Pit Bull Attack Victim: ‘These Were Not Just Regular Dogs’

Updated 01/17/12 – 4:54 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The 62-year-old jogger who was attacked by pit bulls in Rainbow Beach Park two weeks ago said Tuesday that he remembers everything that happened that morning, when he kept telling himself to survive.

As CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports, Joseph Finley spoke out for the first time about the attack, which left him severely injured.

The attack cost Finley much of his left leg, but he realizes it could have cost him his life. He said he fought the dogs for 20 to 25 minutes and felt certain he wouldn’t live to tell his story.

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“The way they attacked me, these were not just regular dogs, no. These dogs attacked in the way of dogs that have been trained to kill,” Finley said.

It happened while Finley was running in Rainbow Beach Park on the morning of Jan. 2.

After the two pit bulls started attacking, Finley tried to stay on his feet.

“I knew at that point that if I fell down, at any point, it was going to be disastrous,” Finley said.

But the dogs were too strong and Finley went down, with each dog attacking opposite sides of his body.

“Those dogs are coming at me consistent, constantly; yanking and biting and tearing and pulling and gnawing at my body, like it was … like I was a hamburger,” Finley said.

He did his best to fight the dogs off and protect his head and neck, using his hand weights to strike the dogs.

Finley said he kept repeating the same thing over and over to himself.

“Survive. Survive. Joseph, you have to survive,” Finley said. “They had a method to their madness. They knew what they were doing and they did it well and their main objective was to make sure that I was their dinner.”

Finley said he kept calling out for help, hoping someone would hear him. He thought no one did until he saw police lights.

“I heard somebody say ‘Get away from him, dog! Get away from him!” Finley said. “I heard them say ‘We’ve got to shoot these dogs, they’re not going to let him go.’”

What he heard next ended the attack.

“I heard four, five shots. The first two shots, I felt the tug on this leg stop. The next two shots, I felt the tugging on this arm stop and at that point, I felt myself fading,” Finley said.

After police shot and killed the pit bulls, Finley was rushed to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

“They did a tremendous job. They really did, but the end result is, I lost my foot. They bit it off,” Finley said.

Now that he has survived, Finley said his next fight will be to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else.

“I think there should be much more stricter rules for things like this and the owners to be thoroughly, 100% held accountable in every way,” Finley said. “It’s not right at all that you can’t walk outside without the fear of being attacked by wild or vicious animals of this nature.”

Finley said he hopes to one day walk and possibly even run again. His doctors said, given his track record thus far, they think if anyone can do it, it’s him.

Doctors said the plan going forward is for Finley to go to an inpatient rehabilitation center and they said they are optimistic about his chances of doing whatever he wants to do.

  • moonmac

    Owner must of had clout for not being arrested!

    • vet451

      So is the owner of the dogs paying all medical bills?

      • jerry

        nope, the taxpayers are, just like the rest of thosuands of people who have no insurance who get treated in our hospitals every day.

    • bikertrash

      So why didn’t the guy just pullout his Glock and shoot the—Oh ,I forgot,Chicago and Illinois have gun control.Sorry about your luck,pal,That wouldn’t have happened here.

      • Stu Strickler

        Another good reason not to live in Chicago.. Had
        these dogs attacked me they would have been eating lead out of my Kimber!

      • Randy

        Living in Chicago won’t stop me from blasting animals like this, some of us still believe we have rights and are not afraid to protect our self.

    • Jerry

      This is one reason I carry my pistol in Chicago every day, The other 9 million reasons have 2 legs.

  • peggy sue leifer

    steve…please give our best regards to joseph. jim, snickers and i can only imagine the pain and terror this man went through.

  • Paul Joseph

    Joseph, I wish you all the best and will pray to St. Joseph for your speedy recovery.

  • Gebus

    You obviously know nothing about the breed. They have to be taught to be vicious. I have had 4 of these dogs in my life, and not one of them was a danger to people. It’s all about training them to be submissive to humans. Just like any dog they can be man’s best friend, or worst enemy, and it is up to the people that own them to steer their development. They are not born killers, they are created.


