911 Tapes Show Confusion After Cop Pulls Gun In Wal-Mart

OSWEGO, Ill. (CBS) — The 911 tapes have been released from an incident at a Wal-Mart store in Oswego on Super Bowl Sunday, in which an off-duty Kendall County Sheriff’s deputy pulled a gun on a customer at one of the registers.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, the tapes document the confusion the emergency dispatchers encountered from callers at the Wal-Mart at 2300 Route 34 in Oswego just after noon on Feb. 5.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

“There’s a shooting situation. They said, ‘Call 911 now,’” a 911 caller tells a dispatcher.

“Have shots been fired?” the dispatcher repeats twice.

“No, they have not,” the caller says.

“There’s a guy in Wal-Mart brandishing a gun,” another caller says.

One caller got it right.

“There’s a police officer… and he pulled his gun on the guy,” she said.

Another caller who was closer to the action figured it out too.

“We got a police officer and he’s trying to arrest someone right now. He pushed the police officer and he needs back-up,” the caller said.

The dispatcher asks the caller whether he’s in the parking lot.

“No we’re in No. 2 check-out,” the man replies.

In the background, a man — presumably the deputy — can be heard yelling, “Get down on the ground.”

The officer, who was in street clothes, was alleged to have said something about a pregnant woman about holding up the line. Her husband, Jason Thurmond, said she looked upset and confronted the officer – not knowing he was a police officer.

Thurmond told the officer to get into another line. At that point, Thurmond, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 355 pounds according to court records, said the off-duty deputy stepped toward him.

Thurmond admits he then shoved the deputy. At that point, the officer pulled out his gun and pointed it at Thurmond’s chest, Thurmond said.

At that point, the officer drew his gun, leading confused shoppers to call 911.

Dispatchers said they were getting numerous calls. It was initially unclear to dispatchers whether the deputy and the customer both had guns or just the officer. A woman who said she was standing about 30 feet from the deputy and Thurmond tried to describe the scene.

Oswego Police Detective Rob Sherwood said his department’s investigation showed Thurmond did not know the deputy was a police officer because he was not wearing his uniform. Had Thurmond known he was a police officer and still chosen to shove him, he could have been charged with a felony.

Thurmond is scheduled to be in court March 28. He has filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office.

The Aurora Beacon-News contributed to this report, via the Sun-Times Media Wire.

(Source: Sun-Times Media Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2012. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • Martin

    You attack (verbally) my wife, when I resepond, you decide to pull a weapon? Totally uncalled for.

    Out of uniform cops pulling a gun in a crowded store need to have their badge pulled permenantly. I hope more than Thurmond files suits against the Sheriff’s office. That idiot cop caused a panic. I visit that Wal-mart regularly…its always busy and shoving is part of standing in line.

    • Afro

      Bad mouth my wife pregnant or not, in uniform or not I’m gonna have something to say about it and when intimidated by the officers approach yeah it’s on.

      • Afro

        Not so Joe if that officer approaches saying something like I’m going to kick your ass, then it’s on and it’s his word against mine and my wifes fuk him.

      • Joe

        @Afro, Sorry, nowhere in the story does it say that the officer said anything inappropriate.

      • Joe

        Calling out someone for holding up a line is legal. Taking a step toward someone in an assertive manner is legal. Going hands on is assault, plain and simple. People need to learn to control their temper. The officer did the right thing.

      • Last of the Americans

        @Afro go back to your obama doll.

      • Joe

        @ghOst, How can you be so sure the cop threatened anyone? Maybe he said, ” What’s going on up there? You’re not the only person in line. I haven’t got all day. Hurry the hell up!” Then the suspect took obvious offense. Then the officer took a step forward to show assertiveness. Then the 300 pound guy shoved him. What if this is how it went down? Would the officer then be correct in making the arrest?

      • gh0st

        Joe, you are just simply wrong. Here is the legal definition of assault:

        “a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm”

        You are wrong. At first I thought you were excusing, but now its obvious that you just don’t know what the law is and how wrong this was. If someone makes a threat of bodily harm you have the right to react as you have just been assaulted. It is that simple. The cop should have stepped down when he saw that the guy was not going to be intimidated by his assault on him and his family.

