Economist: NATO/G8 Summits Could Be A Disaster

CHICAGO (CBS) — A University of Chicago economist says Antarctica or Guam would be better places than Chicago for the upcoming G8 and NATO summits, now scheduled for mid-May in the Windy City.

Economist Allen Sanderson often questions large scale government subsidies for sports venues like Soldier Field for the Bears and U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox. In the case of the NATO and G8 summits, Sanderson says there’s a lot of downside for the city’s reputation and little upside in the way of economic development.

“It’s just a potential disaster,” Sanderson said. “Again, I hope it’s not. I hope things go really well and the city gets a real positive spin from it, but if you were betting in Las Vegas, you’d bet that’s not going to be the outcome.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s John Cody reports

The city says security precautions will cost $65 million, to be picked up by private donors and the federal government.

Sanderson says the summits are expected to attract 7,000 dignitaries and their security forces, as well tens of thousands of demonstrators. He says the timing couldn’t be worse, coming as it does, in the springtime.

“If the events were held in February … in Chicago there would be far fewer protests than (if they) were held in May. I mean, everybody, the Occupy folks will come out of hibernation by then,” Sanderson said.

Sanderson says daily battles between police and demonstrators could give Chicago a serious black eye as did the Democratic National Convention of 1968.

If the summits went off trouble-free, that could indeed burnish Chicago’s reputation, but Sanderson said if he had to put money on it, he’d bet against that happening.

Sanderson says the delegates won’t be doing much for the Chicago economy other than hotels and restaurants for the days they’re here.

But he says violent demonstrations and police reactions could easily outweigh the benefits.

Sanderson recommends the two summits be held somewhere far away, mentioning Kansas, Guam or the Antarctica as possible locations.

“Guam, the Canary Islands, Antarctica; someplace where people could meet in peace,” Sanderson said.

  • Jim

    I don’t see one damned thing about the NATO/G8 summits that needs to be protested. What is wrong with these whack jobs. Do they even know why they are protesting? What about the good work that NATO does?

    • Afro

      ROFLMAO Chicago is to violent for the dignitaries but what about us people who have to deal with shiit on a regular basis

      • NP

        Try moving….

    • Rahm666

      For consideration: They all can telleconference. Rahm says ;!st amendment is over rated. Wants permit for signs; disorderly conduct fines raised 2,000%; free speech zones; roof top snipers; etc. Toronto spent 1 billion on g20 security ( Chi. is broke). People don’t like banksters, trouble follows. NATO is a warcrime generating org. ( eg. use of depleted uranium; kill civilians etc.) not welcomed by our ethnic groups. Prescription for disaster.

    • Fred Lowe

      The “protest” seems nothing more then a clever ruse for people to riot. Consider this: Rioting has taken place at nearly all G8, G20 and NATO/OTAN summits. Then again Some people actually protest there due to the fact those are the richest/warmongering countries in the world. They want their pieces to the heard.

      • irrationalTHINKER

        What is your solution SIR? Because it sounds like you would be for ending protests without seriously considering BOTH sides of the story first. Do you believe this to be a good idea, SIR? WHERE DOES IT STOP, SIR? I believe this to be an emotional knee jerk reaction possibly fed to you by the mainstream media/TALK RADIO, I could be 100% wrong so please do clarify, SIR.

        “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” -Santanaya


      • Roert Burns

        The first amendment gives the protestors the right to be heard, not the right to riot and leave behind a lot of property damage. And it doesn’t give me the responsibility to listen.

      • Dan S.

        More than once, it has been shown that the riots were actually started by police provacateurs, the real protesters tried to keep things peaceful. This happened in Seattle and in Toronto, where it was filmed and the provacateurs were identified.

    • TJ

      and NATO is 75% funded by the USA When does the spending stop?

      • PabloKoh

        When you stop paying taxes.

    • gert

      its an election year and the press will not just cary the water for Obama but pour out any fires that might burn his perfect resume.

    • DJ

      Called lack of direction, People like to know they are working towards a goal or something that will better theses countries.
      Thats the main idea

    • dena

      So you don’t mind having a group of unelected “elites” decide your future? They’ve done such an outstanding job so far! Right?

      • Dmoney

        If these people hate the G8 so much, why do they vote for people that make the governments that form the G8 stronger?

        It makes as much sense as a Democrat Anarchist.

