Gas Outlook: ‘Most Painful Year At Pump Ever’

CHICAGO (CBS) — Gasoline prices could approach $5 a gallon by Memorial Day and stay a record levels for much of the summer, according to a forecast by

Gas prices always spike in the summer, but the 2012 Price Outlook predicts this summer will break records.

“It looks like it might be the most painful year at the pump that we have ever seen,” senior analyst Patrick DeHaan said.

By Memorial Day, gasoline in the Chicago area could rise to between $4.60 and $4.95 a gallon–more than a dollar above the current average.

DeHaan says there are several factors that will cause the increase, and one of them is a double-edged sword.

“The economy continues to improve; it continues to push up our demand for crude oil,” he said.

Another factor is Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions. As the United States imposes sanctions, the country responds with threats to close a key oil transit pathway: The Strait Of Hormuz.

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  • Dude5624351

    VOTE OBAMA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mike Duffy

      Were is the media outradge day and night that the gas prices are caused by Bush/Cheny, oh sorry I mean Obama and the environment lobby. It amazes me how the news is based on who is office rather than the truth. Gas prices when they were up were Bush fault so the press hammered away, now, oh well, it must be the middle east who knows.

    • Spanky

      August 24, 2006, Nancy Pelosi:

      “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices…”

      Democrat policies and politicians are bad for the country.

      • Frd C. Dobbs

        The difference is TAXES! Crude oil costs the SAME no matter WHO U R!

      • Osamas Pajamas

        Democrat policies and politicians are even BAD FOR THE AVERAGE DEMOCRAT —- but they’re too bloody THICK between the ears to see that.

      • Ste

        Gas Prices are not going down, consider this cheap.
        The only difference this time is with our employment situation / Economy.
        Time for some real changes to actually bring this country back

      • Zeke Heil

        @all you Democrats and Ob*ma supporters:

        There IS a difference between the parties. May I remind you of something Dear Leader said in January, 2008:

        Barack Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

        So the Democrat plan is to wipe out the American Middle Class with high energy prices.

        Vote Ob*ma back in at our own country’s peril. You are playing with fire.

      • Jim

        At least Obama will be drilling more in this country…oh wait never mind

    • phil

      We still have lower gas prices that most of the western world.

      • JByrd42

        So tired of hearing that. We are not Europe but, with Obama in office. We are sure starting to look like it.

      • Spanky

        phil, do you acknowledge that Pelosi’s promise about reducing gas prices was a complete campaign-based lie and that Democrats have no such plan?

        Are we MORE or LESS dependent upon foreign sources for energy now than when Dems took total control of Congress on 1/3/2007?

      • Spanky

        “We still have lower gas prices that most of the western world.”


        The primary reason that gas costs more in other countries is mostly because they use gas tax to subsidize huge (and failing) socialized health care systems and other entitlement programs.

      • Steve

        Most western countries are also considerably smaller than the U.S. and have more efficient public transport. European countries have communities developed in clusters which makes public transport easier to establish. American communities developed in a spread out manner and makes it more difficult to have public transport (even in densely populated areas). I agree we should ween ourselves off fossil fuels but until we can do that we have a responsibility to produce fossil fuels from our proven reserves. If we don’t we are being foolish and negligent to the many who live paycheck to paycheck.

      • Chad

        Phil…if the rest of the western world butt f#cked a goat, I guess you’d fall right in line. I guess when we’re all living in cardboard boxes and eating stale bread, people like you will be pointing out how much better we have it than Ethiopia. Idiot. If high gas prices get this idiot Obama out of office, it’ll be worth the pain for a few months.

