SNAP Protests After Priest Says Mass Amid Abuse Allegations

CHICAGO (CBS) — Members of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests were handing out leaflets outside Holy Name Cathedral on Sunday.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Marsett reports, the group is upset because the Rev. George Klein, 78, celebrated mass on Jan. 1 at St. Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church, at 1962 Old Willow Rd. in Northfield.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Dave Marsett reports

Klein, who is 78 and retired, has been restricted in his ministry since the summer because of an allegation that he acted inappropriately with a young woman more than 40 years ago while serving as principal of St. Benedict High School, 3900 N. Leavitt St., the Chicago Tribune reported.

In a Sept. 1 posting on its Web site, SNAP said the woman first divulged the alleged sexual abuse to Archdiocese officials over the summer. The woman’s age at the time and the nature of the alleged abuse were not specified.

Under the restrictions, Klein was forbidden from being alone with anyone under 18 “unless a responsible adult is present” and could not “engage in any teaching or instructive functions with minors,” SNAP said.

Klein mistakenly thought the restrictions against him had been lifted, and went ahead and led mass on New Year’s Day. But he has been corrected, the newspaper reported.

Klein now resides in the rectory at St. Philip the Apostle, the Tribune reported.

  • Dave

    40 years ago? Are you kidding me? I thought we had seen the last of these Snappers. Why wasn’t this reported 40 years ago? What exactly is meant be acting inappropriately? At least this priest likes girls. How does leading mass put him alone with a minor? Many legitimate questions. What about it Snappers?

    • David Benson

      “At least this priest likes girls”?

      You are the typical Catholic pedophile that defends these despicable pedophile priests. Shame you don’t have the guts to use your real name.

      • David Benson

        Jerry Finsbacher,

        I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll fly to your city and rent a boxing ring for a half hour. You bring a ref and I’ll bring a ref. You try to insult me to my face, (and I know you think saying I’m gay is an insult), and I’ll bet you don’t lyao for a long, long time.

        We’ll use any standard boxing rules you want, including UFC.

        You win, I’ll give $500 to your favorite charity. I’ll have an attorney write it up.

        Looking forward to it. You pray to God and I’ll pray to God, and we’ll see what side God is on.

      • Jerry Finsbacher

        @David Benson

        I really can’t think of anything worse than you being Gay, unless Oh my gawd a Gay who likes little Negro boys.

      • Jerry Finsbacher

        @David Benson

        I’m not counter challenging you at all here, if you come to my city looking to fight me and you find me I will defend myself end of story for you. I don’t make deals with your kind and I dam sure don’t like your kind so you better just stay hiding there behind your PC.

      • Neil Allen

        David Allen Larsen,

        Same deal for you. Since I’m guessing Jerry Finsbacher is a fake name for a coward, he’s hiding in the shadows, and you can speak for him. You show a legit ID, so that you can’t get someone else to fight your battles for you. I’ll fly there, and I can even bring a black friend of mine to take on any pedophile defending friend of yours, of any size, with or without any ID.

        If I thought you were man enough to really do this, I’d be drooling right now.

      • David Allen Larsen

        @David Benson, What about me? I was the one you originally attacked.

      • Jerry Finsbacher

        And by further observation I would not say he’s afraid to use his full name either David Benson. If someone has a comment about the article and you have more or contradicting info why don’t you put it out there instead of being an ass flaming on his comment.

        Anyone can tell the statement made by David Larsen “AT LEAST HE LIKES GIRLS” was sarcasm. I don’t see him supporting this monster that tries to pretend to be serving God.

      • Jerry Finsbacher

        Oh I get it now David Benson is a hommo and takes offense to the words Gay pedophiles. why didn’t I see that? That would also explain why he doesn’t like Catholics lmfao @ the Gay.

      • David Allen Larsen

        First of all, I’m not Catholic. Secondly, I’m not a pedophile. As far as the observation that he prefers girls is only stating that he is not the usual ‘Gay’ pedophile. Gay pedophiles are the worst of their breed!

