS Chicago. […]

  • Lipstickandchatter

    Its ALMOST ALWAYS irresponsible dog owners that chooses the most aggressive breed of dogs. Chicago has got to implement a law that will require AGGRESSIVE breed DOGS to be registered and chipped so in case one is reported missing or has ran away it can be found immediately. Considering that these types of dogs will be registered as weapons, anyone caught with a non-registered dog could face fines and criminal charges. It will also lessen the amount of mix breeding, selling, and fighting of said dogs by low life uneducated mongrels/criminals! I submitted this suggestion to Daley the ex-Mayor of Chicago during the time Denver, Colorado banned pit bulls and when 2 Nurses were mauled while jogging at a Chicago Forest Preserve. Simply put NOTHING came of it. Truth of the matter is these types of incidents are not important considering it has yet to make a noticeable impact in certain economically advantaged areas. I grew up in a household where my brother and father trained dogs for certain neighbors and friends so I too agree with some of you folks that Pit bulls are NOT all bad dog breeds nor are Rottweiler’s, and German Sheppard’s, however they can be and are usually purchased for protection along with other quality traits. In saying that, UNTIL Chicago and ALL US Cities get a grip on this recurrent and IGNORED problem, more dogs will get euthanized and the careless owners will remain nameless, faceless, and liability free.

    • Roberta Waker

      I couldn’t agree more. Dog owners need to be held responsible for damage or injury caused by their “pets”. Substantial fines would be a good start; mandatory neutering would help too and maybe a certificate of basic obedience training should be required as well. No responsible dog owner would intentionally put their pet’s life in jeopardy or anyone elses either. The key word is “responsible”.

  • dan

    The jogger probably stepped in a puddle of gravy as he was jogging and the dogs were just after a beef samwich

  • Dog lover

    I can’t believe you people are still defending pit bulls. You all are ignorant and uneducated. You can’t keep blaming it on their owners. Guess what, there are a lot of other breeds of dogs who also have bad owners, but yet we never hear news stories about vicious poodle attacks. Pit bull behavior is innate and cannot be changed, regardless of the owner. And notice- educated, middle to upper class people don’t own these beasts. It’s the poor, ghetto dwelling gangsters. Time to outlaw them.

    • Lyndia

      I am in complete agreement with you. Not only that, but they are some extremely ugly dogs. Nothing cute about them at all. I hate to say this, but you are right dog lover, I see a lot of those horrible looking animinals in the hood.

      • Michele

        I can’t imagine anything more ignorant fhan making a generalizing statement such as, “you are all ignorant and uneducated”. I own a pit bull, and I (though young) would fall into the category of middle to upper class, with nowhere to go but up because of my field. My best friend is a respratory therapist, and she owns two pit bulls. There are several police officers in my city that own pit bulls and use them as service dogs in retirement facilities and homes for aduts with disabilities. I would agree that you tend not to hear the horror stories when responsible people own these dogs, because we know how to treat dogs.

      • Teresa G

        I’m a tad past middle aged, live on the city’s NW side and work as a CPL associate in a children’s library. We have a pit and a retriever mix, both rescues. We don’t believe in making sweeping generalizations based on small-minded thinking. If we were to evaluate people in such a manner, it would be the worst kind of racism. The canine version of this is breedism.

    • Irene Zuchel

      im not poor .i live in a beautiful home with a loving husband and two kids..we love our pitbull.and by the way we are educated..,i get sick to my stomach reading this.My dog is the best pet i ever had shes is loving.and sweet,maybe there are some bad ones,please understand,,not all dogs are bad,there ther arengood people who own the pitts and they are about the shepards,and rottwhilers,

  • Barb

    My niece and husband owned a neutered pit bull. George was a gentle dog who had never been fought. One evening they were walking to their car past his aunt who had her miniature poodle on leash. While continuing to walk, the pit bull reached over, broke the poodle’s neck and kept walking. There was nothing anyone could do except warn people against ownership of these dogs and have their dog put to sleep.

  • Eagle in NYC

    The police have questioned the owner of the dogs. But nowhere is his name mentioned. There’s only one reason why.

  • maria

    “Pit Bull” is not a breed. It is a general term used for three different breeds of dog (American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier). People all too often forget that “pit bulls” are terriers. And terriers were developed and bred by people for a specific purpose. To kill. A strong jaw, a thick neck. These traits give the terrier the ability to do what PEOPLE bred them to do. Kill vermin in one shake. :The only difference between a “pit bull” and my border terrier/schnauzer is the “bull”. When bull-baiting became a popular “sport” (and I quote sport because it is nothing of the sort. It’s repulsive), people needed a sturdy and strong type of dog with a very high prey drive to bait with. Thus they bred bulldogs with the highly prey-driven terriers and created the three breeds of “pit bull”. My border terrier/schnauzer has as much prey-drive (if not more) than a “pit bull”. The only reason people aren’t terrified of her (aside from my control over her) is that she lacks the thick, muscular body of a “pit bull” (she has no “bull”!) The “pit bull” we know today that tends to be owned and bred by degenerate thugs is a terrier in a muscular body and while these thugs may think they know what they’re doing, they have no clue about canine behavior or breeding. Having worked professionally with dogs for nearly 4 years, my experience has shown me that any dog can display aggressive behavior. It has also shown me that terriers of all types require the most attention and training. It is because “pit bulls” are terriers, that they are driven. It is because of incompetent fools that they sometimes attack and harm other dogs and people. Those who know nothing about canines should never be graced with their presence, especially the presence of terriers of any kind.

    • Teresa G

      You are absolutely correct, Maria. And banning the breed in Chicago will encourage the thugs and idiots who fight pits to look for another breed to abuse and send them into the ‘burbs to pursue their cruel ‘sport.’ Heavier fines and jail time for irresponsible owners is a good start to ridding the city of idiot owners and protecting a much-maligned breed.