      • ANOTHER 6 letter word for Felony...BARACK

      • Pepina

        Actually, worldwide, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.80. Ranges from around $6.50, in the Netherlands, to twelve cents in Venezuela. But, the average automobile in Europe gets around 40 mpg while, in the US, our average is 20 mpg. So, they really aren’t paying, out of pocket, that much more.And, of course, gasoline is taxed as high as 75% in some European countries; but, we’re closing pretty fast on that one… average fuel tax in the US is 48%.
        Experts claim that the average automobile could be converted to a hybrid status for a bare bones cost of around $300 per vehicle but, unfortunately, there are too many entities that would suffer a tremendous loss if our consumption was dramatically lowered. Taxes, alone, would be halved and even the government doesn’t want to take that hit.

      • Osamas Pajamas

        What “the rest of the world pays for gas” is irrelevant — they can drop dead, for all I care. We are ruled by armed force and by fraud by fools and jackaxxes, by lying, arrogant hoodlums, gangsters and thugs. We should have brought new refineries online and drilled onshore and offshore in every place where the weenie ecofreaks and enviromaniacs disapproved. Overthrow and destroy the environmentalist dictatorship!

      • Marc M

        Ignorant statement…. justifying our problems by stating that it’s worse somewhere else is the defacto liberal answer when they have nothing intelligent to say.

        Of course those places also are socialist cess pools with no concept of personal property and prosperity.

      • Marc M

        @Pepina that is absolutely false…. cost of conversion $300 per vehicle? Are you mad?

        They have to HEAVILY subsidize the Prius just to get it down in the lower 20k for that tiny little vehicle.

        Your statement about the euro’s getting 40mpg has another side that people don’t usually think about..

        Now you get 40mpg.. you spend less on gas… SO that means you can afford more… and before you know it your Dollars per Gallon is right back where it was before you started to “conserve” with your 40mpg vehicle.

        The same is true for your house bills like gas and electric.. yes conserve, use less, etc… this way you bill goes down for 1 year… and then gets jacked up the following year so you are paying the SAME for using LESS.. all while people smile… it’s pathetic.

      • Michael La Course

        The reason for having lower Gas prices than the European countries is that we do not pay $1+ in taxes a liter (depending on the country)…

    • murf

      CBS leaves out the most important factor in gas prices-Obama has decreased are own oil production. The Keystone pi[peline is an example. Obama must be impeached before he does permanent damage. Nice covering for Obama CBS.

    • ron300

      I agree with you about Obama, but there are a couple of things I would like to say about this article. The perosn that wrote it, Patrick DeHaan must be all of 15 years old, because he obviously did not live in the 70’s under Carter. Price adjusted for inflation the price was $6.65 a gallon, with and hour waiting time to pay that. The next thing I don’t understand is the fact that the US’s one 1 EXPORT is gasoline. How does that work, high prices at the pump and number 1 export…someone is making a bundle.

    • NObama

      I will simply state this – I am happy to read the over-whelming MAJORITY of these comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s just make d@mn sure this @ ss hole doesn’t get 2nd term, PERIOD!!! Say it loud and proud and make d@mn sure that you tell 2 people, they tell 2 people, etc.

      The media in this country is full of sh!t (with ONE EXCEPTION),and they will continue their love affair with this worthless liberal community organizer!!!!

  • Centurion

    Don’t worry about it. It will be worse next year.

  • PJ

    Like it was’nt high before….This is Wall Street at its best. Every year it’s something else. All in speculation. Get rid of Wall Street’s power and give it back to the people!

    • Jon Carry

      What are you talking about? The power is in our hands already. Wall Street is nothing without a compliant government.

    • Rod Rangle

      No, this is OBAMA at his ‘best’

      This increase is predicated on the idea that Obama and the FED will soon start printing dollars again, devaluing the dollar and inflating the price of dollar based globally traded commodities.

    • Nosmo

      Wall Street=Big Democrat Donators=Obama=Hypocisy

      • Spanky

        Obama rides in a limo provided by Goldman-Sorosachs.

    • Spanky

      Yeah, like we really want a bunch of inexperienced community organizers and unethical attorneys trying to regulate capitalism out of existence.