  • Neil Allen

    At least 10% of the priests from the 1970s and 1980s were confirmed pedophiles (by the church’s own report, and the real number is probably 3-4 times that. Lots of them still give mass today.

    The Catholic church is crawling with pedophile priests to this day

  • Gary

    Neil—you need to kneel and pray. “At least 10%…” implies 100%. Care to give the citation for your moronic percentage?

    • Neil Allen

      Gary, moronic percentage?

      Read your own church’s John Jay report of 2004, which says 4%, but included priests that were only in ministry for one year or two years, etc.

      If you just analyze the ones form the 70s and 80s, your pedophile priests were at least 10% of the total. Need any more help than that, whiz kid?

      You should also pray, because you will find out on your judgment day, and if you did nothing, and if God is smart and just, you might live the lives of those victims for eternity.

  • Dr Rosemary Eileen McHugh

    As a Catholic physician who has met many who have been abused by priests, I praise the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests(SNAP) for giving a voice and standing with a woman who has the courage to admit that she was sexually abused many times as a young teenager by Fr Klein, when she was a student and he was the president of St Benedict’s high school.
    Many who have been sexually abused by clergy never get the courage to speak up, some finally get the courage many years later, as in this case, and sadly some keep the secret and commit suicide.
    To me, it is hopeful that Cardinal George wants to do the right thing by letting Fr Klein know that he is to remain out of active ministry. It is a tragedy that so many clergy around the world are abusing their positions of authority. There have been 19 bishops in the USA alone found to have been accused of actually being abusers according to It is my understanding that many bishops have been complicit in protecting predator priests. Recently in Pennsylvania 37 predator priests were found to be in active ministry by grand juries, at the same time that the Cardinal, Rigali, said there were no predator priests in active ministry. I frankly do not understand why the predator priests are not investigated by the police and removed from the priesthood, instead of just being removed from active ministry.
    SNAP is focused on protecting children and vulnerable adults from clergy sexual abuse. As Good Shepherds, Church leaders also need to be focused on protection of the innocent rather than on protecting their clerical colleagues who have done criminal acts.
    Sincerely, Dr Rosemary Eileen McHugh, Chicago

    • Sandy from the Burbs

      Thank you, Dr. McHugh, for your comments. I cannot help wondering, though, how any parent can be assured of Father George Klein not coming into contact with their child/children. Who is really keeping tabs on him? How is it he did not know he was not supposed to say Mass.

      I cannot agree that the Cardinal “wants to do the right thing”. after all, his own review board just advised him that what George Klein did was “not sexual abuse”, albeit inappropriate. I beg to differ with them.
      Better protection of our kids is needed and more prosecutions of abusive priests and bishops who enable them.

  • ML Carr

    I’d like to thank SNAP for being on the ball and letting everyone know when these accused priests are trying to return to their former roles. It appears the church isn’t going to do it.

    I have noticed that there is a sexist response to these cases. When the allegations involve a male victim it’s considered incredible, when in involves a female victim it’s considered forgivable.

    These particular allegations have taken place forty years ago and it would be all too easy to say that the statute of limitations has expired and it took place so long ago that we should ignore it. I think this misses the point.

    The victim now is at least an adult and possibly middle-aged. Harm must have taken place for the victim to think it’s necessary to go over the whole hoary thing again and bring it to the attention of an always skeptical church. The victim probably has children of her own and possibly grandchildren. Her children could have been sired by this very priest. This was a year before Roe v. Wade and I can’t imagine a priest having condoms much less using one.

    The accused is aged and possibly harmless but we can’t assume this nor can we assume that this is the only case involving him. The victim may have learned new information about him and may have decided to come forward now because of this. Even now, the church is very reluctant to remove a priest from ministry, even temporarily, so the allegations against him must be at least credible for them to do this and I certainly wouldn’t second-guess this. I don’t think anyone else should second-guess this either.