      • wildbill6996

        Are you saying the ELECTED ONES are doing great ????? You’re the only one who can decides your future …

      • Midge Martin

        “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken

      • PabloKoh

        Dena, Don’t sweat the replys. The tax cattle are happy to keep their heads down working until May for the wants of the elected class, yes the same elected class (Congress) with a 9% approval rating. The social contract has failed miserably, but it is all that these commenters have left. Youtube: Stefbot

      • Spanky

        Yeah, it makes so much more sense to let a mob dictate how to run things about which they are clueless.

        Don’t you have something to occupy?

  • Civilized

    I remember reading the same type of articles about Obama’s possible election party being held in Grand park back in 08. People were saying things would turn ugly, blah blah blah, but we all know how that went.

    • Tom Paine

      That’s because the vote in 2008 showed us that 47.1% of the country are racists who are violent and extreme and refuse to eat their peas. If you found out 47.1% of your new neighbors were felons you would be worried, too.

      • Afro

        Dam straight Tom and if you try to speak the truth you’ll find out they don’t believe in free speech either unless it goes along with their agenda

      • smokehouse56

        LOL….You’re still going to loose in November.

      • Connie McMurray

        Tom, the criminal element voted for Obma. Everyone knew that. But those people were always there. They weren’t “new neighbors”.

    • james g

      Well, things sure did turn ugly for the rest of America outside of Chicago. Got any more bright ideas coming from the Chicago intelligentsia?

      This was probably what Obama made a deal for after he blew the city’s chances for the Olympics by making a trip to “orate” to the Olympic committee (Remember how they eliminated chicago the very next vote?)

      Chicago and the G-whatever deserve each other. May you have a garbage can tossed through every business window. And they can toss a few through the Obama re-elect office windows, too.

      Have a nice G8 summit, Chicago.

    • Spanky

      Say, did the City of Chicago ever get reimbursed for that multimillion dollar expense as promised?

  • CFLC

    Chicago Police Department is at it’s all time low as far as manpower.
    Another 300 Officers anticipated to retire before May.
    No new hires scheduled for 2012 at the moment.
    Who is going to protect the neighborhoods of Chicago after they detail out the beat cops from all the districts to Nato/G8???

    • jbspry

      “Who is going to protect the neighborhoods of Chicago after they detail out the beat cops from all the districts to Nato/G8???
      You seem to be basically asking who will protect the neighborhoods from themselves; this pretty much sums up the Chicago experience.

    • Mark Matis

      For spitting on their oath of office, NOBODY deserves this more than the Chicago Police Department.

  • Civilized

    CFLC, I believe cops from other cities will be loaned out to the City of Chicago just like they were loaned out to Seattle, Pittsburg and other cities that have hosted these summits. Also, the Secret Service and FBI will be providing man power. This information is not some tightly held secret, people just need to READ more.

    • GABlueStarMom

      When they had the G8 Summit down in GA, no protesters showed up, no damage done and they did meet in peace…..but then in GA businesses and average citizens have the right to protect themselves and their property via the 2nd Amendment.

      • Pilsenboy

        Not 2nd amendments rights, but who in their right mind would voluntarily go to Georgia (assuming they have their front teeth)?

    • lloki924

      Well civilized since i can’t reply to your comment below mine, i will respond with this. See channel 5 news10ppm on 17 jan. debra kirby the top planner from the police dept states we have no real plans to ask any outside agency for help.The top police planner is my source i suggest you cite yours

    • loki924

      No civilized,You should read more. There is no outside help coming, as the city has declined to indemnify them. With the exception of a few federal protection types for the delegates the police and firemen will stand alone, and your right this isn’t some tightly held secret just information that has been ignored by the media.

      • Civilized

        Well loki, from the last report that I READ a couple days ago, there is outside help coming so I do my reading, from a variety of sources, thank you very much. Anyway, I’m pretty confident that the hopeless picture CFLC tried painting isn’t going to be realized.

  • TJG

    Sounds like potential must see TV.

  • Barry Soetoro

    The US needs to leave NATO, G8, IMF, World Bank, etc..

    • Spanky

      But how else can we prop up anti-American despots or give money to Islamofascists and others who hate America?

