Topinka: Illinois’ Unpaid Bill Crisis Just Keeps Getting Worse

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Illinois keeps falling farther behind on its debt.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, officially, the state has a backlog of more than $4.25 billion in unpaid bills.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

But Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says when one factors in other bills, the figure is closer to around $8.5 billion.

Those other outstanding bills include tax refunds, employee health insurance, and bills that have not yet reached her desk.

Topinka says this is extremely disappointing, since a year ago, the state sharply increased income taxes (by 67 percent) and corporate taxes.

“After the largest tax hike in our history, the state continues to be in this precarious fiscal position with persistent payment delays, and frankly, the situation is unlikely to significantly improve in the near term,” she said.

Some state officials say the solution is more borrowing to pay the bills, but Topinka says the solution is to cut spending.

  • tom Sharp

    The obvious solution is to throw Madigan, Cullerton and Quinn out of office so the insane waste and patronage money will stop. Anyone voting for any of these three should be disenfranchised immediately. TERM LIMITS OF ONE!!!

    • Mark Schwendau

      Well, that is part of the solution. A better one would be to offer up their organs for sale to those in need. A kidney can bring a lot of money on the black market.

    • Randy Stroh

      Call Scott Walker for some advice!!

      • L. Sampe

        Yes!! Gov. Walker is turning around Wisconsin’s fiscal disaster, in spite of Union Big Bucks (some of it coming in from Chicago), Most of my family and relatives live there and it is amazing what some changes have done already. I used to be a teacher there, forced to join the union and pay dues for something I didn’t believe in,, resented being told who to vote for, and supporting the Big Bosses expensive cars, houses, etc.
        In spite of all the harassment, physical and mental, he and his family and his little retired lady next door have had to endure, he sticks to his principles and ideals to Forward Wisconsin. Already, it is paying off fiscally!
        By the way, the paid union guys that came in from Chicago to protest and disrupt did nothing to improve Chicago’s image. That is sad because Chicago has a chance to change things, too, for the better, if they are brave enough to take it.

      • Reality

        Ha! Ha ha ha ha.

        You’re a moron…

    • MadinIllinois

      Leave it to Quinn to give you a “hidden” tax on all sugar products – candy/soda – in 2009, a 65% tax hike in 2011, higher TOLL RATES in 2012, along with a spiraling economy, major deficit and companies leaving Illinois. We need someone like Scott Walker to come to Illinois!!

    • Texasbil

      When will these people learn that 67% of nothing is nothing. Nobody works in Illinois, they are all getting unemployment or on wellfare.

      • johnny99

        or “working” in governemt “jobs.”

    • Dave Mowers

      How many people realize they are using State employee pension fund money to continue operations? Bye bye retirement.

      • PabloKoh

        The government employees are really going to get the shaft in the end. They took from taxpayers for so many years and enforced tax collection with tax leans, property confiscation and jail all for a safe job and a big money pension. . Karma is a bitsh.

  • PG

    The residents of Illinois were sold a bill of goods (we were flat out lied to) last year when our income taxes were raised, and the corporate tax rates were raised. We were told that those increases would solve this problem, but this is just the latest in a string of stories that I’ve read that state that the situation continues to get worse. Get rid of everyone, and I mean everyone, in Springfield and get people into those offices that know what they are doing, and aren’t afraid to make big decisions for fear of losing the next election. We need leaders in this state, not politicians.

    • Gen

      I agree with you. I know people here in Pekin not working & living off the state.

      • Dave

        To all you folks in Illinois – keep voting in Democrats…. its seems to working just fine

    • girlkansas

      PG, do you live in Chicago?

    • Skippy

      And whose fault was it that the believed these morons? Don’t blame the lying Democrats, blame the ignorant Democrat voters.

      • Matt

        The problem in the party is most think of the party as in the CENTER of issues. The party is made up of two side. The center (blue dogs) and the far far left liberals. The the lib’s out of your party and I will come back.