      I thought both Barry and Rahm were on vacation 2 weeks ago.

    • astralweeks

      Sorry, facts don’t support that. The Centers for Disease Control did a ten year study on dog attack fatalities. 32% were caused by pit bulls. Rottweilers came in a distant second at 13%. That’s too high a percentage to allow for ‘bad owners.’ I work as an imaging technician and just had a sweet young girl in for a badly chewed arm. It was caused by her family’s pit bull that was lovingly raised. They’re called pits, because they were bred to fight in pits. Yes, all breeds bite, the difference is the pit bulls don’t let go or stop until forced. Best of luck to your family, I hope yours don’t turn on your children.

      • brian

        What you are leaving out is that over 90% of those fatal attacks are by male dogs that were not neutered. No doubt, pit bulls are equipped to do damage, but simply neutering the dog is a huge protective factor. that is an owner issue. Also, about 20% were by dogs that were chained. Another owner issue. As far as bite statistics alone, German Shepherds, labs, and several other breeds are more likely to attack. I have owned several different breeds (labs, american eskimo, goldens) and have found pits to be the smartest and most amenable to training.

      • SupportPitVictims

        “As far as bite statistics alone, German Shepherds, labs, and several other breeds are more likely to attack.”
        What statictics please? I’d like to see your references.
        In 2010, the combination of pit bulls (22) and rottweilers (4) accounted for 79% of all fatal attacks. In the 6-year period from 2005 to 2010, this same combination accounted for 71% (129) of the total recorded deaths (181).
        The combined breakdown between the two breeds is substantial. From 2005 to 2010, pit bulls killed 104 Americans, about one citizen every 21 days, versus rottweilers, which killed 25 Americans, about one citizen every 88 days.
        (from media reports compiled by dogsbite.org)

      • Bighorntermite

        SupportPitVictims, can you please stop citing dogsbite.org? Any respectable media site (aka CBS) is well aware that it’s full of embarrassingly skewed “statistics.” You’re doing nothing to help your “cause.”

    • e

      Gebus, what about the pregnant woman in California who was killed, along with her baby, by her pit bulls? She and her husband were “model” pit bull owners who used to spend a lot of time educating people about how to be responsible pit bull owners. Everyone who knew them said they were perfect owners for that breed. If it can happen to that family, it can happen anywhere and to anyone. Those dogs should be banned.

      • Lyndia

        e, I have not heard that story but it is so sad.

    • Joe Blow

      You are wrong. These dogs can be docile their whole lives, and then one day they will snap. You can’t train away what evolution has embedded deep in their consciousness.

      • Laura Prowicz

        because banning “things” works so well in our society. prohibition. guns. drugs. dogs. really? please. I don’t need the Government to babysit me, do you?

    • David

      I fully concur that HUMANS make dogs what they are. In this case, humans made them into vicious wild animals. Does that mean the victim has to take it? Does that mean the police were wrong? No it doesn’t.

    • John

      Beg to differ with you but you’re flat dead wrong about they have to be taught to be vicious….but on the other hand you’re also right about having to be taught to be submissive to humans. There in lies the problem, they recognize a weak person and may live with them without incident for years, however there’s a dead lady here where I live that thought the same thing before her two cute cuddly pits mauled and killed her because they didn’t respect her. Thats the fundamental problem with the breed…if they don’t respect you they will kill you in a heartbeat if they choose to.

  • Guest

    I love dogs but pit bulls need to go. Stupid people glorify their ownership of these dogs because “They are bad ass” and thus their owners are bad ass. This breed should be eliminated and anyone owning one should be fined.

