Lawmaker: Quinn A ‘Coward’ For His Handling Of DCFS Investigation

CHICAGO (CBS) — A top Democratic state lawmaker is accusing Gov. Quinn of cowardice for the way his administration handled a scandal at the state’s child-welfare agency.

State Rep. Jack Franks, D-Woodstock, says Quinn knew in April that Erwin McEwen, then the head of the Department of Children and Family Services, was refusing to cooperate in a state inspector general’s investigation.

The IG was looking into fraudulent billing, bid-rigging and ghost payrollers at DCFS. Quinn waited five months, until Aug. 25, to call for his department head’s resignation.

“The governor just should have fired the guy when he knew,” Franks told CBS 2’s Mike Parker on Saturday.

Quinn said his administration was allowing due process.

“You have to obey the laws of Illinois, and that’s exactly what I did. When the process was completed, when due process was done, the director was relieved of his duties, and he resigned,” the governor said.

Franks countered that Quinn behaved in a “cowardly” fashion.

“The governor’s argument was we wanted him to resign because we were scared if we fired him we’d get sued. I said, how cowardly,” Franks said.

Franks says the scandal at DCFS will cost taxpayers $18 million, perhaps more.

The Illinois attorney general’s office on Friday said it is working to recover some of the money, which was given to a contractor accused of billing for shoddy or non-existent work, the Associated Press reported.

The case has been referred to federal prosecutors.

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  • tom Sharp

    Strike 345, Quinn’s out! Recall! or term limits of one!

    • Afro

      Hey Quinn I see where the 20m we needed for the mental health facilities went.

    • Avg Joe

      quinn is a wimp,coward…will not p unless boss madigan tells him, tos’s tax money to corparations like a drunk sailor,… backbone, he is bought and paid for….he needs to go to his old job….hanging out in mens room at the bus station, his lackies and others he panders to get jobs, closes mental health as he hires friends,( tramp that gave him yes vote to raise taxes ,next day job with state) boss madigan want lisa in, hopefully quinn sinks faster then the titanic and winds up in the cell next to blago and ryan…..he is a disgrace to IL. he is just apuppet for big business and boss madigan and daley mob
      RECLL quinn……………………..2012
      anther sour page in IL. history

  • francisco

    I agree hi is a coward, he has no guts


      then the wimpy gov. cannot think that tax payers are fleeing in the hundreds, this goof gives any corp. a tax break, ( on our backs to pay it) just cause he cannot say no,he’s a buffoon, clown, panderingfor anyone who will vote for this moron. just hope a scanal breaks that pushes this slob out of office and in the pokie with the last two clowns…….term limits and drain the cesspool from crook county, why dont the feds start hitting these corupt political hacks with that RICO law, take blago’s and ryans house, hell they do it every day to dope dealer, suppose to be for operatraing continue crimmal enterprise…well 40 years seems to meet my standers….

      RECALL QUINN…………..NOW……..2012

  • rich

    Lets see this is the state of Illinois and then you have a Gov. name quinn. Say no more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zat

    Another scandal. Big money involved.

    We are so used to it that we don’t blink.

    The day will come when the riots won’t be able to be contained.

    The Chicago summits will be an inkling of worse things to occur.

    Wake up now and start using common sense.

    Quinn, Madigan, Rahm, Daley holdovers, Judges, Obama etc are not governing honestly for the hard working taxpayer.

    Even a bad new politician will be better than our current cesspool politicians.



    • FTC

      Sadly common sense in Illinois is an endangered concept.

  • Filbert

    Quinn appears in the wrong here, but, a “top Democratic lawmaker? Please. Jack Franks is a legend in his own mind. His only skill is stepping over his own mother to get his giant head in front of a camera to denounce other Democrats. I don’t say this to suggest Democrats shouldn’t call out other Dems when they are wrong, rather to suggest that Mr. Franks never has anything else to say.

  • Robert

    Quinn is bought and paid for by AFSCME, the public employees union that runs our state government. He won’ mess with any agency they represent.

  • BD

    Madigan is the real thief! He is just waiting to get his daughter made Governor! Lisa Madigan will save us all! We are so doomed in Illinois!

  • Afro

    Quinn is a coward? Tell us something we didn’t already know Franks I’m glad to see someone in office finally sees it. Quinn should have to pay the losses as restitution to the state. I hope the Feds put him in with Blago. could it be 3 in a row? The sooner the better!

  • My thoughts

    hey gov. whimpy………i need $20 million or i will move from the state,…what, your going to the bank to get it now….hurry before the moving truck leaves you buffoon

  • AL

    Dcfs scandal ? No really?i cant believe it!. Come on already the agency is an absolute joke and the idiots that work their are a bigger one! The scandal does not stop here, believe me there are others in their they just have not been caught yet. The entire agnecy needs to be revamped along with their inconsistency with their policies.

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