    • Willie_Horton

      Is it a lie if you stick your head in the sand and go along with it? I mean, if people in these blue states would use their brain or take a basic economics course at a community college – they would know this taxation model doesn’t work. When you over-tax something you get less of that activity. It’s very simple. That’s why when you raise cigarette or alcohol taxes the revenues drop. People reduce or quit their consumption of those things. It’s NOT hard to understand if you use your freaking brain!

      • krp

        Depends on the community and now communist the economic professor is. They may not even learn anything other than how capitalism is evil and so it the United States.

      • Krp

        Depends on the community and how communist the economics professor is. They may not even learn anything other than how capitalism is evil and so it the United States.

    • Barbara Baxter

      Well duh! By allowing them to hike taxes, you basically told a bunch of politicians that there’s no need to get their spending under control. You are chasing business and higher-earning individuals out of the state.

      • matt

        It’s not so mauch the democratic machine, it’s the socoist liberal machine. As long as the dem party is run from the far left and not the center nothing will change. Except you bank account.

      • Robert H Jacobs

        Right as Rain! The idiots in Sacramento are doing the same thing to the State of California! Hmm, what do these two states have in common . . could it be that both are controlled by Democrat machines? If you want a single party state, you get the consequences: Nobody ever says NO.

        BTW, what is with this tawdry web page displaying undressed women along the left side of the page? Is this an American newspaper or a British tabloid?

    • Larry Burdge

      Pretty soon the only ones living in Illinois will be an ex-president and other has been politicians. What’s keeping you there anyway? The money makers are leaving right now.

    • sirock

      They are only following the Democratic platform” Tax and Spend, Spend and spend till you drop”

      • freecheese

        Texas and Florida are right-to-work states — business friendly and have no income tax.
        Unions are not welcome.
        Ever thought of moving ? You won’t spend most of your time bitiching about crooked democrats.

      • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

        freecheese drooled the following “Texas and Florida are right-to-work states — business friendly and have no income tax.
        Unions are not welcome.
        Ever thought of moving ? You won’t spend most of your time bitiching about crooked democrats”.


        Folks, what we have here is a geniune idiot, a moron of the first degree.

        Ol’ freecheese (that figures) is so stupid and dedicated to supporting the most crooked and destructive political mob in American history, the Democrat Party, that he rather tell people to shut up instead of dumping those losers.

        Then again, only low IQ losers vote consistently for Democrats.

        “freecheese”. That figures.

      • concerned

        0bama has created a larger deficiit in two years than Bush did eight. he did that and get more people on food stamps than anybody else in history. Don’t Democrats from 0bama to Reid to Pelosi to Durbin all agree that food stamps are the best way to create jobs?

      • Rascal69

        And in November, 2012 the State of Illinois and the entire nation have a golden opportunity to correct the error of their ways. I smell a landslide.

      • bob

        Obozo and Peloser have already run up more debt in 3 years than Bush did in 8 years. Congratulations for being an idiot that still worships bigger idiots

      • donow

        Spend and spend till you drop – no one has ever done it better than Bush Cheney

      • Bob From District 9

        Bush inherited an economy that was in the best shape of the last 50 years, and turned over to Obama an economy that was in a near depression. In the process Bush doubled the national debt. Obama has increased the national debt by about 25%, which ain’t bad for a near depression. Oh, and Reagan and Bush I quadrupled the national debt.

        Republicans were insane enough to cut taxes in wartime. Greenspan advocated for the tax cut because he did not want the national debt paid off, because the social security surplus would have to be invested in the stock market, the biggest turn toward socialism you can think of.

        Under Obama the private sector has gained over 2 million jobs, the public sector lost 600,000. You do the math.

    • ablecynic

      If you like unprotected painful intercourse, vote Democratic every time! You’ll get used to it over time. The Europeans did. LOL!

    • Tim Martin

      Democrats . . .what do you expect? Keep putting them in office to protect you from those ‘evil’ Republicans. Remember “Democrats are for the little guy” Yeah, right. Will people ever learn?

