Bail Set At $750K For Man Charged With Bucktown Rape

CHICAGO (STMW) — Bond was set at $750,000 Sunday for a Pilsen man charged with raping a 26-year-old woman in Bucktown early Saturday.

Michael Giffin, 25, of the 1700 block of South Carpenter Street, was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and unlawful restraint.

Police say they responded to a call for help at 4:15 a.m. in the 2300 block of West St. Paul Avenue. A woman told authorities she had been sexually assaulted. When the woman fled an apartment after the assault — Griffin allegedly pursued her and dragged her back inside, police said.

The woman was taken to Saint Mary Medical Center in “stable” condition, police said.

Giffin’s bail was set at $750,000 Sunday by Judge Peggy Chiampas. Griffin works as a youth soccer coach, is studying industrial design at UIC and is an assistant on the UIC soccer team, his attorney said.

Prosecutors say he met the victim at one bar and went to another bar with her, and then shared a cab back to her home.

She invited him in and they had a beer, but when she said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep, he forced her to have sex with him multiple times, prosecutors said. At one point he threatened to kill her, it’s alleged.

Afterwards, Giffin went to the bathroom and the victim ran out into the hallway and screamed for help, but Giffin grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her back into the apartment, prosecutors say.

He then choked her until she was unconscious, it’s alleged.

The victim later identified Giffin as her attacker, prosecutors say.

Wearing a striped sweater and dress pants, he spoke during a brief hearing Sunday only to indicate that he understands he cannot contact the victim if he makes bail.

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  • InalienableWrights

    Are women really this stupid? Drinking and invite a stranger into your home?

    • NOmeansNO

      Just because it was a poor choice to invite him in doesn’t change that fact that she is a VICTIM OF RAPE! How was she to know he was an alleged rapist?

    • Vicky Kujawa

      This broad must be nuts.

      • InalienableWrights

        I think so. The only reason I can see that she invited this stranger home was to have sex with him and then with both of them being drunk she changes her mind?

    • Better than you

      You are such a loser. You are probably Mike himself. Sorry that people are nieve and think that NORMAL, nice people EXIST. Sorry that people don’t want to live their life questioning every single person they meet and not get to know them JUST IN CASE they are a rapest. How about people stop being rapest, and stop killing each other. then, doing something like this is completely FINE. But no, the A-holes have to ruin it for everyone else because they can’t keep their d*ck in their pants. GET OUT OF HERE MIKE.

  • dontblamethevictim

    Are men really this stupid? Raping an innocent young woman.

    • InalienableWrights

      Obviously so – and the woman got a very expensive education. Do you think she will be this stupid again any time soon?

      There is a difference between stupidity and culpability. If I went into the hood with $8,000 worth of gold on my neck I would get robbed. I would be STUPID just like this woman but the criminal would still be culpable. Is this too much to understand?

      • Better than you

        you are such an idiot and undoubtedly on the UIC soccer team with this fool. It is NEVER OKAY TO BEAT A WOMAN into having sex with you. Crack HEAD.

    • Vicky Kujawa

      Men are disgusting too…..anything that jiggles. :P

    • Vicky Kujawa

      Not that he doesn’t deserve what’s coming to him.

  • Erika

    I know him and he is very aggressive and creepy. Yea the girl was stupid to invite him back but what he did was NO EXCUSE. This is sick and no means no. I hope he gets kicked out of school and loses his job teaching CHILDREN. typical uic soccer player

    • L

      His actions are inexcusable and It is something that should NOT be taken lightly. But unfortunately what he’s done is reflecting other’s views on his former teammates. It is immature and irrelevant to bring them or anyone else into this.

    • T

      A serious crime has turned into a form of gossip by saying it’s a “typical UIC soccer player.” Grow up. What he did is disgusting and on himself only. I am still in shock, and yes, I do know him and everyone on the team as well. Though he did seem to scam on girls, it doesn’t mean every guy on the team is like that and that you can generalize them into one category, because the ones I associate myself with are good guys. People are completely missing the point here, and obviously people hear more bad things and rumors than good about people. And if this is Erika F, then your boy toy is at the top of that list of “aggressive and creepy” guys on soccer.

      • UICbaseball

        Derek Huffman?! ahahahhaha. You would think HE was the one who committed this crime. Needless to say, Mike needed to realize that this girl said no and backed off. Hope he gets kicked out of UIC and never gets a job. What a low life.

