Quinn: Indiana’s Push For ‘Right To Work’ Law Won’t Hurt Illinois

CHICAGO (CBS) — As Indiana lawmakers head toward final passage of so-called “right to work” legislation, Gov. Pat Quinn is calling it a bad move that won’t help Indiana compete with Illinois for business.

Mocking the legislation as the “right to work for less” bill, Quinn joined opponents who have called such laws an assault on organized labor.

As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, the legislation was approved by the Indiana House earlier this month and is headed for a final vote before the Indiana Senate on Wednesday. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels has said he will sign it.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

The measure would prohibit union contracts that require workers to pay union dues.

Proponents have said it will make Indiana more attractive to businesses, but opponents say such laws are an attack on labor unions and will drive down workers’ salaries.

Quinn said it is bad legislation and he said he doesn’t think it will start attracting companies to Indiana. The governor said companies do quite well in Illinois with union labor.

“Having a good union work force like Caterpillar and John Deere and Ford and Mitsubishi and Chrysler; they all have – Navistar as well – they’re all organized by the UAW and the UAW believes in making sure that people get a decent wage, get a decent health care plan and a decent retirement,” Quinn said.

Quinn said major companies like those are thriving in Illinois with union labor.

“Take a look at Caterpillar. They had their best year in 2011 since, I think, 1947 was the last year they were as good as they were last year. They sold a lot of machinery all over the world; 90 percent of what they make in Illinois, they export to the world,” Quinn said.

The governor also said he’s not worried about losing Illinois businesses to Indiana.

“That ain’t gonna happen, I’ll tell you that. I think that’s a bad bill and I’m very sorry that Mitch Daniels is gonna sign the ‘right to work for less’ bill. That’s a bad bill for the incomes of hard-working people,” Quinn said.

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  • Afro

    Pat Quinn next poster boy for right to Abortion.

  • Linda Elsey

    Good job Governor Daniels. Quinn must be a democrat with ties to the “organized corruption” called unions.

  • Right to Work

    Decent wage?? Decent Benefits?? Only politicians have it better. Down with the Unions. They are more corrupt than the politicians, if one can even imagine that.

    Cat builds 90% of its products here in Illinois? Oh wait..what he said was 90% of what they make in Illinois they export around the world. Guess that doesn’t really say anything about how much they make else where.

    • Just the Average Joe

      They are getting ready to build a new plant, it won’t be in IL.

  • non

    You’re correct Quinn. You don’t need Indiana’s help in destroying Illinois. You are doing one hell of a job job yourself without any help

  • tom Sharp

    But Quinn, aren’t you the guy that send the tax increase on the working folk (of course not Sears or CME) would solve our problems!? TERM LIMITS OF ONE!!

  • 38Special

    You can start an on line petition for recall. I would if he were my Governor.


    • Me

      @38Special, Illinois doesn’t allow Recalls…one can easily see why. Its been proposed every 3-4 years and repeatedly shot down by Madigan, Blago, Quinn, etc. Even the Elephants don’t want it.

      Personally, I wonder what the point of a recall is. During a regular election the officials that folks wanted recalled win in landslides. Didn’t the CA Gov that was recalled for the Governator, win again with Arnold didn’t run?

      • Jerry

        What Does A Recall Effort Take?

        •A voter has to file an affidavit stating his or her intent to circulate petitions to recall the governor. The affidavit cannot be filed until after the governor has served six months in office.
        •Permission from lawmakers: The affidavit has to include the signatures of 20 members of the Illinois House and 10 members of the Illinois Senate. Half of the signatures from lawmakers have to be from Democrats and half from Republicans.
        •Petitioners have to gather signatures equal to 15 percent of the number of people who voted in the last gubernatorial election.
        •Of those signatures, organizers would have to get at least 100 signatures in each of at least 25 different counties. Petitioners would have 150 days to get them and the State Board of Elections would have 100 days to certify them.
        •When would the recall election be held? No later than 100 days after the State Board of Elections certifies the signatures.
        •Passage: A majority of voters have to vote to recall the governor in order for him or her to be removed.
        •Who becomes governor: If the governor is recalled, the lieutenant governor becomes acting governor until a special election is held. If there is no lieutenant governor, the attorney general becomes acting governor. If there is no attorney general, the secretary of state becomes acting governor.
        •Special election: A special election to select a new governor has to be held within 60 days if the governor is recalled. That process starts on the day of the recall election if multiple candidates from the same political party file for the office. If that’s the case, a special primary election would be held on the same day of the recall election. Candidates must gather 5,000 signatures in order to run in the special election. The new governor will serve for the unexpired portion of the recalled governor’s term.
        •The Better Government has noted that nothing in the amendment prevents the recalled governor from running in the special election after he or she is recalled. It also noted that the amendment does not require grounds for recall.