    • Roger Link

      Let’s look at the financial condition of some of the most liberal “havens” in America where the Democrats have ruled unchallenged for eons; Detroit, Chicago, California. All three are crumbing under their weight of debt which they might never escape.

      How we doing at the national level? Well, Obama is about to push us over the $16 trillion in debt figure. I shudder to think what he’d do with 4 more years. $25 trillion in national debt?

    • Fed up with griping


      Politicians LIED to the public, the public bought the lies AND voted for these politicians and their ballot issues???!!! AND, this happened in ILLINOIS???!!!


      Democrat or Republican – the ride still ends the same way and the scenery WILL NEVER change until everyone gets off the merry-go-round once and for all, stops yelling “get rid of all of them!” after every election while never changing or expanding their own thinking or how they actually vote, and stops expecting someone else to do something about it! Get off your own a$$ and BE the leader you want!!!

    • c shannon

      Hmmm. Voters sold a pack of lies that separated them from even more of their money – all to no avail? Your state is solid Democrat. Ya think maybe THAT has something to do with the fiscal crisis? Wanna see your future with continued one-party rule? Its about 285 miles NE – DETROIT. That’s where Chicago is heading.

    • Justin Case

      Move — believe it or not, there are still a few states that do not levy income taxes — and —drum roll— they are all doing quite well, thanks you very much. But, you may have trouble finding a seat on the bus headed out of town — quite an exodus of the productive citizens from your state getting out of dodge ASAP

    • some1inpa

      Sounds like a recall vote to me. Wonder if the media or president would back that.

    • DanaDee

      Unbelievable! Since when has a tax increase EVER solved a problem? NEVER. Government is like a human cancer. It just grows bigger and bigger unless it is STOPPED. By allowing these tax increases, you only made the government and the problems worse. And this is exactly why I’m not for taxing the “rich” (which is really the middle and upper middle class)–that money won’t go to pay down the debt; it will just go to growing government and making things worse. I’m just glad I don’t live in Illinois because if I did, I would be moving out!

      • matt

        I was and I did. Life is so much better in VA.

      • Bob From District 9

        When did a tax increase ever solve a problem? During war time. Oh, yeah, we had two wars didn’t we under Bush.

        When did a tax increase ever solve a problem? Reagan raised taxes and his recovery began. Bush I raised taxes and his recovery began. Clinton started out with a tax increase and had the biggest economic growth since WWII. That and the second longest string of balanced budgets in the 20th century.

        Bush II started out with tax cuts, and ran the economy into the ground, and doubled the debt, and ran the debt up to nearly 90% of GDP.

        The rich are *NOT* the middle class, that claim was idiotic. The median family income in the $50k/yr does not nearly equal the top 5% of over $200k/yr, or the top 1% of over 300K/yr, or the millions a year Romney makes while paying 15% in taxes. What’s your rate?

        Look at the balance the budget interactive feature…

        The budget can be balanced with very little in cuts, and just moderate tax increases. But tax increases are the necessary part, and tax increases on the rich are a major part of that.

    • Scott Batten

      That is because you cannot tax a problem away. There is a little thing called the Laffer curve. You can only tax so much, before those that are getting hit hardest will either quit working or move. Illinois has killed its capitalists and will now suffer like NYC and California do.

      • Al Rinzel

        Illinois is Michigan in the making, but it will not take as long as it did for Michigan, or California, for that matter.

      • Justin Case

        John Gault is close to calling a nation wide STRIKE!

    • Brian

      you suckers keep voting in Democrats and this is what you will always get!

      • Fuzzlenutter

        BINGO! Give that man a Cupie Doll…

      • Mark Schwendau

        But if I were poor I would get a free cell phone now and health care, too, thanks to Blago and Obummer. That’s a plus. Everybody knows that socialism is the future, right?

      • scotpatriot

        Maybe the Democrats should raise taxes again- I’M sure it would work this time. Anybody with a brain should get out while they can.

      • WRTolkas

        Brian is correct. You people of Illinois are serfs.