      Take a look at Chicago – the most corrupt major city in the USA. Do you REALLY want the rest of the country to be that corrupt?

    • JByrd42

      Obama said, prices for energy will go up in 2008. He has kept is promise.

    • Calypso

      PJ, are you really this clueless? It’s not Wall Street’s fault that the Obama Administration is hostile to sane energy policy.

      For instance, Obama has put the Canada/Keystone pipeline on hold. It would bring lots of oil, help eliminate some of our dependence on OPEC nations AND bring thousands of jobs. But Obama says no, not now, and quite possibly never. And Canada is running out of patience and considering making a deal with China.

      Our problem is not Wall Street, rather it is the Obama Administration which is in bed with select parts of Wall Street when it sees opportunities to enrich itself (campaign dollars).

    • Sobersully

      Wall Street doesn’t create an Energy Policy, Wall Street doesn’t control Opec. Look at what has happened since Obama cancelled all the drilling permits Bush issued, look at all the shale oil he has restricted. We are paying Obama’s “Green Energy Tax” to Saudi’s and Hugo with gas $2.00 higher since the community organizer took over.

    • Osamas Pajamas

      What an ignoramus — blaming “Wall Street.” OhBummer pixxed all over your brain and you LOVED it! Sicko! The Democrat party THRIVES on ignorance, envy, and class-warfare resentment, built upon false premises and propaganda. For America to move forrward to a better economy and a better society, it would be far better to destroy that corrupt bunch of racketeers — the steeeenking Democrat party.

  • tom aman

    The army pays guards guarding the gasoline tankers going into afghanistan. That gas, including the guards pay is about $400 a GALLON. Thanks BOOSH..

    • Gayle

      It’s WAY past the BLAME GAME. This is the cry babyingst president I’ve EVER seen and he knew what he was getting into when he ran for office. If he didn’t want the job and wasn’t up for it, he shouldn’t have run. In his words, “we won, you lost, get over it.” The Dems won, the Reps lost so the Dems are IN CHARGE. They are to blame for the last three three years, the baton was passed, so GET OVER IT! It’s not Bush’s fault. It’s Obama’s!! VOTE HIM OUT!!!

      • Dave

        Obama is three years into a systematic dismantling of the free enterprise system in the US. His aim is to replace it with a socialist system. The people still fully behind him still do not get it and probably never will. Obama would love to see gas prices hit $10.00/gallon. It is profoundly puzzling that die-hard Obama supporters still do not notice that he speaks in vague platitudes about a utopian future, but makes decisions on a daily basis that take us in the opposite direction. It’s time for Congress to grow some cahunas and reel this unconstitutional president in.

      • david

        you can thank the environmentalists for destroying our oil industry. Due to their ever stringent demands, which the democrats (and some republicans) willingly implemented we can no longer develop our own natural resources. Which we have in abundance. So now instead we have to be subject to the pricing whims of OPEC. So did Bush send in the troops to protect the oil that is imported from the middle east to us, HE HAD TOO. This is a direct result of not being able to extract our own oil from ANWR, the California coast, the Gulf coast, and others. So we are forced to go to war over oil thanks to the environmentalists demands.

    • hans delbrucke

      At what point does it stop being Bush’s fault? You have had your guy there for 3 years, ruining the country and driving inflation. Don’t you think he has some responsibility? Man you have to stop listening to the talking heads and read something, in-depth, from start to finish. After you get past the headlines from the current media, you may be able to make a decision based on real facts. Bush is gone, get over it.

      • Osamas Pajamas

        Right — in OhBummer’s first two years in office, the Democrats controlled the White House and both houses of Congress — so that if they voted as a bloc, the Democrats didn’t need even “one” Republican vote to pass their bullshirt policies and programs — but they pretended that Republicans were “blocking” them, which meant that a few Democrats were not enitrely crazy and didn’t like OhBummer’s dumbaxx ideas.