  • todd

    If all of you people love Indiana so much, just stop your whining and complaining and cross over the boarder. I am sure most of you will fit right in with the other in breed red necks in Indiana.
    Indiana had right to work in 1957, and it was so unpopular that it was repealed in 1965 with the Republican majority getting thrown out of office. If it didn’t work 55 years ago, it most definitely WILL not work today with globization and NAFTA.

    • Right to Work

      Its not that I like Indiana, its that I don’t liek Unions and most politicians.

      So, Right to Work was repealed during the hayday of Union power. That doesn’t indicate if it worked or not.

    • Redneck in the Burbs

      Spoken like a true Chicagoan. Its amazing the number of folk in Chicago that think anyone with doesn’t love the city is a redneck\inbreed. I love Chicago but never live in it…I like my space.

  • Bill

    Quinn said that Indian’s law won’t affect Illinois. This is a man who said that raising taxes will be good for this state, and that this state will be able to pay its obligations. There is nothing, absolutely nothing this can man can sell to me. This state has the worst credit rating in the entire country. Quinn and his comrades have destroyed this state. And he’s telling other states what to do? Yes, sure, Catepillar had a great year, but remember, they would not have had such a “great year” were it not for them to cut their costs. Quinn didn’t bother to say that. When you make the business environment so unprofitable, they are forced to cut jobs to stay in business. What a chump.

  • Afro

    Quinn doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and i would love the opportunity to look him in the eye and say that to his face. Here we sit with not even 20m for the mentally challenged to get the care they need, yet he allows a ni gg er in charge of dcfs bleed 18m from the state because he was afraid of a law suit from the ni gg er Coward is an understatement.

    • LAellie

      You are a racist pig. Get the hell out of this country.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @’Fro – as always my friend, you are absolutely correct!!!!

      @Bill – you sir are also dead on !!!!! Well said !!!

  • USREB2


  • USREB2


  • USREB2


    • southside

      Dude, put down the union kool-aid. Imagine a world where you got paid more for doing a better job than the stooge next to you….

      • THEE Yard Ape

        EXACTLY!!! Unions = socialism, PERIOD !!! And I was a union tradesman and experienced this sh!t first hand!!! As you already said, keep drinking that kool aid you idiots!!! Ever wonder why an OVERWHELMING majority of union trades are unemployed and have been for the last 3 years?? TOTALLY INFERIOR workmanship and bloated prices!!! I worked for a large number of builders over the years, and 99% of them wanted to use NON-union trades, and it wasn’t about the $$ !!!

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  • William Layman

    What Quinn truly loves about unions is how 97% of their political contributions go to him and his fellow Democrats–and then they vote for pro-union and anti-business legislation–it is a money laundering scheme. As for comparisons with Indiana, over here we have a budget surplus, much lower corporate and personal taxes, and a good credit rating–Illinois has just the opposite–they are actually competing with CA for “worst in the nation” financial status. And this moron wants to give advice to Indiana–what a joke! Maybe Caterpillar will wise up and move to Indiana….

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  • Disappointed

    The moderators aren’t letting me post again… :( Four attempts…two have disappeared and the other two claim to be duplicates, but there is nothing posted after 2 hours.

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  • http://newsreportnow.com/2012/02/senate-approves-right-to-work-law-daniels-likely-to-sign-it-today-post-tribune/ Senate approves right to work law; Daniels likely to sign it today – Post-Tribune | News Report Now | Daily News Magazine

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