(WSCR) With the Super Bowl just two days away, NFL expert Hub Arkush joined The McNeil and Spiegel Show to break down the match up.

Arkush said the Giants will be able to defend the areas where the Patriots normally have success.

“The bottom line is that the Giants have got a bunch of great pass-rushers, but that’s not the whole defensive scheme,” Arkush said. “That’s just the sound bite where everybody says, ‘Oh, pressure Brady and he’ll shuffle his feet. That’s what the Giants have done and that’s what made them win.’ That’s not really true. What has helped the Giants against the Patriots is that they do such a great job with their safeties and their linebackers of taking away the middle of the field. They take away the slot receiver, and that is where Wes Welker is so effective. That’s why the Giants are such a difficult matchup for the Patriots.”

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