MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. (CBS) — A woman says she was just trying to get out of a parking lot when she slammed into an apartment building in Mount Prospect.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, the driver of the red Chevrolet Aveo claimed she got dizzy as she pulled out of the lot to go to work Monday morning, and accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. That was when she slammed into a black minivan and pushed it all the way across the front of the building.

Afterward, the woman’s car kept turning, and smashed through the windows of a garden unit in the six-flat building at Cottonwood Lane and Robert Drive around 7:30 a.m.

A few windows were blown out when the car went through, but only the bumper and part of the trunk ended up hanging inside the apartment.

No one was home at the time, but one tenant, Bayo Olatunji, said he rushed home because he was worried his roommate might have been hurt.

“It’s a good thing nobody was in there; it would have been worse if someone was in there,” Olatunji said. “I was at work, and then I was scared. I was just hoping my roommate wasn’t in there, because I left him at home when I went to work. But when I got here, he wasn’t in there, so I was happy. I was just dumbfounded; I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t do anything.”

The back window of the Chevrolet was blown out and its rear bumper was hanging off, but the car was drivable and was driven, rather than towed, from the scene.

The driver who crashed the car, who is also a tenant in the building, was taken to an area hospital just as a precaution because she was feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

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