Students’ Text Messages Probed In Drug Case At Stevenson High School

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. (CBS) — Drug peddling and abuse are the focuses of an investigation underway at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire and authorities have been reading students’ text messages as part of the case.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports, at least one student has been arrested and others have been suspended in connection with the investigation, which spokesman Jim Conrey says began in December.

“Many students around the school knew this was going on even before it became known publicly,” he said.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports

That’s because police and staff have seized phones from students suspected of drug involvement to check their text messages.

Conrey said District 125 is on firm legal ground, and that multiple rulings allow school administration and police to seize cell phones on campus if they believe the students are involved in illegal activity.

“This situation is unusual because it involves more students than usual,” he said.

Some parents had been upset about learning about the investigation through the media, but on Wednesday. Dist. 125 Supt. Eric Twadell issued a statement in which he says the school takes the matter “very seriously.”

“We actively investigate potential instances of student misconduct including, but not limited to, the selling, purchasing, possessing, using or distributing of impairing or intoxicating substances, or participating in a plan to do so,” he wrote.

Twadell said in the statement that drug counseling will be offered to those who students who want it and their families.

  • Martin

    Any of these kids hear of password protecting their smart phones? I have to for work, but I also do it to keep my kids off of my phone.

    Personally, I think the school is on shaky ground. Calling the students down and telling them to hand over their phones…oh and btw, your suspended.

    • Student

      Martin, I’m a student at Stevenson and even if you have a password on your phone, if you refuse to show them, they’ll get a court order and call the phone company to get your recrods. They’re on shaky grounds indeed.

      • Martin

        With a Court Order, I feel they are on stronger ground. Hopefully the Judge follows the rules of Law for probably cause and such.

        I wish you luck Student.

  • ExFalcon

    Big deal. At Forest View High School and Elk Grove HS back in the 80’s the entire student bodies were wasted.

  • Don Panek

    As a former student that graduated in 2010, this is no surprise to me at all. Drugs have been at the school for years and the school did very little about it. The reason why they are now taking action is because it was leaked out to the public and now the school wants to protect it’s image. The discipline is also poor in the aspect that if you are accused of something, you have no student rights and the staff will make good students look bad when its the school who is abusing their powers. Students and parents are outraged with the school and Lincolnshire Police because they feel that they constitutional right of search and seizure has been violated. I have been looking at the comments all day on the internet on this story and some people are very shocked and even went as far as to say that they thought this was a perfect school. It isn’t at all. Students have no rights, the staff abuse their disciplinary powers and then when something does happen the school tries to act fast and cover everything up to protect their image. It’s not a great school at all and people need to open their eyes and see the truth. I really hope this burns a hole for their image now, because the school deserves it.

  • Chivi

    There is a drug dealer(s) in EVERY school. Time to clean up!! It’s like having a Burger King and/or Taco Bell and/or Dunkin Donuts in every classroom.

  • Robert Lindsey

    Another way to help resolve these issues is for schools to be more available via the text message technology. If you can’t beat them.. join them…

    One good way to do this is

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