    • b.mclane

      You could say the same for about anything. Lets see who commits most violent crimes and kill everyone of that race. See how dumb your remark sounds??? Its not the breed, it the owners. THE DOG DOES EXACTLY WHAT WHOEVER FEEDS IT WANTS. Bad owners= Bad dogs. A responsible owner would have these 2 dogs secured so they could not get out in the first place. You have to acknowledge the jaw pressures these dogs possess and take precautions. I stole a fighting pit bull from an Alabama farm 20 yrs ago. While all were sleeping it off , I literally like a fool, picked up this sick and exhausted dog and drove off in my sports car. Blind from eye infections, mauled and wounded with buckshot all over his body; the idiots fought him 2 times that night. First thing I did was bathe him. At ANY time he could have ripped my throat out. I was incredibly naive to do such a thing but so glad I did. We had 3 great years together before a buckshot traveled up a vein and stopped his heart. He was well taken care of and well loved. IF I CAN TAKE A FIGHTING DOG STRAIGHT FROM THE PEN TO SLEEPING ON MY BED THAN ITS THE OWNERS NOT THE DOG BREED.

    • Nancy Whitney

      You’re wrong. Pitties are fine. I have a pit rescue and she’s gentle and snuggly. At her doggie daycare she is used to “interview” incomers, because she’s friendly and all waggy. I had a pittie as a kid 20 years ago, too, and she was sweet, slept in the same bed as my grandmother. It is the owners who treat them bad and turn them aggressive intentionally. They are what needs to go. I recall in the 80s Dobermans were the “bad” dogs. I think around the 90s it was Rottweilers that were “bad”. It’s not the breed, it’s the owners.

      • Iam A Spy


        Look I see what you are saying. You are missing the point here. You are basically blaming an entire genetic line of dogs. The blame falls on the persons who trained them to be this way.

        You are making the same argument as blaming the GUN vs the person who used it. These dogs were trained to behave this way. They are not born ripping at our flesh.

        Just like any and I mean ANY dog. You raise it to be mean. It will be mean. Just so happens the Pit Bull is well built for carnage over a poodle.

        BUT I can say we can train poodles to attack the same…the effectiveness would be not so good though.

        Still I am not trying to make light of this….just don’t be so naive about the facts. Most of these PIT BULL attacks are because of stupid owners.

      • Gustavus

        You are insane.

        Pitts naturally attack, and try to kill, that is what is in their genetic hardwiring. Just like collies naturally want to herd, retrievers want to retrieve, Komondors want to protect. You can’t train the natural instinct out of them.

        Why are they always owned by idiots? Must be part of the hardwiring in idiots, and punks, they have to own these useless creatures, then don’t have the brains to properly contain them.

      • b.mclane

        Nancy, you are SO RIGHT !! Its not the dogs, its the owners. I stole a pit bull from a fighting ring in Alabama 20 years ago while all were sleeping it off. The poor dog eyes were nearly blind with infection, he had buckshot in his body and he did 2 fights before I could get to him. Lying exhausted and sick in a pen ,like an idiot, I literally picked up this dog and put him in my sports car and drove off in the middle of the night. First thing I did was bathe him. At any time he could have ripped my throat out. He responded to a gentle touch and soft words rapidly and was by far one of the best 4 buds I ever had. I WAS REPSONSIBLE. I knew what he was capable of and had him secured behind a good fence or on a leash at all times. Eventually, one of the buckshots traveled up a vein and stopped his heart but he had 3 great years with me. IF I CAN TAKE A DOG USED FOR FIGHTING AND GO DIRECTLY TO MY HOME WITH HIM SLEEPING ON MY BED THAN ITS THE OWNERS NOT THE DOGS.

      • TD

        You are crazy. A neighbor sic their pit pull on another neighbors Lab a few years back in my apartment complex. The Lab got away from the frantic owner and an hour later the police found her dog DEAD.

        I live right next to a hotel where I saw this guy wrestling with a dog last month. Nope. It turned out that he was trying to get his two pit bulls from eating each others face apart. After about 20 minutes of watching, one pit bull with a white head was covered in blood.

        But your right, poodles attack joggers all the time. I read stories where a family pit bull (was so friendly and has a waggy tail) ended up attacking some little child and chewing their face off. Tell that to the child once he/she grows up.

      • Bev

        I love you Nancy Whitney! The first problem is that “pitbulls” refer to up to 2 dozen different breeds of dogs. There is no one breed called “pitbull”, which means when we look at statistical attacks, we naturally see “pitbull” very high up the list because it clumps together 2 dozen different breeds. Now, the three most common breeds that are described as “pitbulls” are the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

        Contrary to popular belief, “pitbulls” were not originally bred to fight, they were bred as “nanny dogs” and were excellent at protecting children. They became popular with dog fighters because of their strength. I weigh less than 100 lbs and my bf has a pitbull that weighs more than me… he is the snuggliest ever!!

