Walter’s Perspective: Paula Deen, Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?

CHICAGO (CBS) — Calling Paula, Paula Deen, please. Give us a break, Paula Deen, be honest about what you’ll do for money: pitching a diet that may cause Type II diabetes and now, for more money, pitching a treatment for diabetes.

Ms. Butter Queen, on television and in cookbooks, coaxing us to consume calories — sugar and fat and cholesterol.

Your Ladies Lunch Burger –- butter and beef and a fried egg and fried bacon on a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. Add ketchup or mayo and a few French fries for about 2,000 calories and a hardening of the arteries or a heart attack or diabetes.

Paula, Paula Deen, hiding your diabetes, while adding your poison to the obesity-crisis in this country.

And now about to open a Paula Deen Kitchen in the Harrah Casino outside Chicago, in Joliet.  Hoorah Hoorah, Harrah’s. Don’t do that.

  • tom Sharp

    Chew on your “bitter herbs” and shut up; you skinny nitwit!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      LOL !!!! You tell this sheeny jacobs ki ke Tom !!!!!! BRAVO !!!!

  • Walter’s Perspective: Paula Deen, Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?
  • Afro

    Walter stop trying to be a reporter and do something useful like start a petition to recall a mayor or a governor that no one wants then you can be the state hero and everyone will love you

    • Jim


  • LGW

    Walter, I’m not a Paula Deen fan and perhaps she should not have gone public with the news that she has Type II diabetes.

    The recipes Ms. Deen creates are not necessarily for HER consumption and I’m not happy with so many people ripping her apart for being a diabetic who loves to cook up a storm.

    Walter, you are much more entertaining when you go after the crooks who hide in the filthy, slimy, dark underbelly of this massively corrupt city and when you expose shady backroom deals and under the table exchanges of money and who’s son or daughter has gotten that political job. Stick with that stuff. You don’t have to pick on a sick woman.

  • Barb

    It’s particularly distressing to see people digress to name-calling rather than taxing the intellect to make a constructive criticism of a proven journalist’s comments. Part of Walter’s mission may be to entertain, but I see his thought-provoking perspectives as an urge to think past the outer surface of a subject to what lies deeper. Walter Jacobson has always stood for integrity, thoughtful analysis, and then expertly crafting the words that convey his thinking to us. Nobody does it better. It’s honest and forthright and sincere. So from me, Walter, thanks for telling it like it is. I don’t always agree with you, but I always appriciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts. And I think you hit the nail on the head this time!

    • tom Sharp

      Walter is little more than an old, angry drunk. Whatever page of the newspaper he wakes up on after passing out drunk seems to become his ‘editorial of the night.’ In the past year he has ranted about changes to the Cubs ballpark, the lack of a space shuttle at the Planetarium, about a few French restaurants calling frozen fish “fresh,” and other nonsense that the vast majority of people don’t care about. When he starts ranting about idiotic drunken news reporters/commentators he will get some credibility, but only if he mentions himself in the story!

  • Tom

    Lord Walter – can’t you find a real news story – age and people’s lack of interest in you is showing Walter.

  • cindy castillo

    Mr. Jacobson you are a loud mouth moron! I usually find you interesting when you go after someone. But what you said about Paula Deen was pathetic. Who are you to go after someone who did not want to blab to the world about being diabetic.As far as her show i have never seen or heard her say eat the whole cake. In the end who are you to say we must disclose our personal diagnosis no matter what. The woman is 65 which could be the reason she may have the type 2, but you just go after her. who do you think are you! I will not watch 2 news because of you – the loud mouth moron. Ultimately, we are responsible for ourselves and she is now in a position to help all those diabetics who are having a hard time admitting this.

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