DeCosta Not Leaving Ravens For Bears’ GM Job

(CBS) You can cross Eric DeCosta off the list of potential Bears general manager candidates.

The Ravens announced Friday their director of player personnel will remain with the organization.

In a series of tweets on the team’s official Twitter account, the club said DeCosta will not interview with any other teams.

“We’ve established a strong history of retaining most important executives, players, coaches & personnel experts,” Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said. “Eric, who has had opportunities to interview with other teams recently and over the years, is another one we want to keep and will keep. He has chosen to stay with Ravens and we’re excited he will. He is a most valuable asset and will continue to help us win championships.”


  • Cameltoe Rancher

    STRIKE ONE!!!!

  • Jonathan

    Hire me. While I have no experience in the NFL, or Football coaching/recruiting at any level, I’m getting the feeling that I would be better than the guy the Bears will end up bringing in. My cousin can take the newly created Passing coach position

  • Jake from da burbs

    Nobody smart is going to come into the Bears situation. You have a clue-less non football guy president in Phillips and an overempowered head coach in Smith. Why would DeCosta leave a great thing in Baltimore.

    You want DeCosta? Need to give him complete power. DeCosta might not even leave unless he’s offered a President title.

    The fact that Tice has the OC job should tell you that most likely they’ll stay internal and have Ruskell stay on as top personnel guy/GM.

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears have a co-GM structure (like 2 assistant GM’s) I could see Ruskell and Smith as co-GM’s. I could see a Ruskell-Cliff Stein co-GM structure too with Ruskell handling scouting and drafting and Stein handling all fiscal responsibility.

    Or even a three-headed monster in Ruskell, Smith and Stein as a 3 part GM structure.

    Hey if we can have Tice as the psuedo Offensive Coordinator and running play coach with someone else hired to be a QB and passing play coach, anything is possible.

    What a joke!

  • val

    It kills me how all of these candidates for Bears’ vacancies appear, then disappear. The Jacksonville offensive genius is a friend of Tice and will probably look for a position with another team who can’t be contacted till after the playoffs are over…another guy is “tight” with Lovie , then chooses Oakland …Jay Cutler gets along with the Titans guy, so hes on the way…no hes not…Oh Cutlers buddy Bates is available…or is he…
    .I wish Glaser, Mortensen, LaConforia, Professor whats his name?, Adam Shefter, and whomever these insiders are would just shut up…They know nothing more than we do..whoever the Bears choose, it will be too little and too late.. Whoever the Bears choose or target, another team will obtain…(Even Jacksonville)

  • A Corn

    No body want this job under these conditions. Well I know I wouldn’t want to work at a place where a person is beneath me (in pecking order) has a say in weather I get hired or not. The Bear do everything backwards, They need to fire everyone and do what the Cubs are doing, (it hurts to say) clean house and if you have to keep Phillips, like the Cubs kept Kenny, to count the beans, get a football guy to do the football stuff and work your way down. Hire a new president of FOOTBALL OPERATIONS!!!! Then hire a GM, Then a new coach excetera. It looks like the Cubs have the blueprint the Bears shoud follow.

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