CHICAGO (CBS) — It had to happen, you knew it.

Some heat on Mayor Rahm Emanuel for luring to Chicago presidents and prime ministers from around the world for the NATO and G8 summit meetings.

Shebangs that President Barack Obama is setting up for Emanuel because Emanuel wants him to, to shower on Chicago and himself huge attention, which the summits will do, but likely not the kind of attention the mayor wants – tens of thousands protestors in Chicago storming the streets and the police.

The mayor figures he’s “Rahmbo” enough to keep the peace, and he may be, but don’t bet on it.

Protestors who’ve provoked serious violence at summits in other cities are now organizing for Chicago.

“Oh, no problem,” says the mayor. “I’m passing laws to prevent violence. Doubling the fines for obstructing police, making it illegal to stay overnight in Grant Park. That’ll prevent violence.”

Oh boy, Mr. Mayor. Boy of boy, where is your head?

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