  • CantTakeItAnyMore

    Saudi Arabia has stated that they would increase production to offset any decrease in oil delivery through the Straits of Hormuz. Hence, the Iranian threat is nullified. OH WAIT! MY BAD! The oil industry only reacts to bad news so they can justify a price increase. This is where Congress should step in and fight for the working people of America. OH WAIT! MY BAD! Congress is owned by the Oil Lobby. Yep, My BAD!@$? I forgot this is America.

    • david

      If congress was owned by the oil industry, we would have far more local production of our natural resources. We would be extracting every bit of it we could get our drills into. But wait, the current administration has blocked all drilling in the gulf coast, has blocked the pipeline from Canada to TX, has blocked attempts to drill in ANWR. How can you possibly believe that congress is controlled by oil?

      • T-Texas

        This idiot has shut down ten of thousands of energy related jobs.Refuse the pipeline shutting down coal mining.Why he is still in office I cannot fathom.Our do nothing Judges and congress will not uphold their obligation to protect the Constitution from this illegal person in the presidents office.The Supreme Court has ruled him to be ineligible in 1875.So why is he still in office making all these rules.

    • Steven Foster

      lol. you do realize that the Saudis are already pumping near capacity don’t you? they simply don’t have 3-4 million BPD of spare capacity laying around. most experts believe their actual spare capacity is somewhere between 400k-500k bpd. far below the 2-3 million bpd Iran produces.

      • GiveMeBackMyBullets

        Did you pull that out of your arse? Most accounts that I have heard have the Saudis currently pumping about 9 to 9 1/2 MBPD with a capacity of 12 1/2 MBPD.

        Who are most of these experts?

  • E M R L


    • Jake

      Oil is a world commodity, doesn’t matter where we get it.

      • Spanky

        Would you rather $1T be spent on oil from ANWR (on which the federal government will receive about $250B in royalties) or would you rather see that $1T go directly to OPEC without any such royalties given back to the people of the USA?

      • Osamas Pajamas

        Of course it mattersd where you get crude oil, for quality, usable density properties [grade, etc], distance to reinery, distance to refined distribution storage and distance to retail market — not to speak of the possibility of the interdiction of supply lines due to the outbreak of hostilities or war. Iran threatens to shut the Gulf down and that little Iranian axxhole, Imanutjob, visits with the Democrats’ commie pal in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, to see if he can get that source of oil shut from the American market, too. Meanwhile, other Iranian crazies and Russian thugs are visiting other South American countries to train more crazies and sell more weapons to them, including weapons that can reach at least the southern tier of American states — and Iranian missile subs may dock at Cuban and Venezuelan ports or hang offshore there. Meanwhile, OhBummer, is jrkg-off in the White House or golfing, or blowing smoke up our axx in his campaign of lies and propaganda to get re-elected and pixx all over America for another fkg four years. I hope his plane crashes when he and Biden and Pelosi and Reid are on it. Martyrs? My axx!

  • Micheal Savage

    for 8 years it was that f&n Bush and Cheney because of high gasoline prices,now there is not one peep of obama on the high gas prices,how things have changed with this commie in the WH.

    • Snapdragon

      Well of COURSE, Savage! You don’t honestly expect the liberal main stream media to call Obama out on it – like they did Bush – do you? I mean come on man! That’s the media that essentially elected that empty suit and never, EVER posted ONE SINGLE NEGATIVE STORY about him!