      • James


      • jaline

        We here in CA are quickly going down the IL drain, too. Dems in charge of everything, and all they can think of is raising taxes and increasing spending. It’s insanity on steroids.

      • Italian Ship Capt.

        “It’s Bush’s fault.”


      • Spanky

        The rest of the state votes Republican but Cook County overrules them with their huge base of corruption-supporting, racist, and communist voters.

      • John Smith

        Sorry, this was meant for Brian. I love your comment. It’s the same situation here in Massachusetts (or Taxachusetts)

      • John Smith

        I love your comment. It’s the same situatio here in Massachusetts (or Taxachusetts)

      • Midge Martin

        “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” ~ H. L. Mencken


  • Wolf

    How about reducing the public sector headcount and reducing the pay by a minimum of 20% of the public sector which is immensely bloated and over compensated as a start to pay the seems that there is no operational competency in this entire public sector just tax increases …

    • Jim

      If you are a complete failure in the private sector, go into the public sector and you will be a Manager of something making $80k/year!

      • OBAMA = FRAUD

      • Rory

        Like Jim! Doin’ nothing for 80 + K of the Taxpayers money. Correct?

  • Jim

    Mo’ Money, mo’ problems! :)

    Quinn and the wonderful Democrats in this state have no problems finding ways to spend “new money”. At least we have companies like Sears, CME, Caterpillar, etc. paying their share of taxes to the state!

    • Average Guy

      Mmm… wasn’t Sears, Caterpillar and CME given tax breaks and other concessions to assure those companies stay in Illinois? Why haven’t they paid their fair share over the many decades?

      • Rob

        The Democrats complain about paying your fair share but raising taxes never works. If they want to know why good paying American jobs are going overseas, its because the US has the highest corporate tax rate in the World for industrialized Nations. Four more years of Obama and the Democrats and America will look like Cuba, without the view. The same thing that’s happening to California is coming to America if the Democrats get reelected. The stupid Media is leading the way and must pay the price. Turn off your TV’s and stop the papers. Internet is the best source. Now the brilliant Democrats want to regulate profits of oil and gas companies. How about we regulate the spending of Democrats in Congress.

      • Larry Burdge

        Why haven’t they paid their “fair share” ???? Using Liberal Democrat talking points and phrases will get you nowhere. Haven’t you figured out what the problem is yet? Typical Socialistic Lib.

      • ablecynic

        Sears will be bankrupt in two years. Just like Illinois.

      • Matt

        What a fare share? I year it’s one thing and the next it is something else. You can’t keep beating on business because of bad fiscal management. Why do you think they head out of country? It is not because of worker pay. It is the EPA and government over reach. Get it yet?

      • Scott Batten

        Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but COMPANIES AND CORPS DON’T PAY TAXES. That cost just gets added into the price of the good that the Average Guy has to pay for them.

        Sure they “pay” them, but they pass the “savings” on to the final consumer.

      • Josh Jones

        Raising taxes on businesses only hurts the workers in the long run. You’re just shifting the corps to pay a bigger tax bill by decreasing worker or workers pay, so in the end the tax revenue will be neutral. You’re just getting a a higher tax percentage from a smaller tax base.

        It doesn’t require a doctorate in economics to understand the benefits of a wider tax base, but then the dems couldn’t play the class warfare game as effectively.

        These states need to concentrate on controlling their spending and stop acting like little Greek city states!

      • DW

        Not sure why a decent company would stay in Illinois. The tax environment is better elsewhere. Illinois will look like Michigan in a decade.

      • fred

        Oh yes it must be private industry that has ruined Illinois. Sears is treading water – Caterpillar will either go under or what’s more likely – they will move to a right to work state and leave the dirty political waters of Illinois behind. Chicago should take a good look at Detroit if it wants to see into it’s future. Your state is doomed and you have to thank the voters for putting in power some of the biggest weasels to ever live. (appologies to the weasels).

      • Bruce

        I’m thinking if those companies are in Illinois and providing jobs to the people of Illinois then get off those companies backs. No wonder Illinois is in trouble with thinking like that.