  • Robert Daniels

    For those who think SNAP is so courageous, I would refer you to an article that appeared in the New York Times on May 12, 2002. It can also be found on The article is titled ” Am I My Brother’s Keeper ? “.

    • Neil Allen

      So I read it.

      So why isn’t SNAP courageous? Because David Clohessy, without proof against his own brother, didn’t wage a war against his brother while he was busy waging a war against a church riddled with pedophile priests all over the world that had been raping children, lying about it, and fighting the victims of their own child rape, like you are trying to do now?

  • Kay Goodnow

    SNAP is far more courageous than the church, whose conspiracy of silence lets innocent children by slaughtered for life…

    • Neil Allen


  • BensAlumni

    I agree that the Church has done cover ups and I do not want to protect pedophiles, but I was at St Ben;s in the 70’s.
    George Klein is the real deal – a true Priest and you have to wonder why things like this take 40 years to come forward.
    Why spear a life so well served now.
    I could get a lawyer and say that your Dad abused me in the 70’s.
    Who really wins?

    • Neil Allen

      Its called justice, and its called punishment for pedohpiles. And if the somebody’s Dad that you referred to raped over 10,000 children in the United States like 4,392 Catholic priests did, that person’s dad shoudl go to jail

      • neil allen

        Then how bout this:

        – the Catholic church turns over their “secret archives”, which the Belgian police just ripped out of the Belgian church
        – the congregation starts to side with the victims, like Jesus Would Do
        – they give lie detector tests to both the victim and the priest. If both sides show he did it, it is easy. If not, it gets harder
        – the pope makes some type of edict (and I don’t know details, but you know damn well it could be done) that says every priest will be asked about child sex by another priest, and if they lie, the lie won’t be forgiven in any confession, and their child rape won’t be forgiven

      • BensAlumni

        I agree…but what if they did not.
        How would your Monday be after a weekend news blast like that!
        Priests are easy targets now…for good reason.
        But what if they are innocent?

  • Robert Daniels

    Mr. Allen, you obviously either missed the point or chose to ignore certain facts. Fact one being ( As stated in the article ) that when he found out that his brother was being investigated, David Clohessy chose to tip his brother off about the investigation, instead of immediately posting it on Snap’s website, which is his usual style. It’s interesting that, in the case of Mr. Clohessy’s brother, you refer to ” Unproven facts “. Mr. Clohessy has certainly never considered any other Catholic Priest innocent until proven guilty. From your statement and the facts ( And Mr. Clohessy’s own admission ) that were presented in the article which I referred to, one can only conclude that SNAP’s policies and irresponsibility don’t apply to relatives.

  • neil allen

    Then that means that you ignore everything else SNAP does? Because he was a hypocrite in the one case of heis very own brother that he had a bad relationship with, and that was ripping his family apart. All the while, he was a man completely alone, fighting one of the largest, richest institution in the world that was hiding the world’s largest organized child rape syndicate?

    You go before God with your excuses and explanations. He will not forgive you. GO to the Catholic church. You can be forgiven for anything in 10 minutes.

    The Catholic church invented confession. God, the bible, and Jesus never did.

    You go before God siding with the child rapists. I’ll go defending the victims. We’ll see whose side God is on.

  • mister

    george klein is a predator

  • Duffy

    The Chancellery of the Archdiocese of Chicago seems to be constantly filled with a fog of misunderstanding. There have been other similar incidents in George’s tenure. What’s the problem here? Did this abusive priest get a, “You can’t say mass anymore until you are cleared of these charges,” or did he get a “Don’t say Mass anymore until this blows over.” Klein seems to have assumed the latter.

    Would somebody tell the Cardinal that “This ain’t no way to run a railroad?”

  • R. Phillips

    The Church made a fundamental error in judgement from day one. All accusations should have been directed to the police for investigation. This would serve at least two purposes. The Church would rid itself of a criminal if there was a conviction, and the number of false claims would be minimized due to the necessity of actual evidence. There is the statute of limitations to consider, but no solution is perfect.

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