CHICAGO (CBS) — Calling Paula, Paula Deen, please. Give us a break, Paula Deen, be honest about what you’ll do for money: pitching a diet that may cause Type II diabetes and now, for more money, pitching a treatment for diabetes.

Ms. Butter Queen, on television and in cookbooks, coaxing us to consume calories — sugar and fat and cholesterol.

Your Ladies Lunch Burger –- butter and beef and a fried egg and fried bacon on a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut. Add ketchup or mayo and a few French fries for about 2,000 calories and a hardening of the arteries or a heart attack or diabetes.

Paula, Paula Deen, hiding your diabetes, while adding your poison to the obesity-crisis in this country.

And now about to open a Paula Deen Kitchen in the Harrah Casino outside Chicago, in Joliet.  Hoorah Hoorah, Harrah’s. Don’t do that.

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