Would-Be Rally’s Robber Killed By Eatery Worker

GARY, Ind. (STMW) — As one robber grabbed an employee and the other brandished an Uzi-type weapon, a Rally’s co-worker took quick action, firing at the would-be criminals inside the store early Jan. 11.

The pair ran west, their robbery attempt foiled.

One of the suspects was found dead in a nearby vacant lot the next afternoon. He had been shot and killed by the Rally’s worker, investigators learned.

The results of the investigation are with the Lake County prosecutor, who will likely determine the Rally’s worker was justified in his actions.

Police declined to identify the employee.

“He feared for his life and that of his co-worker,” Gary police spokesman Sgt. Nelson Otano said.

The body of Marcus Patillo, 24, of 5864 Massachusetts St., Merrillville, Ind., was found in a weedy lot west of the restaurant. Police believe Patillo and his accomplice ran that direction after the worker shot at them. Patillo was pronounced dead at the scene about 12 hours after they entered the business through an unlocked employee entrance at 2:30 a.m. Jan. 11.

Workers were closing for the night when the men entered, restrained one employee and demanded cash.

Police said the restaurant’s service door, located on the east side of the building, didn’t lock properly and employees had reported the problem more than once.

The door opens adjacent to the drive-through lane and the lack of security was not a secret, Otano said.

Repairs were made subsequent to the shooting, police said.

Patillo was serving a five-year probation in Lake County after it was transferred from New Madrid County in Missouri in 2009. He was convicted there of possession of marijuana, court records show.

Otano said Detective Alex Jones is continuing his investigation into the incident. The prosecutor won’t make a final decision until additional information, such as the coroner’s report, is submitted.

Anyone with information about the attempted robbery or the identity of Patillo’s companion can reach Jones at (217) 881-7477.

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  • InalienableWrights

    What in God’s name is an Uzi type weapon? Come on writers get a clue please….

    Was this a reference that it looked like is was made in Israel? LOL
    That it looked fully automatic? LOL
    Or that I look like an Uzi? If the latter why did you not say so?
    The English language can be fairly specific in meaning if you know how to use it.

    • Jim

      An Uzi type weapon would be any machine pistol like an Uzi or a Mac10.

      • Afro

        Tech 9 would also easily fit in to that cat.

      • Afro

        tech 9 is semi auto though.

  • Just Axin

    This worker is a hero. Free burgers for all! Have him report to Englewood for training immediately. He is a god among men for what he did.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @ Just Axin’ – LOL !!!! Bravo my good man !!!!!!

  • Afro

    I’m sure the prosecutor is trying to find out how the firearm the worker used got carried to the business so he can charge someone.

    • Afro

      Belay my last it was in Indiana, they have rights there

  • Tee Thompson


  • Joe Friday

    Good help is hard to find.

  • Afro

    I just had a good thought, not to take away from this story good job to the Indiana worker way to exorcise your right to carry. Yay good aim!

    But if we could build an 14 foot fence around Engelwood laced with razor wire at the top and put like 500 pitbulls inside. oh well one can only dream

    • gert-newq

      if only we could throw steve urkle over the fence, he’ll keep them pre-occupied

  • Chaim Chitterling

    Now that is how you deal with them!

  • BuddyP

    Now that is gun control that I can support.

  • juju

    Sorry, Chicago is a free range monkey safari zoo. If you cage them, you have to pay to see them..

    • Afro

      Yeah juju you’re right I forgot they are a protected species.

  • Tyrell McPimpscoon

    great shot!!!!!…….one less worthless Obama supporter is a good thing.

  • Joe Dutra

    “Would-Be” robbers. No sir, these were rel robbers.

  • shooter

    Nice shot! Ummmm… it takes cops in IN 12 hours to find a bullet ridden dead body in a vacant lot next door-must have stopped for burgers. Awesome justice.

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