Chicago Cop Convicted In Fatal DUI Crash

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago police officer has been convicted of reckless homicide and drunk driving for running over a teenager riding his bicycle three years ago.

Richard Bolling, who testified in his own defense at trial, was also convicted of leaving the scene of an accident for the May 22, 2009, wreck that killed Trenton Booker, 13.

As CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports, Booker’s family felt they didn’t have a chance, taking on the Chicago Police Department while seeking justice in the death of their son.

It’s a case that made them lose sleep, but on Wednesday, a Cook County jury returned the verdict they were hoping for.

Bolling had admitted to drinking alcohol before driving his Dodge Charger on the night he ran over Booker, but denied he was drunk or that he knew right away he had hit the boy.

But the jury rejected that claim, convicting Bolling after deliberating about nine hours over two days. Bolling’s bond was revoked shortly after the verdict and he was taken into custody, pending a sentencing hearing next month.

trenton booker 0118 Chicago Cop Convicted In Fatal DUI Crash

Trenton Booker, 13, was killed when a Chicago police officer ran over him as he was riding his bicycle in 2009. The officer has been convicted of reckless homicide and drunk driving. (Family Photo)

Authorities said Bolling struck Booker with so much force, his bike was knocked underneath a parked SUV. Booker’s family said every bone in his body was broken by the impact.

“It was devastating. It’s still devastating to this day,” Booker’s father, Terrence Booker said after the verdict.

With a veteran police officer accused of being drunk when he ran Trenton Booker down and killed him, the boy’s family questioned if they would ever see justice.

“It has been many, many days where none of us have been able to sleep. We have just been worried,” his grandmother Deborah Upton said.

“It’s been draining,” his father said. “Not knowing is the worst part.”

Prosecutors said Bolling got preferential treatment from responding police officers. He wasn’t given a field sobriety test for two hours after the crash and didn’t take a breathalyzer test for more than four hours.

That test showed him just below the legal limit, but a state expert testified if he’d tested at the time of the crash – it could have shown him at as much as twice the legal limit.

Booker’s father and grandmother embraced many times in the courthouse during the trial, holding on to their hope that the jury would see the truth.

“We basically had felt that no way would they convict him,” his grandmother said.

Even after the verdict, they said they can’t believe an officer sworn to protect and serve ran over the teenager they loved and left him to suffer.

“If you just hit a dog in the street, you’d pull over, you know what I’m saying? See how … that injured animal was doing, so that just speaks volumes,” his father said. “I don’t have to bash him, but that speaks volumes of an individual that does that.”

Bolling, 42, faces up to 15 years in prison.

  • inalienablewrights

    Are reporters ADD? What was his sentence or when is sentencing going to be held?

    • Centurion

      Learn to read YOU MORON! The sentencing hearing is next month.

      • inalienablewrights

        Yea I caught that Mr Warrier guy.

        It’s just this lousy software does not let you edit or delete a post. Carry on the battle Sir…..

  • Afro

    Hey Jack what do you say now? Do you still think the judge is a push over for your corrupt garbage? HAHAHA The time line doesn’t count, it sure did. The only thing that matters is the .079 HAHA Did you really think the judge and jury are that stupid? This gives me just one little atom of hope for the system. The man was drunk when he hit the kid. He lied about his drinking giving a false report to bad the Police forensic toxicologist didn’t prove him on that too.

  • Afro

    Richard Bolling and Tnia Griffin both killed someone and left the scene while DUI in two separate incidents I wonder how their sentences will compare.

  • Tom

    Jack-Sorry buddy. You were wrong and I was right. That’s alright, though. But time lines always count, especially in the case of a hit and run accident when the driver is located hours later and he / she has been drinking. He should have said what most people say. They say that they were sober when the accident occurred and they were so upset over the accident that they panicked, drove away and started to drink only after they got home.

    • Ted

      Agreed, Tom is right, hammer down, court adjourned. next!

  • KeepIn IT REAL

    If he was a white cop he would been out on house arrest and his corrupted colleagues would have thrown him a fundraiser for losing his job.

    • Tom

      If it would have been a white cop or black cop that ran you over and killed you, he’d be given a key to the city.

    • inalienablewrights

      I disagree. Police unions will usually back a cop even if he was a child molester. This guy did something the other piggies did not like and it was not color.

  • Tammy Burns

    I wonder what the outcome would have been if alcohol hadn’t been involved. Then it would have been a case of a minor out after curfew, riding in the street, going against traffic. Would it then have been the kid’s fault? What if it was the kid’s fault in this case, even with alcohol being involved? Should alcohol in your system, make an accident automatically your fault, even if in reality it wasn’t? Something to think about. The fact that he was a law enforcement officer is really quite irrelevant!

    • inalienablewrights

      Tammy as stated in my earlier post if I were on the jury (and it were not a cop) this is exactly how I would rule. If the accident would have IMHO still happened when the guy was sober I would have found him innocent.
      Congratulations you are one of the few that the fluoride has not destroyed your ability to think. :-)

      • inalienablewrights

        Please check out and look at the Red beckman video.

      • inalienablewrights

        I was almost a victim of this kind of BS thinking:
        A few years back a vehicle in front of me lost a wheel and actually
        flipped my little care onto it’s roof. I came close to being killed.
        BUT in Georgia if you have an open container in your car you automatically
        are charged as causing the accident!! (Yea – avoid Georgia.)

        Well the fat pig did not want to look through my car so he had the tow truck
        driver do so. The tow truck driver hid the open container for me and informed me of this insane law. Because other wise the accident would have been my fault.

        From the facts I read here I would have found anyone but a cop innocent.

    • Afro

      It was his fault because when he being intoxicated should have not been driving period thus it wouldn’t have happened.

      • inalienablewrights

        Do you realize the mind control term that intoxicated is?

        It doesn’t include anyone that is texting on their phone to the extent they are more dangerous than a person that blows 0.08

        It doesn’t include someone that is irresponsible or driven by an employer to drive when ill or with too little sleep. (I passed out at the wheel once because I had phenomena and my employer demanded that I work)

        Intoxicated can mean anything at all. It started at an arbitrary 0.10 (even though this is meaningless as this effects people differently) and now it is 0.08 in most states and will continued to be lowered until everyone drinking can be considered “intoxicated”

        You use the word as if it has some concrete meaning such as gravity being 9.8 M/S2.

      • inalienablewrights

        Afro take your brain out of neutral and put it in gear. You could say this about any accident. So any sober person should be prosecuted because “if they were not driving it would not have happened” ?

        Sounds logical to me…. NOT!!

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