4 Teens Charged With Beating On CTA Bus

CHICAGO (STMW) — Four teens — two of them 17 years old and two who are 13 — were arrested Saturday night shortly after they allegedly disabled a CTA bus and beat someone on board.

The four are alleged to have boarded the bus on the 600 block of East 71st Street about 7 p.m. after having disabled the engine by hitting a switch on the side of the bus, police said.

They then allegedly beat and punched a passenger, a CTA spokesman told CBS 2.

Grand Crossing District tactical unit officers responded immediately to the call and arrested two of the teens at the scene, police spokesman John Mirabelli said. Two others attempted to flee the area but were soon caught by police.

A witness on the bus, along with the victim, were able to identify the four as the offenders, Mirabelli said.

The two 13-year-olds have each been charged with a count of misdemeanor battery.

The other two, Darius Love and Anthony Williams, both 17, were expected to appear at a bond hearing Sunday, Mirabelli said. Love, of the 700 block of East 90th Place, has been charged with a misdemeanor count of battery and a felony count of robbery. Williams, of the 7200 block of South Evans Avenue, has been charged with a misdemeanor count of battery and a felony count of attempted robbery.

Earlier reports said the driver of the bus is the one who was attacked. But the CTA said it was a passenger, not the driver.

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  • Jmason

    What they need to do is but in jail and be done with them for good

    • Li Wright

      Why a misdemeanor? Is that because they did not kill somebody? Pathetic.

  • Gloria

    Charge them AND their parents. Each is guilty.

  • GLoria


  • Gloria

    STUPID does as stupid was taught. Charge their stupid parents.

  • Glroia

    Nice hair, a-shole-s. Don’t bend down.

  • Gloria

    Real macho men….effing COWARDS. Let’s see how much your $ is whooped in the big pen! Dumb-S, and numb_s from the beating there. ENJOY the fruits of your labor.

  • satchell

    Punks! scared now? you have no idea….enjoy the bun run….

  • michael

    to tj: I don’t see yard ape comments. deleted? or demented? or both

    • tj

      To Michael: They must have taken down Yard Apes comments. I replied when he said they should all be exterminated.

  • Steve Bayne

    Some of these racist remarks are too extreme to be authentic. White racism is far more politically subtle than these guys, and lacks an immediate political, tactical, end. Racism directed against criminals is a way of absolving the criminal by showing stupidity. Don’t believe these guys. Lock these guys up for a long time; forget about race. The victims are minority people in many cases, a fact deliberately ignored by the “racists among us.”

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Take off your tin-foil hat you @ ss hole! I can guarantee you that I have had more dealings with this species than you, so spare me your bu ll sh!t about what real conservatism is. I can only assume that you are a Ron Paul supporter!

      • Steve Bayne

        In your case no assumptions are required. You are an extraordinary bigot of a maliciously uneducated vintage or you are an Obama supporter posing as a conservative. Your use of language matches your hatred; herein lies our “talent”; you are far worse, given your words, than these two guys you degrade for all the wrong reasons.

    • OLD VET


  • Tea Party Hero

    This is exactly why Obama the socialist shouldn’t tax weatlhy, job creators and redistribute their wealth to lazy, criminal blacks and ILLEGALS.

    • NWA

      What! Like yo illegal @zz momma?”


    • Luella Dolen

      Maybe it’s because it’s the wee hours of the morning but I am having a hard time with you Old Vet and Tea Party Hero. I’ve already given Thee Yard Ape a minute lesson. I am trying to figure out how anyone who is a citizen of this great nation does not understand the Constitution of the US, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or how our government works, no matter who is in the White House. I don’t even know what term to use to describe anyone who honestly feels that any president, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush two, or Obama should bear the majority of the blame or accolades for the state of this union. Seriously, don’t be so silly. This is not the space for a lesson in US government or even in civility, but it is the space to say, STOP USING INTERNET POSTS to show others your level of ignorance, even though you use an pseudonym to post. It only shows that you not only DO NOT appreciate being a citizen of this fine nation, but that you do not deserve the rights of citizenship because you have not learned what it means to be American or to live in the USA. Additionally, as a devout Christian, I am so unbelievably sick and tired of people claiming a form of godliness but denying the true power above. I am also tired of all y’all fakes acting like the Bible is your guide and yet you apply none of it. Remember when Jesus talked about mercy and his critique of those who have none? I find it quite interesting that many conservatives and Tea Party folks want to use God for a cloak for their own occasion but are not “doers” of the Word. If you believe what you say is truth, I can do nothing for you, but don’t forget about mercy. When Peter asked God how many times must he forgive his brother, what did Jesus tell him? Look it up!! If you cannot do the least things that God asks… Stop being horrible to other people, even if you feel justified. That type of behavior is not in accordance to citizenship or Christianity (if you are claiming either). Be good and do good, no matter what others do or say. You have to stand accountable for your own selves. Just because you have never done the things you criticize others for or that others have been accused of doing, it does not mean that the things you have done haven’t had devastating consequences to others, even if you never learn about it.