        Read more: http://blogcritics.org/culture/article/pit-bulls-vicious-killers-or-much/#ixzz1jlLemCJ8

      • Marcus Allen

        In the 3-year period from 2006 to 2008, pit bull type dogs killed 52 Americans and accounted for 59% of all fatal attacks. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers accounted for 73% of these deaths.

        It is people like you who are the problem.


        I agree it is the owners not the breed. I have a pit for almost ten years, 5 kids, 1 grandaughter he has been raised with. He has never attacked anyone or anything. I do not consider them badass dog, I consider stupid oweners.

    • Gary

      I have to agree. But a lot of people will say it’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owners. The truh is these owners need to do some research on pit bulls, and how many owners are killed by thier own pitbull’s.
      My next door neighbor has a pitbull. They got a another pitbull and he ended up killing the new puppy for getting too close to his food. Thier not a very stable dog.

      • Emilee

        Gary, I think you are right. A bad owner can exacerbate the situation, and there are many very loving, sweet pit bulls. But different breeds do have some built in instinct differences. Pit bulls have been bred for fighting and hostility toward other dogs in particular (though in this case it was a man they attacked).

        What’s more, even if they WEREN’T more inclined toward this behavior, they are very strong, their jaws in particular. It’s reasonable to think a person could fight off another type of dog more easily.

      • Iam A Spy

        I have seen my Jack Russell go ape sheet over anyone going near her food bowl. Drawing blood for that fact. I had to break her of this.

        So does that mean every Jack Russell is a vicious dog now. You folks keeping setting up conditions to support these lame arguments.

        I can do the same to prove how dumb playing this “Conditional setting = my facts are supported game”

        The ONLY thing that makes pits tougher than normal is that Lock Jaw they can do. Rotts and Shepards can tear into you just as well with their jaws.

        The only reason Pit Bulls are in the news so much, is so many people own them now. Maybe some of you are too old or too young. I remember when Rap took foot hold. I remember when Rappers put the Pit Bull as the dog every “gangsta” should own. Next thing I saw is every body and their mother wanting a pit bull. Cause they wanted to be just like the “rappers”.

        The point I am making is poor owners produce poor dogs..no matter the breed.
        The fact is Pit Bulls have been made very popular with the young male crowed out there as the “bad ass” dog to own. I have watched my fair share of very bad owners in my HOOD. I have seen my friends two dogs kill another and go after people.

        You know what…these were very sweet dogs…till my EX friend raised them vs the previous owner. These dogs went from family dogs to roaming dangers in my part of the block.

        You know why? Cause the fool taught them to attack a home made dummy of a human. THinking it was cool and bad ass.

        This is why these dogs exist. Dumb owners like that…and I can say without a doubt.. there are a lot more dumb owners out there with these dogs. This wont be the last we hear of this kid of attack anytime soon.

      • PitOwner

        You’re right. It’s the dogs, not the owners. They’re not stable dogs and if you have more than one they will kill each other.
        The proof is in the picture: http://twitpic.com/85eazb

    • Joe

      You’re an idiot.. It’s not the animal it is the owner. If the owner is mean and abusive or trains it to fight then you get trouble. Just like a bad child!

      • Bilford Rielly

        Then you won’t mind if I shoot you when your dogs atrtack?

      • Emilee

        I’m not necessarily for killing or outlawing pit bulls. But you’re comment is extremely ignorant — and ironic, considering how unnecessarily hostile it was in a thread about an unprovoked attack.

        Bad parenting is much more likely to lead to bad children. BUT there are good children with bad parents and bad children with good parents. Certain breeds of dog are statistically more inclined to attack than other breeds, regardless of training/owners. You don’t hear about packs of Labrador retrievers attacking joggers.

      • Gary

        I bet you own a pitbull Joe?


