Police To Saturate South, West Side Districts In Fight To Reduce Crime

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is calling on people who live in high-crime areas to help keep their streets safe.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel talked strategy Monday morning at the Englewood District police station, 1438 W. 63rd St., about how to reduce violent crimes in the Englewood District, as well as the West Side’s Harrison District.

The Englewood District includes the Englewood and West Englewood neighborhoods.

The Harrison District includes the East and West Garfield Park neighborhoods, as well as parts of Humboldt Park and North Lawndale. It is also poised to be combined with the Wood District, which includes Ukrainian Village and West Town just to the east.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

The two districts combined account for nearly 25 percent of the murders and shootings citywide last year, and nearly a third of violent crimes in the first two weeks of 2012.

The plan is to saturate the neighborhoods with uniformed police patrol officers, to beef up the Narcotics Division so they can investigate and eliminate violence-prone areas, and to allocate significant resources to gang enforcement.

No regular beat officers will be moved around, McCarthy said.

Police say they will target problematic licensed establishments and dismantle the most violent gangs in each district.

“The long story is we’re going to work night and day with additional resources in the 7th (Englewood) and 11th (Harrison) districts to accomplish our goal of reducing crime, but we cannot do it alone,” McCarthy said. “This is going to be a collaborative, community-based initiative where our enforcement efforts are supported by various community components. We are going to relentlessly pursue reducing violence in these two districts for the people who live here, because they’ve suffered too long.”

The city saw reductions in gun violence across the board last year, except in the Englewood and Harrison districts. The murder rate was down everywhere by the Englewood District.

“Twenty-five percent of all gun crimes and homicides occur – about 25 percent – in those two areas,” Mayor Emanuel said.

Local churches and community groups will be assisting the Police Department in its efforts. McCarthy said in addition, there will be new leadership.

“Cmdr. Leo Schmidt of the Gang Enforcement Division – one of our hardest-working and most talented executives – will be redeployed to the 7th District as the commanding officer,” McCarthy said.

Meanwhile, former Englewood District Cmdr. Anthony Carrothers is being shifted out to the staff at the Calumet Area detective headquarters.

  • Anglo-Saxon

    This is a step in the right direction. Stop every single black homie and check him for warrants and search him for weapons or drugs. Unfortunately hoping for any help from the community is not realistic. The people in Englewood and similar communities will protect their own at all costs. The system, the police, and whitey are the bad guys to those people. How many times have we seen a homie’s momma on the TV proclaiming that her murderous son is a good boy and is being picked on by the police because he is black? Or families of criminals that fight with the police wanting charges filed against police because they did the job that real taxpayers pay them to do? The ghetto mentality is the problem and until leaders of the black communities start to address this problem, nothing will ever change!!!!

    • Mike

      Amen 2 that Brother!!!

      • Anglo-Saxon

        @InalienableWrights, We have no clue as to the real cause of Chicago’s crime? Maybe you can enlighten us. Making a statement like that certainly requires an explaination. I’m pretty sure I nailed the problem right on the head! If you disagree and feel the need to call us dupes, then surely you have something constructive to say?! Also, don’t even try and blame the state of the black communities in Chicago to the system or whitey, we all know better!!!!!

      • InalienableWrights

        Mike and Anglo are you sure you did not author the NDAA? What liberty minded Americans!

        You have no clue as to the real cause of your cities problems. You blame what your owners have created on the black just as your owners wanted you to.
        Don’t be such dupes!


    • Another N W A

      Im gonna pack up my sheet and head across town to my bloods house up there in white boys area. maybe pop a cap in Afro or Leroy ass or dat YardApe foo

      • Leroy Goldberg

        As long as we are “popping caps” how about we just pop the entire Englewood population? Problem solved and that much closer to:


      • THEE Yard Ape

        Bring it on ni @@ er !!!! I have nice tree where you will be swinging from !

      • Afro

        TY Anglo
        He’s just another racial black fan ours wishing he wouldn’t stand out so much in a white neighborhood. Truth is if they would pick up the dirty diapers and 40oz bottles off their yard maybe their rival wouldn’t know how to find them.

      • Another N W A

        I gots me 6 banger here maybe yall could bring a couple of friends wichya

      • Anglo-Saxon

        What? NWA is definately NOT a person who you want to align yourself with. On the other hand, Mr. Afro, Leroy, and Thee Yard Ape are respectable citizens, voicing their disgust with Chicago’s criminal element! Popping caps into people is not a respectable way to entertain yourself!!!

  • Chicago

    Is Rahm going to hire more police?
    Because the public is being misled on the total number of police officers.

    • Mike

      That is soooooooo true!!!! The mayor is just moving around the officers that are already on the force!!!!

  • Afro

    Look at the this statement by McCarthy and ask your self why the hell does he want unarmed citizens to go up against armed thugs in the streets? Fuk you McCarthy you guys created this now you want people with no means of defending their self to clean it up? What the hell are people to do ask the thugs in off the street for milk and cookies? You people are gawdam insane fukn morons.

    McCarthy is calling on people who live in high-crime areas to help keep their streets safe.

    • Mike

      Ya don’t have 2 go up against them if your afraid, just call the Po-Po when ya see something illegal going on , don’t just turn your head and pretend that ya don’t see anything!!!

      • Afro

        The state wants the right to protect its people well get fukn busy, but don’t call on the citizen it’s your rights remember?

      • Afro

        @Mike fuk that why help those who fuk me

      • Afro

        The police and politicians do not respect our rights they are on their own. Lets see the police walk these streets with out a gun like the citizens do fukn cowards and hypocrites

  • Afro

    Strip the guns off of your officers then ask them to go keep the streets safe dumb fuk McCarthy, see how far that gets ya.

  • smooth

    and what about the crooks in City Hall
    when will they clean up this place
    Burke Barrios and the Mayor Daley leftovers
    and lets not forget Jesse Jr , and the Stroger group
    I would say that corruption has no boundaries racially in Chicago
    it must be the air

  • CFLC

    New Job Title for the Police:
    Teach the community to be good productive human beings. If you fail, at least the politicans can keep blaming the police and teachers for Society’s ills. Remember, Rule # 59 under the Daley Model of Chicago Democratic Government,(now being taught at the Univ. of Chicago). Always blame someone else, (Police,Teacher, Priest most desirable targets) Never blame those responsible.

  • Lyndia

    I makes my living on the streets of Englewood and don’t need no po-po keeping me from my street corners.

    • Bodacious B


    • Afro

      Don’t worry Lyndia these are Chicago Police I’m sure you will enjoy the extra business I mean company

  • Chivi

    I don’t know where the cops were but just last night there was a shoot out right at the corner of Cermak and Kedzie. It must have been around 7:30 in the evening or so. The corner was bustling with people doing their daily routine and 2 cars started shooting at each other and speeding away. Luckily no one was hurt or otherwise it would have been in the news (maybe).

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