  • Centurion

    Aside from their criminal behaviour? What is wrong WITH THE HAIR? Nasty! It looks like worms are coming out of their heads! Do homies actually think this is stylish, hair that looks like worms are coming out of your head?
    No style! No class!

    Beating down a bus driver! Have you homies learned nothing from Rosa Parks. All that Rosa Parks went thru, just so the next generation can do this!

    • NWA

      Didn’t they say the same things about whitey’s hair in the 60’s?


      • OLD VET


  • Tyrone

    Where these Chicago Public “skoo” honor roll students? “I din dun nuffinz, yawl juss rayciss n sheeit muh fuggaz”

  • Chad

    Punks. I hope they enjoy the “beating” their little behinds will get in jail. Freakin cowards.

  • Tom

    Hey, THEE Yard Ape-I knew you were out there. You are the conscience of the community, and, expressing views, the rest of us would like to, but don’t, because we fear our computers are being monitored by the government. :)

    • Afro

      you can not stop these guys from killing each other. I know all races commit crimes but I have to be honest with you and I’m not being discriminatory based on race. If you take the time to analyze the profile of the individuals Yard Ape I think it’s closer to 98% of the shooting and looting here in Chicago is being done by blacks. I don’t know what they have going on with that skull of there’s either I have read countless stories where one walks up and blasts the other one in the head and he gets treated and released or is listed in good condition. I say this with out prejudice I really think the ones doing this can’t help their self. They have no love, no human compassions or desires not even the mothers for their own children. They smack them around and curse them with profanity, they tease them and aggravate their children till the children are boiling with hate then they let them outside and point at another black kid and say “See that boy on the bike? If you want that bike go kick his ass and take it, that’s how he got it.” It’s an endless cycle of degeneracy, you can’t stop it. It’s the way the tribes in Africa lived so this leads me to believe they just never fully crossed over the threshold in to what we call the modern man. Perhaps this is why they bare so many characteristics of the primates. Their facial features, their looks the way they examine things and people when they walk by, their skin coloration, Their long lanky arms and their instinctive fear of the white men, a fear that pierces them to the core and drives them straight into self preservation mode at the mere site of us. That is why they hate us because they are afraid of us. These are all features possessed by their predecessor (The Ape).

      One more thing I know we try to educate them and teach them I wish they would learn too, and some do but we just can’t rush evolution it takes time.

      • Lyndia

        This is what you call the New Age Satan. I could say more however, I am sure they would not post it.

    • Afro

      A man afraid to speak his mind has already surrendered, there are no groups standing up for the white race as soon as we come together for any cause the first thing from the ni gg er is racist whites well I don’t give a rats ass what ni gg ers call me cause there isn’t anything lower than the ni gg er in this world. Not one ni gg er today has ever been owned by a white or forced into slavery and not one white has owned one in a long time but yet I (Whitey) have to listen to the charges from almost 200 years ago every time I turn around! It’s bull sh!t people you haven’t been slaves your fukn nuts.

      • Lyndia

        You are a lying sack of poor, white trash, Sh@@. Do you think we would cross the ocean to come and live with your low down honkey azz? I know not, he@@ no.

      • JayB


    • NWA

      Well “Fake Afro Wig,” I call you a damn fool! Not a man.


      • Lyndia

        Do you think afro is wearing an afro wig? I bet that clown is. NWA, you got to watch him. There is something deep inside of him. Sometimes I read what he has to say and I see and feel a deep evil within him, I guess it is in the blood. (Like the John Wayne Gacy or Aolph Hilter type.)

      • Afro

        Thats the primal instinctive fear I’m talking about

    • Afro


      As already stated you’re at the bottom looking up at me. I deal with your kind everyday I just flush the toilet and go on.

      • Leroy Goldberg

        You are so right Afro. That is exactly what they are. The South Side is one big toilet and NWA, Lyndia and the rest of them are the SH!T we flush away.