    • sirock

      Isint sears going bankrupt? Opps no they are closing 120 stores thats right. Great work Ill

    • Gerry

      Sears is going bankrupt! Good luck with your tax base in Illinois, suckas’!!

  • Jmason

    Well we had to rasie the taxes again. but don’t cut anything and get more money to the poor.

  • Rob

    No country or state has EVER taxed themselves into prosperity

  • CL

    That is too much money to pay to the state of illinois.

    People and business should move.

    • Rob

      We’ll be happy to have Cat. Sears and all other businesses move here to Texas. The economy is good. We’re still drilling for gas and oil. Todays high was 76 degrees and it’s 63 at 10:15 pm. The only stipulation is don’t come down here and start voting for Democrats.

      • WayneLLewis

        The CEO

      • WayneLLewis

        The CEO of CAT has already sent a letter to Gov. Quinn showing offers from the governors of Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas offering incentives to move to their states. He told the Governor that at the end of the day, he had to do what is right for his stockholders.

      • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

        That’s what the braindead Californians did when they invaded Colorado.

        Brought their despicable liberalism with them, and all but destroyed the state.

        Wish they’d move into Alabama and Georgia…. we have lots of trees and rope….

  • bitmap

    I want to know how much revenue went up after the tax increase both in real dollars and as a percentage of the budget.

    • c shannon

      Revenues DIDN’T go up. Most taxes end up reducing the flow of revenue to the state coffers. But Democrats don’t see money or taxes like the rest of us. Tax policy isn’t about revenue; its about “fairness,” Just ask Mr. Obama. Those are HIS words, not mine.

  • FiscallyResponsible

    Mr. Obama and the blind followers of Keynesian Economics would simply say that Ill. just didn’t raise taxes enough.

    Come on, if the tax payer can has enough money for bread, they just aren’t being taxed enough!

    Here is a clue. IT DOESN’T WORK! Keynesian Economics never has and never will work. Dump your oppressively large government beast and let the free market run wild. You will have surpluses sooner than you could say “Bob’s your uncle”

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      With Obama, isn’t it “Kenya Economics”?

      Pa pa Ooooh Mowl Mowl,

      Pa pa Ooooh Mowl Mowl,

      Pa pa Ooooh Mowl Mowl,

      Pa pa Ooooh Mowl Mowl

    • Barbara Baxter

      Yeah, but then you couldn’t feel virtuous about giving away other people’s money to the welfare bums – both corporate and individual.

  • PJF

    You could try doing what Scott Walker did in WI. Much of the 3.5 billion budget hole in WI was closed by ending the corrupt deals the unions got from their Democrat buddies. Example, a union owned company had to provide the health insurance coverage for state employees. Naturally they charged unbelievably high, above market, rates.
    I bet IL is full of corrupt deals like that. It won’t be easy, but ending the corrupt gravy train between politicians and their special interests is the way to go.

    • WayneLLewis

      Kestrel Aircraft Moving to Wisconsin from Maine

      How many business are moving to Illinois?

    • Spanky

      Unfortunately, the entire national Dem power machine is coming down hard on Scott Walker with their recall effort. They are trying to intimidate any politician who tries to do what is right when it comes to restricting unions that have gotten out of control and are harming the nation.

  • fred

    They figired if they raise the taxes then they will increase revenue – however people who can – are voting against this with their feet by moving to less oppressive states. Some are closing their businesses and opening up in more favorable conditions. Anyone left will have less money to spend so the economy tanks even more – this tax tactic has been tried over and over and has always failed. Time to take an ax to big government and slash slash slash – because it is only going to get worse. A corrupt state – like a ponzi scheme can only continue so long before it implodes

    • Rob

      Every American needs to read this article and see that you cannot tax your way out of debt. The higher Illinois raises taxes, the more in debt they get and still want more. The Democrats methods are bankrupting the Nation. They keep raising taxes and just increase spending instead of cutting spending. What you have on a state level the Democrats are creating on a National level. We must remove the Democrats from Office or soon our economy will collapse. The Unions and people in Wisconsin and Ohio who are trying to recall their governors should be embarrassed. Scott Walker has already gotten Wisconsin out of debt and has a surplus, but the Democrats won’t listen. The Democrat Party is destroying the Country to enrich the party while lying to the American people along the way. DEMOCRAT=COMMUNIST

  • HeatSeeker2011

    “Average Guy

    Mmm… wasn’t Sears, Caterpillar and CME given tax breaks and other concessions to assure those companies stay in Illinois? Why haven’t they paid their fair share over the many decades?”

