Attorneys Believe Gacy Had Accomplices

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two Chicago lawyers have taken a fresh look at the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of three victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, and they have concluded that he had at least one accomplice.

The three were found among the 29 victims whose bodies were buried in the crawlspace of Gacy’s home, at 8213 W. Summerdale Ave. in unincorporated Norwood Park Township.

Attorneys Stephen Becker and Bob Stephenson showed CBS 2 receipts that put Gacy out of town when two people who ended up in his crawlspace disappeared.

Gacy was in Pittsburgh during the period in September 1977 when victim Robert Gilroy, 18, of Chicago disappeared, the Sun-Times reported. And when John Mowery, 19 of Chicago disappeared later in September 1977, Gacy was at a job in Michigan, the attorneys told the Sun-Times.

In a third case, a friend of one of the men who disappeared – Russell Nelson, 21, of Minneapolis – offered work to Nelson’s brothers with Gacy, the Sun-Times reported. That man’s identity is being given to police.

The attorneys are also examining Gacy’s own questions to police when he was arrested. Among those questions were – “Who else do you have in the station? There are others involved,” and he said his “associates” were involved “directly,” the Sun-Times reported.

One would-be victim, Jeff Ringall, lived to tell his story but has since died. Ringall said he was drugged, tortured and raped in Gacy’s home and dumped in Lincoln Park – an offense for which Gacy was arrested – and he said he thought someone else was in Gacy’s house when he was tortured, the Sun-Times reported.

“I can honestly tell you that to this day I don’t know whether somebody helped him,” Sam Amirante, Gacy’s defense attorney, said Friday.

In an exclusive 1992 interview with CBS 2’s Walter Jacobson, Gacy himself claimed he had accomplices. His house doubled as headquarters for his P.D.M. Construction company, and a flophouse for his employees, on whom he blamed the murders when he talked to Jacobson.

“The media has always contended there was others involved,” Gacy said. “At the time of my arrest, there were four other suspects.” Three of them worked for P.D.M., Gacy said.

He claimed that one man, Michael Rossi, had socialized in the house with one victim, John Szyc, the night he was murdered. Gacy said he had a drink at the house, then left, and when he came back, Szyc was dead.

But Gacy also tried to convey the impression that he himself was not involved in the murders. He said he did not say anything because “it wasn’t my business, and I stayed out of other people’s business.”

If this story did not seem credible, he had another one, about being so high on drugs he did not know what he was doing. He said he took Valium to cope with his long workdays.

Gacy was executed on May 10, 1994. Notoriously, his last words were, “Kiss my ass.”

  • Afro

    Why bring up this old stuff CBS can’t your reporters get out there and find some real news? How about getting Walter off of his tired old ass and do something. On second thought forget that send someone else, that tired old man is a run down drag.

    • ecn

      Gacy was a sniveling coward. If he had an accomplice he would have blabbed.

  • franklin808

    Another argument that Quinn did the right thing by outlawing capital punishment in Illinois. If he was still alive, we could have asked him.

    • Afro

      Shut up franklin why don’t you just go die in a hole, Quinns hole

  • kennith

    In Englewood the police beat confessions out of suspects they should have brung them in to do the jnterveiw with Gacy

  • thank God he is gone

    Just a couple of lawyers that are now collecting a fee from someone for this worthless ‘investigation’. To use Gacy’s words as ‘proof’ is laughable. He would’ve and did say anything at all to try a save his own butt!!

    • Wyatt

      The lawyers did this without pay from anyone. Also, they never said Gacy was innocent of anything, only that he had accomplices. Learn some facts.

  • the truth

    Don’t you think Gacy would’ve kept those “meticulous records” just to try to throw cops off in the case he was investigated?! Claiming he was in another city and here’s my used ticket… blah blah blah. Then there’s the mom of one of the victims now stating (34 years later!) that someone else must be involved because the victim’s friend offered the victim’s brothers jobs with Gacy?! Uh, dontcha think that would’ve been investigated many, many years ago if it was actually true? What a joke! Just like the so called victim’s that ended up being found 40 years later as they were actually just runaways after all and had started new lives somewhere else. Now their lives are ruined just like everyone else who will get rehashed by this insane b.s. the lawyers are drumming up

  • non

    I’ve always believed he had at least one accomplice.

  • Drinkin Drugin Raping Da Boyz

    It was John and Pogo.

  • juju

    Bet its a euro-pee-on. Those people grew up molesting each other.

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