      • Lyndia

        If you flesh me away, why am I still here? If they put your brains in a sparrow’s head, he would fly to a hawk’s nest. Damn, you sure are dumb. All you MF’s that think Black men are scared of you, you are a liar and you damn well know it, LOOKS, LOOKS? I see many of you hairless azz apes, getting meat put on your azz, getting injections in the lips to make them look good and luscious. (You like that, don’t you?) Getting you hair braided; but this is the silliest @hit to me, YOU LAY UNDER DEADLY LIGHTS TO GET DARKER, WHY? WHY SOB’S. IT IS BECAUSE YOU ENVY BLACK PEOPLE AND YOUR STANKY, COLORLESS, THIEVING, DISEASE CARRYING, DEVILS. ANOTHER THING WHILE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT, YOU FEAR THE BLACK MAN BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT HIM NEAR YOUR WOMAN. THAT IS THE PSYCHOLOGY OF IT. YOU FEAR THAT THANG AND YOU GOT EVERY RIGHT TO. YOU DO NOT HAVE NOTHING TO WORK WITH. EVER SINCE YOU PEOPLE HAVE CAME OUT OF THE COLD CAVES OF EUROPE, THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT CHAOS IN THE WORLD. THAT WAS THE REASON FOR 9-11. THAT WAS THE REASON FOR PEARL HARBOR AND YOU ARE TO STUPID TO SEE IT.

    • OLD VET


      • Lyndia


  • righttrack

    What about a charge of interferring with public transportation ??? Since the bus is government property (technically) then they should also be charged with that.

  • NWA

    I coulna be no prowder of dese boys had dey be my own and they very well could be.

    S.O.S.=Son Of Satan

    • NWA

      S.O.S. stands for the “Same ole’ Sh!t” from Whitey!


      • NWA

        S.O.S. means I be the Son of Satan.


    • Lyndia

      Dey couldst be mines too I banged out so many of dem.

  • proudlbklman

    The USA is going down because of whites who ASSUME that they actually run something besides their MOUTHS. Obama ain’t oppressing u. Gingrinch and Romney won’t save u. And Ron Paul won’t save you. Your problem is with GOD ALMIGHTY. God bless America? Why?

    • Alabaster White

      proudblkman? proudblkman?


      What the hell you got to be proud of boy?

      • proudblkman

        Proud that your country is going down the TOILET thanks to YEARS of your race’s inability to cohabit the planet with the REST of humanity. Proud that you will bow your knees in judgment to these “apes” that u claim to despise but openly LUST after. Proud that YOUR people are now the NEW n-words because your corporate leaders are sending jobs to india and bring mexicans to work the remainder. Proud that YOU lost your 401K and that you will eat CATFOOD in your retirement years. Shall I continue?

      • NWA

        Kickn’ Whitey @zz and taken’ they iPhones!


      • Percy

        This is why we are proud. You are just to arrogant to see it. so let me help you since you think all of us are apes. Since you don’t realize how black people affect you everyday let me help you. Afro since you mentioned viruses, Black Man, Kennith Frazier, CEO of Merck & Co. (I know you would not know what they do so I’ll help you) they have Global Human Health, Pharmaceutical, Vaccine and supply divisions, be careful what medicines you take. That Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Lornhorn Steakhouse you frequent so much. Clarence Otis, CEO and President of Darden Restaurants, Black man runs that, watch what you eat. That Aetna insurance card in your wallet, Ronald Williams, CEO. Black man runs that too. Alabaster White that american express you have, if you have one? Kenneth Chenault, Ceo, Black man, you better have his money on time. That xerox in your office, Ursula Burns, CEO, Black woman runs that. “be careful what you write.” To all the yard apes of the world that goes to Sam’s Club, Rosalind G Brewer, CEO Strong Sista run that. Don’t make her shut your food supply down. Oh and Old Vet I didn’t forget about you, Barry Rand, CEO of the AARP says hello and your payment is due. And for everone else, the leader of the free world, the HNIC, the numero uno, El Presidente in case you forget is and will be for another 4 years, A Strong Black man. Well, he is white as well but you all are to racist to see it so we will claim all of him.

  • Lyndia

    Oh dese boys jus need sum luvin from Lyndia. I makes dem into mens.

  • Toonces

    Such nice kids.

  • Border Agent 69

    That extra 90 mins of school will fix this

  • Border Agent 69

    Better yet a passed CCW law would definitely fix this.

