4 Charged In Gun Bust

CHICAGO (CBS) – Nearly 60 stolen guns are off the streets following a major bust in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and other locations, police said Thursday.

The weapons were among 200 stolen Sunday morning from a Des Plaines gun store, which reported the missing inventory to authorities and set an investigation in motion. Police seized 20 guns in a boarded-up Englewood house in the 6200 block of South Morgan and recovered weapons in other locations.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports

Trevell Allen, 17, of Blue Island, and Emmanuel Warner, 17, of Dolton, were each charged with one count of aggravated possession of multiple stolen firearms. Brandon McGee, 18, of Chicago, was charged with seven counts of unlawful sale of a firearm. Darrell Holmes, 19, of Blue Island was charged with one count of possession of a stolen firearm.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy says there’s no telling what havoc could have befallen Englewood if those guns had not been recovered.

“Think about the mayhem these 58 guns in Englewood – the most violent part of Chicago – would have wreaked on this city,” McCarthy said at a news conference with Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez. “We don’t know how many lives we just saved by this happening.”

The investigation continues, and police are seeking a fifth suspect.

Police have seized more than 400 illegal guns this year, McCarthy said.

  • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

    Did you notice the attempt at brainwashing used at the beginning of this article?
    I did and I guess it is to be expected in a Communist state.

    The article stated:
    “…Nearly 60 illegal guns are off the streets following a major bust in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, police said Thursday.
    The weapons were among 200 stolen Sunday morning…”

    Note that these guns were not illegal. They were legal the day before when they sat in the gun shop. What they should have said was ” stolen guns” – which they were.

    This is not a small thing. This is a psych op to get you to associate ALL firearms with being illegal. This was done purposely and knowingly, to make the slaves happy with their status of being disarmed and protected by their master the State.

    • idiotswhocantread

      I guess you people can’t read. No where does it say they were illegal, re-read the article you dumb azzes.

      “Nearly 60 stolen guns are off the streets following a major bust in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood and other locations, police said Thursday.”

      “Police have seized more than 400 illegal guns this year, McCarthy said.”

      Get some education and learn to read

      • Afro

        Now go back and listen to the video within the first 5 words they are referred to as illegal. Don’t make me have to sit here and babysit your ass

      • Afro

        The very last sentence “Police have seized more than 400 illegal guns this year, McCarthy said.” You get some education and learn to read all of the information before you make a fool out of yourself.

      • Afro


        P.S. Your name suits you just fine

    • Afro

      She states on the video that it is weapons like those that are resposable for the muders of children and police officers. Sorry but it is the individual the gun can’t do sh!t with out someone to operate it! Prosecute the people MRs Avarez not the firearm it didn’t do it

      • Afro

        I look at the United States today and think to myself why did all of those early settlers lose their lives breaking free from England when we are turning out to be just like her.

      • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

        And they leave out that it is “weapons like those” that are responsible for the Colonist freeing themselves of the tyrannical British Crown and establishing the United States of America!

        More brain washing. The spin never stops does it?

    • Afro

      Yeah very good point and true. if you take this one step further one can plainly see none of the charges involved an illegal fire arm charge ie. posession of an illegal firearm, sale of an illegal firearm, no such charge because no such animal.

      This is how they close, “Police have seized more than 400 illegal guns this year, McCarthy said.”

      They seized the firearms and I’m sure they turned the criminal back out in to the street. This makes me say hmmm

    • Centurion

      Weird…I am in agreement with this guy! Those guns were STOLEN….and not ILLEGAL.

      So, where is the stories predecessor…the story about 200 GUNS BEING STOLEN ON SUNDAY. Or did the CBS news crew just skip over that little item. Or did they even know about it?

      • THEE Yard

        Geebus – I think the thing that strikes me the most is that I wasn’t aware of the negro species breeding “quadroosplibs” !!!!!! Fuking ni @@ ers all got their hair done did at the same place!!! LOL !!!

  • Afro

    Well it sounds like there are still 142 guns out there I hope they have plenty of ammo, maybe we can have a lively weekend Im going for 5 and 9


  • Lyndia

    I’m not sure but I might be they all Momma. I think they be my kids.

    • Afro

      ROFLMFAO and i just know NWApe can’t be the dad cause he ain’t got the balls so your father needs to use protection

      • lyndia

        Balls, BALLS, DID YOU SAY THAT, YOU SPINELESS LITTLE DI@@ MF. That is the primary reason that white men HATE Black men because of the size of their thang. If anybody knows that it is you since your mama ran off with the big Black garbage man. Your drunk azz daddy couldn;t do nothing for her but Bob could. So there it is

      • Afro

        I’m glad to see you are on a first name basis with the garbage man Lyndia, maybe tonight you and him can eat from the back of his garbage truck like a couple of hogs feeding from a trough. Maybe the compactor will actuate and do whats right by you.