    • Anglo-Saxon

      Shoving is part of standing in line? Maybe if you are a uncivilized ghetto rat!


        SICKOFPOLICEBRUTALITY. did you pay any taxes this past year? Do you have a job? Did you do something to the police and get boot stomped for your actions? My guess is no, no and yes.

      • Joe

        @Frank, What part of a police officer making an arrest don’t you understand?

      • Frank

        So I guy pushes me and that gives me a right to bring out my knife at a Walmart? I think not, The Cop abused his authority.

      • Joe

        When making an arrest for assault or any other crime, it is fully justified for an officer to pull his weapon and order the suspect to the ground, especially after being assaulted. What is the matter with you people? You can’t go around shoving people! It’s assault, cop or no cop!

      • Ken

        I am sure neither the man nor the cop were ghetto! For the cop to walk up to the man, he had a right to perceive it as threatening, and but for the fact that he had a gun and pulled it like a coward, he should have gotten a mudhole stomped in his dumb arse…

      • Mike

        Wow Anglo, someone is a little prejudice. How does an off-duty, out of uniform cop get away with pulling a gun on someone in a store. I hope this cop loses his job, as he seems to have a horrible, lack of judgement.


        Well JOE, I have to agree that you can’t go around shoving people, however, NO ONE has the RIGHT to pull a gun for something so frivolous! Especially in a crowded store! What if that gun had discharged accidentally! That COP don’t need a badge! COPS DON’T have a business having more RIGHTS than other citizens! Last time I checked, my hard earned Tax dollars pay that jerks salary! We pay him to serve and protect! US NOT HIS OWN ASS FROM ACTING LIKE AN ASS!

      • Martin

        @Anglo….have you been to that Wal-Mart. I get shoved every third time. Being 6’4″, I ignore it as just being part of the bustle of wanting to get out of there

        If pushing is Assault, then there needs to be a police presence there arresting many people. That cop stepped out of line by pulling his gun to arrest a line pusher.

      • gh0st

        Joe – First, if the cop made a derogatory comment about the wife, that is assault, as is “getting in someone’s face”. This is legally assault. When someone stood up for his right to protect himself and his family against assault, he was further assaulted by having a lethal weapon drawn and pointed at him.

        Logic just does not come out anywhere close to this cop being ok, unless you are going to throw logic out the window and give him a pass simply because he is a cop, which you are doing. Fine, if you think cops are above the laws and norms of this society you are free to your opinion, but please don’t try to present this as “logical”. Had he not been a cop, strarting a verbal confrontation and then “stepping up” on someone warrants him being arrested. Because he was a cop all the sudden he can say, “Whoa!!!” – um, no.


      Kendall county has this on lock down, they have up to 18 months to bring charges against you. They will intensify charges if you bring media attention. Especially if they have done something that they can be sued for! They need to be looked at! They need cameras in courtrooms and everywhere else! I think people of Oswego should BOYCOTT Walmart until they bring charges against that cop for doing that in the store and creating an unsafe environment for the customers!

      • Martin

        Why hurt Wal-mart over this? They did nothing wrong. Boycott, protest, whatever against Kendell Co Sheriff department and Oswego Police.

        BTW…more than Oswego resident or even Kendell Co resident go there. I am a resident of Aurora in Will Co and its the closest grocery store to me.

  • mike

    Walmart and trash cops didnt see that coming to avoid situations like this dont go to walmart

  • Alfred J. Deacons

    Filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office? Ridiculous! I agree that shoving a uniformed officer should be a felony. The fact that the officer wasn’t in uniform is irrelevant. It’s assault to shove anyone. Keep your hands to yourself, period. The officer did the right thing by making the arrest. This guy should be made an example of. YOU CAN”T GO AROUND ASSAULTING PEOPLE! The officer was completely within his legal rights to voice his opinion of someone holding up the line. I hate going shopping, just to end up in a line with some lame ass holding things up. Just because an officer is off duty, doesn’t mean he isn’t still an officer!!!

