Gary, Ind., Fast Food Worker’s Concealed Gun Helps Foil Robbery

GARY, Ind. (CBS) — The Indiana law that allows licensed residents to carry concealed firearms has apparently helped break up what could have been a bloody robbery.

As CBS2’s Mike Parker reports, Gary police said two armed men wearing ski masks burst into the Rally’s at Broadway and Washington on Jan. 11 and tried to rob the place.

During the attempted heist, one of the employees pulled out a gun he was carrying and shot one of the would-be thieves. They both took off and one of them collapsed and died outside the restaurant.

Gary Police Detective Del Stout said the robbers picked the wrong place for a stickup.

“They certainly did. It was their bad luck that day,” Stout said.

The body of 24-year-old Marcus Patillo of Merrillville was found later in a vacant lot behind the restaurant. The other robber got away.

It appears the employee who shot Patillo won’t face charges. Concealed carrying of firearms is legal in Indiana.

Stout said, “While we don’t encourage people being robbed to take the law into their own hands, it did work out in this instance. There is no telling what might have happened if the employee had not had a weapon.”

Three weeks ago, a gunman and an accomplice robbed and roughed up the owner of a Northwest Side pizzeria in Chicago. It was a brutal incident that was caught on surveillance video. Although concealed carry in Illinois is illegal, it is legal for a business owner to keep a registered firearm – not on his person, but on the premises.

Is that victim now mulling it over?

John Gagliardi Jr., whose father was terrorized, said his dad “doesn’t like guns. He feels that he’s from the 50’s or 1960’s, from the old days when you don’t have to carry a gun.”

However, Gagliardi added, “I would probably have one, yes , for safety reasons but I don’t know if I could use one.”

One suspect in that pizzeria robbery has been arrested, charged with assisting the gunman in that $800 robbery. He’s been identified in a lineup by the victims.

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  • PG

    Wow, Indiana trusts its residents to conceal carry firearms, and in this case a thug got what he deserved. It’s a shame that Illinois doesn’t trust it’s residents to defend themselves, and is the ONLY state in this nation that denies it’s residents this basic right of self defense. Yet another reason to leave this hellhole of a state.

  • Centurion

    Not long ago, a similar situation occurred in either North or South Carolina. The would be thief was shot to death. If not for the concealed carry holder, the thief would surely have killed 1 or more of the patrons in the restaurant. It’s what bad guys do, they kill innocent people.

    In Illinois, bad guys can kill all the innocent people they want because thanks to GOVERNOR QUINN, Illnois citizens cannot protect themselves. THANK YOU GOVERNOR QUINN!

  • Jim

    As per the constitution, in this nation we have the right to bear arms, unless you live in Illinois…then only the criminals can. Politicians don’t care because they get “private security” so they can escort and drive them around.

  • frank

    Why is CBS Chicago reporting on this? This is the type of news story that should be covered up. Someone at CBS Chicago will be facing a lay-off at the next round of budget cuts.

  • Tim

    IT IS LEGAL to carry concealed in your place of business as well as in your home in Illinois, the writer should have verified the law before the story was published –

    “(a) a person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons when he knowingly:

    *** (4) Carries or possesses in any vehicle or concealed on or about his person except when on his land or in his abode or fixed place of business any pistol, revolver, stun gun, taser or other firearm.” 720 ILCS 5/24-1(a)(4)(West 1994).

    • Lena

      Why would you want to defend Illinois’ willfully ignoring the 2nd Amendment?

    • Tory II

      Big omission of important facts. Any gun in Chicago must be registered in ten places and the registration costs a thousand dollars.. And I dare anyone to try and transport a gun outside your business or home.

      And most important of all, you failed to understand it was a conceal/carry permit holder who saved the day, not a store owner.. Yes it was an employee, but it was an armed employee BECAUSE he can conveniently carry his gun to and from the store legally.

      • purs

        While I would love Illinois to have concealed carry, you should check your facts. You need to register the gun with CPD and have a FOID card. That’s it.

        And I transport to/from the range twice a month or more without any problems.

  • Fred Ryno

    Prepare yourselves for the following predictions if Obama fails to win re-election in the 2012 elections: 1: Declare the elections void. 2: Declare Martial Law 3: Release all prisoners from American prisons except violent offenders. 4: Nationalize volunteer army consisting of anyone swearing allegiance to Him…
    All resistors to be detained on the spot and held indefinitely as directed. Be safe.

  • Tom Gresham

    Why do the cops always say, “We don’t encourage anyone to take the law into his own hands.”?? It’s what we are supposed to do. We are legal, and obeying the law, and we should resist crime wherever and whenever possible. It’s not “taking the law into our own hands.” It’s doing what is legal and right.

    And it saves lives.

    • Tory II

      Wow. Good post.

      Police want a monoply on the use of force, and they hate an armed society because an armed society doesn’t need cops. Police are not first responders, they are the last responders, and we the people are the first responders.

      Thank you CBS.

  • asunachan

    CBS…..Why don’t you run a story about every state that has concealed carry…and what happened to their violent crime rate before concealed carry..and after….perhaps then politicians in IL will get it through their heads, CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW ANY WAY! all the shootings in IL….oh look…most of them are ILLEGALLY CARRIED WEAPONS

  • Calvin

    Yay Indiana! I feel sorry for you folks across the line that just have to hope the thugs treat you nice while they rob you. Don’t mind the Gary cop’s condescending attitude. He’s just jealous that a burger flipper did more about crime in his spare time than he has all week, and a better shot too.

    I’ll just leave this right here:
    IC 35-41-3-2
    Use of force to protect person or property
    Sec. 2. (a) A person is justified in using reasonable force against another person to protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force. However, a person:
    (1) is justified in using deadly force; and
    (2) does not have a duty to retreat;
    if the person reasonably believes that that force is necessary to prevent serious bodily injury to the person or a third person or the commission of a forcible felony. No person in this state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for protecting the person or a third person by reasonable means necessary.
    (b) A person:
    (1) is justified in using reasonable force, including deadly force, against another person; and
    (2) does not have a duty to retreat;
    if the person reasonably believes that the force is necessary to prevent or terminate the other person’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle.

  • Tfcreate Tfcreations

    Street Gangs are working very hard through their political allies at the city county and state levels to keep the average citizen as helpless as possible thought gun bans and by making sure conceal carry stays illegal in Illinois. These so called Safe haven cities are safe havens for more than one reason.

  • Tory II

    CBS has promoted gun rights again. Hat-tip.

  • hipshotpercusion

    I used to live in Illinois, and I moved to Florida almost 2 years ago. I carry a loaded 9mm semi-auto pistol concealed nearly everywhere I go. I hope I never have to use it, but, I’m glad i have it. thank you Florida for giving me the ability to defend myself and my family. As Robert A. Heinlein wrote many years ago in his novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress…. “An armed society is a polite society.” He was righton.

  • bubDallypoonyugf
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