    I agree. All those companies should pay 100% of their income in taxes. That would simultaneously: (i) show them who’s boss; (ii) teach those dirty profit-making capitalists a lesson; and (iii) give the State all the money it needs, like, forever.

    Until, of course, they move to South Carolina or Texas. Then we’ll kinda take it in the shorts.

    • play nice

      yeah, as if you will still have your shorts…

  • Mercy

    Every state employee making over 100,000 a year, needs to take a pay cut of 10,000 (or even more) which should save money for other things like streets and services and thereby, making jobs for citizens so they can pay taxes. You can’t tell me that these state employees can’t live on 90,000 a year until this horrible mess gets cleaned up no matter who is to blame. 90,000 a year divided by 52 weeks out of the year, equals you do the matt!! And something else to consider, do they pay towards their own health insurance or do tax payers pay the bill??

  • Free Willy

    Here’s a really off the wall solution….REDUCE the cost of government to match the amount of income you have to spend….since RAISING taxes to try and cover inflated spending didn’t work.

    I know the very thought is like Kryptonite to Democrats.

  • Dave-o

    Vote Democrat and invite problems.

    Hellinois deserves what it gets for doing so.

  • The Cheese

    Wow is this state in a sad situation.

  • Bill

    Very often increased tax rates don’t increase revenue. Liberals just don’t seem to understand this. Lower tax rates OFTEN do increase revenues. (Look what happened in New Zealand a while back.)
    But this blind desire for increased tax rates, in the face of evidence that actual revenue may be flat or even lower, may indicate a more punitive reasons for these rates.
    Connect the dots. Perhaps a lower level of economic activity, higher rates of unemployment, increased dependency, even lower carbon emissions, are what is desired.
    What other conclusion can be drawn?

    • fred

      Do you really think they are that smart?

  • WereTurtle

    Politicans always seem to fail to understand a basic mathematical principle. Raising taxes by 67% is meaningless when you increase spending by more than 67%. You will always be in the red.

    If the government taxed us 100% of our paychecks, they would still need more than that, because they always spend many times more than they take in.

    • Rob

      Just like my ex-wife, always spends a dollar more than we make.

  • Hungry Taxpayer

    After suffering under the corruption of Illinois Democrats, I decided to move to Wisconsin because their Governor understands that taxing people into poverty hurts everybody in the long run. I’ve finally found peace and happiness in Cheeseland.

    I haven’t looked south to the border since.

    • Spanky

      I hope that WI can block the recall effort being conducted by the union thugs.

    • Craig Piotrowski

      Amen… I moved to Wisconsin 12 years ago from outside of Chicago. I’ll never go back to Illinois other than to visit family. It’s become the anus of America.

      Proof positive that 60+ years of Democratic (Socialist) control creates nothing more than a steaming heap of excrement.

    • Dave-o

      …and you get concealed carry.

  • CM

    I got fed up with this BS in the late ’90s, and moved from Chicago/Illinois to Florida. No state income tax here, yet somehow we have even better roads and schools and such. Oh, and this state does not infringe on our right to bear arms. (You do realize you live in the ONLY state that does not provide a legal way to carry a handgun, don’t you?)

    I built a successful business here in Florida, creating dozens of good upper-middle class jobs with good benes, and bringing millions of dollars to the local economy. If Chicago and Illinois were more business friendly, I would have done that back home. Your loss, for voting for the Parasite Party again and again and again.