    • Spanky

      August 24, 2006, Nancy Pelosi:

      “Democrats have a commonsense plan to help bring down skyrocketing gas prices…”

      • Osamas Pajamas

        It matters where you get crude oil, for quality, usable density properties [grade, etc], distance to refinery, distance to refined distribution storage and distance to retail market — not to speak of the possibility of the interdiction of supply lines due to the outbreak of hostilities or war. Iran threatens to shut the Gulf down and that little Iranian axxhole, Imanutjob, visits with the Democrats’ commie pal in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, to see if he can get that source of oil shut from the American market, too. Meanwhile, other Iranian crazies and Russian thugs are visiting other South American countries to train more crazies and sell more weapons to them, including weapons that can reach at least the southern tier of American states — and Iranian missile subs may dock at Cuban and Venezuelan ports or hang offshore there. Meanwhile, OhBummer, is jrkg-off in the White House or golfing, or blowing smoke up our axx in his campaign of lies and propaganda to get re-elected and pixx all over America for another fkg four years. I hope his plane crashes when he and Biden and Pelosi and Reid are on it. Martyrs? My axx!

  • Micheal Savage

    Something else I found out,that Michelle obam playing with obama dolls. had her practice of law taken away by the state of Illinois for insurance fraud,why was this not exposed by the mainstream media like they pounce on Sarah Palin and others,I believe we have a communist media in this country,something like why this obamakov spent 20 years in a church listening to his mentor Rev spewing hatred against America and WHITE AMERICA,were is the media CBS.

    • Dave

      Maybe it’s time we overwhelmed “Revernd” Wright’s church with white people protesting his Christian (in name only) ideals. Prejudice is only covered in the media when it’s white on black not any other way. The media is complicit in the socialist takeover. It’s time to boycott media and send a message.

    • Spanky

      As a staunch conservative, I would love it if you could provide a factual source for this claim about Mooshell’s law license. I’ve looked into it and believe your version to not be supportable the facts.

      • Osamas Pajamas

        Spanky, you’re just a Democrat not even plausibly disguised as a Republican. I would like to see evidence of Mooochele’s malfeasance, however.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      BRAVO !!!!! You think the liberal media will dare say a negative word about her……………………come on, that would be racist now, wouldn’t it!!??

  • bob

    Odd how prices are way up when we are exporting thousands of barrels of petro out of the country daily to artificially jack up the price of gas… Right now we are actually exporting more petro products than we are importing the first time in history! If they stopped the exports gas prices would plunge, but the greedy oil companies want to make their money and pillage the American People!

    • Spanky

      You misunderstand the situation with petroleum exports.

      This export situation refers ONLY to refined products, not crude to crude oil.

      The US imports very little refined gas and diesel. We do export some refined gas and diesel but it’s not much.

      We still import FAR more crude oil than we export – to the tune of about 10 million barrels per day.

    • Paul2012

      EXACTLY!!!!!!! Everybody on here is cracking me up ” Its Bush’s fault” “NO Its OBAMAS fault”. The irony of all this talk is that people have lost the ability to look at a situation and analyze outside of political parties. This countries obsession with Party Allegiance is disgusting and is perverting the true meaning of Democracy. Welcome to the circus you American idiots.

      • FRANKOK

        Idiots? – Hmmm \We are not a democracy – we are a Representative Republic – the greatest method of government ever devised and we will keep it from socialists’ hands. That is the reason for bashing Obama – nothing else.

      • Paul2012

        FRANKKOK-We can argue about specific use of words but honestly would make you feel better if I would have said Representative democracy? The greatest form of govt? HA!! Please…I guess you love the corruption that has it’s hands in every piece of legislation. I love the “socialist hating Americans” even though the majority have been brought up through socialist systems (public schooling, medicare, highway systems..etc) Once again its amazing how powerful the words “Democrat, Socialist, Freedom” have an effect on your meek brain. Can you even tell me one thing the great satan socialist Obama has implemented that validates your claim? Just so you know I never voted for Obama but I find it absolutely hilarious to see the talking heads influence the Left and Right wing nuts opinions. don’t be sheep, pigs don’t scare sheep, but dogs on the other hand..

  • Hoth Industries

    People, stop complaining. The U.S.A. pays far less for fuel than other countries. Period.

    • Tom Sullivan

      They do because of socialized taxes for health care and medicine and such. We are not taxed that way. Know your facts before you speak please.

