Indiana Man Threatens To Eat Cops, Families And Dogs After Arrest

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (CBS) — Authorities say an Indiana man got so angry when he was arrested for stealing a car that he threatened to eat the police officers who arrested him, as well as their entire families and their dogs.

CBS affiliate WISH-TV, Indianapolis, reports Paul Brock, 39, of Frankfort, Ind., was arrested at 10 p.m. on Friday of last week for after stealing a car from a Speedway gas station in Lafayette, Ind. The gas station manager said she had just unlocked the car and left it running so it would warm up by the end of her shift, WISH reported.

Police caught up with Brock and pulled him over in a Pay Less parking lot at Maple Point Drive and Indiana Route 38 in Lafayette, WISH reported. Before he was arrested, Brock kicked a police dog in the head twice, the station said.

Brock, who was drunk, was taken to an area hospital. Detectives tell WISH that once there, he said he would hunt down all the officers who arrested him and eat them, as well as their children, dogs, and entire families.

Brock’s blood alcohol level was 0.26 at the time of his arrest, more than three times the legal limit, WISH reported.

He stands charged with auto theft, auto theft with a prior conviction and intimidation – all felonies – as well as misdemeanor charges of resisting law enforcement, striking a law enforcement animal, and two DUI-related counts, WISH reported.

His bond was set at $25,000, and he was being held at the Tippecanoe County, Ind., Jail as of earlier this week.

  • Linda Kyle

    Omg Threatens To Eat Cops, Families And Dogs he really need’s his head examined big time !!

  • d-berggy

    do you want fries with that?

  • skyepilate

    A Hungry Man

    • 'Nother-Son-'O-Ursus

      Like Campbell’s soup used to say…
      “So meaty, you MIGHT be tempted to use a fork…”

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  • joanie134

    Once he sobers up the only thing he’s likely to say is yes sir and no sir. The dolt probably won’t remember running off at the mouth given his high blood-alcohol content.

    • 'Nother-son-'O-Ursus

      He might also say:
      “…A little more K-y, if you please, sir…”

  • Yummy

    If they were white cops, a nice Chardanay would go well with the meal
    If they were black cops, I suggest a nice Merlot.

    Jeffrey Dahmer re-visited

  • tom Sharp

    They still put mad dogs down, don’t they!

  • lilzip

    wow that comment just blow my mind ….

  • Lyndia

    “Look in his eyes, something is wrong with him.” Those were the words John Gacy’s father use to say about him.

    • Afro

      And a side dish of fried Lyndia brains. Oh she don’t have any I forgot

      • betsy

        Afro, stupid comment, even for you AS(fr))

  • Captain Flint

    It looks like they caught a cannibal. Maybe they need to dig in his backyard and look for bones. Probably a good idea to also check the crawlspace.

  • bufy

    i would eat him, but my doctor advised eating S-holes

  • jed

    sauteed weiner…stuffed hillbilly,,yum, when he comin to prison

  • jim

    his eyes do makes nices test icles…yum

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  • Will Rogers Said...

    I never met a cop I didnt want to eat. And so it goes.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    So how do you handle a hungry man?

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