    • Irene Zuchel

      i agree with you 100%

  • rjb

    a pit bull does not weigh 70 lbs, they max out at aprox 45. any responsible dog owner will neuter their pet. shame on the owner of these dogs, a lack of respect for all living kind.

    • Bob

      Are you crazy??? Are you thinking of bulldogs? Pit bulls do NOT max out at 45 pounds.

  • Lydia

    Pit bulls are ugly, crazy dogs and only a crazy person would own such a monster. I know this sounds insane, but every time I see one I want to kill it.

    • Michele

      What an argument. Not groundless or rambling at all.

    • Yard Ape

      @ Lyndia -Kinda how I feel about your tribe !!!!

    • silly2

      me too!

    • Roberta Waker

      You sound more violent than most pit bulls. Maybe you should stay away from pit bulls and people in general because if you don’t like certain people you might want to kill them too. All dog attacks I have witnessed did NOT involve pit bulls and while I don’t own one, it’s kind of dumb to condemn ALL of them.. There are good pit bulls out there, i.e., Mr. Sak’s service dog and many others if anyone wants to take the time to research this breed. And, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – remember that saying?

      • rjb

        Well said, Roberta.

    • Irene Zuchel

      are you saying im crazy?i am a loving mother and a pitbull owner and im proud of it,,she would never hurt are wrong.lots of good peple own pitbulls..what about all the idiots having kids and harming them,you cant say all parents are bad,so you can say all pitt bulls are bad .do your research,,,before you say bad things that hurt people

      • sheik

        My favorite argument is definitely the people with pits that also have small children, “this dog is soooo gentle, my kids crawl all over him and he’s just as sweeeet as he can be.” Next thing you know, the kid is in a coffin because they finally made the dog mad enough to attack. “But, but but he’s NEVER done anything like that before!” that’s what they ALL say.

      • Bill S.

        Damn, man! This story has resulted in more comments than any I have ever seen. Enough is enough already. My inbox looks like it has Herpes.

  • bratt

    Check out this great story, the story of Michael Vick’s fighting pit bulls. 50 fighting pit bulls were taken from Vick’s house and almost all of them have been rehabilitated, returned to society and placed in loving homes. This story goes to show you not only if pit bulls are raised properly they will be loving members of the family, but also that even the pit bulls that were raised for fighting can be rehabilitated and become working members of society and loving pets.

    • Teresa G

      I recall seeing a piece on an Animal Planet’s ‘Dogs 101’ that focused on pits. Two trainers, two veterinarians and a behavior specialist weighed in on the breed’s qualities as a family dog. One speaker summed it up by saying that pits can endure the worst treatment and still come out OK.

      As a volunteer I encountered a pit that was used as a canine ashtray. Her body was riddled with scars and burn marks. She came out of her crate wagging her tail and licking my hand. She’s in foster right now, doing wonderfully.

      • Sarah

        I am willing to bet Teresa that if one of your pits ever mauled you , you would probably enjoy it.

      • Teresa G

        Probably would be preferable to any face time with you, Sarah.

        These dogs have been around for centuries. It’s only been in the last two decades, when the thugs and gangstas that needed something to prop up their masculinity and started inbreeding them and fighting them that they’ve made really bad headlines. Of course it’s the owner, not the dog. There’s no bloodlust in these dogs. Just in the owners who acquire them for the wrong reasons.

      • Bob

        Sarah got TOLD!!! For real, Teresa…I don’t even know why you cater to these idiots. Don’t feed the trolls! Enjoy your beautiful dog.

  • Pit Bull Attack Leaves Chicago Jogger In Critical Condition | USEC IM USA Edition

    […] “I started whacking the dogs with the bat, but they wouldn’t let up,” Stanley Lee, a resident of Chicago’s South Shore, told CBS Chicago. […]

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    […] Joseph Finley, 62, was jogging on the Lakefront Path near 77th Street in South Shore, when two dogs … Police said they were put bulls, but the city’s Animal Care and Control Department said Monday it was still trying to determine the precise breed of the dogs. […]

  • rjb

    Indeed, enjoy! I enjoy our beautiful well behaved, neutered am staff and terrier mix in our beautiful, educated, social home. Advocates are needed for this misunderstood and mistreated breed.

  • Richard Valentine

    A person was just murdered last night that had a restraining order. As if that piece of paper could ward off that murder. Of course not. Thats the equivalent of the responsible owner theory and – it’s not the dog”, argument. It’s not the murderer– it’s the courts.. for not drafting a better restraining order? Is that really your argument? Blood continues to flow because of vicious DNA, stupid owners, or what have you- doesnt matter it still happens.People can NOT be forced to be intelligent and responsible. It cant be done. Each new day there’s a new dumb pitbull owner and a new pitbull attack waiting in the wings. Since you can only regulate the breed itself there can be only one solution. Since you owners are already intelligent, you know what that solution is.

  • JustinM

    Great comment Richard! If these beautiful, educated and social people were also intelligent and also advocates for the welfare of pit bulls, they would be working like crazy to keep pit bull out of the hands of those stupid and irresponsible.

    Instead they get on the comments section of a vicious pit bull attack story and say, I have a nice house and i trained my pit bull. Goodie for you.

    What rjb said is either meaningless and worthless or means that pit bull ownership has to be highly regulated and restricted, or banned altogether.

    Its another version of: pit bulls can make great pets if and only if absolutely everything goes right. And as Richard said, that can’t be guaranteed. So they need to be regulated, restricted or banned altogether.

  • Mendoza: Report Your Neighbor If A Dog Is Being Trained For Fighting « CBS Chicago

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