      • Snapdragon

        Thank you Tom. Probably an Obama voting idiot. Europe is crumbling under socialism.

    • T-Texas

      I am not complaining just mad as hell because we have the domestic oil to meet our demands.So why isn’t it being developed?It could be used to send the prices at the pump down here in the US.And the exported products priced to make up the difference to big oil.

      • Spanky

        I believe we should increase domestic production but I truly do not believe that we have the resources to produce the roughly 10Mbbl/day we’d need to quit using foreign oil.

  • Tea Party Hero

    Stop Taxing Job Creators!!!!!

    And take away all the food stamps and handouts to the lazy, poor blacks and ILLEGALS!!!!!!

    That’s how you lower gas prices and take back this country!!!

    • Brian

      I didn’t realize that being lazy or poor was a product of someone’s race. I always assumed that it was a factor of economic conditions, loss of hope, or a general desire to do nothing.

      While I agree that 1/2 of America shouldn’t be on food stamps and we should enforce our laws on immigration I don’ t think we do or will should have a place in this country for being racist.

      • T-Texas

        Make them drug test to be eligible and make them do public work for their welfare checks.Pay for nothing but bare substance to keep them from starving.If they want more tell them to get a job.

      • Rod Rangle

        Well Brian, you seem to be ignorant of STATISTICS!

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        Now YOU KNOW!

    • bobster

      These JOB CREATORS are taking their tax savings and using them to CREATE JOBS IN INDIA, NOT HERE you moron! Then after saving these good for nothing companies money for NOT HIRING AMERICAN they POCKET THE PROFITS via EXECUTIVE BONUSES! Those are your job creators my friends but the jobs are not being created here, get it? i wish you right wing zealots would keep your FALSE PROPAGANDA away from Chicago. We have enough of it here already!


        Yes, and we are charging the same for exported gas, the problem is the cost of oil!!
        You are paying a tax to Opec & Hugo to satisfy Obama’s energy policy. Call it Obama’s GREEN ENERGY TAX, the big problem the tax collectors are in countries that hate us.



    Try this: Volkswagen Jetta TDI 49 MPG

    • Beartrapper

      Sorry, can’t get my tools to the job in a vw jetta. And you can’t ship groceries to the store in one either.
      Fuel prices are a massive weight on the backs of all of us and it also infringes on our mobility which equals freedom which equals liberty.
      Thanks Barry, thanks Nancy

  • REPORT: 2012 'Most Painful Year at the Pump We've Ever Seen'... | Breaking News

    […] (Top headline, 1st story, link) […]

  • Gary Allan

    Liberals will pay the same as the rest of us, but they don’t mind, they are saving the planet and doing what is expected of them by the State. But then again, we all let Obama spit in our face.

  • BlogMagog

    Supply and demand LIES LIES LIES… we have more refined gas in the US that we ship it overseas… Obama would get reelected if he would end the Wall St. speculation for oil. Make them take delivery!!!!

    America is getting bent over and shafted. How much money are we going to be giving the Middle East? BS BS LIES LIES LIES

    Sucking us dry, the freaking Wall St Vampires

    • leftistsalwayslie

      Why aren’t we refilling our strategic reserves that Obama emptied during the last round of high prices?

      Obama wants us to be made dependent on the federal govt.
      Obama is the one who said that under his energy plan, electricity rates would necessarily sky-rocket.

      To blame the GOP for what Obama is doing makes you a liar and a damn fool

      • Matt

        Energy Dept reports we are at 95% capacity.

        Not too bad. But yes; Obama is the worst American president ever. He will not get reelected even if the Republicans put up a ham sandwich.