  • Erin

    I go to UIC and if he is a soccer player like this girl said he is, then I defiantly don’t put this past him. I have heard nothing but horrible things about them and if you add alcohol to the equation it makes it worse. This poor woman did not deserve this and he deserves to be put away. What a joke this guy is.

  • jj

    Poor guy. We should start a paypal account for him.

  • Flame

    I also claim to know this guy and have heard that he is weird…and I “defiantly” don’t know what I’m talking about. Go Flames!

    • ^ Flamer

      Ok Mr. Spelling Bee that is not the point. The point is that this animal raped a girl and dragged her back into her apartment. What kind of “man” does that.

      • Really?

        Sounds like “Flame” is also a soccer player. Hmm how many girls have you taken advantage of? Writing “Go Flames” on an article about a girl getting raped is disgusting. Have some respect for the victim.

  • Concerned Mom

    Poor Guy? Go Flames? What is wrong with you people. A woman got raped by this man and you guys are acting like nothing happened?

  • Kenneth Byrd

    I pray for the woman but lest this be a lesson. You dont take home a man you met in a bar. What was she thinking?

  • Wow

    What a sick human being. Hes an industrial design major and works with kids? Does anyone know if he got bailed out? I have some friends whose children go to UIC. Why is he 25 and still going there anyways? So many questions, I just hope the poor girl gets tested because it seems like hes an aggressive person and this might not be the first time hes done this.

  • person

    How selfish and immature of anyone who is trying to make this about anyone other than who it is about. No one cares if you “claim” to know him or anyone on the UIC soccer team….you weren’t there. It is beyond ignorant that anyone can generalize this to a group of people that he was a part of.

    Also, calling a girl stupid for getting raped NO MATTER WHAT the situation was? Shame on you.

  • Pva

    Dead man walking.

  • tim

    He is an attractive man, he will definitly get his but capped and tapped where he is going. Have fun, hope it was worth it.

    • InalienableWrights

      Tim your comment is what is really wrong with Amerika. You condone putting people in rape cages. Let us hope that you and yours never get put unfairly into one of these rape cages that you condone.

      Let us also hope that one of these raped men do not move in next to you and has eyes on your children. Then you will ask the question …. why?

      • A

        It’s nice that you are so concerned about the safety of an alleged rapist, but his victim is ‘stupid’ and clearly committed the huge ‘crime’ of deciding NOT to have sex with someone and therefore undeserving of any sympathy whatsoever.

        Meanwhile, by your logic, Mr. Giffin was stupid enough to commit a crime that could land him in jail where he may have to suffer through the same trauma that he inflicted on an INNOCENT woman. Why so concerned?

        No one deserves to get raped, and that includes rapists. But your misogynistic sense of righteousness is both disgusting and sadly indicative of the way that rape victims are treated with regularity in our society.

    • Elizabeth

      You rape a girl, you should get raped in jail. As simple as that. I’m sure being a white ‘semi decent looking man” means hes going to get his ass handed to him. Which is what he needs. Sick animal.

      • Better than you

        Amen sister! What you do to others should be done to you. I COMPLETELY AGREE. That is what our judicial system should be about!!!! Instead, he posts bond and is out walking the streets again TODAY. AWESOME, FANTASTIC. F this.

  • Vicky

    Yeah if he is convicted he will be getting plenty of sex for certain.

  • billyjoe

    Interesting all the comments about UIC soccer players and their animal-like ways. Is that really the campus perception of these players? All said, I find it really hard to see–shocked and saddened is a better description–how a guy like this could in one night destroy a young woman’s life along with his own. Anyone else wanna wager that the has major alcohol issues? Even if he’s never been arrested before, he’s gonna have to do hard time for this heinous crime.

    • Amanda

      Even in other articles people are commenting about the UIC soccer players. I only reply to this comment because I went to high school with one of them and he was master of the creepers. Total douchbag too. So yes, I’m guessing it is the campus perception of these players. Never the less, it was dumb on this girls part to bring a random guy to her home but what he did was NOT OK. No means no.

      • Amanda

        Hehehe yes. Hey, I wasn’t the one name dropping. So funny that you knew EXACTLY who I was talking about.

      • Lexi

        ^^^ Derek Huffman?

  • no winner

    tthe guy must sign up as a sex does not matter if the lady or both was drunk.rape is rape.judge or court system will decide his fate.there are 2 story on both sides.if the guy did raped her and found guilty,jail time for him.
    mind is terrible to waste,because he and she was drunk.

  • Kevin

    This guy is done. He’s going to be sex slave to psychotics for the next century. He deserves to be raped in prison.

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