        YOU are the idiot. The owners of these mutts always say how nice they treated their doggie after he mauls someone. And the reason they GET pit bulls instead of another dog is because they KNOW how vicious they are.

        Another stupid-a$$ pit bull lover.

      • Minorkle

        It’s the dog…let’s face facts and stop the killing and maiming of innocent people

      • SupportPitVictims

        From 2004 to 2010 59 US children were killed by the family’s, babysitter’s, neighbor’s or friend’s pit bull. (dogsbite.org)

    • Darlene Brown

      Guest, I can’t help but to reply to your statement. If you truly are a dog lover you would understand that the breed of pitbulls were never to be used or train in the way of attacking. Shamefully some owners feel that if your pit isn’t vicious then he/she is of no use to them. Any animal (including humans) who are trained in attack and destroy will do just that. So let’s stop blaming the breed and put the blame where it should be with the socallled owners. With all do respect.

  • Lynnoo

    That is a ridiculous statement. It is the owner, not the dog. I owned a wonderful, loving pit for 12 years. Those silly yip-yip dogs, Pomeranians and chiuauas and ar worse. Educate yourself.

    • Tim Holt

      You fools educate yourself. My brother is a trainer and has two pits himself and he will be the first to tell you not to ever trust the breed. His dogs are docile and sweet and he will be the first to tell you the breed can snap at any time over any provocation. The PB’s were rightfully put down and the owner will be paying millions in restitution.

      • Joe Dutra

        You are so full of it.

    • RJ

      How many reports of pomeranians and chiuauas mutilating people do you hear about?

      • Count Yob

        A yapping chihuahua once broke the skin on my ankle. I was tempted to kick him like a football but the owner was standing right there and I wanted to sell him some candy. He didn’t buy any. Maybe I should have kicked the owner.

      • Nancy Whitney

        Small dogs can be quite vicious. It’s not the pitbulls fault they are bigger and stronger.

      • Turban

        “Small dogs can be quite vicious. It’s not the pitbulls fault they are bigger and stronger.”.
        Right, it’s your fault for owning them.


      Another in-denial pit bull loving moron.

      All the pit bull owners say “we treated him so well, I can’t believe it!” after their mutt hurts or kills someone.

      Only clueless morons like yourself think it’s an owner’s fault.

      • Bighorntermite

        I wish you were right. I wish that the “danger” could be contained by breed. But for so many reasons–starting with, your basic assumptions about “pit bull” type breeds are wrong–it can’t.

        Also, so now you’re saying we should ban mutts? That would mean way more than hundreds of thousands… You’re confusing me.

      • Bighorntermite

        These replies are ending up in all the wrong places. But anyways…

        A person is HUNDREDS of times more likely to be killed in a random murder than they are by a confirmed “pit bull” breed. Meanwhile, you support liberal gun laws but push for a ban on pit bulls? On what grounds? Freedom is freedom.

        So you know, I own pit bulls. I don’t own guns. But still, I support YOUR right to own guns. I don’t need to own them in order to support YOUR right to own them responsibly. Just like, I would think, you don’t need to own pit bulls to support my right to own them responsibly. And just like you gun owners know in your brains that most people own guns responsibly, I own in my brain that most pit bull owners own their dogs responsibly. I mean, come on!

    • SupportPitVictims
  • attilathehun

    He should have been carrying a gun. Oh that’s right! It happened in Chicago!

    • jirski

      Your right. Here in Ohio those dogs would have been dead before the cops were called. I would have had all my brass picked up by the time the cops arrived. GET WITH IT ILL. YOU DESEVE BETTER!!!! YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR.

      • JohnF

        LOL, you wouldn’t want to litter now would you? A good gun owner always picks up his brass! My exact first thoughts. If it wasn’t Chicago this guy might still have two feet. He should sue the state for his injuries as they prevented him from protecting himself effectively. I love how the story puts it, “What he heard next ended the attack.” Ended it. Would most likely never have started if he had been armed.

  • boozy

    That is why you LEGALLY pack heat..oh that is right, cannot do that in Chicago…OH WELL…guess we will have more people with their feet chewed off

  • uncle albert

    “Those silly yip-yip dogs” Yes, but you can drop kick those “Those silly yip-yip dogs” into the next county if they get rowdy.

