3 Teens Charged With Sex Abuse Of Lincoln Park High Student

CHICAGO (CBS) — Three teenage boys stand accused of forcing a 16-year-old girl to perform a sex act on them in a stairwell at Lincoln Park High School.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, all three boys were in court Sunday, charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse.
They allegedly cornered the girl inside the school stairwell, and forced her to perform a sex act on them.

Prosecutors and police say they convinced the girl to do this by threatening to beat up her friend if she did not comply.

Police say the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon.

Jewvon Davis, 19, of the 1300 block of North Cleveland Avenue turned himself in to police and appeared in bond court Sunday. He was later released on $5,000 bond.

Kenneth Esco, 19, of the 1400 block of North Sedgwick Street, is charged with a misdemeanor, as is a 17-year-old boy who is not being named because he is a juvenile.

Chicago Public Schools officials are aware of the incident at Lincoln Park High School, 2001 N. Orchard St., which draws students from the surrounding neighborhoods and is also known for its International Baccalaureate program for students from around the city.

School officials are working with police in investigating the incident.

There may have been a fourth boy involved, but it is not clear who he is.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

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  • Tony

    A 19 year old in H.S. enough said.

    • InalienableWrights

      Only one misdemeanor charge? This prosecutor is the problem and promotes crime!! Is everyone in the peoples republic of IL this corrupt?
      If I were one of the father I would be gunning for the kids and the prosecutor.

      • bob

        If I were the father of that girl, I would be seeking my own justice.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      AGREED and with a name like Jewvon, ENOUGH said !!!

      • bob

        Maybe he’s half Jewish LOL

    • billy

      I thought you graduated high school at 18???

      • bob

        In Chicongo, the ones who don’t drop out stay until they’re 22.

  • xedge

    misdemeanor sexual abuse??? illinois is a safe haven for criminals

    • bob

      Why do you think democrats run the state?

  • retiredinAz1

    Hmmmm.. a very highly regarded high school that is housing 19 year olds….think there is something wrong with this picture? I spoke with three parents I know having students at that school who said they will be taking their children out. Obviously Lincoln Patrk H.S. allows low class individuals based on their race, economic need, etc…..quite a shame and just ANOTHER black eye for Chicago Public Schools!

    • Roberta Waker

      This WAS a nice area many years ago; now it’s overrun with low lifes and gangs. I agree that this is another black eye for Chicago schools. If your children cna’t be safe in school, where can they be safe? Time for the schools to wake up and protect our children, no matter how old or young they may be.

      • InalienableWrights

        Not in guberment schools Roberta.

      • Roberta Waker

        Sorry about the typo. Should be can’t.

  • ra

    at 19 if he has graduated yet why waste time and money on him send him to Tamms Correctional

  • Nancy J

    The 19 year olds need to be charged with a Class X felony rape charges. That’s really what it was. Forced sex. I see many of the kids at the school walking the neighborhood. Too many of them look like absolute gangsters. Too bad, because the school has some good teachers and other terrific students. As they say, “one bad apple…” in this case, three, maybe four bad apples. Lock them up. They will never change. Not at 19, sorry.They deserve more than a slap on the hand.Think of what that young lady will suffer, for who knows how long from her experience and in how many ways?

    • bob

      I wonder where’s the outrage from the feminists and NOW when these rapists get off with a slap on the wrist. Why aren’t they at the DA’s office protesting the misdemeanor charge for rape? I wonder if the DA would have charged with with a misdemeanor if it was his daughter, wife or mother who was attacked.

  • cflc

    It’s the Chicago Public Schools, what do you expect!

  • tom sharp

    Gee two 19 year-olds. They live very close to that Noble Charter school CBS fell in love with a few weeks ago, maybe they can go there so they can get these gang bangers scholarships, Right!?

  • Native Chicagoan

    LPHS needs a new security team. They are too friendly with the bad students. They hang out by the front office instead of walking the stairwells. They don’t dress like security or act like security. Many, if not all should be fired for letting this happen. They must have known these perverted thugs and where they were during the day. They must have stuck their heads in the sand and want to be the gang bangers buddy. How many kids have suffered at the antics of these and other such perverted lunatics? When, if ever, is the principal going to rid the school of these morons so that normal teenagers and good teachers can believe they are in a safe academic environment every day instead of being mentally held hostage by this nonsense?

  • juju

    Is this a story about Lincoln Park Zoo?

  • juju

    @Thee Yard Ape. From now on your name is the Spookiest Spook.

  • Lphsstudent

    I go to lincoln park high school. It is one of the safest schools and one of the best in the city.

    • jr

      Not anymore.

    • bob

      Girls don’t get gangraped at safe schools.

  • Big Honky

    Look man….these apes need to be taught a lesson. Lets get a rope and string um all up

  • juju

    @BH Let’s start with you. I can see you knuckles hitting the floor. Man, you probably need to bathe. Bet you got thin lips like a monkey.

    • bob

      ook ook eek eek

  • tobecontinued

    The story says the girl was convinced to perform a sex act on three boys to prevent a friend from being beat up. Why not let the friend get beat up and go to the police later? If you had to be convinced, this was not an immediate threat. Were these 3 boys and one lone girl the only students allowed in this particular stairwell? So, convince me.. the stairwells are so isolated that there were no other students using it in the afternoon, no panic buttons or cameras connected to the security office? This sounds fishy, a first class school that gets first class attention, where was the security? This is poor reporting, this story does not disclose enough details to even have a reasonable opinion. Where was her cell phone? Where were her friends? The bloggers are jumping to conclusions and don’t know what really happened. But the students know the cultural climate of the school because they attend the school everyday and know the safest route to travel within the school. Why was this student isolated in a stairwell? What is the relationship between the girl and the 3 boys charged. There is definately more to this story.

  • Critical Thinker

    Truthfully this story does not give great details. With this generation this young lady could have done this on her own will, and when she was caught by her parents or on camera, whatever the case may be, she wanted to be a victim. This evidence they are showing is not detailed at all, and these young men might be ruined for the rest of their lives for people jumping to conclusions.

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