CHICAGO (CBS) — Later this week, Chicago will mark the one-year anniversary the third heaviest blizzard in recorded history.

But looking outside, you’d have no idea. So far, this winter is the 11th mildest ever, with an average temperature of 32.5 degrees.

But nine of those 11 readings were taken in downtown Chicago, which is warmer than O’Hare International Airport where official temperature readings are currently taken. Since the temperature reading was moved to O’Hare, there has been only one winter – 2001-2002 – that recorded a warmer average temperature than this winter so far.

And while the temperature started out in the nippy mid-20s early in the morning, your winter coat might leave you sweating by the time the afternoon comes around.

As of 11 a.m., the temperature was 38 at O’Hare with chilly and cloudy skies. Precipitation has been in the atmosphere, but has been falling as virga – which does not hit the ground – rather than as rain or snow.

In the afternoon, sunshine will break through as a warm front pushes in from the southwest. Highs for the Monday will climb into an estimated 49 degrees, and on Tuesday, the high will hit the an estimated 51.

A cold front will come through Tuesday afternoon and bring a possibility of rain showers. But temperatures are expected to remain above average, with a high of 44 for Wednesday and 41 for Thursday – the two days that will mark the anniversary of the 21.2-inch blizzard of 2011.

The high for Friday will stay at 40 degrees. But wouldn’t you know it, once again just in time for the weekend, the high for Saturday is expected to drop to 33.


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