    • Jerry

      And I will say it again

      Alfred J. you come to my town mouthing off you’re gonna boot up your ass, if that SOB cop never announced he was a police officer and showed credentials my wife would have killed him with a 38 right there on the spot.

    • Mike

      Yes, it does. Off-duty is off-duty. Are members of the U.S. military allowed to pull their weapons when they are back at home. No. Also, how do you justify this cop with horrible judgement pulling out his gun while he is out of uniform in a crowded public store. I shop in this area and I’m suprised someone didn’t tackle this cop as it is outrageous that he brandished a gun in a clearly low-level interaction. There was no need for this police officer to use his gun, when he probably could have just as effectively, simply stated that he was a police office, and that the man was committing a crime by shoving a police office.

      • Joe

        @Jerry, Nowhere in the constitution does it say you have the right to assault someone for running their mouth! That’s how it is done on the southside!!!

      • Jerry

        Really I’m what’s wrong with the world? Not this obviously bully POS cop? It’s police officers like him that turn the public against them, not to mention they support any law handed down to them, even if it is in violation of the Constitution.

      • Joe

        I’m sure he identified himself as a police officer as soon as he drew his weapon. That’s how some of the 911 callers knew he was a cop. Bullies like this guy should always be made an example of, you can’t go around assaulting people!

      • Jerry

        Hey Joe all I see is him like you identify himself as an ass hole haha.

      • Military parent

        Um. Mike? yes a soldier is on duty 24/7 as is a police officer. Apolice officer is duty bound to arrest someone when that person commits a crime. My so is in the army now-and should he come home on leave, no he does not bring his weapon, but he is on duty and must behave in accordance with that duty. I am glad you shop in Mr Rogers Neighborhood. So you think the cop should just say excuse me would you,please put your hands behind your back? I would like to arrest you now?

      • Joe

        @ghOst, Nowhere does it say there were any insults thrown. Taking a step forward is an asertive stance. putting your hands on someone is the assault, there was no self defense.

      • gh0st

        Joe – well…the more I read the further my opinion of you falls. Now it is starting to shine through that in addition to being ignorant of common law and willing to dismiss common sense and logic, you possibly could be harboring some prejudice as well.

        According to all accounts, he insulted the wife. This is assault. According to all accounts, he “stepped up” on the guy. This is assault. Protecting yourself and your family from an assault by shoving someone is not assault, it is self-defense.

        That holds true for all neighborhoods.

    • Elwood Jay

      I’ll keep that in mind next time you’re wife is holding up the line. If people want to run their mouth, they better be able to deal with the consequences; this is part of being a human. You can’t go around INSULTING people just because you’re a d-bag off duty cop pushing your perceived authority in Wal-mart, albeit a trash magnet. To Serve & Protect, not To Stir & Repress. Cop should’ve kept his cool and not used force. You think this cop was right, ask a Syrian their opinion about the cop’s approach.

      • Joe

        Nowhere in the story did it say that any insults were used. The officer may have simply said something like, “Hey, let’s get this line moving, I haven’t got all day.” Far from an insult and moreso, not justification to assault someone!

      • gh0st

        Joe – you are right that this story does not have this detail. Which is why I went out and did some research. If you had done the same instead of immediately assuming an off duty cop brandishing his weapon in public in response to a low threat incidence was right because of the simple fact that he is a cop (which is not logical, legal or…anything) you could have easily found all the other accounts detailing how the cop was being rude, derogatory and threatening.

        But he has a badge, so that is all alright.


      This JOE needs to get a grip on reality! Maybe you should read the other reports or talk to the people that were actually there! That off-duty so-called officer, was harassing this nine month pregnant woman because her husband ran back for eggs! He was in a hurry and was screaming at her. She was crying when her husband came back. He had words with the jerk! The jerk butted chests with the guy, he pushed him back and the officer pulled out a gun! I DON’T care if he punched the jerk, he DID NOT have the right to pull out a gun! Maybe we should all carry guns and pull them out in public when we feel threatened after we verbally assault someone and then aggressively butt chests with someone! GET A GRIP DUDE! I suppose you are that Kendall county cop that tries to be in the front line of the papers!