    Those of us who are tired of being punished for doing the right thing are leaving the parasites behind. Buh bye! (I also predict this will be happening on a national scale soon. I’m already looking at property overseas)

    I always had a dream of moving home again…until last year, when I read about the 67% state income tax hike. That day, I realized I would never move back. Florida is home now.

    • Spanky

      “No state income tax here, yet somehow we have even better roads and schools and such.”

      IL really sucks, but part of the problem with the roads is the heaving due to freezing/thawing, something that doesn’t affect the roads in FL.

      The schools here suck due to excessive union control.

    • Barbara Baxter

      Congratulations – both on your move and your subsequent success.

  • DW

    One party system works so well for Illinois…

    Please stay out of Texas unless you mean to become a Texan in thought and deed.

  • The Libertarian

    Chicago, take a look at Detroit. It’s like stepping into a time machine and seeing what you’re gonna look like in 10 or 15 years. This is what happens when liberals and unions run cities.

    But please keeping electing Democrats. It’s pure comedy gold for those of us observing.

    • DW

      I think what Illinois needs is a “reasonable profits board”. They need to make sure that Caterpillar, Sears, and United don’t make too much in profits.

      I wouldn’t invest a wooden nickel in the future of this state, it’s a microcosm of the future of our nation if we continue down this path.

      • Rob

        DW is referring to the most recent Democrat fiasco. They proposed a bill today to form a board that will limit oil and gas Companies to” reasonable profits”. Now the Democrats want to tell private business how much they can make in profits. COMMUNISM. How about a board telling the Democrats how much they can tax. Exxon-Mobil pays twice as much in taxes and fees as they make in profits. But the Democrats want more. These AH’s are killing the Nation.

      • CK

        Who is John Galt?

      • Scott Batten

        ?Huh? So, you want to police how much a company makes? All three are retail, I can tell you what they make, at best a 10% return on their money, if that. Sure they have big income, but they also have big expenses. If you choose to determine what they earn, then you also determine what you will earn, because the company isn’t going to take it on the chin, the workers and the customers will be the ones that take that hit.

        What is a “reasonable profit”? People invest in the stock market and hope to get 8-12% return on their money. Why shouldn’t a business get a good return on their RISK? This is the exact attitude that has killed the great America. The country that went from the rebel to the world leader in less than 150 years. Over the past 70 we went from the largest lending nation to the biggest borrowing nation. Yeah, let’s go after those “evil companies” and send more of them to China.

  • John C

    increasing taxes during an economic recession is virtually guaranteed to force businesses out of the state and decrease tax revenues. This is basic economics and should be obvious to anyone except perhaps Illinois legislators or the governor.

    • ss12

      according to Biden, real patriots love to pay higher taxes. The democrats kow what the people want and are giving it to them. Put the democrat boot on the necks of anyone who didn’t get the talking points.

      • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

        Ode to Joe Biden

        “You were sent from heaven,

        I know just what you’re worth

        They threw away the baby,

        And raised the afterbirth”.

      • Krp

        Yeah, 10% of a million dollars is a lot more patriotic than 50% of nothing

  • biggoofer

    Simple solution.

    Raise Taxes even higher.
    67% raise didn’t do the job.
    So DOUBLE or TRIPLE the current Tax rates.
    History has shown us that higher the tax rates, higher the tax receipts.

    If Income Tax receipts are not enough, then start taxing the Sodas, Salt, Trans-fats, STRICT enforcement of parking violations,…..

    If that is unworkable, then find some fools with money to invest and issue them bonds.

    Just don’t cut the benefits to the poor and the State Employees’ salary+pensions+health insurance.

    Increase the unemployment benefits indefinitely.
    Your homeboy Barack just told us that Unemployment benefits create more JOBS than the pipeline carrying the sandy sludge through Nebraska.

  • James

    Illinois the Forest Gump of state management. The stupid people of Illinois get what they elect.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      Mama said,

      “Chicago is like ah box of chocolates,

      Ya never know what yur gonna shet”.

      Forrest Biden

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