CHICAGO (CBS) — The cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy, that does it for me. I’ve often thought it might be fun to go on a cruise, but I know now I’ll never do it, never ever get onto one of those boats.

No more mooning over magazines about paradise at sea. No thinking about gourmet dinners and fine wine and a dreamy soft rock to sleep.

Now I’m thinking about a captain puffing to people on shore, showing off his boat and slamming it into hard rock, tipping it like the Titanic, with no place on board to be safe. All while the captain is abandoning ship.

Te passengers had not been run through a safety drill, because the law does not require one until 24 hours after casting off.

I wouldn’t have listened anyway to a lecture about trouble and how to escape it, like a lecture on a school bus about sitting down and being still, or on an airplane about seat belts and exits.

Who pays attention to that stuff? From now on, I will.

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