        This SICKOFPOLICEBRUTALITY needs to get a grip on reality. Right?

      • Me

        Anyone else notice that the cop is being referenced as officer or cop, while the arrested had him name given? If this was an altercation between two regular folk, both names would have been released. Indicates to me that the cops know it was a bad arrest and are afraid of retalitation against the officer in question.

  • juju

    Walmart is trash anyway.

  • Vince

    Wow! What a coward… Starts a fight, gets scared, and then has to pull his gun in a crowded store and use his official office to de-escalate the situation he created? What was his reason for threatening deadly force? He didn’t want the fat guy to eat him? I’m a cop in the city and I’m ashamed of what that cop did. And, if I’m in line with my wife, she’s pregnant, and some guy makes a rude comment to her, of course I’m going to defend her.

    • James

      Agreed! That cop had no right to insult anyone. Asking “What’s taking so long?” should not be a problem but insulting another person is. The cop was in the wrong. And then, he made the problem worse by pulling out his gun. Image if the other guy had a gun, or that other guy’s wife did.

      • Joe

        @James, How do you know that isn’t exactly what the officer said?

    • Joe

      Defending against words can only be defended with words. The second the creep put his hands on the officer, he was guilty of assault. Bullies can not be tolerated, for any reason!

  • James

    …imagine… (Sorry)

  • Joe

    I can’t believe all of you who are defending this guy’s actions. I wonder how often this guy loses his temper and shoves people around. I’m not a cop, but if the likes of this guy shoved me in line at a store or anywhere else, he would be hurting and it would be justified self defense. How can any of you justify assaulting someone, cop or not, for something so damn petty.

    • Greg

      Joe is like a little Q U E E R running around in here shooting off at the mouth. Joe if I could see you right now I would dog stomp you. I would do it on the fact I can’t stand you plain and simple, I would just dog stomp the hell out of you then turn and walk away oh yeah the last guy I did that to I got in trouble for not calling him an ambulance, so I would make sure someone called 911 for ya.

      • Greg

        As I said Joe I would do it just for the fact I don’t like you nor do I give a fuk about you, there are people like me in the world Joe that would bust you in the face rather than look at you. Thats why the guy had a right to perceive a threat and shove the cop it could have been me or someone like me coming at him.

      • Joe

        Why are you so violent? You really do condone people going around, beating people’s ass for almost no reason at all. Your obvious contempt for law enforcement says alot about you. I don’t know why you would take it out on me, nothing I’ve said is untrue.

  • Frank

    So the police officer voices his opinion that the lady is holding up the line not knowing if she is mentally ill or has any psychological problems and its okay….
    Can I rent this guy when I visit Disney World next month?? all be getting on all the rides in no time…

    • Alonso Gribbs

      Maybe she was one of those mopers we see at the store all the time. Taking their time like they are the only one in line. You never know.

  • Centurion

    Simply put…the off duty Oswego cop pulled his gun because he was asked to get into another line. The off duty cop may face disciplinary charges…but this guy Thurmond…may go to jail. Its how they do things. The cop could have killed him….and gotten away with it.


      Correct Centurion, This area needs the media attention they are getting. They need internal affairs to check into their bs. They also need the FBI, because like you said, They may get some discipline – awe a little note in their employee file! Maybe a week off paid or unpaid. but what ever! I am surprised that jerk didn’t claim he has PTSD and collect pay without working!

    • Bill T.

      Asked to move to another line? I thought he was assaulted.

      • Centurion

        The off duty cop moved toward Thurmond in a threatening manner…when Mr. Thurmond pushed him to obtain a safe distance between him and the AGGRESSOR..not the off duty cop…because he is the aggressor…he did not identify himself as a cop….then the aggressor pulled a gun. The officer in question..was in civilian clothes and made a threatening move toward Mr Thurmond, Mr. Thurmond defended himself accordingly. The Aggressor then pulled a weapon and then attacked Mr. Thurmond.