  • jerry

    im smart enough to know that not ALL pitbulls are killers, however, seems like every story i read about maulings it was a pit bull. we just moved into our new house that sat on the market for months and months. big back yard, finished basement, brand new rehab, all new everything. couldnt understand why, the day we moved in and unpacked everything the neighbors let their dogs out in their back yard right next to ours.2 full grown adult pitbulls. vicious looking and barking up a storm at us about to hop the small 4 foot fence that seperates us. we have a 10 month old son, im NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS. what can I do? is there law in Skokie?

    • John

      Build a higher fence.

      • Afro

        Just make sure you have a trusty 12 guage with you when you have your son out in your yard if they come across that fence in attack mode protect your family, put them down. How was it I think Alabaster said it? Better you be judged by 12 then your son carried by 6.

    • Wen

      The only thing you can really do is build a bigger fence. Also make sure it’s placed extra deep so they will not be able to dig under it to get into your yard.

    • babydriver

      If you used a realtor, talk to a lawyer.

    • CHris

      There was a study done about media reporting dog attacks. It turns out that in the majority of the cases, the media reports the breed as a “pit bull: when in fact it wasn’t a pit bull who attacked a person but another breed altogether.

      I have a 4 year old pit bull and raised him from a baby. He has never so much as bitten anyone even on accident.In fact, he is afraid of toasters, vacuums, and spends a good portion of the day trying to crawl on peoples laps in our living room like he is a house cat. Incidentally, he has multiple brothers and sisters around the area who have the same temperament as him. It really is largely dependent on the environment the dog grows up in.

      I know a lot of … let us say a certain group of people … who buy pit bulls just to starve them and make them “bad ass.” This specific certain group of people should never be allowed to own a dog or any pet for that matter. Also, pitbull ownership should require a license. They are not bad dogs by nature, but when they do become bad, they are nothing less than dangerous weapons you have no control over.

    • b.mclane

      1) talk to your neighbors.
      2) meet the dogs in your neighbor’s presense. Bring a treat for each and show them you are no threat.
      3) Go with an open mind.
      4) Most dogs are territorial. They “guard” their home so let the dogs know you are not a threat.
      5) NO BIG dog likes to look into the eyes of a kid. Its a threat in their world so build a bigger fence.

    • Roberta Waker

      You didn’t ask WHY the house was for sale? Put up a six foot vinyl fence and contact the Village of Skokie to find out if there are any restrictions on dog owners. Some villages have regulations on dog barking for more than ten minutes – the owners will be warned, ticketed and fined, but that depends on the area you live in. You might be able to check with the police or village to see if any complaints have been registered against the dogs’ owners. I do understand your concern, but if the dogs’ owners are irresponsible, it will be up to YOU to do everything possible to protect your son even though they would be ultimately responsible for injuries or damage. You might want to talk with the dog owners to see what kind of people they are; then you will know what action to take, if any. Good luck.

    • Lyndia

      Jerry, I hope there is a law in Skokie. I know people out there and I would hate for one of them to get their foot eaten off by one of these barbaric azz dogs. I also agree with the statement they we get what we vote for, which is the reason I will NOT BE VOTING FOR MONIQUE DAVIS. SHE WAS ON OF THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED AGAINST CONCEAL CARRY. Please Jerry, take my advice. WATCH YOU 10 MONTH OLD BABY BOY AT ALL TIMES. THOSE MONSTER DOGS NEED TO BE BANDED OR KILLED.

      • Afro

        I pack anyway, I gotta protect myself from the stalkers!

      • Afro

        I pack anyway, I gotta protect myself from the stalkers! When they get violent and try to attack me.

  • babydriver

    He should have been able to shoot the dogs himself when the attack started.

    Would have saved his foot.

  • Drew

    Pit Bulls……….the Rolex’s of the trailer parks.

  • nobama

    Running at Rainbow Beach?!

