Alderman Wants Crackdown On Building-Mounted Satellite Dishes

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ald. Ray Suarez (31st) thinks home satellite dishes are an eyesore on Chicago’s skyline, and wants to make city property owners move them away from the fronts of buildings.

Suarez says he is tired of seeing the satellite dishes bolted on the fronts of apartment buildings. At a City Council Zoning Committee meeting Thursday, he showed a photo of a building with nine dishes mounted on the street side of a building in his Northwest Side ward, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Suarez says property owners and managers don’t bother to take down decommissioned satellite dishes after tenants move out, and as a result, the exterior walls of buildings become crowded with the dishes, the Tribune reported.

He says satellite companies claim their customers will only receive clear signals if the dishes are mounted on the fronts of the buildings, but really, installers just find it easier to put them up in front than on the sides, the newspaper reported.

Suarez is proposing an ordinance that would require building owners to move the dishes to the back or the side so they’re out of sight. He also wants to make owners responsible for moving the dishes when someone moves out.

Suarez’s ordinance has already passed the Zoning Committee and now goes before the full City Council, the newspaper reported.

  • Jim

    Taxpayers think aldermen are an unsightly eyesore on Chicago’s taxes, and wants to make city property owners move them out.

  • CantTakeItAnyMore

    Chicago aldermen should first clean up their act before they ask others to do the same. This city is rife with obvious commercial building violations, public works structural dangers, parking headaches and last, but not least, a budget deficit – of which the atypical number of aldermen in this city is a contributing factor. It is clear to everyone that when an alderman wants a “crackdown” on something, it is just another guise to find something to which they can attach another fee. In this case why not impose a statute that forces the cable companies to remove the dish if a customer cancels service – they put it up, they should take it down.

  • GrammarCop

    Amen to that, Jim!!! Don’t the alderman have more productive things to do??? Furthermore, you can’t fairly pass this as law because there are in fact certain instances where the dish needs to go in a certain location on a building.

  • Alonso Zaragoza

    Of all the aesthetic issues that are affecting our 31st Ward (foreclosures not being cared for, illegal billboards, signs posted on lightpoles, Christmas lights still hanging in the summer), spending time concentrating on dishes is not a good use of City Council time. You would think the safety of community residents would be a larger issue.

    If you really did want to beautify the Ward, why not start with those horrible blue light and red light cameras? Neither of them do what they were intended to do, aside from cost residents money, and they are more of an eye sore than dishes are.

    Or maybe you should concentrate on getting your residents employed or preventing them from being hurt by gang violence. Blood on the sidewalks isn’t very pretty either.

  • bobh

    Dear Aldermen,
    Bite Me! with the price of comcast get real. Do something about the 68,000 domestic terrorists (aka GANG MEMBER’s) in the city.

  • Afro

    Hey alderman dictator head! When you own the building put the dish where you want, up your ass for all I care and if you need some help getting it there, there’s plenty of us around that would happily assist.

  • Border AGENT 69

    How about a crack down on ILLEGAL immigration or driving or doing construction without a license.

  • dan

    True there are higher priorities but there should be common sense rules on this. I built many condo developments and always put a pipe from the roof to the basement where all the cable wires were run so the dishes could be out of site on the roof and could be positioned best.. These idiot satellite guys would just come in and do the easiest thing which is to bolt it to the front wall and run the cable on the outside. THIS WAS ALL ABOUT USING LESS WIRE AND A CHEAPER MOUNT AND DOING IT FASTER WHICH DID NOT HAVE THE CLIENTS OR BUILDINGS BEST INTEREST IN MIND.

    And yes they do look ugly and people should be required to remove them if they move.

  • Benjamin Diaz

    Stop letting Comcast monopolize Chicago and bring in other cable options.

  • tom Sharp

    I agree with bobh: the hispanic gang bangers in your ward are a lot more ugly and dangerous than the dishes!

  • Roberta Waker

    I agree the dishes should be removed when the service is cancelled or the subscriber moves. But who should remove it – the owner of the building that allowed it – the person that subscribed to the service – the company that provided the service? This issue needs to be addressed as well. Satellite dishes need an unobstructed view of the southeast sky for the best picture and if that’s at the front of the building, so be it. I wouldn’t pay for service with a poor picture because the dish couldn’t be located properly. Doesn’t the City get a piece of the pie via a franchise fee for these dishes every month? They might want to see how much this lost franchise fee will cost them before they make waves with yet more laws.

    • Afo

      No one should remove it, the next guy in may want the service or someone down the road and installing and uninstalling dishes every other month will wreak havoc on the building. Those dishes look good to me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • Afro

        P.S. My renters can have whatever they choose and I do not care how many dishes are on my building. At least all of my tenants are white.

      • Afro

        How about making these Ape-heads that moved in catawampus from me a few years ago keep the dirty diapers and 40oz beer bottles picked up out their yard. The neighborhood is going to hell around here. Every time I get a delivery the driver just drives by and throws out a box he can’t stop, and I don’t expect him to. I have to wheel out to the curb with the 12 gage screaming get out of here or my package and me will be gone.

  • rif_k

    Wonder how much Comcast paid him.



  • Dan Rakow

    I would like to have Direct TV if I live ANYWHERE in Wisconsin so I can still watch Chicago Bears NFL Games in Packerland.

  • suarezwho?

    Hey Suarez get a life and start doing something for our community. You don’t do sht for anyone in that hood. Harrassing azz cops all day long. All that money you received and used only half of that money for the hood. I live in your ward and you don’t do anything for anyone. I’ll make sure to pass the word around in my neighborhood to get your azz out. We are sick and tired of your lies. Your out this next election bra.

    • Alonso Zaragoza

      Want him out or at least to focus on stronger issues for the community? Cut off his political funder.

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