      • Hank Amarillo

        I was about to say that you forgot the squatters, but then I saw “and others who hate America”

  • G8 Summit in May will be Violent and Bring Much Damage to Chicago

    […] I love the idea raised in this article about the disaster that’s heading for Chicago in May: it asks why summits like these can’t be held in Antarctica or on Guam? […]

  • joe

    Of course you will have protest when you have unelected pieces of trash deciding how many times a year you can flush your toilet and how much gas and food will cost. These international elitists meet so they can decide how to steal the rest of the wealth and property away from this nation. They have always planned to devalue the dollar so we will beg for a world government solution. It is sickening to watch America give its allegiance to the evil UN.

    • Jo Castiglione

      Amen Joe…..from another Jo

  • Crosscut

    The US needs to pull out of these anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-White third-world Muslim dominated organizations. Especially the UN. Let them all relocate in Haiti. They will all feel more at home there.

    • ssj12

      you do realize the US is a secular nation right…

  • SAR2012

    The mindless mobs are Chairman Zero’s fellow travelers; it seems only proper they trash barry’s home turf. The city which foisted the likes of the daleys, soetoro, jackson and innumerable other corrupt hypocritical megalomaniacs on productive, patriotic, Americans richly deserves some serious payback. Hope the protesters bring along a descendant of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow to finish the job.

  • Marjorie Caldwell

    Get some vigilante groups to police these worthless, mindless protesters. If they get out of line, shoot them.

    • Chad

      Yeah !! Hopefully they can shoot some women, too…maybe even children !!! Kill protesters !!! USA USA USA USA !!!

  • Ben Watson

    The G8 – part of the New World Order Traveling Theme Park.

    Chicago be prepared! Your city will be turned into a full fledged police state during the summit!

    All of these Global Economic Summits act as dress rehearsals for when the dollar collapses and we have chaos in the streets.

    I seriously suggest all citizens of Chicago do their best to GET OUT of the city during this summit!

    • Doug Rose

      But Please………….DON’T come to Indiana !!

  • digitus

    This should be better than the Dem convention. Don’t miss TV. With all the new communications this should be hilarious. A deserving city with a mayor it deserves. Ha Ha.

  • Willis Forster

    Las Vegas was mentioned but not as a location, just about placing a bet. In fact it is nearly ideal for really large conferences. great air connections, lots of high quality rooms, loads of experience at handling large crowds, and they really need the money. The only reason they picked Chicago is because obama was shunned before when he tried to book a big event there.

  • Chris

    These G8 Summits traditionally bring out all of the anarchist loons who love to sack and pillage and burn stuff. I appreciate Sanderson’s reservations about holding the event in Chicago, but would just like to say that those of us in the Kansas area don’t want them either, thank you very much, so keep your suggestions to yourself!

    • james g

      Nobody wants them. Obama thought he was doing Chicago a favor, much in the same way he thinks he is doing the rest of us a favor by being President.

  • CPD 1968 Come Back Special

    Just beat them (1968)

  • denver bill

    A disaster for the city? Nope …. inanimate objects don’t suffer. A disaster for cops, firefighters, sanitation workers? Nope …. they get overtime. A disaster for the citizenry that has to pick up the tab? You betcha.

  • Afro

    Go ahead expose Chicago for what it really is let the world see our shiit hole LMAO

  • par432000

    Me thinks Rahm the Godfather isn’t going to tolerate any high jinks!
    I see a repeat of Old Man Daley’s 1968 “Shoot to Kill” order.

    • Big Bear

      If blood is spilled, there will be retaliation. Expect some member of elite to be assassinated in return, or a scorched earth policy carried out against the places where they like to frequent.

      In the meantime, thousands more will abandon the elite and their rigged game. I did years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. If harm befalls some member of the DC gang or the bankster’s circle, it won’t weigh on me.

  • Afro
  • Confuscious Says

    All of you people waiting for martial law to begin, when and where? tune in to this Bat Channel in March. Anybody with any sense beat your feet before it hits.

  • WilliamPenn

    Obama’s base will show up and destroy Chicago. Fitting.

  • Alvin Marcott

    was that a dig at Kansas?

  • Kevin

    Obozo and company want it in Chicago to ensure that civil unrest WILL happen… All part of the plan for the 2012 Dimocrat election campaign…

  • Adam

    This will be great imagery for the President… I welcome the G8 and the Obama-bots who will protest them. In Chicago too…? Excellent.

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