      • Chad

        Obama is trying to create an entitlement state…he’s basically buying votes with taxpayer money. Get ’em hooked on the government t!t and then point the finger at the other guy that’s trying to “take it away” from you. He’s a disaster…but don’t underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. He’ll bus them in from all over on election day (no ID required!)…a bunch of uneducated voters that couldn’t even tell you the name of the other person on the ballot…but they’ll vote for Barrack. If there was an IQ requirement to vote, Obama would get 25% of the vote, max…and that’s the honest to God truth.

      • brodave

        Most liberals are both (liars & damn fools).

      • Jeremy

        so are most conservatives!

    • Clete Torres

      Wall Street? Seriously?

      Get a clue, nimrod. Your boy Barry is driving energy policy.

      Nice try though.

      • Jeremy

        it is wall street’s fault, you idiot! It’s nothing in Washington…. Nice try on your rebuttal fail, idiot!

        This article is a lie by the way….

  • Walter

    Americans scream and squawk about not wanting any new drilling for oil, yet they scream and squawk just as much about high gas prices. Get used to it – it will be decades before alternative energy methods are affordable. We simply have to get used to permanently paying $5+ for gas from now on.

  • JimmyC

    Gas prices and oil prices are falling and by Memorial Day will be significantly lower than they are now.
    Gasbuddy…being congruent with reality counts for something.

  • Kevin

    I love all these comments about how oil companies and speculators are to blame for our “high” gas prices. Guess what, we pay way less than most countries. What’s your reasoning for that?

    • Clete Torres

      It’s simple enough to be understood by an uneducated liberal like yourself:

      We pay FAR less in taxes on that fuel per gallon than most countries, including Canada.

      High taxes on fuel that in part support a failing socialist system (‘free’ healthcare, government-mandated 28 days leave per year, entitlements for every reason under the sun).

      Crude oil prices are what they are. It’s the taxes that make the difference.

      You’re welcome.

  • steve

    Not exactly the hope and change we were promised….Too bad when looking at inflation the feds ignore ENERGY COSTS!!!!

    • Rod Rangle

      How dumb were those voters who voted for CHANGE, yet never asked what kind of change they were voting for?

      There’s a sucker born every minute

      • steve

        Yes Rod your right, I knew what we were getting. I didn’t vote for him or those other liberal democrats. They are being controlled by someone or something. The Feds are controlling alot of stuff. Ron Paul is right about that.

  • Rod Rangle

    Obama’s quantiative easing 3 (PRINTING MORE DOLLARS for dummies) will cause gasoline to skyrocket, but he sure thinks government manipulation of the economy will get him re-elected.

    • Tom Sullivan

      More needy people means more decorates its all for reelection. Most people do not bite the hands that feed them and Obama has created a lot of mouths to feed.

      • Tom Sullivan

        Opp’s meant democrats dam spell check

  • Jesher Spelling

    When BUSH was in office, I paid $1.79 in CA. I say that LOUDLY every single time I”m at the pump and remind the nitwit Obama voters. Where is the outrage? Surely the liberal Democrat whackers understand the economy will remain depressed, food prices high, and the family budget won’t have any left overs to buy extras. Why do they care? The brain-dead Obama supporters actually believe they effect the temperature of the earth’s surface, and that Barry Obama is a competent leader – both are not true. Obama is s disgusting mess – and those who vote, support him are brain dead.

  • Joe Nemchek

    Funny how Obama is a the great defender of the middle class, but has done his best to ensure energy prices keep rising, which is a direct assault on the middle class.

  • Crashing Boulder

    I continue to believe that MOST of this price increase in gasoline is driven by commodity speculators and has little bearing on or relationship to realities on the ground. The last time I checked, the Straits Of Hormuz are still wide open to shipping traffic and oil producers are pumping at exprcted levels. It is speculators that are driving up the price of gas andthey need to be dealt with.

  • jb

    Don’t hoard yet. Remember the best cure for high prices is high prices

  • I P Standing

    yes demand for gas is up so much sunoco -coneco is closing three refineries,,,and last week we were exprting gas and jet fuel,,think the candidates or president will mention that?

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