  • JTNC

    Pitbull defenders don’t know anything about animal behavior. This level of viciousness has been bred into them. Very much the same way you don’t have to teach a pointer to point, or a lab to retrieve, or a pitbull to be unstable. It’s instinctual at this point. The ability to recognise a fellow canine (even of the same pack) submitting and stop attacking has been bred out. This is crucial to pack survival and is why this breed would probably cease to exist without human intervention(breeding). Further evidence of the unreliable, unstable nature of the breed is the fact that they are not used as service dogs, ie. police, military, etc. So keep defending this stupid dog, here’s your sign.

    • babydriver

      It’s a travesty people don’t understand where the name PITbull came from.

      They were BRED to fight in the PIT. That is their purpose in life, to fight.

    • Nancy Whitney

      First, you do have to teach dogs, even labs, retrieve; plus, retrieving is a “skill”; “unstable” is a state of mind. Two entirely different things.

      Second, Pitties ARE used as service dogs – here’s one link you could have found with a simple google: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/10/01/pit-bulls-used-as-service-dogs-for-wounded-veterans/

      Third, I’d be lots of money you know less about canine behavior than Caesar Milan, who passionately defends and rescues pitbulls. It is the owners who turn them aggressive.

      • b.mclane

        Hands down those who make negative remarks here could not tell an American Pit Bull from a Statfordshire and lump all sorts of inbreeds with pit bulls. I bet you none of them ever owned a pitt and just are blattering.

      • Roberta Waker

        Wasn’t it Shorty Rossi from the show Pit Boss and Shortywood that defends and rescues pit bulls, NOT Caesar Milan? Caesar is the dog whisperer that helps people with ALL breeds of dogs.

      • PitOwner

        @ Roberta –
        Cesar Millan does work with all breeds of dogs, including pit bulls. His dog “Daddy” who died a couple years ago was a pit bull, as is his current “partner dog”, Junior.

    • Gary

      well said.

    • Roberta Waker

      Excuse me JTNC but pit bulls ARE used as service dogs or didn’t you read the story about Mr. Sak, a retired police officer/veteran whose service pit bull mix was removed from him and he had to fight to get him back because pit bulls were banned in this small town in Iowa? They have also been trained successfully to visit patients in hospitals. Might want to do a little more research before you spout off.

  • Joe Blow

    They really need to outlaw pit bulls. To bad the jogger didn’t have a concealed weapon so he could have shot both of the dogs dead. At least if he would have had a 4 inch pocket knife he could have lacerated the vicious monsters.

    • Lyndia

      Forget a knife Joe Blow, the man needed a gun to kill those ugly mf’s. (and kill the owner when he comes too.)

  • David

    Anyother case calling for carrying a firearm. Except in the USA some cities, states are more equal than others on that particular provision of the US Constitution, you know, the one that supposedly protects US citizens. Oh, never mind, it doesn’t.

    • Mr. Justice

      I agree David. IF CCW was legal here in the communist state of IL, perhaps the man would not have been injured. Forty-nine other states cannot be wrong. When I walk my dogs, I make sure we are protected.

  • Mike Notsaying

    yup yet another situation that could be solved with americans being aloud to have firearms , another sensless situation , but keep saying we the people dont need em enjoy your fates


    I’d say that the owner of those beasts owes that man a foot. Take if by force if he won’t give it up on his own accord.

    • JohnF

      Brutal, but interesting……

  • Mark

    Fact: The Pit bull breed were bred and created to be fighting dogs. Hence the small ears that can’t easily be bitten off, the huge mouths for biting, the near non-existent neck, etc.

    Fact: They fought in pits for man’s entertainment.

    Fact: They require extensive training.

    Fact: Many are half nuts due to excessive inbreeding.

    If a person is going to own any dog they should be prepared to accept the consequences of any action taken by their dog.

    • Lyndia

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Roberta Waker

      Fact: Pit bulls were known as nanny dogs. Fact: Pit bulls are one of two breeds capable of being retrained, even after fighting. Fact: You might want to do a little more research.

      • Firefly

        Fact: you’re wrong

    • Bighorntermite

      Fiction: they have small ears. No…that’s why dog fighters CROP their “too-big” ears.

