Report: Cubs Considering Sending Fans To The Cell In 2013

CHICAGO (CBS) – Sources connected with the Cubs dismiss the suggestion that the North Side team’s fans could end up watching home games at U.S. Cellular Field if Wrigley Field is gut-rehabbed in the 2013 season.

The possibility was raised Monday in an NBC 5 article, which says rumors indicate the Cubs are looking at contingencies if Wrigley gets an extensive makeover.

The Cubs’ owners, the Ricketts family, have tried to float a public-private partnership to help pay for a significant overhaul of the historic ballpark in Lakeview, so far to no avail.

One idea, though, is send fans to the lion’s den of the White Sox, the Cubs’ crosstown rivals, if Wrigley is gutted, NBC 5 reported.

“You are putting the cart before the horse. There is no done deal,” the station reported, citing a source it didn’t name.

But sources at “The Cell” reportedly are hearing there may be a busier-than-usual season in 2013.

  • Johnny Logic

    Do it. Redo the whole main grandstand horseshoe. Skyboxes. Post-1930 locker rooms. An un-clusterthingy concourse. Decent bathrooms. No posts. Get over the year or whatever of Cell sharing. Perhaps tomorrow’s novelty will be a non-Cub WhiteSox series at Wrigley 2.0 or you-know-who at you-know-where against St. Louis. Ancestors NEED to roll over in their graves – or urns – every now and then. We should share our city’s…wealth. Judges?

    • earl scott, Jr.

      Only two towns stick with relics of the pasted. I’ll bet if they play at “The Cell” the fan will HATE the stuopidity called WRIGLEY FIELD!!!!!

  • Vicky Kujawa

    Wrigley is decrepit; chunks of concrete falling from the ceilings. Get this done before someone gets killed.

  • flash007

    Maybe the White Sox would finally sell out a game…

  • Tony

    Hey flash007, the White Sox sell out games but not as frequent as the Cubs. Although you may believe that every game should be sold out, but in actuality a majority of MLB games do not sell out. The difference being, Cubs fans consistently buy tickets to a team that has not won a WS since prior to World War I. Alternatively, Sox fans would rather purchase tickets to games that are important. Finally, I doubt Cubs fans will be brave and watch the losing Cubs in Comiskey. We all know that Cubs fans do not advance south of Roosevelt.

    • flash007

      Is your argument that we aren’t fair weather fans? Good one. When are you guys going to admit that you are by far (collectively) the worst fans in baseball. Take a look at 2005. May I remind you that you had the best record in the American League that year and you won the world series. Yet you were still on the bottom half of the league in attendance. The cubs were miserable that year and we were still near the top in attendance. There is no bigger indictment on your deplorable fandom.

  • juju

    Cub fans always use attendance as proof they are better. Yeah, better at giving away your money for a product that doesn’t work and has no value except to find someone to sleep with who is blond. Geez, get over yourselves.

    • flash007

      Thanks juju I needed a good end of the day laugh. If you are saying the women at Wrigley are better looking, I agree, but please don’t punish good genes. Also, please don’t tell me that English is your second language because I will feel bad. I have to admit, I could care less about this topic but I do get a rise out of messing with white sox fans and their massive inferiority complex.
      REPLY: You cubs fans only like drinking beer and looking at hot chicks. You don’t even care about the game. (There, I saved you trouble of replying)

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  • Kurt Smith

    “Sources connected with the Cubs dismiss the suggestion that the North Side team’s fans could end up watching home games at U.S. Cellular Field”

    Kinda the opposite of what the headline says.

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