  • Barbie

    Im am glad tro get the weopens off the street but those young men did not commit those crimes an what they are not telling in the article is what is gonna smack them in the face in the end.

    • George

      What the hell is this? Are you trying to make a point? This is senseless babble please come back and elaborate.

      Learn how to spell, this has got to be a product of CPS

      • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

        George you SheCaGO boys are growing on me too. I have a lot of Appleseed buddies from IL. And we rag them constantly about the Peoples Republic when they come over to MO to do some shooting.

        Give the bas-turds in your government hell and run them out of the country if need be. They are traitors and deserve worse.

      • George

        inalienablewrights You see my friend, I feel the need to say this and I hope some fellow Illinoisans get the drop here. I personally have no need for government, I do what is right by people because it is the right thing to do. I carry my pistol because it’s the right thing to do. If I blow someones ass off with it, it will be because it was the right thing to do. I have learned over the years there are basically two types of leadership. 1. Leadership by intimidation. 2. Leadership by example.

        Now here is where I stand with number 1. They can beat me, stomp me and kill me, even drag me through the mouth of hell and in to its belly but if I’m not hungry they can’t feed me their bull sh!t.

        Now here is where I stand with number 2. If they are willing to look at the facts using 49 other states as an example and compare to Chicago, and forget all about their own personal agenda I would cautiously break bread. However if I break that bread and it smells like the same ole sh!t I’m not biting.

        Bottom line is either way, no matter what they do to get me to the table, they can’t force their garbage down my throat.

        I eat what I want to, when I want to and I will not be governed to do so.

      • George

        On second thought Barbie Babble don’t come back, it’s quite obvious you’re complete fukn moron and no one wants to have to read your sh!t and you make absolutely no point or sense what so ever.

      • George


        I know my spelling isn’t perfect but 3 second grade words spelled wrong, all in the same run on sentence is to much for me. It doesn’t leave much room for me to think that I could get an intelligent conversation from the aforementioned individual anyway. By the way I do like your name.

      • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

        It’s a shame too George because if you use Firefox you have a built in spell checker in this window when you post.

        I think the are more problems here than spelling. Just basic ability to communicate is not there. In other words if every word was spelled correctly it would still be gibberish.

  • Just Axin

    Leroy- Please retract your statement, “dead or wounded we are the ultimate winners” to just read “dead”. If homey G be wounded, his damn Medicaid his mamma has aint gonna pay sh!t. The leaves us with another brother to support and possibly more procreation to deal wif.

    • Leroy Goldberg

      When you are right you are right. My bad Just Axin….What was I thinking?????


  • Just Axin

    Shouldn’t they refer this to the feds so it can carry a stiffer punishment?

  • Whoa!

    Is it me or do all 4 punks look the same. You can’t tell these people apart anymore.

  • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

    It would be confusing if they all went and changed their name to the same thing.. say Leroy Brown. ;-)

  • http://inalienablewrights.wordpress.com inalienablewrights

    Is there anything, to my observation that it is easier to distinguish individuals apart from one another than to do that for someone of another race?

  • old vet

    whoa; well at least they got all spiffed up for their pictures , did their hair up real nice,and put on their pink lipstick too !!

    • Lyndia

      Old vet, I thought you were dead but I see the dead has risen.

      • Lyndia

        We be such an evil peoples. I jus be so upset that these 4 boys who couldst be mines be doing bad things.
        I tries to be a good Momma to all my kids but they be so many and theys checks only be so little left after I be getting my drink and my drugs.
        I gots to find that garbage man.

  • Afro

    We need Jefferson D. here to string em up and get the brandin iron out

  • slobo

    Who woulda thunk it? Four colored boys?

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  • NWA

    I couldn’t be any prouder of these boys if they was my own and they just might be cause I gots them all over.



    Just following their faith full leader Obama and his side kick Holder.They figure if Obama and Holder can give guns to the gangs and drug dealers so can they.

  • Eddie

    Africa wins again

  • ra

    I’d be a babies moma to a 4 of the fine brothas

  • Free The Mo Mo X Four Gang

    We want free.

  • Staley

    inalien and george: separated at birth, but not far enough

  • juju

    Going to the liquor store – check.
    Cash a check at the currency exchange – check.
    Get a new ‘do for the hoes – check.
    Commit a crime – check.

    Black weekend.

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