What are your favorite Score memories?

The Score’s rich 20-year history is filled with memorable events, personalities, guests, controversy, and bloopers.

While we try to do our best in remembering it all, it’s tough to recall it all. That’s where you come in…

Our loyal listeners constantly amaze us with their memories – We love chatting with you on-air or in-person about your favorite moments in Score history. Now, we want you to share these memories with the rest of The Score’s listeners…

READ listener comments or SHARE your own memories

Thank you for helping us celebrate 20 great years in Chicago sports radio!

  • Misty Water-Color Memories

    Any cringerriffic transition that included Murph. That’s entertainment!

  • Mike Fangman

    The birth of Larry Horse.

  • Mike Fangman

    Any of the Mike Ditka shows with the Monsters of the Midday. Sometimes he was ready to powerbomb North through the table.

  • Nick Barkemeyer

    The creation of Larry Horse… Absolutely classic

  • Donald S.

    Favorite memories are listening to Tom Shaer on the way to school every day and when he played “Basketball Jones” for Doug Collins. Also, the morning show’s bulls musical highlights for each NBA Championshp.

  • Hershel

    I love to hear Walter and North live at lunch back in the day. They had a blast and it was unpredictable . Miss Pappy and wish him well.



  • George

    Going to work on the Dan Ryan and hearing Mike North say Tom Shaer was taking dictation for Phil Jackson and Shaer getting angry as hell……. had to pull my car over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rex Schmaltz

    My favorite score moment is the news article about Frosty Peters.

  • Paul A. Troy

    I remember updates by the late Tom Webb, the Wolves first championship trophy going to Fishfest, Ditka’s response to Neil from Northlake, “Abbey’s old drawers”, the infamous Mike North “if God came down tomorrow…” question to Pat Riley as well as the Score anniversary show (10 years I think) that was held at the downtown Hard Rock restaurant. So many memories — hard to believe it’s been 20 years!! Happy birthday, WSCR!

  • Kevin

    I started listening to Boers and Bernstein around 2001 when I was 17. I had never heard sports be discussed with such irreverence…and I loved it. For better or worse, they’ve shaped the lens through which I view local and national sports. My favorite memory was hearing the infamous “Steak dinner BOOM!” caller live as it happened.

  • Jim Turpin's Propane Tank

    Favorite moment is when a caller accused Boers & Bernstein of being Marxists and they proceeded to sing “We are the Marxist Machine, We really are…” to the tune of the Mazda Machine commercial.

  • LG Mike

    The birth of Larry Horse
    The Spectrum Organ
    The day Murph was canceled
    TB talking about the old days in pro wrestling

    Just a few.

    Bring back the Spectrum Organ!

  • phamus

    I loved all the old callers Patio Steve,Stan from Bellwood,Northside Bill,Wild Bill,Chicken Lips played the harmonica for North and Dead Drunk- Double D would call late at night while driving.

  • Mike O

    The Me and Z show with Laurence Holmes and Dan Zampillo! That show got me hooked to the station. I have been listening ever since

  • pat

    When WSCR first came on the air it was Mike North, he was won of us, a guy that loved sports and gambling and had a hotdog stand. But that all changed as the contracts and ego got bigger. Pappyland and hobnobbing with all the bigshots he lost touch and I stopped listening. Now I’m back and glad that McNeil has rejoined The Score.

    • pat

      I can’t believe I wrote won of us instead of one of us,I guess I was thinking about sports.

  • Jose From Deerfield

    I started to listen to Score on Reg. Basis in ’97 whether it was the Bulls Celebrating Titles or the Bears having their times being at the Bottom of the League the passion that many of Folks who listen, call, email and now text has and is there along with the Folks who work on the Station and behind the Scenes to deliver a solid product.

    Over the last few yrs I’ve been traveled to other parts of the Nation to see Chicago Teams play and listening to Sports Talk in other towns does not even compare to what Chicago Sports Talk brings to the table on day to day basis.

    Happy Anniversary and Congrats to the Score for celebrating 20 yrs on Air.

  • Matt From Rockford

    …One of my all time favorite moments was after September 11th…I just really was still down in the dumps after watching everything that happened in New York, and it was a couple of days later a guy calls in to Boers and Bernsie and sings “It’s a grand old flag” The way he did it and Bernsie’s reaction was just priceless…that was one of the moments that I knew that everything was going to be okay…Thank you score…

  • Randall T

    Me and Z was an amazing show, but as a kid, I got hooked on TDub Tommy Williams. Wonder what he’s up to.

  • Adrian

    The Zach Zaidman pickup lines on Amanda Beard from the Super Bowl in Miami from 2007. Caller Annie mad at Bernstein and Hanley(who was filling for Boers that day) for not giving the score of the Rams vs LIons game. Congrats on 20 years and wish another 20 more to the score!!

  • drew

    The guy who called in and gave his name and the high school he went to couple with the year he graduated. I think Abbatacola was the host and instantly questioned why he gave his high school graduating class. The caller said his high school football team went 10-0 or something like that. Abbatacola insisted that every caller who called after give their high school and year graduated!

    Great Stuff

  • Vegas Cub Fan

    Jack Phelan dot commmmmmmm! Browns, it tastes better!

    I do miss Rusty from Stickney.

  • Vegas Cub Fan

    As far as callers go, what happened to Wild Bill and Irish Bill?? These guys were as good as they came.

    • Vegas Cub Fan

      By Cracky

  • Steve from south Bend

    5 or 6 years ago Jason doing the nighttime show after Boers and Bernstein. Terry had been giving a black caller a hard time for saying something stupid. A black caller calls Jason and tells him that he ‘doesn’t think Terry likes black people’ upon which Jason replies ‘oh no, Terry doesn’t like anybody’ . great stuff

  • Gary H.

    Been listening since day one. Back when Mike North would give us the “temps at the LOMs”, thats lakefront O’Hare and Midway for you newbies. Is been a great 20 years but the first few years are hard to relive, they will always be must listen radio. I knew I was listening to history in the making.

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