Woman Chases Down Teen Twice Her Size Who Stole Wallet

CHICAGO (CBS)— A CTA passenger says she was “fed up” when she jumped off the bus and chased a man who had just taken her wallet Friday morning in downtown Chicago.

Going after a suspect is not what Linette Kossow, 50, imagined would happen when she caught the Number 36 bus.

She believes 18-year-old Jenar Sanders zeroed in on her as good prey when he spotted her pull her bus pass from her wallet. When she sat in a seat, Sanders planted himself behind her.

“What he did is, he pretended like he was going to get off at a bus stop and then forgot and said, ‘Oh, my bad. I meant the next stop,’” Kossow tells CBS 2’s Pamela Jones.

She says he went for her purse at Huron and State.

“When the bus doors opened, he reached in snatched it and ran,” Kossow says.

Even though the alleged offender is twice her size, she set her boots to the pavement, taking off after him, running down city streets and past the Omni Hotel.

“I was screaming as loud as I could, ‘Hey, stop him,” Kossow says.

Jenar Sanders

Jenar Sanders (Credit: Chicago Police Department)

A security guard and a homeless man joined in the chase. At one point, the group cornered the young man and Kossow says she told him, “God wants you to give me back my wallet.”

He continued to elude them, she says. Finally, they chased the suspect into an alley where the homeless man got him to give up.

“The homeless guy said, ‘Hey, man. I’m homeless and I don’t even steal. Give that woman her wallet,’” Kossow says.

He complied. Sanders faces a felony theft charge. His new crime means he violated his bond on an old case, police said.

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  • dannnie

    Fight Back…

  • dan

    I’m not sure shooting someone in the back as they are running away with your walltet is considered self defense so in reality a legally carried weapon would not achieve anything here but get the person carrying it in trouble.

    Not that I disagree with conceal carry-there is just a lot of babbling nonsense on the forums about the right to bear arms and how that would deter thugs from being thugs-plus there are a lot of idiots that would qualify to carry a weapon that should not be anywhere near a gun.

    • Roger F. Maslon

      Right on the mark. I’ve been saying that, first of all, specially if you consider the vast quantity of idiots in this particular city, anybody applying for a gun permit should also have to take a psychological evaluation -just as police officers do-, aside of qualifying on the range -again, like P. O.s. But you can’t take stupid or arsehole out of ditto, though… And, you and I can imagine some citizen shooting at an offender, and hitting who-knows-what/whom…
      Solution: It’s better to be carried by 6 than tried by 12, if you consider the nightmare of the judicial process.

    • tj

      This particular incident would probably not been prevented by her carring a concealed weapon. Where would she have had this weapon? More than likely in her purse, which is now in the hands of the thug. I’m all in favor of concealed weapons for honest law abidding citizens, but not all incidents can be prevented by it.

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Jenar??? That’s Black for what normal White name?


    • Lyndia


  • Just Axin

    Afro- You forgot to add his medical care in jail when he picks up the clap while enjoying anal sex.

    • Afro

      Just Axin yes I did I’m glad you brought that up.

  • malcom

    Blacks target Whites all the time. Its a hate crime. Just look at the statistics.
    if you are white and live in Chicago then you deserve what you get.

  • Former IL Resident....

    Kudos to her for getting back her hard earned money! Kudos to Pamela Jones for reporting this story too!

  • Rose

    This woman, Linette, was very foolish. I don’t mean only about running after him. For one thing, she was leaving work after midnight. One picture showed her with her purse wide open. Why was she rummaging through her purse on the bus when it was so late at night. Also, she should not even have had her wallet showing. It should have been in something like a fanny pack or concealed under her coat. She could have had her bus pass in her coat pocket. I don’t think any of the above would have happened, if her wallet was not out in the open.

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