      Fact: They require extensive training. No…they are, as a breed, intelligent and people pleasers and generally catch on pretty fast.

      Fact: Given the HUGE number of backyard breeders, most pit bull-type dogs aren’t inbred. Meanwhile, “pure” dog breeds of various sorts, by the nature of keeping the breed pure, have inbred lines.

      Fact: I’m a person who is willing to accept the consequences of my dogs. Which is why my dogs are never off leash. And why they’re never allowed in an unmonitored yard for long. And why they’ve gone through extensive training and are well-socialized among all ages/ethnicities of people. And why they excel at agility and know how to climb trees and walls and are probably in better shape than you are, whoever you are.

      Oh, and also they’re both rescued pit bulls.

  • Doc

    If he would have been carrying, he might still have his leg.

    • Bighorntermite

      Probably not. I live in Arizona, only a few miles from where Gabby Giffords was shot. We have the most liberal gun laws in the country. Lots of people in that shopping center were concealing. They simply didn’t know how to respond.

      In the case of this guy, a person should be able go JOGGING without worrying about taking a weapon along.

      And I’m saying this as a responsible owner of two, well-trained, socialized and exercised pit bulls WHO ARE NEVER OFF LEASH.

  • Nate P.

    I see a lot of comments about gun laws. Do any of you touting this nonsense honestly think that if it was legal to carry a weapon, that everyone would do so? Do you think this man would have been armed except the law stopped him? Not everyone wants to walk around with a deadly weapon, and many will choose not to. Stop acting like a gun law is the only thing standing in the way of a low crime scenario. Pennsylvania has concealed carry laws and look at Philadelphia.

    Stop trying to see your issue where your issue isn’t even relevant.

    • tw

      Criminals aren’t able to carry legally. What part of being a criminal do you not understand. By definition, they don’t care about laws. They break them, they are criminals. It is the honest, hard working people who want to protect themselves that can’t. So you want to let your leg get chewed off, or your kids, great, have fun. I do not. Quit trying to put your small minded ideals on everyone else.

    • Richard Carpenter

      You are ignorant. I live outside of Philadelphia. Philadelphia does NOT allow concealed carry but my area does. So which one has less crime? .

      • Robert Handzus

        concealed carry is absolutely allowed in Philly and you have no idea what you’re talking about, not that the original posters comment had any bearing to it either.

    • JohnF

      It’s not an issue of whether or not this guy *would* have been carrying if ALLOWED to. It’s that he was FORBIDDEN from carrying. The law therefore guaranteed this outcome. And BTW, where the law abiding are allowed to defend themselves crime does go down. I live in Blacksburg, VA, home of VA Tech. The university bans guns on campus. A lot of good that did!!! That policy guaranteed Cho would be very successful as he had no FEAR that anyone might be armed. PLEASE NOTE WHAT STOPPED THE ATTACK….

    • Lyndia

      Nate, if you do not want to carry a weapon, than don’t! Don’t stop anyone else from carrying one if they want to.

    • Mr. Justice@yahoo.com

      @ Nate P. you are very ignorant. Do your research before you spew your verbal vomit. Forty-nine states have conceal carry or open carry. ONLY The Communist State Of Illinois does not allow Conceal Carry. But don’t worry, we will get it passed within the next couple of years.

      • TW

        I drove through Illinois, including Chicago. To me it is like crossing over into East Germany, without the wall. The laws are not based on the Constitution, but rather the tyranical type of govt that was overthrown with the Revolution

  • Richard Carpenter

    Good thing he didn’t have a gun. He might have hurt the pit bulls. Good thing he didn’t even have pepper spray. Better to depend on the police. Sarcasm off.

    • JohnF

      Twas a good thing for the pit bulls. It truly was sad that the police that finally showed up did have guns. Where is PETA when you need them???

  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    ‘These Were Not Just Regular Dogs’, you think?

  • KatieS

    Sounds like Chicago dogs are like their politicians…very mean and have little respect for people.

  • Richard Carpenter

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Protect yourself. Oh, right. You live in Chicago. Too bad. Gun control is nothing but a union work rule. Government is the largest and most powerful union. If you belong, great. If not, tough.

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