  • notu

    This is only one of the stories about this. There are others. Maybe a few of you should read some of the others. The officer started it and his anger got the better of him. He shouild not be allowed to continue carrying a badge acting like this.

  • not from south of I80-

    On duty or off duty , If you insult my wife or my family your going to get assaulted. What’s wrong with you Joe ? Police officers should lead by example. Most of these off duty pieces of excrements go around shoving and bulling people around. When someone is going to kick their ass the coward’s ALWAYS whip out their guns. I’ve seen it one to many times. It should be against the law for them to carry off duty. These pigs think their above the law. NOT!!!!!! Oh ! You outta see them at the bar when their trashed and packing heat and a badge.

  • not from south of I80-

    Frank, that was a good one lmao.

  • Greg

    Bottom line is the officer created the situation there fore should be held entirely accountable for all of it. Had he kept his fukn mouth shut and waited patiently in line like everyone else does none of this would have happened.

  • To Offend And Antagonize

    Fat jokes dont surf son. Donut and Cops jokes are always funny.

  • Jack

    From what I undersatand, the woman was in the wrong line (she had too many items). The cop was right to call her out. Her husband was out of line with his response. I don’t know how far this escalated, but pulling the gun may have been excessive. However, this couple started the altercation on two counts..

    • Jeff

      Hey Jack and you understand that from reading this article dam you are sharp

    • Me

      If being in the wrong line is a crime, then the jails will be full and the cops will never leave a store. It happens all the time. That is one of the stupidest arguments to support what the cop did.

      Same is true for shoving in line….

  • Last of the Americans

    This woman was in the express line with a cart full of Items,and acted like a ghetto thug,the store was busy and she tryed to pull a fast one,the cop was not the only one complaining.

  • tom sharp

    In Chicago, the Cop could have pulled the old “I was in fear for my life trick” and shot them.

  • ra

    Once Iran nukes all u idiots that have nothing better to do, let me pull my nukes on u pukes


    The people need to take back their rights! We actually still have them via our U.S. Constitution…I have to wonder if any of these jerks were taught them? It’s all a bunch of garbage! WE WENT TO HUNT SADAM HUSSEIN FOR GARBAGE LIKE THIS! Last time I checked, we live in America!

  • Watcher

    No one will say it…… Well I will…..If concealed carry were legal in Illinois, this poor excuse for a LEO would have NEVER tried to pull the “I’m Billy badazz , cause im a cop” routine….ESPECIALLY BEFORE identifying himself. And you wonder why there is GREAT reluctance to pass such a law here. Now…I know what you are thinking…” oh yeah 2 guns in a crowded public venue makes a lot of sense “(sarcasm)…. My point is that the cop in this case ( and other off duty incidents) would absolutely NOT draw down on someone over some bs like this, in fear of getting popped themselves.

    And for the “Joe’s of the world , it works a little something like this……VERBALLY ASSAULT my wife,upset her, make her cry, then, aggressive STEP towards me?..I’ll put your lights out before your heel hits the ground
    Most MEN instinctively protect their families!

  • RJT

    Follow the story from the beginning, the cop got out of line and approached this man’s 9 month pregnant wife, he didn’t just yell things at her. He also asked if she was on welfare. The man got between the cop and his wife and pushed the man back.

    Plain and simple, the cop didn’t realize her husband was coming back and that he was 355 lbs. The cop panicked, should have said he was a cop, but instead pussed out and pulled his gun. I’ll tell you what, I live in Kendall County and in Oswego, I won’t vote for any of the current sheriff if this guy doesn’t either lose his job or get suspended.

  • http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/02/23/man-fighting-charges-after-cop-pulled-gun-on-him-at-wal-mart/ Man Fighting Charges After Cop Pulled Gun On Him At Wal-Mart « CBS Chicago

    […] As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, Jason Thurmond, 38, stands charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly shoving the off-duty Kenda… […]

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