  • ninapearl

    you all just stop it enough is enough there is far more at stake here or dont any of you realize this

  • Percy

    You all are funny. Let me start by saying I don’t condon what these idiots did to that bus driver. The system hopefully will take care of them. But it’s you hate filled people on these blogs that crazy. I can’t believe that other people agree with you idiots. You think Black people are scared of you. That’s hilarious. Afro since you gave some twisted story of black life. Let me help you with how I think since I can’t speak for all Black people. I don’t trust you because your comments and history tells me not to. The reason Whites are in their mind successful is because you are determined to control everything and everybody. Now unlike most of you I wont say things without backing it up with truth. From the history of you people you have been trying to conquer other people and destroying everything in your path. from the from rome to sparta, to the crusades, to Africa, to south America to North America. You spread hate and disease everywhere you went. When does it stop? Did you forget that you taught us how to hate ourselves and not trust our own people. Willie Lynch taught you well. You were great at it and you still are. We we tried to have our own, (Black Wall street) you burned it down and our leaders to keep people dependant on you. Imagine today if China came over and killed or paid white leaders to sale you off as a “servants” A they took 10 million whites from the united states. Not the trailer trash but the strongest and the brightest among you. Disallowed you to speak english only chinese. Steal all your ideas as their own and give you no credit. Change your name so children have no clue where they come from and when you complain they cut your heads off. How would your race be 100 years from now.

    • Afro


      I’m glad you brought your black ni gg er ass in here and called me out. Number one with everything you just said you back me 100% all you want to do is bring up old sh!t that you never felt the pain from. You never been at the end of a whip, you never been a slave and as far as my history pal you don’t know jack about it, you want to put all that history on white people today and call it our history, then you wonder why we don’t like you? I don’t even need to explain that one it speaks for its self. My history began at my birth, just like yours did you just want to whine about what happend 200 years ago so you can get something for free. Well MF I can’t help what happened 200 years ago nor do I give a rats ass what happened 200 years ago! I don’t hate you, I hate the way you are. You constantly look for hand outs you get preferential treatment above everyone else you constantly kill each other, rob, rape, and steal then like you set here and blame whitey. No wonder our ancestors done what they done to the back then ni gg ers, If they acted back then half as ignorant as you do today they deserved every lash of the whip they got.

      • Percy

        @ Afro
        I’m glad you replied because the hateful way you write “ni gg er ass” reminds me that nothing has changed. History is history and most smart people remember what happened in the past so they can build a brighter future. I don’t dwell on the past but I will never forget it. you say you were not around 200 years ago but you would fit right in with the racist things you say. I don’t need your hadouts. I probably pay more in taxes then you make all year. You have know idea of how i am. I haven’t raped, robbed or stole from anyone. As a matter of fact I probably and helped just as many whites as blacks so F*ck you and that bU!! S&it horse you rode in on. If I don’t know your history let’s find some Native americans and ask them how nice of a guest you were. Oh I’m sorry I keep bringing up the past. Well their aren’t many Native Americans around but I’m sure they would know who the real thugs are. Personally I like people for who they are and that’s why I don’t like you because the reality is, you are the real ni22ers on the blogs.

      • Afro


        There is nothing for you to forget, as i said before and you make me to keep repeating myself you personally have never been in chains, whipped or enslaved it is not a part of your history that is all brainwashing propaganda. You people keep throwing that stuff up whites peoples face. Al and Jesse says “The war is not over !” so if you people want to keep it going and keep demanding preferential treatment based on your color. I will not stand silent in your crusade to punish the white people here today over what happened 200 years ago. Everyday blacks are shooting and looting, Blacks knock car windows out, and drag women right out of their car to an ally to rape them, Blacks gang rape women in open parking lot beat her and leave her for dead. No wonder ancient blacks were hanged and beaten with whips. I wish they would do that today and this stuff wouldn’t be happening. But it’s always Blacks, Blacks, Blacks every day yeah sometimes a white guy gets in the paper. Don’t fool your self it’s blacks every single day.

  • juju

    All you dung spewing m-f ers belong where you at. Sitting behind some keys, typing whatever you want, safely away so know one can kick your azz. To all of you get a f-u-cking life. Have sex with someone. You are all backed up with sh it on the brains. Sorry. have a good life.

  • Tyrell McPimpscoon

    Chicago (or any other welfare deadbeat and liberal infested city) deserves Obama’s thugs…..the good news is, the thugs will most likey die at the hands of their peers…statistically well before they reach 25 years of age.

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