By David Schuster-

(WSCR) The Bulls begin a crazy schedule tonight that calls for them to play three straight nights and seven games over the next night days. Crazy? You bet. But all the NBA teams are facing nutty schedules like this due to the shortened season.

You’re already seeing a host of extra injuries due to the shortened training camp and rash of games, and the Bulls have not been immune to them. Richard Hamilton and C.J. Watson are again both doubtful for tonight’s game vs Detroit. Hamilton says his sore groin is feeling better so he should be back over the next day or two and Watson is hopeful he can return from his injured elbow by week’s end.

An oddity to the crazy schedule has teams that have already played three games in three nights going 6-0 in the third and final game. Who would have thought that? But then again this has been,  and will be,  a nutty regular season from start to finish.  But,  eventually the cream will rise to the top and the best teams will make the deepest runs in the playoffs.

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